White House scrambles to deny Trump trade adviser's claim that China deal is 'over'

Peter Navarro blames coronavirus for end of agreement, but is swiftly contradicted by Donald Trump, who says it is ‘fully intact’The White House’s stance on China was thrown into confusion on Monday night after trade adviser Peter Navarro announced a trade deal between the two countries was “over”, only to be quickly contradicted by Donald Trump.Navarro told Fox News the “turning point” came when the US learned about the coronavirus only after a Chinese delegation had left Washington following t...
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Bhanu Choudhrie Reviews London Real Estate Development and Investment Opportunities

In London, the real estate industry continues to boom and attract a considerable number of people who want to make money from the industry. This is a clear illustration that the city is currently turning out to be a major investment destination for most of the investors who are coming from different parts of the world. It is a new dawn for one of the greatest cities in the world because such investments will bring about huge investments. Bhanu Choudhrie, an aviation enthusiast, is a London resid...
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Google employees demand the company cancel all police contracts

The signees say they want Google "to take real steps to help dismantle racism"
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How to interact with our friends and family while social distancing

Social distancing doesn't have to be difficult: These solutions will keep you connected, happy, and healthy.
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China trade deal is 'over', says White House adviser Navarro, amid coronavirus anger

Navarro says turning point came when Chinese delegation failed to alert US to Covid-19 during Washington trip in JanuaryThe White House trade adviser Peter Navarro has said the trade deal with China is “over”, linking the breakdown in part to Washington’s anger over Beijing’s not sounding the alarm earlier about the coronavirus outbreak.“It’s over,” Navarro told Fox News in an interview when asked about the trade agreement. He claimed the turning point came when the US learned about the coronavi...
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Horizon Quantum raises $3.23M for its quantum software development tools

Horizon Quantum is part of a new crop of startups that focus on building new tools for building software for quantum computers. The Singapore-based company, which is hardware-agnostic but also launched a close partnership with Rigetti Computing in 2018, today announced that it has raised a $3.23 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital India. Previous investors SGInnovate, Abies Ventures, DCVC, Qubit Protocol, Summer Capital and Posa CV also participated. At its core, Horizon Quantum aims t...
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Amazon, Google, Twitter, and other tech companies are speaking out against Trump's freeze on immigrant work visas (AMZN, TWTR, GOOG, GOOGL)

Amazon, Google, Twitter, and other major tech companies are criticizing Trump's move to halt certain immigration visas. The companies said it will make American firms less competitive and less diverse. In an order Monday, Trump extended a freeze on H-1B and other work visas, with officials arguing it would prevent immigrants from taking American jobs during an economic crisis. The tech industry relies heavily on the H-1B visa program and other work visas to recruit employees from outside the U...
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Never let a good crisis go to waste.

OK, that’s a quote from Winston Churchill – and boy, did he go through a crisis or two. There is however a lot of logic in his statement – because Read More …
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Are you struggling with a COVID19 hangover?

A lot of people I’m talking to and working with are saying ‘absolutely’. They are struggling with productivity, motivation and even just managing their emotions. If you think about we’ve Read More …
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Olaf Scholz - the German Finance Minister is delusional

Wirecard - a major German fraud - is unwinding as I write this. They have withdrawn several years of accounts and they wonder whether the business (their main profit generator) was conducted at all. Over 2 billion euro is missing. This fraud has been well telegraphed for a long time, with several short cases and some excellent articles by the Financial Times providing a rare glimpse into a major fraud real time. The financial regulator did no investigation of the fraud. But they investigated...
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5 Tips Before Investing In SEO

Should I invest in SEO as a startup? It’s a hard question to answer. Among all the areas in a CEO’s roles and other decision-makers that talks about investing in the SEO business. You always ask about stuff like; ”How to protect your revenue?” Or “How long does it take to get the results?”, still investing in something is a bit risky, but you’ll never know the outcome if you won’t try. If you’re a newbie, you need to read and understand carefully the terms of investment you’re into. Getting the...
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IRS requests, not demands, return of improperly-issued COVID payments. Here's how to do that

The Internal Revenue Service announced in late May that it had sent out more than 152 COVID-19 economic relief payments totaling almost $258 billion Some coronavirus cash, however, went to folks that weren't supposed to get it. This includes relief payments to deceased taxpayers, some foreign-based workers and incarcerated individuals, as well as those married to someone who is in prison. The IRS wants these folks to send back their stimulus money. To facilitate those returns, the agency offers...
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TIGTA says IRS needs to get tougher on delinquent tax pros

Tax professionals have always played an important role in the lives of taxpayers. Their value has been underscored during coronavirus tax time, with the many new COVID-19 tax laws. (Yes, I'm looking at you Paycheck Protection Program.) But, as with just about every aspect of life, tax preparers aren't perfect. Specifically, some let their own tax tasks slide, according to a recently released Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) review. In reviewing Internal Revenue Service ...
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Best free YouTube downloaders

These video downloaders are quick and easy to use for grabbing favorites, but all copyright laws still apply.
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Winning Now, Winning Later: Playing the Infinite Game

WHEN David Cote became CEO of Honeywell in February of 2002, the company was a train wreck. He inherited unhealthy accounting practices, unresolved environmental liabilities, and a board and staff that were denying reality. Cote shares in Winning Now, Winning Later, a practical example of playing the infinite game. When he took over, Honeywell was plagued by short-termism. The problem was that he had to deliver something in the short-term to the investors for survival but had to set the company...
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How to secure your phone before a protest

