A $63 billion biotech is returning to the scene of its worst failure in search of new treatments for a deadly muscle disorder (BIIB)

An ALS trial failure five years ago was a costly and disappointing setback for Biogen. But today Biogen is becoming a major player again. It just bought a potential drug in a $90 million deal, and has four treatments in development. The company's head of neuromuscular disorders said there's reason to believe this time could be more successful — and it could have bigger implications for the company's pipeline. Five years ago, a drug for a rare and deadly disease failed to live up to its promis...
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Udacity Achieves 50,000 Nanodegree Grads Amid Company Reorganization

Udacity, a pioneer in the online teaching of IT skills, is celebrating a milestone today—50,000 students have now graduated from one of its revenue-generating “Nanodegree” programs.Launched four years ago, the Nanodegree courses allow students worldwide to gain expertise in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, and autonomous flight engineering by completing coursework that can take as little as six months.In a blogpost touting student successes, Udacity co-founder Sebastian Thrun (pi...
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The OnePlus 6T 'McLaren Edition' is even better than the standard phone models, but you shouldn't feel like you're missing out

The OnePlus 6T "McLaren Edition" has incredible specs and performance, and it's still cheaper than the majority of the competing smartphones from bigger companies.  It also comes with an astoundingly fast charging brick. It's stunningly quick.  And yet, it's hard to recommend when the regular OnePlus 6T models are already so good and cost less than the McLaren Edition.  The McLaren Edition is like McLaren cars themselves: supreme performance that few people really need.  Somehow, OnePlus cont...
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Review: Audio Technica’s ATH-M50XBT headphones deliver studio-level clarity in a $200 package

How do you improve upon something that’s already regarded by many as the best in its class? That’s the problem Audio Technica had with its legendary ATH-M50X studio headphones. Thanks to their crystal clarity and artisan precision, these cans have amassed an army of enthusiastic evangelists, ranging from professional producers and sound engineers, to everyday audiophiles. Like I said, how do you improve on that? It’s a tricky proposition, but if you’re Audio Technica, the answer is simple: shove...
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Redditor spots murderers on NBA trading card

A Redditor recently recognized what appears to be Lyle and Erik Menendez, brothers convicted of murdering their father and stepmother, in the background of an NBA trading card. News spread quickly in the collector’s community prompting a rush on eBay, where the company’s dubious take-down strategy has listers scratching their heads. The card, a 1990-1991 season NBA Hoops Mark Jackson, shows two young men who bear a striking – if not irrefutable – resemblance to the notorious killers. And the tim...
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Boston Tech Watch: Indigo Ag, GE, Algo Capital,, Cybric

Venture capital deals, acquisitions, and spin-offs made up much of this week’s Boston technology news.—Boston-based agtech startup Indigo Ag has acquired TellusLabs, an A.I. satellite technology company that was founded in Somerville, MA. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Indigo says it plans to integrate TellusLabs’ agricultural technology with its on-the-ground data to hopefully help growers increase crop yields. In September, Indigo raised a $250 million Series E funding round and launch...
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Trump lawyer seeks to send emoluments case to appeals court

WASHINGTON (AP) — A lawyer for President Donald Trump is challenging a Maryland federal judge’s decision to allow a case accusing the president of profiting off his office to proceed in district court. The lawyer wants a federal appeals court to take up the case instead. Trump’s personal lawyer, William Consovoy, filed a petition on […]
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Why victims of childhood adversity have a harder time achieving their goals

New findings suggest that childhood adversity may be directly linked to depression. Adverse childhood experiences include a wide range of stressful or traumatic events brought upon by abuse and neglect. Important landmark studies from the '90s suggest that these experiences are common and lead to a number of health, social and behavioral problems throughout life.New research published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience in October suggests that there is a connection betwe...
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Animation isn’t just for film studios. Learn through Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro for $20.

