Details about Google's next version of the Android operating system — Android 'Q' — are already starting to come out (GOOG)

Details about Google's future version of Android, called Android "Q", have emerged. A video with a leaked, early version of Q shows some major changes for privacy controls, as well as a new "dark mode" option. It's still early days for Android Q, and anything can change between now and its official release. The newest version of Google's mobile operating system, Android Pie, is just beginning to make its way onto devices this year, after being limited to Google's Pixel device following its Au...
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Ethereum devs reschedule Constantinople hard fork for late Feb

Ethereum core developers have now said they will activate the proposed Constantinople upgrade in late February. The upgrade was delayed earlier this week following a code audit, which revealed that the fork would introduce security issues affecting Ethereum’s smart contracts, potentially resulting in the theft of users’ funds. As previously reported by Hard Fork, the initial delay was announced on Tuesday – less than 24 hours before the hard fork was due to take place.   This latest change of sc...
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I don't trust Facebook, but I can't quit it either (FB)

My trust in Facebook has eroded to all-time lows, especially after the company's past year of scandals. Yet, I can't bring myself to quit Facebook, and I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Facebook had a rough 2018. My colleague Rob Price put together a list of Facebook scandals in 2018, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, go read it — especially if you have a Facebook account. I've read through Rob's list several times now, and several items horrify me personally. Between Fac...
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Douglas Rushkoff – It’s not the technology’s fault

It's an all-hands-on-deck moment in the arc of civilization.Everyone has a choice: Do you want to try to earn enough money to insulate yourself from the world you're creating— or do you want to make the world a place you don't have to insulate yourself from? None For me, the very best Onion article of 2018 was this one about Jeff Bezos revealing Amazon's new headquarters to be the entire Earth, as an Amazon-branded glass sphere clicked into place, encasing forever the horrified inhabitants...
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Facebook docs reveal a predatory policy for dealing with kids’ accidental purchases

A federal judge this week ruled Facebook must make public internal documents that reveal the rather unsavory ways the company allegedly profits off of unsuspecting children — as if the company’s history with kids wasn’t dubious enough. The whole shebang started in 2012, with a lawsuit against Facebook in which the plaintiff claimed it’d profited off of a child’s unwitting transaction. The child, referred to as I.B., said they didn’t know Facebook was storing their parent’s credit card informatio...
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Zipwhip Gets $51.5M for Software That Lets Businesses Text Customers

Texting has grown well beyond person-to-person communications. To remind customers about upcoming appointments or notify diners their restaurant tables are ready, for example, text messages have in many businesses replaced phone calls and light-up buzzer systems.But text-based communications between businesses and their customers are becoming more of a two-way dialogue, with organizations increasingly allowing people to send them texts to do things like schedule appointments and place orders—me...
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Four Ways To Expand Your Startup

Expansion is a great word for new companies, because it means that you have done something so right in your business model that you have been deemed worthy by the general consumer. Expanding, however, can be a mighty step to take. Expanding when you do not have the right systems in place can result in your downfall. You need to know that you are ready, and then proceed to take the necessary precautions and preliminary steps to expand on your own terms. Don’t go over budget, and instead follow t...
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Facebook docs reveal a predatory policy for dealing with kids’ accidental purchases [Update]

A federal judge this week ruled Facebook must make public internal documents that reveal the rather unsavory ways the company allegedly profits off of unsuspecting children — as if the company’s history with kids wasn’t dubious enough. The whole shebang started in 2012, with a lawsuit against Facebook in which the plaintiff claimed it’d profited off of a child’s unwitting transaction. The child, referred to as I.B., said they didn’t know Facebook was storing their parent’s credit card informatio...
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A Silicon Valley company just launched 'smart' cancer pills that track you with tiny sensors stamped into your medications

A digital medicine company called Proteus makes 'smart pills' embedded with sensors that tell your doctor when you've taken your medication. The pills also track activity levels. Backed by big name investors like Novartis, Proteus debuted the first medication made with the technology — a form of the depression and schizophrenia drug Abilify — in 2017. Now, Proteus is expanding into cancer. Still, the research on whether the pills actually help patients take their medications when they should r...
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For $40, Appz helps you win at Instagram without lifting a finger

Since you probably don’t want to stay tethered to posting 24/7/365, enlisting services like the Appz Instagram Assistant are practically a must. Right now, TNW Deals is knocking over 90 percent off the price of a lifetime Appz subscription, cutting your cost to only $39.99.
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Washington Democratic Party chair on Howard Schultz presidential run: “Just. Don’t.”