Are you headed to a local protest or demonstration? Here’s how to keep both your smartphone and privacy safe.
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5 Ways to Leverage Market Downturns as Opportunities to Make More Money

Chaos followed for most businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic: the stock markets crashed, product demand fell and unexpected losses started to build up. Most businesses did everything they could to batten down the hatches to help them best weather the storm, including stopping all discretionary investments. But, should they have?Most great investors, like Warren Buffett, have been quoted as saying their highest return investments were made in the middle of economic downturns. So, t...
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Ex-wife fired after split gets more than $70,000 in holiday pay and compensation

A woman who worked for her husband for 13 years and was fired when the relationship broke down has been awarded more than $70,000 in holiday pay and compensation.Nicola McKay worked for the South Island newspaper the Wanaka Sun... [Author: [email protected]]
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Amazon, Google, Twitter, and other tech companies are speaking out against Trump's freeze on immigrant work visas (AMZN, TWTR, GOOG, GOOGL, FB)

Amazon, Google, Twitter, and other major tech companies are criticizing Trump's move to halt certain immigration visas. The companies said it will make American firms less competitive and less diverse. In an order Monday, Trump extended a freeze on H-1B and other work visas, with officials arguing it would prevent immigrants from taking American jobs during an economic crisis. The tech industry relies heavily on the H-1B visa program and other work visas to recruit employees from outside the U...
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Contact Energy picks Sumitomo, Naylor Love for $600m Tauhara project

Contact Energy has named Sumitomo Corp as the preferred contractor for a $600 million generation project on the company's Tauhara geothermal field.Sumitomo has partnered with local construction group Naylor Love for the civil engineering... [Author: [email protected]]
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AirPods 3: Everything we know about Apple’s next true wireless earbuds

The available info is thin, but we think we know what Apple has planned
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Remote Hiring For Success

by Lesley Pyle, MSc., founder of   Without the luxury of a Human Resources department, many small business owners find themselves navigating the laborious task of hiring the right team members themselves. It seems easy enough: Place a job post, interview those with the best cover letters and resumes and make an offer to the top candidate.  But there’s reason to re-think that approach. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is estimated at ...
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How Joel Schumacher and Bat Nipples made Batman fun again

Schumacher took the Dark Knight from gritty to campy — and it worked
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48,000-year-old bone arrowheads and jewelry discovered in Sri Lankan cave

Archaeologists discovered a trove of bone tools used roughly 48,000 years ago in a Sri Lankan cave.Uncovered artifacts include the earliest known bow-and-arrow devices found out of Africa, weaving utensils, and decorative beads chiseled from the tips of marine snail shells. The findings underline the necessity of looking for early Homo sapien innovation in regions outside of the grasslands and coasts of Africa or Europe, where much of the research has been focused. A group of archaeologists hav...
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Trump's shutdown of H-1B visas is a huge hit to the Silicon Valley tech giants that employ tens of thousands of affected workers (FB, GOOG, AMZN, AAPL)

Silicon Valley tech companies hire tens of thousands of workers on H-1B visas every year. On Monday, Trump issued a proclamation halting a range of visa programs until the end of 2020. H-1B visas are one of those affected, and the tech industry will be affected keenly. Last year, Google and Amazon were granted around 9,000 applications for H-1B visas each, while Microsoft had almost 6,000. Government data shows just how hard hit the various big tech firms will be by the order. Silicon Valley ...
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Silicon Valley's venture capitalists are the first to spot tech's next big trends. Here are 6 products VCs are obsessed with right now.

To be part of the in-crowd in Silicon Valley, you have to know about and use the latest hot new apps. Years ago, that was Gmail; this week it's Hey, a new email service. Below is a list of six of the hottest apps in the Valley. Unfortunately, most of them are invitation-only, so there's good chance you won't be able to join the hip crowd. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Silicon Valley can be a cliquey place. Every so often, a new app or service launches that only the in-cr...
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Read the letter that more than 1,600 Google employees sent to CEO Sundar Pichai asking the company to stop selling technology to police forces: 'We want Google to take real steps to help dismantle racism.' (GOOG, GOOGL)

More than 1,600 Google employees have signed a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai that asks the company to stop selling its technology to police forces. About 20 workers wrote the letter, which outlines ways that employees are "disappointed" in the company's response to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.  They highlight how Google currently works with the Clarkstown Police Department, which has been sued for surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists. Visit Business Insider's hom...
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Reserve Bank green-lights AMP Life sale with NZ policy holder safeguards

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has approved the sale of AMP Life to Bermuda-based Resolution Life in a revised deal hammered out over 18 months that includes significant safeguards to protect NZ policy holders.AMP announced the... [Author: [email protected]]
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Bubble Watch: California’s late mortgage payments triple

“Bubble Watch” digs into trends that may indicate economic and/or housing market troubles ahead. Buzz: The easing of “stay at home” orders may have got some Californians in a homebuying mood but a growing number of current owners can’t make their loan payments. Coronavirus-related economic woes have more than tripled the number of troubled mortgages in California — the third-largest jump in the nation. Source: Black Knight The Trend In May, 6.85% of California mortgages were estimated to be ...
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