Whether it’s a major motion picture release or just someone trying to finish their first animated sequence, animation starts with knowing the basics of the medium. You can learn the tools of the cartoon artist and start creating animations of your own with the training in The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Animation Bundle. Right now, this bundle is over 90 percent off at just $20 from TNW Deals with promo code: GREENMONDAY20.
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Sales processes need a tech upgrade, and these technologies will provide it in 2019

Sales robots will replace salespeople. Machines will sell machines to other machines. Efficiency will peak, and humans will no longer be necessary to the sales process. That’s what the technology evangelists would have people believe, at least. The truth is far more nuanced. As dramatic as the effects of better sales tools are, humans will continue to take center stage in sales. Rather than replace humans, new sales technologies will make them better at what they already do.   Many effective too...
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'Do you realize how out of touch that seems?': NYC lawmakers rail against Amazon for HQ2 helipad demand in heated hearing (AMZN)

Amazon's demand of a provision to install a helipad at its HQ2 was repeatedly criticized during a hearing with the New York City Council on Wednesday.  Multiple city council members questioned the importance of its inclusion, said it appeared out of touch with New Yorkers, or invoked it as reason why the company's tax incentives were unnecessary. "The only transportation aspect of this project is a helipad," Corey Johnson, speaker of the council, said during his opening remarks. New York's ci...
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TNB Aura closes $22.7M fund to bring PE-style investing to Southeast Asia’s startups

TNB Aura, a recent arrival to Southeast Asia’s VC scene, announced today that it has closed a maiden fund at SG$31.1million, or around US$22.65 million, to bring a more private equity-like approach to investing in startups in the region. The fund was launched in 2016 and it is a joint effort between Australia-based venture fund Aura and Singapore’s TNB Ventures, which has a history of corporate innovation work. I t reached a final close today, having hit an early close in January. It is a part o...
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Want to start a family, or employ people who do? Here’s a guide to Washington state’s new paid-leave law

Workers and businesses will start paying premiums for Washington state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits next month. Workers who give birth to, foster or adopt a child, or who need time off to take care of themselves or someone else, will be able to reap the benefits beginning in January 2020.
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Startup founders are skeptical about the future of cryptocurrency, but that hasn't stopped them from investing in it anyway

Cryptocurrency had reached 35 million users as of September 2018, reflective of the trend of people becoming increasingly familiar with blockchain technology and digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and tether. Although individuals are investing more in the technology, it's not burgeoning as much on the business and industry level. A recent survey of hundreds of startup founders found that while 40 percent of them personally own cryptocurrency, only 13 percent saw cryptocurrency or block...
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Feature Friday: Plan A Trip

I don’t really use Waze that much. My trips are typically a combo of walking, biking, subways, and driving and Google Maps does a great job of offering all of those options. Waze is made for driving. So I am more of a Google Maps user than a Waze user. But Waze has one feature that I am increasingly addicted to: the “plan a trip” later feature. I am going to Brooklyn this morning for a Board Meeting and then I need to be in my office later. So I pulled out my phone, launched Waze, and figured ou...
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Betterment is partnering with a company backed by Shaq to help gig economy workers manage their finances

Workers in the gig economy account for more than one third of US workers. These include workers at companies like Uber, Lyft and Instacart. Robo-advisor Betterment is partnering with Steady, an upstart income-building platform, to offer gig workers free financial advisory and money management services for one year.  The emergence of companies like Uber, Lyft, and Instacart has brought about the rise of the gig economy — short term workers who do everything from drive taxis to shop for you...
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Elon Musk has stopped meetings to watch 'Monty Python' clips: Report (TSLA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stopped meetings to watch clips from the British sketch comedy show "Monty Python's Flying Circus," Wired reports. Musk reportedly did this during the second half of 2017, as Tesla struggled to ramp up production of its Model 3 sedan. Tesla did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.   Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stopped meetings to watch clips from the British sketch comedy show "Monty Python's Flying Circus," Wired reports.  Musk reportedly did...
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A German left-wing group tricked thousands of neo-Nazis into doxxing themselves with a 'honeypot' website

Neo-Nazis in Germany were recently tricked into providing their identities and personal information to a left-wing art collective, the Washington Post reports. The group used a "honeypot" website to publish the names of 1,500 neo-Nazis they initially found, and then collected further information from right-wing extremists who searched the site for their names. The organization wants to identify the thousands of far right nationalists who took part in violent protests this summer in Chemnitz, G...
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The Best Explainers of 2018

Besides telling you how to hack your life, we here at Lifehacker love to help you understand the world around you, whether you’re puzzling over an obscure feature of your computer or a big political issue in the news. Here are some of our best explainers from 2018.Read more...
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2019 will be an extraordinary year in space. Here's what NASA, SpaceX, and the night sky have in store for planet Earth.