Word that the former Starbucks CEO might run for president as an independent is sparking fear among Democrats that he could split the anti-Trump vote.
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Why are women more religious than men? Because men are more willing to take risks.

Sociologists have long observed a gap between the religiosity of men and women.A recent study used data from several national surveys to compare religiosity, risk-taking preferences and demographic information among more than 20,000 American adolescents.The results suggest that risk-taking preferences might partly explain the gender differences in religiosity. None In virtually all countries in the world, women tend to be more religious than men. In the U.S., recent surveys show a sizeable 12-po...
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How this woman went from a $20,000 a year Trader Joe's job to a well-paid programmer at a San Francisco startup

A few years ago, Dora Korpar was a college grad working at a low-paying job. Today, she's a programmer at a San Francisco startup making good money and looking at a bright future. She changed her life after a college friend told her he landed a job at Apple by teaching himself to code. Korpar offers tips on how anyone can learn to code, then land a job. Nearly four years ago, Dora Korpar was adrift. She had finished college with a degree in biology and discovered that she didn't really want b...
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Investors are headed for disappointment in 2019

A recent survey of individual investors conducted by Natixis Investment Managers shows that investors seem to set expectations at the level they need or want, regardless of what they think the market can achieve.
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Allowing Issues to Find Their Way to the Highest Level of Competency

If there is an issue plaguing sales organizations large and small universally, it may be role clarity. This issues may be accelerating due to the continued Taylorism we apply to roles, slicing them ever thinner, or maybe it’s been a problem all along, exacerbated now by today’s challenges. Whatever the cause, service issues seem to find their way to the highest level of competence inside the sales organization. The operations team makes a mistake that sneaks buy whatever quality controls are in ...
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Netflix says its new price hike won't kill growth, but data suggest $15 per month could be a much bigger problem (NFLX)

Netflix rolled out its biggest price hike ever this week, raising its most popular US plan from $11 to $13 per month. Wall Street is bullish that the streaming service will be able to effectively manage the price increase, and Netflix's projections for first-quarter subscriber growth suggest it won't have a huge negative effect. New survey data suggest, however, that Netflix might start to run into trouble at $15 per month. In general, customers begin threatening to cancel a service because o...
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How 3 Detroit Founders Built Tech Startups Despite City’s Bankruptcy

On July 18th, 2013, the city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, becoming the largest city in American history to do so. Just four years earlier, Chrysler and General Motors—automobile companies that were long a staple of the Detroit economy—had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.“You hear stories about the Great Depression in the ‘30s, I can only imagine what we experienced here in Detroit matched that. It was a scary time with so many negatives. There was no credit, the auto companies were...
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Watch the moon get pounded by 1 billion years' worth of big asteroids in a 1-minute animation

Asteroid impacts on Earth are hidden by erosion, but the moon keeps a pristine record of them. Researchers dated 111 larger craters on the moon to reconstruct Earth's impact history over the past 1 billion years. The team discovered that larger asteroid strikes were 2.6 times more common in the latter 300 million years of that time period. An animation illustrates the impact data with light and sound. The moon has been hiding a big secret about Earth in plain sight. Evidence of ancient aster...
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IRS explains how the new 20% pass-through tax deduction for small businesses works

We're almost 13 months into the largest tax reform measure enacted in more than 30 years and one thing is clear. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is in no way tax simplification. In fact, taxpayers and the professionals they pay to help make filing less taxing in every sense of the word have been struggling with just what Congress meant in way too many of the tax bill's hastily drafted provisions. Big business bill, with small biz break and confusion: Although the TCJA contains many changes t...
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How To Host A Successful First Meeting With A Potential New Client

