Not a single Senate Republican voted to advance the stimulus package that would give most Americans a $1,400 one-time check

Kentucky Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images/ The Senate voted Tuesday on a budget resolution that could speed coronavirus aid through Congress. Not a single Republican Senator voted to advance the measure. The phrase "No Republicans" was trending on Twitter following the vote. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Senate Republicans issued a mass rebuke of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion rescue package...
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11 Digital Marketing Tips To Follow In 2021

Here are 11 digital marketing tips to follow in 2021 that will help propel your small business to greater success. The post 11 Digital Marketing Tips To Follow In 2021 appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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No Senate Republicans voted to advance the stimulus package that'd give most Americans $1,400 one-time checks

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images/ The Senate voted Tuesday on a budget resolution that could speed coronavirus aid through Congress. No Republicans voted to advance the measure, which was introduced by the Democratic majority. The phrase "No Republicans" trended on Twitter after the vote. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Senate Republicans issued a mass rebuke of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coron...
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Sergey Brin: Google co-founder sets up family firm in Singapore

The world's ninth-richest person, Sergey Brin, is setting up a company in the city-state to manage his wealth.
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Labor pursues Craig Kelly over conspiracy theories in fiery question time – Australian politics live

PM calls Kelly after he publicly clashed with Tanya Plibersek in press gallery corridor over coronavirus misinformation. Follow liveKatharine Murphy: Scott Morrison must heed the lesson of Donald Trump and slap down Craig KellyNationals coal push disrupts Scott Morrison’s climate policy pivotWA Covid restrictions explained; WA hotspot locationsFollow our global coronavirus live blog 4.34am GMT The Craig Kelly fracas continued n the Senate.Labor’s Senate leader, Penny Wong, asked about commen...
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The best portable photo printers for 2021

Printing your favorite smartphone pictures on the go is easier than ever with a portable photo printer. From tiny Zink printers to devices that "print" on film, here are some of the best portable photo printers.
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The best cameras for kids in 2021

The best cameras for kids mix durability, simplicity, and fun features to get kids hooked on photography.
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The best camera straps for 2021

A good camera strap reduces fatigue and adds functionality -- and even makes you look good at the same time.
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The best Adobe Lightroom alternatives for 2021

These full-featured desktop programs go beyond basic image organization to bring you powerful editing tools.
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The best VR apps for 2021

The world of Virtual Reality has a lot of unique experiences to offer. Here are the best VR apps for 2021.
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The best travel cameras for 2021

From rugged point-and-shoots to advanced mirrorless models, here are the best cameras for your next vacation.
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The best instant cameras for 2021

After all but dying, instant film photography has made a comeback thanks to Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid.
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The best photography tripods for 2021

From shooting long exposures to group photos, a good tripod is an essential tool for the photo enthusiast.
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The best Photoshop alternatives for 2021

Hate the daunting interface of Photoshop, or don't like subscriptions? Here are four Photoshop alternatives.
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How to use photography’s rule of thirds — and when to break it

Our natural inclination is to put the center of attention in the center of the photo, but this is often wrong.
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Manhattan DA weighs prosecuting Steve Bannon at the state level after Trump pardoned him: WaPo

Getty The Manhattan DA's Office is weighing a state court case against Steve Bannon, a new report says. Bannon and three others were charged with defrauding donors while fundraising for the border wall. Presidential pardons only apply to federal crimes, not state or local court cases. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office is contemplating bringing a state court case against former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, The Washington Post...
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Karl Rove says Marjorie Taylor Greene is a 'problem for our party'

Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush, speaks during a panel discussion at the 2008 Mortgage Bankers Association Conference and Expo October 21, 2008 in San Francisco, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Karl Rove said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green should be stripped of her committee assignments. Rove told Fox News that the Georgia lawmaker is "a problem for our party." Greene has promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and suggeste...
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The best full-frame cameras for 2021

