Optimize Sifting Through Data As You Work Remotely

by Elizabeth Thede, director of sales at dtSearch You’ve spent weeks fine-tuning a quiet place to work, getting the perfect houseplant for your desk, and adjusting the curtains “just so” to strike a balance between letting in daylight while avoiding catastrophic screen glare. But you still need to optimize how you sift through data to maximize efficiency. Otherwise, simply figuring out how to get the critical information you need could end up consuming the bulk of your remote working day. So, h...
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A team of advocacy groups is urging antitrust regulators around the world to take a hard look at the Google-Fitbit merger, saying the deal 'is not in the interest of citizens' (GOOG, FIT)

A letter signed by 20 consumer and citizen advocacy groups is calling on regulators to closely scrutinize Google's proposal to acquire Fitbit. The merger is still under review. European regulators have set a July 20 deadline to make a decision on whether they will allow it to go ahead. The letter's signees, which include the Omidyar Network and Public Knowledge, say they are concerned that the deal would be bad for competition. "Google's proposed acquisition is not in the interest of citizens,...
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Hong Kong: US passes sanctions as nations condemn new law

The US House Speaker said the law was a "brutal, sweeping crackdown" against Hong Kong's people.
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Twitter takes down a meme tweeted by Trump for copyright infringement

The tweet has been allowed to stay up, however
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PG&E emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy

This marks the end to a long-drawn restructuring process which began after its equipment sparked some of the deadliest wildfires in California
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As Apple closes more stores, here’s what to do if your device breaks

It is reclosing some of its stores in response to rising coronavirus cases
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Computing, Apple Store, Coronavirus

Apple closes more stores, here’s what to do if your device breaks

It is re-closing some of its stores in response to rising coronavirus cases
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Computing, Apple Store, Coronavirus

Apple closes more stores, here’s what to do if your iDevice breaks

Apple is closing some of its stores again in response to rising coronavirus cases
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Computing, Apple Store, Coronavirus

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly said Facebook is 'not gonna change' in response to a boycott by more than 500 advertisers over the company's hate speech policies (FB)

Mark Zuckerberg told employees that Facebook is "not gonna change" in response to the growing advertiser boycott over its hate speech policies, reported Wednesday. Zuckerberg called the boycott a "reputational" issue, saying it threatened only a "small percent" of Facebook's revenue and predicting advertisers would return to the platform "soon enough," according to The Information. More than 500 companies have joined the boycott in the last week, including major brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, ...
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‘No mask, no ride’: Uber extends face-covering requirement indefinitely

The ridesharing company says masks will help protect people from the coronavirus
Tags: Uber, News, Cars, Trends, Mask, Ridesharing, Coronavirus, COVID-19

SoftBank-backed Lemonade raises $319 million in IPO

Insurance startup Lemonade Inc, which is backed by SoftBank Group Corp said it raised $329 million in its U.S. initial public offering.
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Kathmandu shares climb 12pc as online sales soar

Kathmandu shares climbed more than 12 per cent this morning after the retailer detailed strong sales recovery over the past six weeks and said it will stay profitable at an operational level for the rest of the year.Excluding stores... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Business, Kathmandu

Spark warns about billing scam

A scam email circulating, impersonating Spark and requesting people to pay their outstanding balance on their Spark bill via a "Pay Now" option, is a scam, the telco warns."This is not a legitimate communication from Spark and we... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Business

6 tax tasks to take care of by July 15

Hello July, which according to this year's goofy tax calendar is April. That means instead of heading to the beach, which is closed anyway due to COVID-19, or taking a longer trip to Europe, which isn't letting U.S. residents in, again due to COVID-19, we're spending mid-summer focusing on tax tasks. The main one, of course, is filing 2019 returns by the new Tax Day 2020: July 15. That date also is key for several other tax tasks to take care of in July. Here are six that you need to deal with ...
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The feds are reportedly looking into Tesla's Model S battery cooling system

The Los Angeles Times reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into Tesla's Model S battery cooling system. This follows Business Insider's report that, starting in 2012, Tesla knowingly used a faulty design for its battery cooling system. NHTSA told the LA Times that it was "well aware of the reports regarding this issue and will take action if appropriate based upon the facts and data." Neither Tesla nor the NHTSA responded to Business Insider's request for ...
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39 reasons Orange County should rename John Wayne Airport