Securing clients is something that every business in every industry needs to do. Without your customers, you have no profits, which mean the business won’t be able to succeed. Businesses and entrepreneurs tend to put a lot of time, effort, planning, and budgeting into appealing to new customers, securing them, and then keeping them loyal. So what happens if you’ve gone ahead and caught the attention of a potential new client and now you have set up that first meeting with them, where you will g...
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Starbucks CEO is mulling an independent run in 2020

Howard Schultz, who has a net worth of about $3.3 billion and describes himself as a "lifelong Democrat," has not said publicly whether he will mount a presidential campaign and has kept open the option of running as a Democrat.
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A Florida man arrested on charges of child porn and unlawful sex with a minor allegedly used 'Fortnite' to find his victim, and authorities are worried there could be up to 20 others

A 41-year-old Florida man has been arrested and faces charges of unlawful sex with a minor and 22 counts of child pornography, among other charges. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said the suspect, Anthony Gene Thomas, allegedly used the video game "Fortnite" to meet the 17-year-old victim. Moody said that a search of Thomas's phone uncovered multiple images and videos of the underage girl, and investigators believe there could be more victims. A Florida man arrested and facing charges ...
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Everybody thinks Facebook Stories is a lame Snapchat clone, but it's showing signs of being a huge sleeper hit (FB)

Facebook's Stories feature might be one of the company's biggest hits in 2019. The feature got a lukewarm response when it was introduced in 2017, with many writing it off as a shameless clone of one of Snapchat's best features.  But one analyst predicts half of Facebook's daily users will be using it before too long.  And the glossy, eye-catching Stories format might enable more premium advertising, netting Facebook even more advertising dollars. The reception to Facebook's Stories feature h...
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Government use of blockchain will shape our digital identity

To be honest, I hate the word “identity.” There’s a lot of talk about this now, but if anyone is telling you they’re building “identity” on a public network, you should run immediately. Why? Because it’s probably the worst thing to do. The irony of this all, is that the more we advance into the future – with devices, IoT, blockchain technology, and hyper-connectivity – the more data is going to be brought into the ecosystem. And the more data that is brought into the system, the more we’ll find ...
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Why Your Startup Needs To Monitor Who Can Access Your Network

There’s a fundamental difference between the sensitive data that your business stores, and the publicly accessible information that you hold. For hackers, that difference could be the key to gaining access to everything that you store, and your business will be at major risk of disruption. Access is one of the most important factors to consider when looking at online security, and monitoring who can access certain levels of data sensitivity can go a long way to boosting your security levels. Wi...
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Hiveage streamlines your freelance and small business invoicing for just $50

Hiveage is trusted by 60,000 small businesses and freelancers around the globe -- and with this offer, you can get a lifetime of access to their suite of invoicing features for only $49.99, hundreds of dollars off the regular price.
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Growth Hacks To Take Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

by Prince Kapoor It can be difficult to develop a content marketing strategy that best suits your needs. Additionally, you will have to understand the type of audience your business caters to. It is also important to develop high-quality content for that audience. Ideally, content must be engaging, so that people get interested in reading and sharing them. The only drawback in this, otherwise perfect process, is that it is time-consuming. Plus, if one does not do it the right way, chances of ge...
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China slump squeezes workers, hammers consumer spending

BEIJING (AP) — Yu Mingang had a good job helping Chinese manufacturers prepare to sell shares to the public until the cooling economy derailed those plans. As demand for auditing services sank, the 25-year-old accountant in the eastern city of Hangzhou was laid off in December. Yu tightened his belt: No more movies or eating […]
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Sometimes You Just Have to Declare a Snow Day and Rest

Instead of working nonstop, sometimes you just need to declare a snow day.  That's what I did this morning in Chicago.  Here are some photos I took while hanging out downtown.  Wherever you are, enjoy your day!All photos courtesy @2019 Laurel J. Delaney.  All rights reserved. [Author: Laurel Delaney]
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ShapeShift forced to ‘help’ police with 60 cryptocurrency inquiries last year

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange service ShapeShift has disclosed the number of times it been forced to give up information about its users to international authorities. In a blog post, ShapeShift revealed it has “assisted” law enforcement agencies with 60 different inquires last year, 30 percent of which came from the United States. A significant number of enquiries made by authorities from Germany, the UK, and France were also recorded. The FBI and the SEC were noted as the most common US age...
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