Nostalgia isn’t doing the gaming industry any favors

Gaming (and gamers, for that matter) seem to be obsessed with reliving the past. The nostalgia bubble is strong right now, but when it bursts, it might harm the industry as a whole. Unless you’ve been living primarily for the indie releases, you might have noticed gaming has a bit of a throwback problem. Indeed, if the gaming industry hearkens to its past more often, it risks turning into a time machine. Will gaming still be able to release the artistic touchstones so many of us will love and re...
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LiftIgniter raises $6.4M to bring website personalization to the rest of the internet

 You’ve probably had the experience of going to a website and seeing a lot of content that’s not really relevant. For the most part, a lot of this is organized in a way that’s either pre-defined or based on a limited number of signals that aims to sort of personalize the experience for a normal user. But as time goes on and the competition for eyeballs continues to heat up,… Read More
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A sports rout on Wall Street

NEW YORK (AP) — Sporting goods retailers can’t shake their losing streak. Shares of stores that mostly sell sneakers and sporting gear plummeted Friday after Foot Locker and smaller rival Hibbett Sports reported a drop in sales in the latest quarter. Both also offered gloomy outlooks for the rest of the year. Sporting goods retailers […]
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The Pistol Maker Who Saved American Industry

Every adult on the planet who has watched a Western movie knows about the Colt pistol. It was the sidearm of choice for Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Coty, “Bat” Masterson and Wild Bill Hickok. Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, and George Patton wore Colt pistols. But, the backstory of the man behind the famous pistol is a portrait of an innovation leader in action. Today, we would label Samuel Colt a disruptor. Sam loved pistols from an early age. Following a childhood dre...
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Design Job: Fight Gravity as Astro Studios' Lead Industrial Designer in San Francisco, CA

Astro is currently looking for a Lead Product Designer. Lead Designers at Astro set the creative pace on multiple programs and at times, lead other designers and outside collaborators. All designers must be able to present strong points of view via killer visual & verbal skills to Astro teams and clients alike. In addition to collaborating on design, designers must have the ability to hit schedule & budget goals and support other design teams as needed.View the full design job here
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Coup launches new electric scooter service in Paris and faces off with Cityscoot

 Coup is launching its second city for its electronic scooter-sharing service. You can now find hundreds of Coup scooters in Paris. The company is going to compete with Cityscoot, a similar service that has been around for a while. While the city’s bike-sharing service has been around for a decade in Paris, scooter-sharing is something new. Coup has acquired around 600 electronic… Read More
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Mafia money-launderer listed his profession as "fraudster" with UK companies register

The UK is one of the easiest places in the world to set up a shady company, which is why accused Mafia money-launderer Antonio "Tonino the Blond" Righi set up his shell company Magnolia Fundaction UK with Britain's Companies House, giving an address in Soho. (more…)
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These Stocks Have Tripled This Year

The stock market has made a lot of people rich since 2009, as several major benchmarks have tripled or even quadrupled during the past eight years. Yet for individual stocks, gains can come a lot more quickly, and a few particularly successful stocks have seen gains of that magnitude in less than eight months. In particular, Everi Holdings (NYSE: EVRI) , Kemet (NYSE: KEM) , and Sangamo Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SGMO) have all tripled since the beginning of 2017, and investors looking at these st...
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Marvel's 'The Defenders' has a slow start, but its complex characters save it from being 'The Avengers'

What happens when four weirdos — who just happen to be superheroes and the most stubborn people   on television — get together and fight Oscar-nominee Sigourney Weaver (and her ninja army) to save New York City? Not a lot, at least at first. Netflix only made four of eight episodes of Marvel's "The Defenders" available to critics before the premiere on Friday, and not much has happened yet. Just a lot of build-up. That build-up starts out a little rough. "Here’s-what-everyone-is-up-to" scenes in...
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#443 Demographer Kenneth Gronbach Shows Small Businesses How to Profit from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

