Fitness instructor’s free pilates classes bring Woodland Hills neighborhood together

“Keep your hands on your face to keep your spine aligned,” certified pilates instructor Sylvia Lewis told her five students as they did their best to follow those instructions while lying on their stomachs in Lewis’ Woodland Hills front yard. When the COVID-19 pandemic closed the gyms where she teaches, Lewis decided to give back to her neighborhood by offering free classes twice weekly in her Walnut Acres-area front yard. She fashioned some homemade signs and started a thread on the
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Amazon planning to reopen its French warehouses from May 19

Amazon said on Friday it aims to gradually reopen its French warehouses from May 19 as it finalizes an agreement with unions and work councils to end a dispute over coronavirus protection steps that closed the sites for more than one month.
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A Gmail scammer tried to impersonate a four-star US Army general to catfish a married woman

Gmail users posing as US Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, chief of US Cyber Command chief the National Security Agency, sent flirty messages to women, according to a CyberScoop report. The actual Nakasone is married with children, a family that he affectionately calls "Team Nakasone." Catfishing attempts from people posing as US military service members are not unheard of, but it is still unusual for someone to impersonate a four-star general still in the military. When CyberScoop and the woman confro...
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Amazon says 'appropriate' executive to be available, as U.S. panel calls on Bezos to testify Inc said on Friday it would make an "appropriate" executive available to the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to testify about allegations related to how the company uses third-party sellers' data.
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Wall Street Weekahead: Investors prepare for more U.S. stock swings as states reopen

Investors are bracing for more turbulence in U.S. stocks, as some states prepare to reopen their economies and global trade tensions rise.
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California officials reject subsidies for Musk's SpaceX over Tesla spat

A California state panel on Friday rejected a request from Elon Musk's SpaceX for $655,500 in state job and training funds, citing the chief executive's recent threats to move Tesla, the electric carmaker that he also runs, out of the state.
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Exclusive: U.S. Justice Department subpoenas Wall Street banks for small business loans info - sources

The U.S. Justice Department has sent grand jury subpoenas to big banks seeking records as part of a broader investigation into potential abuse of a $660 billion (545.3 billion pounds) emergency loan program to help small businesses hurt by the novel coronavirus, two people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
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Democrats push new $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through House

By ANDREW TAYLOR and ALAN FRAM WASHINGTON — Democrats powered a massive $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill through the House on Friday, an election-year measure designed to brace a U.S. economy in free fall and a health care system struggling to contain a pandemic still pummeling the country. The 208-199 vote, with all but one Republican opposed, advances what boils down to a campaign-season display of Democratic economic and health-care priorities. It has no chance of becoming law as written, ...
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IMF's Georgieva urges tech firms to work on access to digital economy for all

Big technology companies that are reaping gains as result of increased reliance on online systems during coronavirus quarantines and lockdowns should work to increase access to the digital economy for all, the head of the IMF said on Friday.
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U.S. gave no assurances to Taiwan's TSMC for license to sell to Huawei - official

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, which unveiled a $12 billion investment plan in Arizona on Friday, has not been given any assurances that it will be granted a license to allow it to sell U.S. technology to China's Huawei, a senior U.S. official said.
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Argentina's creditors make counter offers as debt restructuring deadline nears

Argentina received three new counter-offers from creditors late on Friday as the South American nation races to strike a deal to restructure $65 billion in foreign debt and avoid a default by the deadline at the end of next week.
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Innovate Forward

INNOVATION has always been important. In a world of pandemic, it’s the only way forward. Technology is the raw material that 21st-century innovators need to build new business capabilities, to develop exciting new products and services, and to create workarounds for the physical distancing measures we will likely endure for the foreseeable future. Six powerful new technologies, all reaching maturity simultaneously in the early 2020s, will each act like a new color in the palette of creators, de...
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Jack Dorsey just unveiled where he's donated more than $87 million of his pledged $1 billion towards COVID-19 relief

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has donated over $87 million towards his COVID-19 relief pledge.  His donations have ranged across a number of causes from stopping domestic violence, to giving equal access to the internet for students.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced last month that he was donating $1 billion of his Square equity to COVID-19 relief, and so far he's dispersed over $87 million.  Dorsey created a new charity fund called Start Small...
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What Type Of Technology Can You Use While Moving Your House?

The entire world is under a spell of technology and the outcomes are great. Each industry is becoming more and more technology enabled, offering customers easier and efficient ways to access the products and services. Moving industry is no different when it comes to the use of technology in facilitating a successful move. The best moving companies are coming up with new options to offer advanced solutions to the tech-savvy customers. In fact, there are a range of third-party apps available on ...
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House expected to pass HEROES COVID-19 relief measure. Senate won't.

