A controversial startup that was charging $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood says it's halted operations after a warning from regulators

On the heels of a warning from federal regulators on Tuesday, controversial blood-transfusion startup Ambrosia allegedly stopped giving the treatments, its website said. Last month, Business Insider reported exclusively that the startup claimed to be up and running in 5 cities. Ambrosia had allegedly been charging $8,000 to fill your veins with the blood of young people, despite little to no hard evidence that the procedure had any benefits. As Business Insider previously reported, several res...
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Waymo rules and Apple trails in California self-driving car benchmarks

California's DMV releases annual reports of self-driving car disengagements on public roads. In the most recent reports. Waymo had the best performance, GM Cruise came in second, and Apple's self-driving program was in last place. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The PlayStation Vita started what Nintendo’s Switch perfected

PlayStation‘s Japanese store recently marked the PS Vita as scheduled for discontinuation (soon), as we all suspected it would. Now seems like the perfect time to remember what it contributed to the transformation of gaming hardware — namely, the co-mingling of handheld and stationary game consoles, a.k.a. Nintendo’s runaway success, the Switch. The Vita’s impending demise comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, considering we’ve been hearing for over a year that the Vita was winding down. The...
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Apple once gifted Karl Lagerfeld with a custom $25,000 Apple Watch, but the fashion icon might have never set it up (AAPL)

Karl Lagerfeld, the German designer and creative director at fashion houses Chanel and Fendi, died on Tuesday. He was 85. Lagerfeld had famously received a custom 18K yellow gold Apple Watch from Jony Ive, Apple’s chief designer, but he may have never actually set it up to use as a smartwatch. Karl Lagerfeld had an Apple Watch before most people had one. But he may have never actually set it up. Back in 2015, ahead of the public launch of the first-generation Apple Watch, fashion icon Karl La...
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Bird poop and dust could seriously complicate Elon Musk and SpaceX's latest plan to reach Mars

SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, is developing a rocket ship to ferry people to the moon and Mars. Musk said Starship will have a heat shield that "bleeds" fuel during landing to protect itself from superheated plasma. However, aerospace experts say pores that ooze coolant might clog easily, compromising such a heat shield. Over the past few months, Elon Musk has been revealing new details about SpaceX's upcoming launch system, called Starship. Musk has said the new launch ...
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Twelve Years of Investing in Women

By Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal Photo Credit: David Johnson I began investing in women over a decade ago. It was a major part of my investing thesis. Why? Twelve years doesn’t seem like a lot of time but in the world of technology it was a long, long time ago. People Just Weren’t Listening Through my blog, Gotham Gal , I started to talk to founders—often women—who were having a hard time raising capital, or even getting anyone on the other side of the table to understand the opportu...
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Software Startup Portfolium Acquired by Salt Lake City’s Instructure

The software of Portfolium, a San Diego startup that hosts online portfolios for students trying to showcase their achievements to potential employers, is set to join the portfolio of Utah educational software company Instructure.Instructure (NYSE: INST) has agreed to acquire privately held Portfolium. No financial terms of the deal, which was announced Tuesday, were disclosed.Founded in 2014 by CEO Adam Markowitz, Portfolium sells academic institutions access to what it calls its ePortfolio ne...
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Something magical happens if you google Rihanna and your birthday

Seriously. Do it. Go to, type in “Rihanna (your DOB),” you’ll get… a picture of Rihanna taken on the anniversary of your birth. To Rihanna fans (me), seeing her in a fabulous and perfect outfit IS magic — because it’s on my personal birthaversary, it makes me feel like the outfit was styled just for me, and Riri is on her way to celebrate my birthday party because she’s my best friend.  Here’s mine by the way: I spent at least five minutes thinking about what this outfit says about my...
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11 Ways to Manage Client Expectations

One of the biggest challenges service-based businesses face is setting and managing client expectations. It’s important to be realistic about what you can and can’t do for your clients, and ensure that both parties understand the scope and terms of your service agreement. To find out more, we asked the experts at Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) for their thoughts on this question: “Client expectations make all the difference when it comes to satisfaction: Having everyone on the same page on wh...
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Tonight's 'super snow moon' will be the biggest and brightest full moon of 2019. Here's why.