For the ultimate combination of image quality and performance, look no further than these full-frame cameras.
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Tesla recalls 135,000 vehicles over touchscreen safety issue

Tesla has agreed to recall around 135,000 of its electric Model S and Model X vehicles to fix a safety-related issue with the touchscreen.
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The best wide-format photo printers for 2021

The best way to view your photography is in print, and a wide-format printer is the best way to get you there.
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The best apps for selling stuff in 2021

Have something to sell? Don't know where to sell it? Then try one of our best apps for selling stuff, all of which let you list your items and sell them online.
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Senior Citizen Discount Programs: Getting the Most Out of Your Golden Years

  The notion that retirement is a never-ending personal vacation experience for senior citizens is just that – a notion. It is really hard to become a retired person in the post-pandemic era of the 21st century. The average retired person receives a $1,500 monthly Social Security check. However, the average Social Security check only […] The post Senior Citizen Discount Programs: Getting the Most Out of Your Golden Years appeared first on Personal Finance Advice.
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US Mint couldn't meet demand for gold and silver coins due to pandemic buying

Sale of bullion rose 258% as investors raced for safe havens and online activists launched a buying frenzy The United States Mint was unable to meet surging demand for its gold and silver bullion coins in 2020 and through January, due partly to pandemic-driven demand and plant capacity issues, it said.Sales of US gold bullion coins rose 258% last year while silver coin demand was up 28%, the Mint said on Tuesday. Heavy buying has continued in 2021, it said, squeezing supplies, which had already ...
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Cooking the Books: With interest rates so low, do you invest or pay off debt?

OPINION Each week the NZ Herald's Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's how to figure out the new rules of a low interest rate environment. Hosted by Frances Cook. Listen to the Cooking the... [Author: [email protected]]
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PayPal suspends account of neo-Nazi who was using the site to sell hate speech

PayPal suspended a neo-Nazi user after anti-fascist activists noted he was selling books using the company's service. Photo Illustration by Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images PayPal suspended an account used by a notorious white supremacist. The man was using PayPal to sell copies of his book. The activity was brought to light by anti-fascist activists. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. An avowed white supremacist will have to find another way to...
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Interest income from your investments is taxable - here's how to calculate what you owe and ways to lower it

Most interest income earned by your savings and investments counts as taxable income. It's taxed at the same rate as your regular income. vitapix/Getty Images Most interest income earned by investments is taxable on both the federal and state levels. You pay taxes on interest income at your ordinary income tax rate. You can avoid or defer taxes on interest earned in tax-advantaged accounts and by certain assets. Visit Business Insider's Investing Reference library for more stories. Pa...
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IRS still processing almost 7 million 2019 tax year returns

The official start of the 2021 tax filing season is less than two weeks away, but millions of taxpayers are still waiting on the resolution of the returns they filed last year. As of Christmas Day 2020, the Internal Revenue Service had 6.9 million individual tax returns in the processing pipeline, according to the latest update on the IRS' special web page where it's been tracking operations in this time of coronavirus. That's a lot of 1040s, but the IRS says in its Jan. 29 online entry that it...
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Top Career Tips for Those Interested in Being Successful in a Sphere

It is not enough to be talented and acquainted with all the specifics. There are a couple of other valuable aspects that influence your career development. Knowing some of these, you can be better prepared and thus – build an outstanding career one day.
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Alibaba revenues soar but Ant Group float uncertain

The e-commerce giant's revenues were up 37% thanks largely to a strong economic recovery in China.
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Why and How to Create Accessible Social Media and Website Content

Content accessibility isn’t just the responsibility of the design and production team. It’s everyone’s job. If a company cares about accessibility, then the executives need to support it. OK. Maybe a marketer doesn’t know to add ALT text to images. Maybe a salesperson doesn’t know PDFs need to be accessible. Maybe a graphic designer doesn’t ... Read more The post Why and How to Create Accessible Social Media and Website Content appeared first on Meryl Evans.
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