The 2019 calendar is full of major events in spaceflight, planetary science, and astronomy. SpaceX and Boeing hope to launch NASA astronauts inside commercial spaceships for the first time next year. Elon Musk may also conduct a test launch of his rocket company's "Starship" spacecraft. Plus, humanity will make its farthest-ever visit to a planet-like object, and China intends to return its first lunar soil samples to Earth. Meteor showers, total lunar and solar eclipses, and other night-sky ...
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Design Job: Design Sleek Modern Office Accessories with U Brands In CA

We are a fast growing fast paced company looking for an agile individual that will help contribute to our growing success. You’ll have an opportunity to work alongside industry leaders and learn from their experience and expertise. You’ll have the opportunity to master new skills, sharpen your current skills and View the full design job here
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Apple quoted me $1,500 to repair a MacBook Pro, so I paid less than $500 at an 'unauthorized' Apple repair shop instead

Apple quoted me $1,475 to repair a liquid-damaged MacBook Pro.  An unauthorized Apple repair shop quoted me $425 to perform the same repair. I went with the unauthorized repair shop. The repair shop replaced a single chip, whereas Apple would likely have replaced the entire logic board that hosts the most important parts of a laptop.  Going the cheaper route was easily the best option for me, but it might not be for everyone.  When my wife's 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro stopped working, I did wha...
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Keepsafe launches My Number Lookup, so you can see the public data tied to your mobile number

Ever wonder how much of your personal information is accessible to marketers? Well, there’s a new service called My Number Lookup that makes it easy (and free) for you to check the data that’s publicly available and tied to your mobile phone number. The service was created by Keepsafe, maker of privacy-centric products. While there is a My Number Lookup website, the service actually operates over SMS — you just text HELLO to (855) 228-4539 and it will start sending you a report. Keepsafe co-f...
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Should you buy someone a phone for the holidays?

The answer is yes, if you can make sure you get them something they like, and you’re not saddling your loved one with a monthly bill. Here’s how to do it right.
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Tesla has reportedly lowered the price of the Model S and Model X in China following scheduled tariff decreases (TSLA)

Tesla has lowered the price of its Model S sedan and Model X SUV in China after the country temporarily lowered some tariffs on cars imported from the US, CNBC reports. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Chinese government will temporarily remove 25% tariffs on 144 US vehicle and auto parts and 5% tariffs on 67 auto-related items between January 1 and March 31, Reuters reports. China has also reportedly decided to lower tariffs on some cars and auto parts from 40%...
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Day 2 of TNW’s Advent Deals: Sonos, headphones, and the Avengers

This holiday period, Plugged is running a very special advent calendar. Over the next 12 days, we’ll be sharing a selection of sweet, sweet deals. You can thank us later. Check out our first advent deal post here! Here we go: on the second day of TNW’s advent, the lovely team gave to me… $50 off a littleBits Avengers kit with the code “THENEXTWEB30” LittleBits makes amazing kits that are fun for, well, everyone. The idea is that you build something cool, all while learning coding and programming...
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‘A rare sight’: Astronaut snaps incredible photo of 5 spaceships

The spacecraft belong to Russia and two private American aerospace companies.Six astronauts are currently aboard the International Space Station to conduct a variety of experiments.On Monday, Russian cosmonauts conducted a spacewalk to investigate the nature and cause of a mysterious 2-millimeter-wide hole in a Russian spacecraft. None Alexander Gerst, an astronaut for the German European Space Agency and current commander of the International Space Station (ISS), tweeted photos on Monday of a r...
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Facial Recognition Startup Suspect Technologies Raises $810K

Amid warnings over potential dangers of facial recognition, Jacob Sniff is still bullish on the technology.His Cambridge, MA-based facial recognition software startup Suspect Technologies has closed on an $810,000 funding round co-led by billionaire investor and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban and Santa Monica, CA-based venture firm Chaac Ventures.Up until now, Suspect Technologies has sold its automatic facial-redaction software to makers of police body cameras, and cops use it to blur or block f...
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Google now lets you donate to charities through the Play store

Google is making it easier for its users to give back to the community by introducing donations through its Play store. Android users in select countries can now contribute to causes they believe in using the same payment methods they’ve associated with their Google accounts. The search giant is partnering with 10 nonprofit organizations to kickstart the project. These include the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders USA, Girls Who Code, UNICEF, World Food Program USA, and Save the Childr...
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Smaller Amazon Go store tested in Seattle as retailer eyes new venues

The company opened a 450-square-foot Amazon Go store — about a quarter the size of existing Go stores — on the sixth floor of the Macy’s department store building in downtown Seattle. Amazon began leasing the top six floors of the landmark retail location in 2017.
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