Introduction In this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about the changing demographics of the United States and how this is going to affect your small business in the future. Then, we’ll show you why your bad listening skills are bad for business and what to do about it. Plus, your quirky communication habits are distracting from your message! We’ll show you how to identify and eliminate these habits so you can become more influential. Finally, we’ll show you why being a...
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Traders have lost almost $10 billion betting against Alibaba this year (BABA)

If you're thinking about betting against Alibaba's stock, you might first consider simply lighting your money on fire. Traders wagering on declines in the company's shares have lost a grand total of $9.8 billion in 2017, according to data provided by financial analytics firm S3 Partners. That makes Alibaba the worst-performing short in the world this year, and it isn't particularly close. The next-most shorted company is Tesla, which has drained $4.5 billion from the accounts of bearish speculat...
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Instagram’s new Direct replies are basically threaded messaging for photos

Instagram’s Direct messages are becoming a bit more powerful. Following the addition of threaded conversations earlier this week, you can now directly reply to specific individual photos or videos shared with you with your own media Basically, when you tap the reply button on a photo or video in Direct, it will show up as a sticker onto which you can overlay your reaction. It’s kind of hard to put into words, so a screengrab will do a better job of explaining it: You can also show the sticker in...
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HBO regains control of hacked social media accounts

NEW YORK (AP) — HBO says it has regained control of its social media accounts after the latest security breach to hit the entertainment company. The hacking group OurMine on Wednesday night took over several of HBO’s Twitter accounts, including ones for “Game of Thrones” and John Oliver’s show. The group posted that “we are […]
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New York’s subway delays and disruptions are becoming more regular — here's why

New York's subway system has been under closer scrutiny as disruptions pile up during what many are calling the "summer of hell." It's hard to go a day without seeing a new complaint about the ailing system on social media. But the frequency of complaints are not just the product of easy access to Twitter: Delays have skyrocketed to 70,000 per month from 28,000 per month in 2012, according to the New York Times. There are quite a few factors causing the decline in service — scroll down for a cl...
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The real revolution in NKorea is rise of consumer culture

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Like all North Korean adults, Song Un Pyol wears the faces of leader Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather pinned neatly to her left lapel, above her heart. But on her right glitters a diamond-and-gold brooch. Song is what a success story in Kim Jong Un’s North Korea is supposed […]
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Friday. 1. Business Insider spoke with fired Google engineer James Damore, who compared being conservative at the firm to "being gay in the 1950s." He also claimed the memo which got him fired "empowered" women. 2. Former Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick has formally responded to a lawsuit brought by one of his investors, Benchmark Capital. In a court filing, Kalanick's legal team describes the suit as a "public and personal attack."...
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Starbucks founder Howard Schultz questions country’s ‘moral fiber’

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz said at an employee forum in Seattle that he has "profound concern about the lack of character, morality, humanity," displayed at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.
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US indexes slide again; sporting goods companies stumble

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks continue to skid Friday as sporting goods makers and retailers continue to take sharp losses. Investors did not like what they heard from Foot Locker and Hibbett Sports. Health care and household goods companies are also falling. European markets continue to decline after terrorist attacks in Spain. Stocks are […]
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From The Flea Market To The Stock Market

by Bill Green, author of “All in: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs“ For a regular guy growing up in the suburbs with no silver spoon to be found anywhere, no trust fund waiting for me to turn to at the right age and no guarantees that life was going to work out, turned out pretty well when I turned a flea market business into a major enterprise. My entrepreneurial ways can be traced to when I was 17 and decided to go into business with a friend, operating a table at a f...
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Apple hid a job listing on its website that you need serious computer skills to find (AAPL)