The long-simmering debate over whether John Wayne’s name is appropriate for Orange County’s airport has boiled up again. In an era when racial injustice is back in the spotlight, the county’s Democratic Party — and others — now want the actor’s name off the facility for offensive remarks made a half-century ago. It became John Wayne Airport in 1979 after the Newport Beach resident’s death. Let me start by saying I think airports and the surrounding tourism industry are best served when a name te...
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Call for visitor levy to help struggling tourism sector to recover

By Tess Brunton of RNZ The tourism industry remains in the dark about where millions of dollars collected through the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) will go.Most overseas visitors are charged the $35... [Author: [email protected]]
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Can Facebook weather the ad boycott?

On Wednesday, more than 500 companies officially kicked off an advertising boycott intended to pressure Facebook into taking a stronger stand against hate speech. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to meet with its organizers early next... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Business

Rich people feel less wealthy, but they won't be hit hardest by a recession

One in three Kiwis were feeling less wealthy in June compared to three months earlier, research by KiwiSaver provider Kiwi Wealth has revealed.The state-owned investment company which is a sister company to Kiwibank carried out... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Business, KiwiSaver, Kiwibank, Kiwi Wealth

How Kiwis learned to stop worrying and love the share market

New Zealanders are learning to trust investing in the share market despite the Covid-19 pandemic setting off the most volatile trading in recent history, according to a Kiwi Wealth survey.Every February, investment firm Kiwi Wealth... [Author: [email protected]]
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The biggest companies no longer advertising on Facebook due to the platform's lack of hate-speech moderation

Civil rights organizations including NAACP, Color of Change, Anti-Defamation League, and Sleeping Giants asked advertisers to stop paying for advertisements on Facebook in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Since Floyd's death, Facebook has allowed posts in which Trump called protesters "thugs" and suggested violence when he wrote, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided not to take action in removing the c...
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Fired Terranea Resort workers stage protest, car caravan

Workers who were recently fired from the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes staged a protest along with supporters Wednesday, demanding billionaires and wealthy corporations commit to a “just recovery for all.” The low-wage, non-union employees gathered outside the Bank of America Financial Center in Brentwood where Lowe, the private real estate company that owns the resort, is headquartered. That was followed by a car caravan across the city. The upscale hotel and entertainment complex furloughed ...
Tags: Business, Hollywood, News, California, Senate, Sport, Soccer, San Diego, Resorts, Salvation Army, Mediterranean, Southern California, Petersen, Lowe, Los Angeles County, Assembly

6 Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $1,000

What do Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Disney all have in common? If you guessed that they all started as home businesses – you’re right. If you’ve thought about venturing into the life of an entrepreneur and starting a business, but you don’t have unlimited dollars to invest – this article is for you. Small businesses account for 99.9% of all businesses in the U.S., according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. There are enormous opportunities for people who want to be their own b...
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Dreams’ PSVR addition is being used to show carbon footprint

The United Nations Environment Programme is behind the project
Tags: Gaming, News, Trends, Sony, United Nations Environment Programme, Dreams, PSVR

Coronavirus: Could 'immunity passports' create an antibody elite?

Could Covid-19 antibody testing have the unintended consequence of creating an antibody elite?
Tags: Business

Loot boxes: Lords call for 'immediate' gambling regulation

Loot boxes, skins and player packs should be regulated immediately, says a Lords committee.
Tags: Business

Amazon warehouse workers say $500 coronavirus bonus is a joke

Employees allege Amazon hasn't paid their sick leave — and the bonus isn't enough
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After a staggering Wall St. rally, what’s next for stocks?

Catch your breath and stay hydrated, stock market investors. It’s only halftime, and the second half of 2020 could go either way. During the first six months of the year, stocks experienced their biggest quarter-to-quarter swing in more than 80 years. First, the coronavirus pandemic and an unprecedented shutdown of the economy sent stocks on one of the fastest declines on record. Then, giant helpings of government stimulus not only stopped the sell-off but sent stocks charging to their best quar...
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