HOA Homefront: Help! The board isn’t enforcing the rules

Q: Residents in our HOA are encouraged to report rule violations. I and others have reported violations directly to the manager, primarily because the phone numbers and email addresses for any of the board members are not public for the residents.  How do we follow up on reports of violations and/or obtain statuses? Some of these reported violations have not been taken care of in over a year.  When I asked our manager and our president, they each said they could not divulge this information.  Wh...
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Shattuck Labs Nabs $118M for Cancer Drugs Like Keytruda, But Better

Checkpoint inhibitors do one thing: release the molecular brake that keeps immune cells from recognizing and targeting tumors. This cancer immunotherapy approach has saved countless lives and turned drugs from Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb into blockbuster products.But what if a single drug could block checkpoint proteins while simultaneously sparking an anti-tumor response? That’s what Shattuck Labs aims to do. Its lead asset is in development under a partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical (N...
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Covid 19 coronavirus: Queenstown holds first conference since lockdown

In a milestone for Queenstown's recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, the first post-lockdown conference was held in the resort this week.Nearly 30 business owners from throughout the country attended the two-day conference at the... [Author: [email protected]]
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Seven Point Plan to Meaningfully Address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

On behalf of the leadership of Digital Trends Media Group
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Treasury Dept. Agrees to Release Data on Small-Business Relief

The decision to reveal who received a Paycheck Protection Program loan comes after weeks of backlash over a lack of transparency.
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Investing In Your Future: Personal Finance Tips To Set Yourself Up For Life

If there’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic has shown many Americans, it’s how important it is that they keep their personal finances in check. Many people had long heard of the importance of having an emergency fund, only to get slammed by the recent economic downturn and global layoffs, realizing that they don’t have enough money to make it by. While you’re reducing your expenditures due to stay-at-home orders, it’s just as important to be making a plan for your future. After all, you need ...
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Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are available for most, if not all, industries. As an annual event providing the most up-to-date information available about industry topics and an opportunity for companies to meet potential clients and display their latest catalog, trade shows are an integral part of the industry calendar. You might think that trade shows are only for market leaders, but attending a trade show as a small business can be hugely beneficial. Here are three reasons why you should attend trade shows as...
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Practical Customer Service Tips For Car Lot Owners

Although most people are keen on the idea of owning nice vehicles, few of us relish the car-buying experience. Salespeople often put a tremendous amount of pressure on prospective buyers and rush important decisions. Additionally, because of the way salespeople are portrayed in popular media, many car buyers feel like they have to constantly keep their guard up to avoid being taken advantage of. Dealership owners looking for practical ways to make the buying experience more pleasant for everyon...
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What Customers Want To Hear From Companies In A Crisis

This is not a normal time for marketers, or anyone else for that matter. With the recent coronavirus crisis, communicating with customers has just gotten a little trickier. In this global pandemic, as during other times of crisis, it becomes necessary for all companies to rethink the messages that they’re sending out to customers. As you plan out how to craft your communications in a crisis, it’s important to consider what your customers actually want to hear. In times such as these, you cannot...
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Inflation puts alcohol taxes at historic lows, says study

Photo by Chris F from Pexels Are you taking dad out for a Father's Day brunch, in a properly-precautioned restaurant of course, complete with toasts to what a great pop he's been? Or maybe giving him a bottle of his favorite whiskey? Here's a present for you, the potent potables purchaser. A new study says alcohol taxes are at historic lows. No, it's not because alcohol excise taxes have been statutorily reduced. Fan of single malts can thank inflation. Or rather the lack of it. The new s...
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Four Ways To Improve Your Appearance For Work

When it comes to setting a good impression in your workplace, your appearance can certainly make a difference. It’s important to look after yourself and to feel confident in what you’re wearing and how you present yourself to others.
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China denies it is behind 'major' cyber attacks announced by PM – as it happened

A spokesperson blamed the Australian Strategic Policy Institute thinktank for fabricating the claim. This blog is now closedLatest Coronavirus live news: Brazil passes 1 million cases as Australia seeks to prevent second waveChina denies any responsibility for multiple hacking attemptsBrisbane court grants police permission to restrict size of refugee protestWake-up call to Australians and Australia’s business to keep their systems secureDownload the free Guardian app to get the most important n...
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Bill guaranteeing ‘right of recall’ for laid off hospitality workers clears Assembly

California hospitality and service workers who were laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic will have a guaranteed right to return to their jobs when their employers resume business under a bill passed this week by the Assembly. Assembly Bill 3216 provides laid-off workers with a “right of recall,” requiring employers to offer to rehire laid-off workers when their former or similar positions become available. The measure must clear the state Senate and gain the governor’s signature to become law. ...
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The best video cameras for 2020

