Does Fintech Disruption Break The Investment Banking Model?

by Joe Duncan, founder of Duncan Capital LP Fintech is triggering a profound rethink for financial institutions, from retail to investment banking. However must this imply the banking model is broken beyond repair thus leading to massive headcount reductions? At least for investment banks the answer is not so clear cut. The combination of services and infrastructure traditionally housed under one roof – underwriting, research, sales & trading, supported by large back office operations, and mon...
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Chenault ending 16-year run at helm of American Express

Kenneth Chenault, one of the longest-serving executives in finance and one of corporate America’s few black top leaders, will retire next year as the chairman and chief executive of American Express.
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3 Reasons to Rehire Former Employees

A boomerang employee, the term for an employee who returns to a company after leaving for a period of time. In the past, if an employee left, that was the end of the relationship and both parties went their separate ways. But with the labor market shrinking and the world even more connected, are businesses closing the door on opportunities due to an outdated philosophy? According to a recent Workplace Trends survey, it seems that many have begun to change their notions on the subject with 76% o...
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Watch the Amazon HQ2 video pitches from Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and DFW

 Cities, regions and states are throwing everything at Amazon in the hopes the giant company will pick them to house its second headquarters. Amazon says 238 cities submitted proposals and many cities included sizzle videos in their pitch. Here are the videos from Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Dallas and Fort Worth. Each are different. Some show building… Read More
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PayPal launches a payments product designed for marketplaces, platforms and crowdfunding sites

 PayPal today is beginning the rollout of a new product designed for customers operating larger online marketplaces, like ride-sharing platforms, crowdfunding portals, peer-to-peer e-commerce sites, room rentals platforms, and others. The solution, called simply PayPal for Marketplaces, is designed to be tailored to the business’s needs, based on how much risk they want to manage with… Read More
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Automated video creation startup Wibbitz raises $20M

 Wibbitz, which uses artificial intelligence to create short videos based on text news stories, has raised $20 million in Series C funding. The money comes from some of big names in the media world, with Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (a subsidiary of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann) leading the round and participation from The Weather Channel, The Associated Press and TF1.… Read More
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What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Understanding best practices when it comes to cyber security is just as important to a small business’s bottom line as a good product. Being hacked or otherwise compromised can drive up costs, decimate profits and even land you in hot legal water. What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework? That’s where the NIST Cybersecurity Framework comes in. It’s a library of sorts where small businesses can learn what they need to know about cyber attacks. It’s called a policy framework in more formal term...
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11 tech jobs where you will lose money if you don't negotiate your salary

One of the hardest things to figure out is when to ask for a raise. While it never hurts to have some data on the national averages for particular job titles, there are are a lot of individual factors that go into a person's particular salary. Job-hunting site Glassdoor has tried to do help people with that with a tool it calls "Know Your Worth." It sifts through its database of millions of self-reported salaries from hundreds of thousands of companies and calculates things like job titles, year...
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4 people from around the world share the wonders of free education — and reveal the hidden drawbacks

Higher education doesn't come cheap in the United States — citizens collectively hold about $1.31 trillion in college loan debt. Things are hardly this dire in certain other countries, where everything from preschool to university is paid for — at least in part — by the government. Some governments even cover the entire cost of a college education, leaving graduates with zero debt and a clean slate to start their new careers. Business Insider spoke with four people from different European countr...
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Why functional medicine is the way of the future

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that there are some issues with healthcare in the United States. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, because Americans across the board are experiencing a health crisis. According to the CDC, “As of 2012, about half of all adults had one or more chronic health conditions… one in four adults had two or more chronic health conditions.” Chr...
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DHL Express for Shopify Handles International Shipping for Ecommerce Sales

Selling internationally just got easier and more affordable. Canadian ecommerce company Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) has teamed up with DHL Express to help you access the fast-growing global retail market. You can now ship with the same premium carrier that major retailers use, with guaranteed express service, negotiated shipping rates and service to over 220 countries. What’s more, you can even schedule free DHL Express pickups in Shopify, for any volume of packages. Getting Started with DHL Express f...
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Think Teaching Clients SEO Isn’t Worth Your Time? Think Again.