  One way to get your foot in the door at Apple is to know where to look to find secrets hidden on its website.  For example, if you direct your browser to, you'll find a hidden plain text job listing looking for a distributed systems engineer. "Hey there! You found us," reads the job listing. "We are looking for a talented engineer to develop a critical infrastructure component that is to be a key part of the Apple ecosystem." The job sounds pretty great — you get ...
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3 Powerful Lessons for Novice Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Almost five years ago, I started working full-time as a freelance writer. Joining the community of freelancers was completely unintentional, but a necessity. I was a co-founder of a startup that went belly-up. And I experienced something that every entrepreneur has to learn to stomach and recover from: the dark, miserable low of failure. Opportunity Literally Calls As I watched my company piffle out, I began looking for ways to pay the rent. Then my phone rang. It was a partner at one of the ...
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Snapchat is using the solar eclipse to show off the real potential of its maps feature (SNAP)

Snapchat spent $213 million to acquire Zenly, the French mapping app that powers the recently announced Snap Map feature. Snap Map allows you to see where your Snapchat friends on a map of the world. Friends are displayed using their Bitmoji avatars, which comes from another Snap acquisition. To celebrate Monday's upcoming solar eclipse, Snapchat is creating what it calls the first-ever "Actionmoji" tied to a moving event. The bitmoji of Snapchat friends who are in the path of the eclipse's "to...
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CRM Health Check

As an industry, CRM continues to grow and shower benefits on its users. It's hard to imagine that some businesses still don't use some form of CRM, but recent data suggests there are still businesses buying their first CRM solutions or changing vendors. It's a compilation of data from all over, with some credible inputs from a number of sources, so it's worth taking a look. Only 49 percent of businesses have a CRM system, it indicates, so there's a lot of white space in the market, which sug...
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Tech companies continue efforts to banish extremist accounts

NEW YORK (AP) — Tech companies’ efforts to banish extremist groups and individuals are continuing as a social network popular with extremists disappeared from Google’s Android app store. Gab had already been unavailable in Apple’s store, though it remains accessible on the web. The banishments come in the wake of the deadly clash at a […]
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White House ends ban on selling bottled water at National Parks

In the latest from a death of a thousand cuts, White House sides with bottled water lobbyists to encourage plastic pollution in parks.
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GoDaddy, Amazon Offer New Resources for Small Businesses

Though online tools have made communicating with customers easier, sometimes a quick phone call is still necessary. That’s where a new service from GoDaddy aims to help businesses. In addition to GoDaddy’s new SmartLine, Amazon also announced a new series of workshops this week aimed at helping small tech entrepreneurs how to build skills for Amazon Alexa. Read about these updates and more in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup. Technology Trends GoDaddy Launches S...
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FOOT LOCKER: We aren't afraid of being Amazon'd (FL, AMZN)

Amazon has been taking market share from companies across America, and its freaking out the CEOs of the country's biggest companies. So much so that CEOs have been mentioning the e-commerce behemoth at a clip of nearly six times that of President Donald Trump, according to Bloomberg.  On Friday, sneaker retailer Foot Locker announced a brutal second quarter that sent shares tumbling by nearly 30%. The compay earned $0.39 a share on revenue of $1.7 billion, both of which were shy of Wall Street e...
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The LG V30 is shaping up to be a serious Note 8 competitor

LG has always been a bit of an oddball when it comes to smartphone design. Sometimes its designs are too wacky for the mainstream, others they’re too boring. Even the G6, which uses the oh-so-common metal frame and glass back look, was somewhat reserved compared to the competition. But the V30 actually looks pretty gorgeous. Ever-reliable leaker Evan Blass shared the clearest look at the device we’ve seen yet, showing it from virtually all sides. It looks like the G6 and S8 had a baby, but LG se...
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Train to use Salesforce to guide any business the right way — for only $59

You can get a headstart on all those startup growing pains with the Salesforce Administrator and App Builder certification, on sale now for only $59 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.
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Is Your Start Up Idea Gold or Goop?

Is your business idea an undiscovered gem, or a flaming dumpster fire leading you to your doom? Here’s a quick rule to help. A lot of entrepreneurs ask me to look at their business ideas since they know what I do for a living. Some are gold, some are meh, most are flaming dumpster fires. It stinks to tell people when their ideas are smoldering rubbish, so most VCs don’t and just politely decline or ignore bad business pitches. Although the full content of our upcoming accelerator/incubator, Spu...
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