Barriers to innovation?

Image from Pxhere In March I posted a survey question as a part of my ongoing research into the adoption of new technologies in learning. The background for this question was a statement I made during a keynote discussion session at Learning Technologies in London in January. I was asked about innovation in organisations. From my experience working in all sectors of education and training, I claimed that the most likely sector to innovate with new learning technologies would be primary ed...
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Facebook trials ‘High School Networks’ for Messenger – what could go wrong there?

Facebook is working on a new feature to hook in the one market that they’ve struggled to dominate: teenagers. ‘High School Networks for Messenger’ appears to be its latest attempt to drag post-millennials to its platform, according to sources who shared screenshots with TNW. High School Networks appears to be a way for students to connect with their peers at the same school and/or taking the same classes. The details for the feature are limited at the moment, as the feature appears to be hidden ...
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Change Management: How To Elevate Companies

Seeing Change in a New Light Often times, we see change as a necessary evil, instead of an opportunity to improve. We've made the word change sound (and often feel) like something deleterious. However, if we view change as an opportunity to make situations/companies/teams that much better, then we can see it as an opportunity. This is the mindset of Marvin Washington, Professor and Department Chair and Strategic Management and Organization, at the University of Alberta. Marvin works toward help...
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These ex-Facebook and Google engineers are helping companies kick abusive people off popular internet sites

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal we asked an ex-Facebook engineer how tech can be used to prevent internet sites like Facebook from being abused. Pete Hunt is the CEO founder of a startup called Smyte which was formed to tackle exactly this problem. He says that finding bad actors is relatively easy by searching for signals. The hard part is to not accidentally catch the good guys "in the net." In the wake of Mark Zuckerberg's exhaustive Congressional testimony over the Cambrid...
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Is Your Employee Having an Off Day—Or Is Something More Serious Going On?

Even the best  employees  have periods of time when they aren’t performing their strongest. When is it the best time to intervene, and how do  you  evaluate whether the issue is a sign of a downward trend, or if it is simply a blip in an otherwise solid work history? To find out, we asked entrepreneurs the following question: Q.  Employees   can  have  slump  periods, times when they’re not firing on all cylinders. What is the top trait  you  look for to determine whether they’re simply having ...
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A close look at the financial state of MoviePass shows how 'scary' it is for investors (HMNY)

MoviePass' owner, Helios & Matheson Analytics, has been losing an average of $20 million a month since last September, it said in a prospectus filed this week. Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, said the fine print in the company's financials, including a warning from its auditor, would scare away many investors. Back to back financial statements filed by the company this week also include a discrepancy in numbers. When asked about the difference,...
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Netflix has rejected showing its movies at some willing theaters, and Hollywood insiders don't understand why (NFLX)

Netflix briefly considered acquiring Landmark Theatres, according to the Los Angeles Times. The move would have allowed the streaming giant to get their prestige titles better award seasons consideration. However, numerous sources told Business Insider that Netflix has the opportunity to screen its movies at more theaters but has declined some offers. It seems that, for at least a fleeting moment, Netflix was interested in buying movie theaters that would play its movies on the big screen. A...
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Amazon executives sat through a brutally uncomfortable 4.5-minute phone call that showed them just how much Jeff Bezos cares about customers (AMZN)

During an executive meeting, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once called the VP of Customer Service out for extended hold times, according to an excerpt from Brad Stone's "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon." After VP Bill Price asserted that customers were waiting on the phones for less than a minute, Bezos tested it out for himself and grew increasingly angry as the minutes ramped up. About 30 executives watched as Bezos put his stance on customer experience on display.  Jeff Bez...
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Facebook users are mad as hell over the Cambridge Analytica scandal (FB)

Facebook users were angry after the enormous data breach and trust in the company has plummeted. Many have exacted revenge by deleting their account, and a study of 3,000 users in the US showed that they want Facebook punished in other ways. The Ponemon Institute found that they expect compensation and greater regulation after 87 million accounts were scraped for data by Cambridge Analytica. More honesty could help Facebook in the future. There's a simple reason why #DeleteFacebook was trend...
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One of Amazon's biggest challenges in its early days was solved by an obscure book about lichen

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos found a "loophole" that allowed him to solve one of the company's early challenges. Booksellers required the company to order at least 10 books at once, but Amazon didn't have that kind of sales volume yet, Brad Stone writes in "The Everything Store." So they ordered the book they needed and nine copies of an obscure book about lichen. Amazon employees also wrote their own reviews of books that customers had ordered. When Amazon first launched, it aimed to become nothin...
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YouTube’s still monetizing channels promoting pedophilia, Nazis, and extremist propaganda