by Itamar Gero, founder and CEO of  If you specialize in SEO, take a moment to imagine your ideal client. What comes to mind? A lot of SEO folks prefer someone who will “let them do their job and pay them.” However, a client that doesn’t take an active interest in what you are doing is less than ideal. You want a client that fully understands your job. A business relationship where one party is ignorant about rendered services will almost certainly lead to inaccurate expectation...
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U.S., California approve fix for 38,000 VW 3.0-liter diesels

Filed under: Government/Legal,Audi,Porsche,Volkswagen WASHINGTON - U.S. and California regulators have approved a fix for about 38,000 Volkswagen 3.0-liter diesel-powered SUVs with potential excess emissions, a decision that could save the automaker more than $1 billion, according to a letter made public on Monday. The approval means the German automaker will not need to buy back luxury 2013-2016 model-year diesel Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and 2013-2015 Audi Q...
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How White Label Digital Marketing Solutions Help Double Revenues and Profit

Internet marketing is a broad term, an umbrella of services come under it, ranging from social media marketing to video marketing, to web development, to email listing and search engine marketing. Each internet-marketing service is a mutually exclusive field requiring a different set of expertise and skills to master. Acquiring proficiency in all fields of internet marketing is a time-consuming process and needs investments over the long period, as it requires cultivation of talent, resource and...
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Rolls-Royce is developing mini nuclear power plants

A consortium led by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, famous for its high-end vehicles, has crafted design plans for small-scale nuclear power plants. In a report anticipated to be released this week, the Rolls-Royce-led group is expected to receive approval to further develop its designs, which may eventually be implemented and constructed in the United Kingdom. The aforementioned report comes from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which, in its study, will formally end...
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After the end of the startup era

 There’s a weird feeling afoot these days, in the Valley, and in San Francisco. Across the rest of the world — Denver, Santiago, Toronto, Berlin, “Silicon Glen,” “Silicon Alley,” “Silicon Roundabout“, Station F — it seems every city still wants to be a startup hub, dreaming of becoming “the new Silicon Valley.” But in the… Read More
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Why old school advertising is not dead

“Hi, I’m Al Harrington, President and CEO of Al Harrington’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error, I am now currently overstocked on wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, and I am passing the savings onto YOU!” Family Guy’s local television commercial personality Al Harrington, of Al Harrington’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse, was such a hit with viewers that he appeared on the cutaway com...
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NextCon17 Conference Launches With Focus on Customer Experience

Customer experience took center stage today as an estimated 750 guests arrived for the first day of NextCon in Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference, now in its second year,is put on by cloud business phone service provider Nextiva. The focus on customer experience is actually a new part of the conference this year. Last year, the conference featured about double the amount of attendees and a more general lineup of speakers and sessions. However this year, the company wanted to take a more focuse...
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Innovation Sighting: The Subtraction Technique and the No-Huddle Offense

Few activities are more iconic to American football than the huddle. Bill Pennington, in his New York Times article, “Ready, Set, Gone! The N.F.L.’s Disappearing Huddle” thoughtfully fills out the history, the heritage, and the slow disappearance of this classic practice. And while innovation is often thought of in connection to a tangible product, the emerging use of the “no-huddle offense” in football is an excellent example of innovation through the use of the innovation template known as The...
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Giorgio Armani outlines succession plan to keep house intact

MILAN (AP) — Giorgio Armani says he has devised a succession plan that will prevent his fashion empire from being split up into pieces. The 83-year-old Armani is one of the founding designers of Milan ready-to-wear. He has kept a firm grip on the privately fashion group Giorgio Armani SpA, which has left open speculation […]
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Zero raises $8.5 million for a credit card that functions like a debit card

