The colossal problem with universal basic income

Universal basic income is a band-aid solution that will not solve wealth inequality, says Rushkoff. Funneling money to the 99% perpetuates their roles as consumers, pumping money straight back up to the 1% at the top of the pyramid.Rushkoff suggests universal basic assets instead, so that the people at the bottom of the pyramid can own some means of production and participate in the profits of mega-rich companies. Team Human b...
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I spent 15 hours getting destroyed in the new game from the creators of 'Dark Souls' and 'Bloodborne'

A new game from the creators of "Bloodborne" and the "Dark Souls" series is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game is named "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice," and it's set in a fictionalized version of Japan's past. Like previous games from the developers, "Sekiro" is as punishingly difficult as it is rewarding. "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" is one of the best games I never want to play again. It is gorgeous, absurdly difficult, and masterfully crafted — which is to say it's very ...

The CEO behind 'Fortnite' used to be one of Microsoft's fiercest critics. Now, he explains why he thinks it's a 'new company' under CEO Satya Nadella. (MSFT)

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney used to be one of Microsoft's harshest critics — in 2016, he penned an op-ed in the Guardian lambasting Microsoft for what he saw as a power grab to take full control of the PC. Now, he's singing the praises of Microsoft, which he calls a "new company" under CEO Satya Nadella: "The new leadership at Microsoft has been an incredibly good partner to the PC ecosystem," he tells Business Insider. Sweeney says that Microsoft's commitment to openness on augmented reality, ...
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AMD's CEO was at Google's streaming-video-game unveiling, and it may hint at big plans for the future (AMD, GOOG)

AMD's graphics-processing unit was chosen to run Google's new streaming-video-game platform. The presence of AMD CEO Lisa Su at Tuesday's developer's conference could be a sign the two companies will work more closely in the future. Watch AMD trade live. AMD was the biggest winner on Tuesday, spiking 12%, after Google unveiled Stadia, its plan to upend the video-game industry. At its developers' conference on Tuesday, Google formally announced it would use AMD's graphics-processing units for...

Big brands including Mastercard, Visa, and Pandora are all trying to conquer sonic branding, the latest frontier in digital advertising

Major brands including Visa, Mastercard and Pandora are increasingly using sound to reinforce their brand identities and positioning, just as they would use certain colors, designs or words. While sonic branding isn't new, the rise of smartphones, voice technology and other digital devices and voice assistants have made marketers realize that they not only need to be seen, but also heard. Brands are getting savvier about their sonic logos in terms of the processes they use to make them and ho...

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz comes out against Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up tech giants like Amazon (SBUX)

Howard Schultz does not agree with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up tech giants such as Amazon and Facebook, the former Starbucks CEO told Business Insider on Friday.  "What I do agree with is the government needs to create oversight — not regulation — oversight, to provide the American people with the safety and security, specifically on the issue of privacy," Schultz said.  Earlier in March, Warren announced a regulatory plan that would break up some of the most massive tech companie...

CHEAP: You can now get Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Neo wireless buds for just $50

We’ve been fans of Anker’s Soundcore wireless buds, ever since they were called “Zolo.” Remember that? As we’ve seen over the years with the Liberty and Liberty Lite buds, they offer a beautifully bassy experience, paired with great build quality and amazing battery life. And now you can get a pair of the Liberty Neo buds for just $50. That’s a 15-percent discount on the usual price of $64.99. Not much of a discount, admittedly, but it’s still respectably cheap. What do you get for a bit of pape...
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This is how much money Pinterest execs made last year

Silicon Valley is known for its massive wealth. When these companies file to go public, we all finally get to know how much money these executives take home each year, and the millions they’ll take home after the IPO. In Pinterest’s S-1, which it filed earlier today, we see that co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann earned a salary of $197,100. But that’s actually nothing compared to Pinterest CFO Todd Morgenfeld, who earned a base salary of $360,500 with stock awards worth $22,028,696. It’s sti...
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How to Turn Your Local Marketing from Blah into Fantastic

