Mental Health at Work: Workplace Design Matters for All Generations

My speaking engagements frequently take me to college campuses, where I have the opportunity to connect with professors and administrators about the hot topics on their campuses. For the past few years, I’ve been struck by the number of times leaders at a wide variety of colleges and universities have talked to me about the […] The post Mental Health at Work: Workplace Design Matters for All Generations appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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How to start a Cannabidiol (CBD) Business?

Starting a CBD business is like establishing any other company. You need to conduct market research, get as much information about the product as you can. Write a business plan after the investigation, raise funds, and jump through all the usual hoops. Although the above similarities exist, a CBD business poses some unique challenges. These challenges need you to think carefully to ensure success.   Besides following the steps in ordinary business, you need to consider the following: De...
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What Does a Property Conveyancer Do?

Buying property can be a stressful, confusing challenge that is filled with loopholes, rules, and regulations you may not quite understand. If you do something incorrectly, you could lose the sale and it could cost a lot of money — or worse, you could lose your dream home.   This is why using the services of a property conveyancer is necessary when selling or purchasing property in Australia. But what is a property conveyancer and how can they help when you’re navigating the property-bu...
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M&A Quarterly News In The Food and Beverage Industry Sector

The report below gives a good overview of the third quarter M&A activity in the Food and Beverage Industry Sector. M&A activity for North American based target companies in the Food and Beverage sector for Q2 2019 included 48 closed deals, according to data published by industry data tracker FactSet. One of the notable middle market transactions in the sector was announced in June when Butterfly Equity LP acquired Wm Bolthouse Farms, Inc. from Campbell Soup Co for US$510 million in cash, subje...
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M&A Quarterly News In The Consumer Retail Industry Sector

The report below gives a good overview of the third quarter M&A activity in the Consumer Retail Industry Sector. M&A activity for North American based target companies in the Consumer and Retail sector for Q2 2019 included 175 closed deals, according to data published by industry data tracker FactSet. One of the notable middle market transactions in the sector closed in June when Euromarket Designs, Inc., trading as Crate & Barrel, a subsidiary of Otto GmbH & Co. KG, ultimately owned by OTTO AG...
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Can You Go to Jail for Not Reporting Crypto Transactions? IRS Agent States IRS Ready to Start Criminally Prosecuting Cryptocurrency Tax Evaders

An article this summer in Tax Notes Today examined the United States government’s ability to tax cryptocurrencies. The article came days before cryptocurrencies saw another bullish run in which the value of a single unit of bitcoin once again passed $10,000. Additionally, the article references the comments of IRS special agent Gary Alford who stated the IRS is ready to enforce the taxation of a U.S. taxpayer’s gains from cryptocurrencies. Special agent Alford argues that the public’s familiarit...
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M&A Quarterly News In The Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Industry Sector

The report below gives a good overview of the third quarter M&A activity in the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Industry Sector. M&A activity for North American based target companies in the Aerospace and Defense sector for Q2 2019 included 13 closed deals, according to data published by industry data tracker FactSet. One of the notable middle market transactions in the sector closed in June when Consolidated Precision Products Corp, a portfolio company of Warburg Pincus LLC, acquired Pacific C...
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Sisyphus and the Tax Collector

In Greek mythology, King Sisyphus is punished by the gods and forced to roll a huge boulder up a hill only for it to roll down as it nears the top. No matter how much effort Sisyphus puts into attempting to push the boulder over the crest of the hill, it always come tumbling back down. He is doomed to push the boulder up the hill for all eternity. Sometimes collecting payroll taxes can be a “Sisyphean task” for the IRS. At least, that is what the 11th Court of Appeals wrote in a recent decision....
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The World is Open for Your Business: How to Find International BuyersMonica Toporkiewicz, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service – ChicagoOctober 2, 2019

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Five ways to improve your in-house customer service team

This is a guest post from Sam Makad. Customer service forms an integral part of any organization. Especially when it comes to customer engagement and retention, the heavy burden of developing connections and satisfying curious or ruffled customers lies on the shoulders of your customer service team. The Importance of Good Customer Service for Retaining Customers By providing top-notch service to your customers, you can boost your retention rate significantly with a direct impact on your company’...
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What Are Vanity Metrics and Why You Should Be Leary of Them

Are you wasting your time with vanity metrics? Here's what you can measure instead.
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Tiger Global Still Buying Sunrun, Amends 13D Filing

As we've detailed previously, Chase Coleman's hedge fund firm in recent weeks.  In an amended 13D filing with the SEC, Tiger Global has now disclosed they own 22.2% of the company with over 26.05 million shares.Their recent activity includes buying on September 9th through 11th at weighted average prices of around $15.093.Per Yahoo Finance, Sunrun "engages in the design, development, installation, sale, ownership, and maintenance of residential solar energy systems in the United States. It als...
Tags: Finance, United States, Tiger Global, Run, San Francisco California, Chase Coleman, Hedge Fund Portfolios, SEC filing, Sunrun Inc, 13d, SEC Tiger Global

Carl Icahn Boosts Hertz Position

Activist investor Carl Icahn has filed numerous documents to the SEC recently (13D's and Form 4's) regarding his position in Hertz Global (HTZ).  Per the most recent 13D, Icahn now owns 30.92% of the company with exposure to over 43.92 million shares (inclusive of 2.03 million shares underlying forward contracts).His recent purchases also are via forward contracts.  Per the filing, Icahn acquired exposure to over 1.15 million shares via forward contracts that expire on September 8, 2021.The pric...
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ValueAct Reveals Activist LKQ Stake, Sells Some Arcosa