More then 300 companies and organizations may have received a little more for their YouTube advertising buck than they’d bargained for, according to a CNN scoop. What happened? Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Adidas (among others) who paid to advertise on the platform found their ads appearing on channels promoting pedophilia, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and white nationalist hate speech. Worse, several government organizations — like the Department of Transportation and Cente...
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There's a subtle shift underway at JPMorgan, and it shows how Amazon's influenced the Wall Street giant

Business Insider recently sat down with Lori Beer, chief information officer at JPMorgan Chase. In that role, she oversees an annual tech spend of $10.8 billion and 50,000 technologists.  We discussed JPMorgan's tech strategy and how JPMorgan's taking inspiration from Amazon. "Jeff Bezos has always looked at his company as being very customer-obsessed," Beer said. "We’re thinking of JPMorgan Chase in the same light." It's evident when JPMorgan CFO Marianne Lake talks about the bank's opportu...
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Palantir has figured out how to make money by using algorithms to ascribe guilt to people, now they're looking for new customers

In 2009, JP Morgan Chase's "special ops" guy was an ex-Secret Service agent called Peter Cavicchia III, and he retained Palantir to spy on everyone in the company to find "insider threats"; even getting the bank to invest in Palantir. (more…)
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Data is Better if You Know What it Means

This cartoon came from a scrap of paper on which I’d drawn a graph and then scribbled something underneath in the middle of the night. In the dark. Without my glasses. So, needless to say, I couldn’t read what it said or remember what the joke was the next morning. The funny part is, after a good deal of racking my brain, that very situation actually inspired the caption for this cartoon. Maybe I should write more captions in the middle of the night. This article, "Data is Better if You Know Wh...
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5 New Wedding Dresses You Won't Be Able to Stop Thinking About

Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2019 (aka Bridal Market) just wrapped up in New York and many of the collections left us with our jaws on the floor. Even if you don't want to actually get married, these dresses are enough to make you want to be a bride in 2019. Between the latest from Reem Acra, Lela Rose, Monique Lhuillier and more, brides-to-be have a lot to look forward to. Among the trends we spotted are princess-inspired designs (thanks, Meghan Markle), colored accents (i.e. light blue and l...
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Bitcoin Cash is soaring as traders ready for another hard fork

Bitcoin cash is up more than 10% Friday. A hard-fork of the currency is expected May 15, which will form Bitcoin ABC. Track the price of Bitcoin cash in real-time here. Bitcoin cash was up more than 10% Friday, continuing its outperformance of other major cryptocurrencies, as a competing hard fork approaches on May 15. The fourth-largest cryptocurrency, which split from bitcoin in a similar hard fork in 2017, is now up more than 30% in the past week. Bitcoin, by comparison, is up 5% over tha...
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A piece of advice from her father helped the CEO of Vimeo land the job at 34 (IAC)

Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud can credit part of her success to the best advice she was given — from her father. Sud's father encouraged his daughter to leave her comfort zone and enter positions where she is not necessarily experienced. Sud has pushed herself into new experiences by attending prep school, spending time as an investment banker, and becoming a 34-year-old CEO. When Anjali Sud was offered the job as the CEO of Vimeo at age 34, she called her dad immediately. "I go to my dad for advice ...
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One of Tesla's biggest problems is finally starting to fade (TSLA)

Tesla has been drowning in negative news of late. Meanwhile, the troubled launch of its Model 3 is finally getting on track. Conservatively, Tesla could achieve an annual production rate of over 100,000 Model 3's. Despite all the bad news from the past 10 months, the Tesla Model 3 is poised to be a huge success. The car is a classic example of missing the forest for the trees. Yes, the Model 3's rollout has been an epic fail, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk looks sort of deluded in his production ta...
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The pilot who landed the fatal Southwest flight performed an incredible feat — but those who know her weren't surprised (LUV)

Tammie Jo Shults gained praise for safely landing a Southwest Airlines flight after an engine exploded on Tuesday. Shults was one of the Navy's first female fighter pilots, and she received a number of awards during her seven years of service. Shults has also taught Sunday School at her church, performed volunteer work for at-risk children, and opened a cottage on her family's property to victims of Hurricane Rita. Landing a plane with an exploded engine and a busted cabin window would chall...
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Lightning Network can be a real improvement to Bitcoin – once it matures