Marketing is a big, vague word that that can either make your head spin or give you heart emoji eyes. Every business has a different relationship with marketing –and that’s totally ok! Whether or not you enjoy working on and delegating marketing tasks, you should consider leveraging your local marketing channels. Local marketing creates a strong foundation so that your local prospects can easily find you. Also, local marketing is fun! It’s a way to connect with your neighboring communities and ...
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US stocks move broadly lower, led by industrial companies

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks moved broadly lower in early trading on Wall Street Friday, dragged down by banks and industrial companies. Citigroup led a decline in banks with a 3.8 percent loss as bond yields continue to drop, threatening the profitability of financial companies that make money from lending. Boeing gave up 1.8 […]
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Apple, Amazon, and Uber are moving in on health care. Will it help?

Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have been busy investing in health care companies, developing new apps, and hiring health professionals for new business ventures. Their current focus appears to be on tech-savvy millennials, but the bulk of health care expenditures goes to the elderly. Big tech should look to integrating its most promising health care devise, the smartphone, more thoroughly into health care. None Health care spending in the United States reached $3.5 trillion in 2017, ro...
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Dyson’s V11 vacuum automatically changes its suction power to last longer

Last year, Dyson promised it would no longer develop corded vacuums, because, well, cords are annoying. But battery life is limited. When I reviewed the V10 last year, I had to constantly think about which power setting to use – do I want more suction or longer runtime? Dyson’s new V11 Torque Drive makes that a concern of the past. Dyson’s stuck a 20 percent more powerful motor and bigger battery in the vacuum, but the biggest change is the V11’s Dynamic Load Sensor. The DLS is able to detect th...
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More homeowners are opting to remodel instead of move

Housing economists are predicting a 4 to 5 percent increase in home remodeling this year.
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Google is relinquishing browser and search engine control in Europe (GOOGL)

This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers. To receive the full story plus other insights each morning, click here. Google   announced   that it will now prompt Android users in Europe to notify them of their browser and search engine alternatives outside of Google's products, per a company blog post. While Chrome and Google Search will likely remain pre-installed on Android phones, the move is meant to make it...
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Boston Tech Watch: Notarize, Optimus Ride, LogRocket & More

The self-driving cars are coming (to a gated development near you). Board additions at a novel tech startup. Another big funding round for an industrial 3D printing startup. The Endeavor v. QinetiQ robot competition’s final chapter. Read on for more.—Online notary startup Notarize is adding senior LogMeIn and State Street executives to its board. The Boston-based tech company says Larry D’Angelo, LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) chief sales officer, and Jack Klinck, former head of global strategy at Stat...
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Canadian company to build plant that will remove CO2 from atmosphere — convert it to fuel

Negative emissions technologies remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it or convert it to fuel.In addition to capturing carbon, Carbon Engineering also converts stored carbon into a fuel that can be used by everyday vehicles.The ability to profit from carbon capture and conversion will surely help make these kinds of technologies more cost-effective. None To hit the international goal of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius this century, reducing emissions and using renewable energi...
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New-home sizes are shrinking to keep prices down, survey shows

Builders are offering fewer bathrooms, fewer bedrooms and building fewer three-car garages to get home prices down.
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MoviePass walks back its claim to be 'profitable' and declines to say which investors 'did well' during its 99.99% stock drop

MoviePass has walked back claims by its parent company's CEO, Ted Farnsworth, that the movie-ticket subscription service is "profitable." MoviePass said it would be more accurate to say that it made more in revenue from the "typical subscriber" — one who had the median usage — than it paid to movie theaters. MoviePass declined to comment on Farnsworth's statement that investors in the company had "done well." The stock of MoviePass' parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY), is down...
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How to clear the cache on a Google Chrome browser to make it run more efficiently

You should clear the cache on your Google Chrome browser periodically to ensure that it's functioning efficiently, as an overloaded cache could be slowing down your browsing experience.  Clearing your cache on a Google Chrome browser is quick and easy. Here's how to do it.    If you notice your Google Chrome browser becoming sluggish or not loading updates you know have been made to a particular website, it may be time to clear your cache. What does that mean? Whenever we navigate to a si...

