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White Energy to sell food ingredient and ethanol businesses to SVPGlobal

Strategic Value Partners has agreed to buy food ingredient and ethanol businesses from White Energy. No financial terms were disclosed. The deal is expected to close within 45 days. PRESS RELEASE GREENWICH, Conn., Feb 20, 2019 — Strategic Value Partners and its affiliates (“SVPGlobal”), a global investment firm with $8 billion of assets under management, today announced an agreement to purchase food ingredient and ethanol businesses from White Energy. The purchase includes two integrated plants ...
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Is Spotify spying on you?

Spotify Teardown claims that the streaming service is sending (and receiving) much more than music.The authors contend that the service is engaged in emotional manipulation given their playlist emphasis. Music is only the surface layer of a much larger data collection and advertising infrastructure. Spotify Teardown: Inside the Black Box of Streaming Music (The MIT Press) by now at amazone --> List Price: $19.95 ...
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America's fifth-largest trucking company has a brand new, tech-heavy training program — and it shows how the transportation industry is trying to fight the trucker shortage

U.S. Xpress, the country's fifth-largest asset-based trucking company by revenue, has revamped its truck driver training program, it announced on Tuesday.  The company has also opened a training facility in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, near the company's headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It's yet another major investment by a leading trucking company as incredibly high turnover rates and a truck driver shortage rocks the industry.    The $726 billion trucking industry isn't exactly known for ...
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Steinlager announced as official sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand for America's Cup

Steinlager, the beer brand owned by drinks company Lion, has be named the official sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand for the America's Cup.The beer brand has also been named the official beer partner for the sailing regatta which... [Author: [email protected]]
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Timing and why we’re all VCs

Timing is the single most valuable skill of the modern economy, but I would argue its’s the least understood and also the least practiced. Capitalism is fundamentally about timing, since market competition is about finding opportunities before others. When should you start a company? What company should you start? When should a VC invest? When should you join a company? When should you switch industries? When should you back a candidate for public office? Every single one of our professional dec...
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Recession not likely before 2021, housing economists say

Good news America: The next recession may not appear in 2020, as a majority of economists long had forecast. Instead, the next economic downturn could be delayed until 2021 or later, making the current session of economic growth — now almost a decade old — the longest in U.S. history by June. That’s the view of three housing economists speaking Tuesday at the annual convention of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Las Vegas. If true, such economic news could be a boost to Republ...
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The most expensive listing in America's wealthiest town got a $5 million price cut — take a look inside the 7-bedroom, $27.5 million Silicon Valley mansion

A seven-bedroom mansion in Atherton, California, is listed on the market for $27.5 million. The listing is the most expensive on the market in Atherton, which Forbes dubbed the wealthiest town in America in 2019. The home at 61 Faxon Road was listed in June 2018 for $32.5 million before a series of price cuts brought it down to the current tag of $27.5 million. But even with the price slash, the mansion is still the area's most expensive public listing. Take a look around. There's a reason wh...
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Gwyneth Paltrow, who had never seen an 'Avengers' movie before 'Infinity War,' will exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe after 'Endgame'

Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, told Variety that she will retire from the role after "Avengers: Endgame." "I’m a bit old to be in a suit and all that at this point," Paltrow said. Paltrow admitted last year that she hadn't seen an "Avengers" movie before "Infinity War." She isn't the only veteran MCU actor who has expressed a desire to exit the franchise after "Endgame." Pepper Potts is leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actress Gwyneth Pal...
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Pasadena-based Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine receives preliminary accreditation, will accept students this year

PASADENA — The Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine announced Tuesday that it has received preliminary accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and will begin accepting applications from prospective students in June 2019 for admission to the school’s first class in the summer of 2020. Kaiser also announced that it will waive all tuition for the full four years of school for its first five classes at the Pasadena campus. “We’ve had the opportunity to build a medical school...
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Google's former CFO wants to fund Europe's Facebook and Google before Silicon Valley buyers 'take them out'

Google's former chief financial officer, Patrick Pichette, will invest in European startups as a general partner at Canadian venture capital firm Inovia Capital. Pichette will lead Inovia Capital's new London office after the company raised $600 million across two funds. Pichette wants to help Europe fund the next Facebook or Google, before its most promising startups are acquired by US tech giants. Pichette pointed to DeepMind, a British AI company acquired by Google while he was CFO, as an e...
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March 11: SXSW Innovation Awards

