If You Want To Make A Point, Make It Real

I started my career as a visual designer. For the first few working years of my professional life, my days were dominated by pictures over text. Over the years my skill set, tools, and approach to work evolved. Written communication helped manage team and client expectations. Verbal communication was also useful, especially in situations where you find yourself going toe to toe with fellow A-type executives where a sharp mind and wise tongue are mandatory requirements. But recently, I was remin...
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Bosses sleeping with subordinates ran rampant at WeWork

Under Adam Neumann, inter-office relationships at WeWork proliferated, according to a Business Insider investigation. In 2018, a woman on the real estate team sent the company a 50-page letter of wide-ranging allegations about the company's culture, including about relationships between colleagues and between subordinates and their managers. That document, which led to a company investigation, eventually resulted in a more than $2 million settlement. Now, WeWork's new CEO said he's leading a c...
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10 Tips to Help You Better Understand Your Small Business Customers

Creating an effective marketing strategy requires having a strong understanding of your target customers. You need to understand the platforms they use, the messages that will resonate with them, and how they feel about your business. To increase your understanding, here are some tips from members of the online small business community. Create a Facebook Marketing Plan That Models the Customer Journey If you want to connect with customers on Facebook, you need to do it in a way that makes sen...
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The new world's largest electric vehicle is a 290-ton dump truck that will soon begin testing in Africa

Anglo American, ENGIE, and Williams Advanced Engineering are working together to create the world's largest electric vehicle: a hydrogen-powered mining truck. Anglo American claims the vehicle will be capable of performing just as well, if not better, than its diesel-powered counterparts. The truck will begin testing in a platinum group metals mine in Mogalakwena, South Africa before being used in other locations. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Anglo American, ENGIE, and ...
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Insiders say Morgan Stanley's $13 billion E-Trade deal could kick off a buying spree for wealth-management fintechs. Here's why banks are ready to 'open up their pocketbooks' and what it means for startup valuations.

Venture and growth-stage investors tell Business Insider Morgan Stanley's planned acquisition of E-Trade for $13 billion is a sign of further dealmaking to coming in 2020 for fintechs in the wealth management space.  The deal shows banks' recent willingness to look externally for ways to evolve or expand their process, even if it's a steep price tag, investors said. Banks also might not be the only acquirers, as insurance or tech companies could be in the market as they look to jump start thei...
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24 products people waste too much money on that you should stop buying immediately

Some items we're used to buying every day can actually be a huge waste of money. Store-bought greeting cards, physical books, cable TV, and premium gasoline are just a few examples. Bigger purchases, such as a boat or a time-share, often aren't worth the cost either. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories . Waste not, want not. We make so many purchases that we don't always realize what we are buying — and how we could be saving money. If we take a step back and think about a...
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UFO sightings: Why Mount Shasta is the new Roswell

Unusual UFO-shaped formations were observed in the skies over Mount Shasta.These were actually lenticular clouds that often look like lenses or flying saucers.This volcano peak in California has long been the subject of conspiracy theories. Mount Shasta in California has become a nexus of conspiracy theories and unusual events. The latest viral sensation from the area has been a UFO-shaped object that appeared in the skies above the potentially active volcano peak of 14,179 feet on the mornin...
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WeWork paid over $2 million to a woman who threatened to expose claims of sex, illegal drugs and discrimination in a horrifying 50-page document

In the spring of 2018, a woman who once worked in WeWork's real estate business sent the company a 50-page document alleging drug use, sexual harassment and pay discrimination. The document, which set out the terms of a threatened lawsuit, was obtained by Business Insider. The allegations risked disrupting WeWork's meteoric rise and a planned fundraising, and sparked a flurry of activity as senior leaders sought to verify which, if any, of the claims were true.  With at least one external law ...
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Can these giant dams keep Europe from drowning?