Jeff Ubben's activist investment firm ValueAct Capital has filed a couple of 13D's with the SEC recently. ValueAct Reveals Activist LKQ Stake First, per a 13D regarding shares of LKQ Corp (LKQ), ValueAct now owns 5.2% of LKQ with over 16.03 million shares as of September 3rd.  This is a brand new position for the firm.The filing indicates they were out buying shares throughout August and into early September with weighted average purchase prices coming between $24.91 and $27.49.  The 13D also i...
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The best no foreign transaction fee credit cards of 2019

Advertiser Disclosure: I Will Teach You To Be Rich has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. I Will Teach You To Be Rich and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Editorial Disclosure : Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. Foreign transaction fees silently kill your credit card rewards. Depending on the card, foreign transaction fees add ...
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Innovative orange juicer 3D prints bioplastic cups out of leftover orange peels

International design firm Carlo Ratti Associati has developed an experimental circular juice bar that uses orange peels to make deliciously fresh-squeezed juice but that’s not all. Using filament made from the leftover orange peels, the “Feel the Peel” machine then 3D prints disposable cups to drink the refreshing juice on the spot. The prototype juicer, which was designed in collaboration with global energy company Eni, is a 10-foot tall orange squeezer machine topped with a massive dome. The ...
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Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle: Doing Meaningful Work and Making an Impact

Ms. Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has returned to work after giving birth to baby Archie five months ago.  What’s been on her mind and what has she been working on?  Try a charity clothing collection, which has the mantra of: “Empower another woman and be part of her success story. Not a handout, a hand held.” The new capsule wardrobe—which consists of five designed pieces—will benefit women at the Smart Works charity, devoted to helping women find job-appropriate clothing and employment opport...
Tags: Featured, Charity, Inspiration, Sales, Social Entrepreneurship, Meghan, Archie, MEGHAN MARKLE, Global News, Enlighten Me, Training (entrepreneurial, Sussex Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Smart Works, Wegg® Blog, Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global blog

Mac Problems and How to Fix Them

This article was contributed by Jason Dirkham. When you run a small business, whether as part of a small team or on your own, you need tech that’s going to be reliable. That’s why you bought a MacBook. Not only were you investing in the Apple name, a name synonymous with style and design but a name that speaks quality.  The MacBook does everything you need it to and much more besides and for the most part has never let you down but even the most sophisticated of home computers can run up agai...
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Find Bliss in this natural, cruelty-free and affordable skincare

As self care continues to rise in popularity and importance, it is increasingly easy to get your hands on high-quality skincare. But the kicker is finding products that work without breaking the bank or relying on nasty chemicals and fillers. Bliss, a long-standing skincare and spa company, has been making natural, cruelty-free offerings for years, so we decided to test out some of its top sellers to find just how well these budget-friendly, natural skincare products work. We received six items...
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Listing Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

My thanks to for this useful list of resources for women entrepreneurs and women business owners. The list includes sources for grants, loans, and investments; plus business and business plan competitions; and training and additional resources. The post Listing Resources for Women Entrepreneurs appeared first on Planning, Startups, Stories.
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Why Drucker’s “Managing Oneself” is Incredibly Relevant to Your Career

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How to Humanize Leadership

Plant this seed within your core Provide it space to sprout, and tend to its rise Ensure it penetrates through each organizational layer Cultivation, participation, and appreciation will be your essential tools Allow this seed to transform into a solid footing A personal and organizational launch pad This mighty seed has significant yield A vigorous and holistic whole   Humanizing Leadership Mentors During the book writing process, I reflected on the multitude of individuals who graciously sh...
Tags: Facebook, Leadership, Instagram, Kirkus, University of British Columbia, Hugh, School of Population and Public Health, Lao Tao, Mark Twain Hugh MacLeod

Fintech Firms Now Using Enhanced Data To Threaten Legacy Banks

Many of the most successful fintech firms are using data and modern technology to gain scale and brand awareness to be considered formidable competition. The post Fintech Firms Now Using Enhanced Data To Threaten Legacy Banks appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Product Management Pods

The processes you iterate on are those that you value the most.  From pods to release cycles, what would you focus on? Watch and learn more from product management expert, Benny Reich.
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Health-tech start-up space in India

in talk with Nitin Gandhi, ShapeCrunch Inc. The reason why Nitin stepped into entrepreneurship was to bring about positive social impact. Coming from an engineering background, Nitin worked for a large telecom company. He enjoys conceptualizing, designing and making physical products. He decided to take the road less travelled and channelize his love for making product to solve a very important problem faced by people in the space of orthotics. 3D printing is close to Nitin...
Tags: General, India, Trends, Heath, Nitin, Nitin Gandhi ShapeCrunch Inc

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Plugins to Boost Sales and Build Business

Choosing the right plugins for your eCommerce site is crucial to your success and essential if you want your business to grow. Unfortunately, there are a ton of eCommerce plugins to choose from, all with different functionalities. This makes knowing which ones to use in your online shop challenging. And don’t think that just using the most popular plugins in the market will help. You’re going to need to evaluate your individual needs and do a little research if you want to make the most of your ...
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