The German marching band Meute performing at the 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards The Forrest Four-Cast: Feb 19, 2019 50 of the world’s top startups will be showcased at SXSW Pitch 2019. Read interviews with many of these young companies via this Medium page. Another great spot to find emerging talent is the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards presented by KPMG on the evening of Monday, March 11 at the Austin Convention Center. For more information on this fun-filled ceremony (as well a...
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Contemplating Trump's taxes (again) on Presidents Day

Today technically is George Washington's Birthday, but we've come to call it Presidents Day in honor of all our commanders in chief, like these four greats on Mount Rushmore National Memorial. (Image courtesy Mount Rushmore Facebook page) How are you celebrating George Washington's birthday? Yep, that's what today officially is, despite all the Presidents Day sale signs in retailers' windows. Technically, America's first president was born on Feb. 22, 1731. However, since 1971 we've celeb...
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“Is Austin Racist?” Let’s Start There.

“Is Austin Racist?” That’s a Good Question I owe a lot of my professional and personal growth to Austin.I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Austin is my first love. So much of my world opened up in this city when I started driving down here on weekends my senior year of high school to see concerts at Austin Music Hall or La Zona Rosa — or just to walk around downtown, which was way more fun than walking around Killeen.My infatuation with Austin solidified when I set foot on campus at U...
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Far Cry: New Dawn somehow made post-apocalyptic America boring

There’s only one rule in gaming: don’t be boring. Players can tolerate awful AI and grimy graphics if there’s a payoff. But if your game is as thrilling as a Jeffrey Archer novel, no amount of spit and polish can save you. I mention this because Far Cry: New Dawn is an unspeakably dull game, and I’m really annoyed about it. Far Cry: New Dawn is the long-anticipated follow-up to last year’s Far Cry 5. Set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, you play the role of an idealistic soldier helping to...
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GoCardless raises $75M Series E for its recurring payments network and heads to America

Compared to startups born into the frothy London fintech space as it exists today, 2011-founded GoCardless could well be considered a slow burner. However, in more recent years, the nearly 300 person company — headed up by co-founder and CEO Hiroki Takeuchi — has undoubtedly stepped on the gas in a bid to become the one stop shop globally for businesses that want to let customers pay via recurring bank payments. A little over a year ago, GoCardless announced that it had raised $22.5 million in f...
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Uncertainty shadows Pennsylvania's debate over nuclear power

Four decades after Three Mile Island became shorthand for America's worst commercial nuclear power accident, financial rescues of nuclear power plants are stirring the highest levels of government.
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The 23 most powerful LGBTQ+ people in tech

Tim Cook is arguably the most prominent LGBTQ+ person in tech, but he isn't the only one. There are LGBTQ+ identifying individuals in prominent roles as venture capitalists, diversity in tech advocates, and C-suite level executives at large tech companies like IBM and Microsoft. Here are 23 of the most influential and notable people in tech who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. The atmosphere in Silicon Valley, where "bro culture" is rampant, is not know for being kind to anyone "different." ...
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Women on Money & Mindset: Who’s in your personal brain trust?

The term “brain trust” is a term that was used by James Kieran, a New York Times reporter, to describe the group of leaders assembled by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his presidential administration. President Roosevelt brought these “brains” together to advise him, decode problems and design new solutions for America. When you think about it, having your own personal brain trust is a wise thing, no matter what our title or position. Life is complex, and those with whom we surround ourselves ...
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Ha Jin on the wild and tragic life of China's greatest poet, Li Bai

"I knew in the case of Li Bai, I should follow the poems. Every masterpiece by him would be kind of a small crisis…a center for drama in his life.""There are people who want a different kind of fulfillment. Society should be open to that. In the long run, you don't know—maybe those idlers can produce more for the society." None Let's start with a very old poem : On the bank of Caishi River is Li Bai's graveSurrounded by wild grass that stretches to clouds.How sad that the bones buried deep ...
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Angela Merkel criticises US isolationism, urging 'win-win solutions'

German chancellor also defends BMWs, her foreign policy and defence spendingAngela Merkel has turned her fire on America’s “home alone” policies, saying multilateral bodies cannot simply be smashed up, and warned the US president, Donald Trump, that Europe must not be excluded from discussions on future nuclear disarmament, Syria or trade.Warning of a collapse of the international order into tiny parts, the German chancellor said: “We cannot just smash it. We need to cooperate.” Continue reading...
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Relatives of China's oppressed Muslim minority are getting blocked online by their own family members, who are terrified to even tell them how bad their lives are