The Northern European Enclosure Dam (NEED) would cut off the North and Baltic Seas from the Atlantic Ocean.It would save 15 countries, and up to 55 million people, from sea level rise—but at a cost.The idea is a warning more than a plan: NEED will be necessary if we don't stop global warming now. Unprecedented scale Climate change is real, and it's bad. It's also gradual and impersonal. That's why it's both tempting and easy to stick your head in the sand. Do that long enough, though, and you'...
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The FamilyCharger spells the end to heated family power wars

The 5-in-1 FamilyCharger with its 52-watt power supply battery was created to stave off just such a power crisis. Right now, this peaceful solution to a charging nightmare is available for just $75 from TNW Deals.
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5 reasons you should stick with your Galaxy S10 instead of buying the new Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 represents one of the biggest leaps in Samsung's phones in years because of new features like 5G connectivity and a smooth 120Hz screen that makes for a powerful experience.  But the Galaxy S20 starts at $1,000, which makes it a pricey upgrade. You can trade-in your Galaxy S10 for up to $600, which gives you a massive discount for the Galaxy S20. But that's still spending $400 for not much reason at all.  The new features in the Galaxy S20 will surely feature in Samsung's next s...
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Cases of the coronavirus are spiking outside of China and the World Health Organization warned 'the window of opportunity is narrowing' to contain it

The World Health Organization warned that "the window of opportunity is narrowing" to contain the deadly coronavirus. His comments came as cases surge in South Korea and the country admitted it failed to stop the virus coming into the country. It now says it is trying to contain the virus. South Korea now has more than 430 cases compared to 156 on Friday, while Iran reported four deaths and countries like Israel and Lebannon are reporting their first cases. Chinese researchers have also confir...
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How is diversity being weaponized?

In efforts to achieve diversity, whether within workplace teams or elsewhere, leaders often focus on variation of identities regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, and physicality.Evolutionary biologist Heather Heying urges that these efforts be taken a step further to focus on diversity of viewpoints and socioeconomic status — two forms of identity that are less apparent without thoughtful conversation. Achieving diversity in these ways adds varying life experiences and opinions that enric...
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Building mobile apps isn’t a mystery when you have these dev courses

This collection brings together seven courses and more than 20 hours of beginner-friendly training that will demystify the app creation process. 
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A $1 slice of Apple, WeWork's $2 million settlement, and Michael Bloomberg's ad spree

Hello! Imagine the following scenario: You're a first time investor who wants to start trading on a fancy new app you've downloaded to your iPhone. But your dream investment, Apple, has a stock price of around $310, more than the $200 you've put aside to start investing. Enter: fractional-share trading. As Dan DeFrancesco and Rebecca Ungarino report this week: At a time when some of the most popular stocks are at all-time highs, fractional-share trading allows customer exposure to companies they...
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Here’s your shot at winning $1,000 credit to the airline of your choice

If your lucky entry is selected, we’ll give you a $1,000 gift card for the airline of your choice to zoom off to essentially anywhere.
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Amazon's 'Hunters' creator says he has ideas for 5 seasons of the new TV series starring Al Pacino

"Hunters" creator David Weil told Business Insider he has enough ideas for five seasons of the new Amazon series about Nazi-killing vigilantes.  Weil said that it was important that the series had a "vision toward the future" as he was trying to sell it to potential buyers. He wrote a spec script and an 80-page series bible five years ago that detailed the character backstories and the entire first season, and also included details for future seasons. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more...
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The Truth About Documents and SMB Security

There's a major myth about "going paperless" that needs to be dispelled. A paperless office doesn't mean that paper is outright banned. There likely will be a need for physical paper in business for a long time, so don't throw out your printer just yet. Rather, being paperless means being able to embrace a shift from traditional paperwork processes to those that take advantage of documents that can be in a digital state. This approach accepts that hard copies no longer are the sole means -- ...
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WeWork paid over $2 million in cash to a woman who threatened to expose claims of sex, illegal drugs, and discrimination in a horrifying 50-page document

In the spring of 2018, a woman who once worked in WeWork's real estate business sent the company a 50-page document alleging drug use, sexual harassment, and pay discrimination. The document, which set out the terms of a threatened lawsuit, was obtained by Business Insider. The allegations risked disrupting WeWork's meteoric rise and a planned fundraising, and sparked a flurry of activity as senior leaders sought to verify which, if any, of the claims were true.  With at least one external law...
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The sustainability of wearables will depend on how we use them

Did you know TNW Conference has a track fully dedicated to exploring how tech can help achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this year? Check out the full ‘Sustainable Societies‘ program here. The pace at which various high -tech products have proliferated in consumer markets during the past few decades has been furious. Think for instance the emergence of mobile phones in the 1980s in comparison to today’s nearly 5 billion mobile phone users. Yet the future forecast is even mo...
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Why Real-Estate Investing In Greece Is A Great Idea Now