With blockchains facing scaling issues depending on their makeup and governance, as well as their popularity, some, like Litecoin, have implemented the Lightning network as a way to address overcrowding, which leads to slow and expensive transactions. Scalability has become a byword with the success of certain cryptocurrencies as their popularity leads to the need to function with more and more users. Bitcoin, as blockchain’s popularity has grown, has had its own demons to fight when it comes to...
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Tech mentorship is a two-way street and here’s how you do it

The first time I crossed paths with the person that would eventually become one of my favorite mentors, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. It was 2012, and I met Richard Hopkins while we were both working for Deloitte. We were both assigned to this massive project that required us to fly in and out of a remote location, and I vividly recall sifting through pictures of my new teammates. I came across Richard’s photo and immediately thought: “I don’t like this guy. I don’t want to work with him.” I...
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Content Marketing Is So Much More Than Blogging!

Remember that brilliant commercial by your local car dealership? Or that dazzling advertisement by that too-big-to-fail bank? Of course, you don’t. The average consumer is exposed to nearly 10,000 brand messages in a day. Forget about remembering a specific ad; it’s a miracle you’re still reading this sentence without your brain buckling under all that sensory overload. So how does one reach out to customers without spamming them to tears with your marketing messages? Enter content marketing. C...
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How To Publicize Your Credentials When Starting A Business

More and more people across America are taking the bold and potentially lucrative move of starting their own business, whether operating as a sole trader or at the head of a small enterprise. In this highly competitive corporate world, you’ll need an excellent product or service that stands out from the crowd, and you’ll also need to be able to attract customers who will pay for it. To do this, you need to build a brand and show potential customers they can trust you and your business. That’s w...
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Google Play is hosting a disturbing amount of cryptocurrency malware

Google is suffering from an epidemic of malicious cryptocurrency apps on the Play Store – and it seems the internet giant is struggling to curb the influx. Security researcher Lukas Stafanko has come across another rogue copycat of popular cryptocurrency app MyEtherWallet designed to steal your private keys and surreptitiously drain your funds. But here is the worst part: the malicious app purportedly remained available to download for four days before the Big G purged it from its software distr...
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out on the edge

Last month in Berlin I gave a keynote at the Landing Festival entitled, It’s your Network, Stupid. I explained that to find new ideas and information, loose social networks are best. Weak social ties enable us to find a wide variety of information and ideas, often relatively quickly using networked technologies. In this way a diverse social network can yield a lot of information. The loose social ties in these networks usually only provide explicit information. To gain deeper insight and impli...
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Speaking of Business: Racial-bias training is ‘one step in a journey’

It’s a collection of crisis quotes this week, with the Starbucks incident in Philadelphia, the Southwest Airlines engine explosion and the closure of a longtime manufacturer near Boeing Field.
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Top Stories: Starbucks Deals with Racial Discrimination, Tech Startups Struggle with Compensation

Whether your business has single or multiple locations, having a great management system in place for everyone to follow is critically important. Starbucks became aware of this fact with an incident that took place in Philadelphia which made national headlines. The issue should teach businesses of all sizes some valuable lessons. In other news, tech startups struggle to provide adequate pay in expensive Silicon Valley. Do you struggle to keep your compensation ahead of cost of living? Read more...
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‘Transform’ Shows How to Use Digital Technology to Boost Customer Experience

It’s one thing to launch a business, but a different issue to change how a business operates to fit a major shift in the marketplace.  That “but” is at the heart of success or failure of a business.  Businesses recognize that they are in a customer-centric environment. But what should an operation that is customer-centric look like to be effective? One book that strives to answer that question is Transform – A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation by Gerry McGovern.  The book covers a digita...
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Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are better with female superheroes — and 5 other facts from Rotten Tomatoes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrates its 10-year anniversary in a few weeks. "Iron Man," which started this whole thing, came out on May 2, 2008. And the MCU will reach its biggest height (so far) with "Avengers: Infinity War," which comes out April 27. To honor the anniversary and in anticipation of the "Infinity War" release, reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes provided Business Insider with some statistics about the MCU films. There are a few interesting takeaways, including that MCU movi...
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Twitch becomes unexpected casualty in Russia’s Telegram ban

The world’s most popular livestreaming site appears to be caught in the crossfire as Russia fights popular encrypted messaging app Telegram. Russian streamers are reportedly unable to stream or watch other channels, having to find tricks to get around the ban. One of the first acknowledgements came from Reddit user Angry_Roleplayer. In his post, several other alleged streamers reported being unable to go live on Twitch or even access it. Angry_Roleplayer managed to upload a video showing the blo...
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