A full moon on Tuesday, February 19 — also called the "snow moon" — will be the brightest of 2019. The moon will look significantly larger than normal because it will be near its closest distance to Earth during its orbit around the planet. February's "supermoon" or "perigean" moon will be the second of three in a row. You're not hallucinating: Yes, the moon looks brighter than normal and yes, it looks bigger, too. But the evening of Tuesday, February 19 will bring the real show — what astron...
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Coal company pledges to ... mine less coal

Well, this is getting interesting.
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Tesla's General Counsel is out after just 2 months

After just 2 months as Tesla's top lawyer, Dane Butswinkas will return to Williams & Connely full time, according to the WSJ. Butswinkas said he would continue to work for Tesla outside the company. Jonathan Chang, who has been at Tesla nearly eight years, will replace Butswinkas. Just last week Tesla's VP of global recruitment also left the company, another in a year-long string of departures. Tesla's General Counsel has stepped down after just two months with the company, the Wall Street...
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How to close apps on the Apple Watch, and other troubleshooting tips

Close apps on the Apple Watch by pressing the side button and swiping left on recently opened apps. Resolutions for problematic Apple Watch apps (from freezing to closing unexpectedly) include force quitting and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. There are better ways to conserve Apple Watch battery than closing apps — which may not be saving you battery in the first place.   Whether for the satisfaction of decluttering or for the perceived notion of conserving battery life ( a point th...
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Detroit Urban Solutions Seeks to Amplify the Regional Tech Ecosystem

TechTown Detroit, Wayne State University, and NextEnergy have formed a new consortium to advance the Motor City’s tech ecosystem and apply new innovations to tough civic challenges.Called Detroit Urban Solutions, the consortium will focus primarily on mobility, digital health, civic, and smart city technologies. We called Paul Riser Jr., who is stepping down from his position overseeing technology-based entrepreneurship at TechTown to lead Detroit Urban Solutions, to find out more.“The collabor...
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Elon Musk thinks Bitcoin is ‘brilliant’ — but only owns 0.25 BTC

Despite Elon Musk being somewhat of an unofficial poster boy for cryptocurrency, it turns out he actually doesn’t hold any – well, aside from 0.25 Bitcoin. The Tesla CEO recently went on record proclaiming Bitcoin is “quite brilliant,” and that “paper money is going away.” It might come as a surprise then to learn that Musk infact doesn’t have any “crypto holdings,” according to a Tweet from earlier today. Just a relatively small amount of Bitcoin. That said, I still only own 0.25 BTC, which a f...
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How Much of Your 401(k) Balance Is Actually Yours?

If you’ve been contributing to a 401(k) or IRA for a few years, you might be happy with your current balance. You know, in a nebulous way, that you’ll have to pay taxes of some kind when you take a disbursement, but that’s overshadowed by the progress you’re making toward your retirement goals. Look at the wealth…Read more...
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Facebook is starting to pay for some of its missteps and Wall Street is getting nervous

Facebook accepts regulation is coming, with Mark Zuckerberg admitting this week that a "societal guardrail framework" will give users confidence. But in recent weeks, it has had sharp reminders that some lawmakers are agitating for change that it might not like — and Wall Street is starting to take note. In notes this week, analysts reflected on how regulation could change Facebook's business model and apply downward pressure to its share price. Facebook is spending a lot of money on talking t...
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The Critical Few: Working with Your Culture to Change It

CULTURE is hard to change. And we’re usually fighting against it. But what if we used the culture to change it? What if by focusing on a few critical elements we could work with our culture instead of against it? In the Global Culture Survey 2018 by The Katzenbach Center, a whopping 80% of respondents say their organization’s culture must evolve in the next five years for their company to succeed, grow, and retain the best people. I think we’re all there, so the challenge is how to make that ha...
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How to use Do Not Disturb on iPhone to optimize your time

Do Not Disturb silences your iPhone so you can have dinner, go to a movie, or sleep or work in peace. When in Do Not Disturb mode, all calls, texts, and notifications to your iPhone are stored silently. Your phone doesn't make noise and the screen won't light up as notifications arrive, though you can still check on notifications by turning the screen on manually.  Here's how you can turn on your iPhone's Do Not Disturb mode manually or set it up with various features for scheduling purposes....
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What would Oprah do? 8 (fun!) strategic planning questions.