Many found the first $1,200 (at most) of coronavirus relief payments to be too little and a tad too late. This latest round of relief, which calls for additional payments of up to $6,000 for some families, isn't likely to advance in its full form, but at least it's a start toward more federal financial help. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opens debate on the latest COVID-19 relief bill. (Live House video feed screenshot) Today's good COVID-19 relief news is that the House is expected to vo...
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3 Tips to Turn Your Dream Job Into a Reality

We give a lot of credit to dream jobs because they often sound more appealing than what we’re doing now. But, you can be passionate about a specific career while still being realistic.
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Peter Thiel's Wanaka estate reportedly left 'neglected'

It was hailed as a preppers' paradise but it seems millionaire Peter Thiel has picked a different spot to see out the pandemic, as his 193-hectare Wanaka estate remains empty and neglected.Despite having purchased the property about... [Author: [email protected]]
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With pandemic-era acquisitions, big tech is back in the antitrust crosshairs

With many major sectors totally frozen and reeling from losses, tech’s biggest players are proving themselves to be the exception to the rule yet again. On Friday, Facebook confirmed its plans to buy Giphy, a popular gif search engine, in a deal believed to be worth $400 million. Facebook has indicated it wants to forge new developer and content relationships for Giphy, but what the world’s largest social network really wants with the popular gif platform might be more than meets the eye. ...
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Covid 19 coronavirus: Glimmer of hope for tourism as NZers plan domestic holidays - survey

By RNZ There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tourism tunnel.A survey out today showed that more than one million New Zealanders planned to take a domestic holiday in the next seven to 12 months, as Covid-19 alert levels... [Author: [email protected]]
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Purell’s claim to combat disease spurs lawsuits

By Bob Van Voris and Gerald Porter Jr., Bloomberg Everyone’s favorite hand sanitizer may have to stand trial for claiming it can stop you from getting sick. A trio of lawsuits has hit Purell’s maker, Gojo Industries, since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency on Jan. 30. The coveted alcohol gel doesn’t live up to its promises, according to the suits. The litigation is brewing as U.S. states begin to ease their social-distancing lockdowns — and...
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A new team-up between Amazon and Red Hat may prove that IBM is no longer out to compete with the leading Amazon Web Services cloud (AMZN, IBM)

On Thursday, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services announced an extended partnership that makes it easier for customers to use and pay for Red Hat's popular Kubernetes-based service on Amazon's cloud. This is one of the first major moves under IBM's new CEO Arvind Krishna, but Red Hat says that it's another sign of its independence from Big Blue — IBM itself didn't drive the collaboration. IBM has its own cloud service, but Red Hat's Kubernetes service also now runs on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Visit...
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Battling Big Business Bullies On The IP Playground: Minimizing The Risk Of Intellectual Property Litigation

by Christopher Rosario, associate attorney with McManis Faulkner Business is inherently risky. It is even riskier if you are the new kid on the block. Big businesses  have the means to bully fresh-faced startups into the red—permanently. While some of this bullying may be unlawful, the courts are a common tool used by large corporations to protect their turf. Aspiring entrepreneurs may mitigate the risk of litigation however by taking steps to avoid infringing the legal rights of established pl...
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Colombia regulator to probe delivery apps for Mother's Day delays

Colombia's commerce regulator said on Friday it will probe Mother's Day complaints that mobile applications Rappi, Uber Eats , iFood and failed to deliver on time or at all and were slow in making refunds.
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J.C. Penney files for bankruptcy after years of decline

By Anne D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press The coronavirus pandemic has pushed troubled department store chain J.C. Penney into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is the fourth major retailer to meet that fate. As part of its reorganization, the 118-year-old company said late Friday it will be closing some of its stores and will disclose details and timing in the coming weeks. It operates 850 stores, with nearly a dozen in Southern California, and it has nearly 90,000 workers. It said that it received $9...
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Gas to remain cheap during coronavirus as demand rebounds: US Energy secretary

Although some states have already kicked off re-openings, others have extended shutdowns, meaning the demand for fuel should remain at low levels.
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Clips From Today’s Halftime Report

Why this investor is buying ViacomCBS right now from CNBC. ...The post Clips From Today’s Halftime Report appeared first on The Reformed Broker.
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Review: The Revelo Thinstem helps bikes take up way less space in your home

Bicycles are probably the best way to get around New York City, especially during these days of empty roads and social distancing. There’s just one problem every aspiring city cyclist faces: bikes take up a lot of space in a shoebox apartment. Well, that and bike theft — which you know, is easier to prevent if you can keep your bike inside said shoebox apartment. The thing is, bikes shouldn’t have to take so much space. They are fundamentally thin machines — only a few inches wide, if it weren’t...
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Review: The Revolo Thinstem helps bikes use way less space in your home

Bicycles are probably the best way to get around New York City, especially during these days of empty roads and social distancing. There’s just one problem every aspiring city cyclist faces: bikes take up a lot of space in a shoebox apartment. Well, that and bike theft — which you know, is easier to prevent if you can keep your bike inside said shoebox apartment. The thing is, bikes shouldn’t have to take so much space. They are fundamentally thin machines — only a few inches wide, if it weren’t...
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