China's Uighur community — a mostly-Muslim ethnic group in the western region of Xinjiang — is living through extreme repression by the Chinese government. Chinese authorities have forbidden them from contacting relatives outside the region. Uighurs who break the rules often vanish, or are held captive in prison-like camps. Four Uighurs living in the US and Turkey told INSIDER that their family members blocked them on instant messaging apps and social media as a way of protecting themselves. T...
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Amazon's 2018 profits: $11.2 billion; Amazon's 2018 IRS bill: negative $129 million

Amazon doubled its profits in 2018, to $11.2 billion; the company will receive a $129 million tax rebate for the year. Though Trump denounced Amazon's tax return, Amazon actually has Trump's tax deal, which handed massive breaks to America's richest people and corporations, to thank. In contrast to Amazon's $129 million tax rebate, millions of Americans will not get their customary tax rebate this year, and many Americans will owe additional tax. According to The Week, Amazon ended up p...
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JPMorgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon banking on digital currency

Billionaire Jamie Dimon famously dubbed bitcoin "stupid" and "fraud", but now the boss of one of America's largest banks is pushing his company into the world of cryptocurrencies.Dimon-led JPMorgan Chase will reportedly start issuing... [Author: [email protected]]
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How to decarbonize America — and the world

Ramez Naam Contributor More posts by this contributor The Ultimate Interface Is Your Brain The Green New Deal has burst onto the American stage, spurring more conversation about – and aspiration for – ambitious climate policy than at any point in at least a decade. I’m glad to see it. Suddenly, climate is on the agenda, and ambitions for climate policy are higher than perhaps at any point in US history. The Green New Deal is a resolution...
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Bernie Sanders congratulates New York for 'standing up' to Amazon after tech giant cancels plan for new headquarters in Queens

Sen. Bernie Sanders cheered Amazon's decision to cancel a plan to build a new headquarters in New York City. "I congratulate New Yorkers for standing up to the power of Amazon," Sanders said in a statement.  Amazon cited opposition from local politicians as a large part of the reason it will not move forward with the deal. Sanders, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, has been a consistent and vocal critic of Amazon's treatment of its workers.   Sen. Bernie Sanders on Th...
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What socialism is — according to Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been calling himself a democratic socialist since the 1960s.Bernie's use of the word "socialist" has attracted both love and ire from the left.His definition of socialism is vague, but is the basis for many peoples' understanding of the concept. The unexpected level of serious consideration that many Americans are giving to socialism is due, in large part, to the popularity of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primaries. The U.S. senator's support for "soc...
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Inside the most expensive town in America, where tech moguls live in multimillion-dollar mansions and the average household income is over $450,000

Atherton, California is the most expensive town in the US for the third year in a row. The town is within commuting distance of Palo Alto and San Francisco, and has been home to tech execs like Sheryl Sandberg and Eric Schmidt. Here's an inside look at the wealthy suburban town. From the looks of it, Atherton could be any ritzy suburb in America. But it isn't anywhere. Atherton is an idyllic town located on the San Francisco Peninsula, where even modest homes go for millions of dollars...
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Did New York lose anything with Amazon’s rejection? It’s complicated.

Now that Amazon has said that it’s taking its ball and going home rather than deal with mean, pushy New Yorkers, outside observers are giving off the sense that the city (and its local politicians) are losing out for their recalcitrance. They’re wrong. New York City is running at about a 4.3% unemployment rate — higher than the national average of 3.9%, but a respectable number for jobs. Amazon’s promise of 25,000 jobs (high-paying jobs) may have reduced that number, but there’s no guarant...
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Walmart is rebranding itself as the most trusted company in America as Amazon increasingly becomes a villain

In the 1980s, Walmart was the archvillain of capitalism: the ruthless killer of main streets and mom-and-pops, outrageously profitable and, by all appearances, unstoppable. Now, the 57-year-old retailer has a new role in American society: the anti-Amazon. What's happening:   Amid a decade-long era of heady corporate profits, vast numbers of workers feel untethered, distrustful and without a sense of belonging and dignity. Amazon, like the rest of Big Tech, is being swept up in this crisis of ...
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Amazon canceled its New York City HQ2 plans. Here's everything we know about how the massive deal unraveled. (AMZN)

Amazon has canceled its plans to open HQ2 in New York City, the e-commerce giant announced on Thursday.  The decision comes after months of backlash from some New Yorkers and local politicians.  Here is a step-by-step look at how Amazon's New York HQ2 plans fell apart.  Amazon's much-hyped and frequently criticized New York City HQ2 plans have been canceled.  On Thursday, the e-commerce giant announced that it would not be moving forward with its plans to build a headquarters in Long Island C...
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