Borrowing Funds For Your First Business Venture

Starting Your Own Business If you are thinking about going down a new path when it comes to your career, then you are often going […]
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Student Startup Nominations Open for 2019 LaunchPad Propel

LaunchPad Campuses Submit Up to Four Teams for 3rd Annual Program by September 20th. Nominations for Propel, a 2-day student entrepreneurial event convening in New York City this November, have opened for the 25+ schools around the world in the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars network. The program focuses on building mentor connections, providing in-depth entrepreneurial skill-building workshops, and fostering peer learning. Propel helps over 200 students with early-stage ventures furt...
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Is a Career Makeover in Order? A Special Offer to Help Jumpstart Yours

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Coaching For Change – The Key To A Change-Prepared Workforce

The following is a guest piece by Daniel Lock. Change is the one constant in business. Factors causing change include digital disruption; legislative and regulatory changes; and changing customer needs and desires. Whatever the reason, organizations are always changing.It is essential to regulate them with professional coaching for change initiatives ... Click to continue reading
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Take a Seat…and Own it!

In episode 15 of the That Solo Life podcast we were joined by fellow Solo PR Pro, Dr. Lori Baker-Schena. In addition to the solo practice she founded in 1987, which she continues to this day, Dr. Baker-Schena is the co-founder of LeadHERship Consortium, working with individuals and businesses to achieve high levels of excellence, productivity and profitability. Over time, Dr. Baker-Schena and colleague Sabine Liedel noticed the distinct lack of training specific to women leaders. Despite bei...
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Be Careful with Multi-Person Feedback—It’s Easy to Get it Wrong

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Liza On-Demand, a Gig Economy Comedy

Liza On-Demand is a TV show that, according to its description:  ... follows the chaotic misadventures of Liza, a young woman in Los Angeles who is trying to make a career out of juggling various gig economy jobs — for lack of a better idea of what to do with her life. We've only watched a few episodes, but we've seen Liza drive for Lyft, get hired via TaskRabbit to bake cookies, help someone move and kill a cat (she didn't do it).  The show is on YouTube Premium and is free. The 2nd...
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How to use email newsletters to nurture sales

A good email newsletter can be the lifeblood of your business. Many successful businesses prioritize email marketing, and for good reason: Email yields an astounding $43 ROI on every $1 spent. The best email newsletters aren’t salesy. Rather, they provide value that helps subscribers solve problems, improve their lives and achieve their goals. If you can do that, sales will follow. Here are four ways to craft a winning email newsletter that nurtures sales, complete with examples. 1. Foster trus...
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8 Signs You Were Meant to Be a Writer

Do you ever wonder if you were truly meant to be a writer? Deep down you sense that it might just be so. But then doubt creeps in, and you just aren’t sure. You look at your writing. You realize that you aren’t where you want to be. Maybe you just aren’t good enough? A […]
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