 Just one-third of young adults have a credit card, according to a Bankrate survey. It’s partly due to concerns about debt. A startup called Zero thinks it has a solution to this and it is gearing up to launch a credit card that functions like a debit card. The startup is also raising $8.5 million in a funding round led by ENIAC Ventures, including participation from NEA, Lightbank… Read More
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Nokia doubles down on IoT pivot

This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Nokia announced a pair of partnerships and collaborative efforts that continue to push the company further into the IoT, leveraging its communication background to facilitate new services. The company's pivot to connected devices provides a model that other firms in fading segments can look to as they attempt to revive growth. Here's who Nokia is joining forces with: Amazon W...
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Hearsay acquires Mast Mobile’s tech for adding work numbers and CRM integration on your smartphone

 Hearsay Systems is announcing that it has acquired technology and intellectual property from Mast Mobile. The Mast service allowed businesses to manage work and personal numbers on a single mobile phone, and to connect those phones to their customer database. It was backed by Samsung, FirstMark Capital and others. Hearsay, meanwhile, offers marketing and communication tools for the… Read More
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An easy booking button for businesses on Google

Since the introduction of Reserve with Google, fitness, wellness and beauty businesses in the U.S. have been able to let customers book their services through their listing on Google. Customers simply click the blue booking button to set up an appointment, schedule a massage, or reserve a spot in a spin class—all right when they find your business online.Now, we're adding a way for business owners to sign up with one of our scheduling partners directly from their Google My Business account and a...
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Drive Traffic and Sales this BFCM with New Shareable Discount Links

When the biggest shopping weekend of the year finally arrives, arriving with it will be hordes of customers looking for juicy discounts. To help you make the most of Black Friday Cyber Monday, we’ve added a simple new function to Shopify that will help you reach out and pull those deal-hunters right into your store. Shareable Discount Links direct customers to your homepage and automatically apply a discount code to their cart. Create a Shareable Discount Link BFCM is all about discounts. Mor...
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4 State Taxes Small Business Owners Should Consider

The holidays are rapidly approaching followed by the New Year celebrations and then we are in time of year when taxes are on everyone’s mind. While most people tend to focus on Uncle Sam and the IRS, you most likely have state tax obligations as well – particularly if you have a business. And, many of these obligations entail a year-long commitment. Whether you handle your business’ taxes yourself or have a professional manage them for you, you’re the one who is ultimately responsible and will ...
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$18 billion fund manager started by Al Gore and a Goldman Sachs exec sets sights on Silicon Valley

Former Vice President Al Gore teamed up with a former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management to create Generation Investment Management, which invests in sustainable companies in public and private markets. Generation's ethos is rare on Wall Street. The founders say they can be long-term greedy — and make lots of money — while making the world a better place. The London-based firm had an office in New York, which is moving to San Francisco, as the firm focuses on deploying its money in Asia an...
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TransferWise changes fees for GBP transfers, introduces complicated flat transaction fees

 Fintech startup TransferWise has built a solid reputation when it comes to transparency. The startup just announced new fees for transfers initiated from the U.K. And it’s quite hard to understand if transfers are going to be cheaper or not after the change. The company claims that in most cases transfers should be cheaper. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. TransferWise… Read More
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New York real estate developer buys Trump drawing at auction

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York real estate developer and former business partner of President Donald Trump has bought a sketch of the Empire State Building drawn by Trump for $16,000 at an auction. Elie Hirschfeld, president of Hirschfeld Properties, purchased the 12-by-9-inch black marker depiction of the iconic New York City skyscraper at […]
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4 people from around the world share what it's like to get free college education

Higher education doesn't come cheap in the United States — citizens collectively hold about $1.31 trillion in college loan debt. Things are hardly this dire in certain other countries, where everything from preschool to university is paid for — at least in part — by the government. Some governments even cover the entire cost of a college education, leaving graduates with zero debt and a clean slate to start their new careers. Business Insider spoke with four people from different European countr...
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