Sure, your phone probably shoots decent video, but it doesn't come close to these dedicated video cameras.
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Robinhood has announced changes to its app and the hiring of an options education specialist after a young user's suicide

Robinhood, a commission-free trading app, said Friday it is making changes after a 20-year-old customer died by suicide thinking he incurred losses of over $730,000. Co-founders Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt said they're expanding options-trading educational content and hiring a specialist to further assist users. Robinhood is also working to improve messaging to customers about multi-leg options spreads, a complex style of options trading, and changing parts of its user interface. Visit Business...
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Watchmen, explained: Easter eggs and references from episode 8 of HBO’s series

HBO's Watchmen series has become fertile ground for compelling mysteries and references to the comic and alternate history that inspired the show. Here are some of the key elements from episode 8.
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How to exercise an option in a down real estate market

Business shutdowns in Southern California have wreaked havoc in some sectors of commercial real estate – most notably retail. Others such as manufacturing and warehouse buildings have barely skipped a beat! Certainly, where our economy is headed with respect to the “new normal” is worth considering. Masks, gloves, sanitizing, distancing and limited capacity will all have a seat at the company table as we reopen. Add in some down days on Wall Street, civil unrest, and a pending election and the c...
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Watchmen, explained: Easter eggs and references from episode 7 of HBO’s series

HBO's Watchmen series has become fertile ground for compelling mysteries and references to the comic and alternate history that inspired the show. Here are some of the key elements from episode 7.
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Coronavirus: Designer develops mobile plastic shield

A UK plastics company has developed a personal, mobile plastic shield for use during coronavirus.
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Twitter takes down Trump’s doctored CNN video over copyright issues

The tweet has been allowed to stay up, however
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'I'm having to survive on a third of what I had'

More than 70% of US domestic workers have lost their jobs or seen incomes cut due to coronavirus.
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Spirit Airlines fined for improperly bumping passengers

The Department of Transportation fined Spirit Airlines for misclassifying bumped passengers as volunteers, and improperly compensating them.
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Twitter hid Trump's tweet that mocked CNN, citing copyright, after the social media platform marked it 'manipulated media'

On Friday, Twitter hid a doctored video Donald Trump posted on the social media platform. The video was doctored CNN footage that suggested racism is a fabricated problem meant to cause public outrage. The move came after Twitter previously labeled the tweet as "manipulated media." In response to Trump's tweet of the doctored video, CNN told Insider they want him to "be better." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Twitter blocked viewers from seeing a video President Donald Tr...
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Not Another Word Cloud—Please!

Geoff Colvin writes in ‘The Simple Metric That’s Taking Over Big Business’ (May 2020, Fortune magazine) the star of Net Promoter is its follow-up question, usually stated as something like ‘How could we improve? Or, ‘Why did you give that score?’ Colvin cites Marc Stein, Senior VP at Dell Technologies, who says, “The real gem and actionable insights (from the Net Promoter question) come from the verbatim transcripts.” And Deborah Campbell, VP of insights at Verizon, adds, “It’s not about chasing...
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Snapchat removed a Juneteenth filter that made users smile to break chains

Earlier today, Snapchat launched a filter that was supposed to honor Juneteenth. It was then promptly removed, because, well, the approach was stupid. Set to a background of the Pan-African flag, the filter prompted users to ‘smile,’ — already looking dicey here — after which virtual chains would are broken. The company was called out for the tactless design after digital strategist Mark S. Luckie showed off the ‘feature’ in the tweet below: This SnapChat #Juneteenth filter is…um…interesting. Sm...
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Robinhood trading app makes suicide prevention donation after young trader takes life

The co-founders of the Robinhood trading app said the company is making changes to its “customer experience” and donating $250,000 to suicide prevention after a college student killed himself after the app showed he had a negative balance down $730,000 from trading options.
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Port of LA sets record after moving 18,465 containers off single ship

LOS ANGELES — The Port of Los Angeles announced Friday that its partner shipping companies and local union members moved 18,465 containers during a single stop, setting a world record. Port officials said the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co., APM Terminals Los Angeles and International Longshore and Warehouse Union locals 13, 63 and 94 successfully moved the containers from the vessel MSC Isabella during a single ship call at APM Terminals’ Pier 400. The new all-time world record — equal to 34,263...
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The best Samsung smartphones available in 2020

We've got some of Samsung's best phones right here, with a list of smartphones to suit all tastes and budgets.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Samsung, Trends, Buying Guides, best Samsung phone models, best Samsung phones, best Samsung smartphones, Samsung S20 Plus

Watchmen, explained: Easter eggs and references from episode 5 of HBO’s series

HBO's Watchmen series has become fertile ground for references to the comic that inspired it and the alternate history it chronicles. Here are some of the key elements from episode 5.
Tags: Hbo, Trends, Home Theater, Movies & TV, Watchmen, Watchmen Explained

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