Tesla quietly deleted the standard-range Model S option from its website (TSLA)

Tesla has removed the standard-range Model S from its website. The company cut prices on the Model S and the Model X this month before raising them again. Tesla has quietly removed the standard-range option for its Model S vehicle from its online ordering portal. The standard-range battery sold for $79,000 as recently as Thursday. Now, the cheapest option, the long-range model, begins at $89,500 before incentives like tax rebates and gas savings. A Tesla representative said the company was se...

How to unfriend and unfollow people on Facebook

You can unfriend someone on Facebook in two clicks, but it can't be undone without your former Facebook friend accepting a new friend request. Your Facebook "friend" won't be notified when you unfriend them, but you'll disappear from their friend list. Blocking offers a more complete solution to ending all contact on Facebook, while unfollowing is a gentler, less permanent solution than unfriending or blocking. There are a lot of good reasons to cut ties (in some form) with Facebook friend...

Trump to nominated Moore for Federal Reserve board

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says he will nominate Stephen Moore, a prominent conservative economist, to fill a vacancy on the Federal Reserve’s seven-member board. Moore served as an economic adviser to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, helping to draft Trump’s tax cut plan. There are currently two vacancies on the Fed […]
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How to permanently delete your Google account (and save your data)

A Google account gives you access to many free services, but it's possible to completely and permanently delete it. It's a really good idea to save a copy of all your Google data before you delete the account. Here's how to save your data from and permanently delete your Google account.  With over 1.5 billion active Gmail users , about one person in every five on earth has a Google account. If you're among them but want to sever your ties, Google makes it possible to permanently delete you...

It's Time to Unfollow Your Favorite Brands on Instagram

Instagram launched Checkout on Instagram this week, which makes it possible for users to buy products without leaving the app (before, users could click on a product, and would be directed to the retailer’s website to complete the purchase). In other words, it’s all too easy to impulse-buy a new sweater or pair of…Read more...
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Tiffany posts mixed results in fourth quarter

NEW YORK (AP) — Tiffany & Co. on Friday posted mixed results for the holiday season, with profit meeting estimates but revenue falling short. Shares of the company slipped 4 percent in premarket trading. The company reported fiscal fourth-quarter net income of $204.5 million. On a per-share basis, the New York-based company said it had […]
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Brand Authenticity: Is It Important and How Can You Increase Your Brand’s Authenticity?

Consumers expect that the companies they deal with have integrity and authenticity. A survey by Cohn & Wolfe found that: Nearly nine out of 10 consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity, including 52 percent who would recommend the brand to others and 49 percent who would pledge loyalty to the brand. Consumers want more than quality and good value from the brands they use – they also want values. There are many reasons for this shift to authenticity but one elem...
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Here's the pitch deck a Virginia startup used to raise $6 million after seven years of bootstrapping its business (AMZN)

Amify helps product makers sell their goods on Amazon. The startups works with companies including guitar-maker Fender guitars and running-shoe manufacturer Brooks to list their goods on the giant ecommerce site, battle vendors of counterfeit products, and handle returns. Amify just raised its first outside funding — a $5.8 million Series A round — that it plans to use to build out its management and technology teams. The pitch deck it used to raise its new funds is below. Many people have be...

The best wireless chargers you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Almost every new high-end smartphone supports wireless charging now, so if yours does, it's time to cut the cord. The Belkin Boost UP 7.5 Watt wireless charging pad is the best wireless charger you can buy for your new phone.   One...

Amazon finds an alternative workforce through Northwest Center, a Seattle nonprofit helping people with disabilities

Northwest Center has helped scores of people with disabilities find employment with Amazon in the Seattle area with a model it hopes other employers will emulate.
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The game industry veteran Google hired to lead Stadia's business development talks pricing, performance, and the importance of gaming titles (GOOG, GOOGL)

On Tuesday, Google announced its an ambitious,new gaming service, Stadia, which promises that anyone with an internet connection and a Chrome browser can start playing "within 5 seconds."  Business Insider sat down with Stadia's Head of Business Development, Jack Buser, to talk about the big question marks coming out of the announcement — including streaming performance, possible gaming titles, and pricing.  Below are the highlights from our conversation with Stadia's Jack Buser.  Ever since ...
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