Dearest Fire Starter, At the end of last year, I gathered Team D to envision the flourishing future of The Desire Map offerings. The point of this jam session was: a) to stir our collective, creative genius; b) build our connection/synergy—and have some fun. From there, we’d map out an actual strategy for the next 18 – 24 months. I sent out some creative questions to get us uncorked. It worked! We generated some beautiful new ideas, a lot of vision clarity, and we knew each other even ...
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The Oscars almost had a viewers' choice award years ago that people would vote for online — here’s why it never happened

2010 Academy Awards producer Bill Mechanic came up with an idea to make the show more hip: a viewers' choice award. He told Business Insider why it never happened.   It turns out the idea of creating a popular movie category for the Oscars isn’t the most radical idea to make Hollywood’s biggest night more hip. Nine years ago the show almost had a viewers' choice award. Bill Mechanic, who produced the 82nd Oscars — hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin in 2010 — said leading up to the show h...
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Microsoft releases new apps that make augmented reality way more helpful to businesses (MSFT)

Microsoft announced new Dynamics 365 artificial intelligence and mixed reality products on Thursday, and they will be released in April. Microsoft's new mixed reality applications help front line workers collaborate remotely and help buyers visualize products they want to buy with different colors or enhancements. Microsoft's new artificial intelligence products help with automation, reducing fraud, and providing customer insights. Microsoft is betting that its big push into mixed reality ca...
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Trump just got a step closer to creating a US Space Force. Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut and Senate hopeful, has said it's 'a dumb idea.'

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive-4, which seeks to create a sixth US military branch called the Space Force. Mark Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut who recently announced his bid for US Senate, has said a Space Force "is a dumb idea." That's because the US Air Force already has the Space Command and a space force. Opponents of the Space Force also say it would add billions to government spending without meaningful change in military operations. President Donald T...
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Bloomberg is diving into into the booming alternative data field with a new product that'll help the market become mainstream

Bloomberg LP is rolling out a new product that will offer its customers access to alternative datasets from more than 20 different companies. The alternative datasets will not be hosted on Bloomberg's main product, the terminal, but instead through its growing enterprise data business.  The alternative data industry over the last couple of years has exploded with new firms offering obscure information to hedge funds seeking a trading edge.  Alternative data is about to be normalized. Bloomber...
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America's fifth-largest trucking company has a brand new, tech-heavy training program — and it shows how the transportation industry is trying to fight the trucker shortage

U.S. Xpress, the country's fifth-largest asset-based trucking company by revenue, has revamped its truck driver training program, it announced on Tuesday.  The company has also opened a training facility in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, near the company's headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It's yet another major investment by a leading trucking company as incredibly high turnover rates and a truck driver shortage rocks the industry.    The $726 billion trucking industry isn't exactly known for ...
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Bill Gates says a diet 'breakthrough' based on the microbes crawling in your gut could help the world's waistlines

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is investing millions of dollars in new strategies to create consumable gut-microbe therapies that could change the way our stomachs process food. The hope is that new probiotics (which would be far more complex and microbe-rich than yogurt or fermented food) will help both undernourished and obese children live healthier lives. Gates has been investing in this kind of microbial bio-therapy for about 10 years, and predicts "we will get a breakthrough" in n...
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Logitech is bringing back its best gaming mouse with essential upgrades

More than a decade ago, Logitech delighted gamers with the MX518, a high-precision mouse tooled for players who wanted performance without all the bells and whistles – and a modest price point. It’s now reviving the classic with a couple of upgrades that should make it worth a look for today’s gaming enthusiasts. The wired body of the G Series MX518 is largely unchanged from the original design: it’s got the same comfortable shape, eight programmable buttons, and glossy finish on the top panel. ...
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SXSW Startups: CargoX

Stefan Kuman, CEO of CargoX The Forrest Four-Cast: February 19, 2019 Fifty diverse startups will aim to impress a panel of judges and a live audience with their skills, creativity and innovation at SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx. Winners in 10 categories will be announced at the Pitch Award Ceremony at 6:30 pm Sunday, March 10, at the Hilton Austin.A finalist in Transportation and Delivery, which will pitch at 9:30 am Saturday, March 9, CargoX is reshaping the future of global trade with the w...
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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, and S10 5G: All the specs you need to know

Samsung announced four versions of the Galaxy S10 today multiple devices today, and frankly, it might be difficult for you to keep track of all the differences. That’s what we’re here for, so here’s a handy guide as to the specs and differences. Galaxy Samsung S10e – the ‘budget’ phone The cheapest variant of the Galaxy S10 line will feature a 5.8-inch screen and dual-camera on the back. Screen: 5.8-inch, Full HD+AMOLED (522ppi). Unlike the other Galaxy devices, this one isn’t curved. Processor:...
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Zuckerberg’s ‘blockchain login’ plan makes absolutely no sense

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is exploring the possibility of leveraging blockchain technology for the company’s third-party login services. In an interview with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain on Wednesday, Zuckerberg said a move from the existing centralized Facebook Connect to a distributed system could empower users and app developers alike. Multiple reports have been floating since last year on Facebook’s possible plans with blockchain technology, but this marks the first time a comp...
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