Greece has been on the verge of becoming a hot destination for real estate investment in the last few years. The reason for this surge in interests from property investors can be explained, and it has a lot to do with Greece’s current economic recovery and the influx of investment into the coastal country. But why is real-estate investing a great idea now? Well, property experts have made favourable projections that have caught the ears of property spinners from around the world, especially Eur...
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'Sonic the Hedgehog' edges out 'The Call of the Wild' for 1st place at the weekend box office

"Sonic the Hedgehog" narrowly topped "The Call of the Wild" to win the weekend domestic box office. "Sonic" brought in an estimated $26.3 million while "Wild" earned $24.8 million. "Sonic the Hedgehog" has been number one at the box office for two straight weeks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's very rare that Disney has to duke it out with any other studio for box office supremacy, but that's what happened this weekend with its 20th Century title "The Call of the Wild...
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Finnish startup Aiven used these slides to raise $50 million for a cloud platform that helps businesses manage open source projects

  Finnish startup Aiven offers cloud services that make it easier for businesses to set up and manage their cloud data and applications based on open source software. Open source technologies allow an organization to build a more robust network in a collaborative way with the help of a community of developers. But Aiven CEO and cofounder Oskari Saarenmaa said open source can be complex to manage and expensive. Aiven's platform gives businesses the tools and services to manage their open source...
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Fintech startups raised $34B in 2019

Financial services startups raised less money in 2019 than they did in 2018 as VC firms looked to back late stage firms and focused on developing markets, a new report has revealed. According to research firm CB Insights’ annual report published this week, fintech startups across the world raised $33.9 billion* in total last year across 1,912 deals*, down from $40.8 billion they picked up by participating in 2,049 deals the year before. It’s a comprehensive report, which we recommend you read...
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The CEO of $2.75 billion GitLab explains what the company has to do to maintain its culture of radical transparency after it goes public this year

Back in 2015, GitLab set a very specific goal: It would go public in November 2020. Now worth $2.75 billion, GitLab is still on target — though GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij says that it "might be sooner, and it might be later" depending on market conditions. Sijbrandij says that to get there, the company needs to build a more "predictable" business and make itself more transparent to would-be investors. In the past year, GitLab nearly tripled in size, but has also undergone some internal turmoil ...
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Event in Chicago Examines How to Recruit Great Talent for Retail

According to the National Retail Federation, the average turnover rate in the retail industry is slightly above 60%. On the other hand, it is 15% for other industries. The Leap TA: Retail event looks to tackle this problem with a two-day event addressing retail talent acquisition. Speakers from Starbucks, IKEA, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Sleep Number and other major brands will address issues that affect their hiring process along with solutions. Some of the sessions will look at how to transform...
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Sharp Increase in Exposed Records by Third-Party Applications

Sharp Increase in Exposed Records by Third-Party Applications Businesses are finding themselves at severe risk from Third-party applications and services.  Vetting of these services and restrictions on what data they can access is the primary reason.  Cybercriminals will always go for the weakest...
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Free International Fax at the Palm of your Hand – CocoFax

In the event that you are utilizing fax for your expert correspondences, it is likely that your faxes aren’t simply constrained to your own region. Most business clients who use fax need to frequently send faxes universally as well. Hence, it is critical to becoming familiar with a route through which you can send and get faxes universally. Here we will direct you about another approach to send global fax. Through this technique, there is no requirement for a fax machine or a phone line. This...
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Huawei is downplaying coronavirus impact on its smartphone sales, but experts say it will suffer more than Apple

The novel coronavirus has been a disaster for companies relying on China for supply chain and customers, with firms including Apple, Foxconn, AP Moller-Maersk, Air France-KLM all issuing warnings. Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has been coy on coronavirus impact, with one executive stating there would be no impact on its global supply chain over the next three to six months. Analysts are deeply skeptical and say Huawei will be worse affected than Apple, since it is hugely reliant on Chinese c...
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'This bubble will likely collapse': JPMorgan sounds the alarm on a hugely popular trade that's twice as overstretched as it was before the dot-com crash

The valuation gap between value and low-volatility stocks has grown twice as large as it was during the height of the dot-com boom.    This trend has created an unsustainable "equity factor bubble" that is likely to burst, according to Marko Kolanovic, JPMorgan's global head of macro, quantitative, and derivatives strategy. He explained why the bubble is inflating, how it will likely burst, and what investors should do to position accordingly. Click here for more BI Prime stories.  It is stil...
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