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Disney World, Universal ending temperature checks for guests

Walt Disney World sees the light at the end of the pandemic's tunnel, announcing Wednesday that the theme park will start dropping temperature checks this weekend.
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Uber gross bookings hit all-time high of $19.5B as economy reopens

Uber narrowed its net losses from $2.93 billion to $108 million, primarily due to a $1.6 billion benefit from the sale of its ATG self-driving unit.
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GM optimistic in full year earnings, even with chip shortage

GM CEO Mary Barra says the automaker can deliver for investors in 2021 despite production challenges.
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Hyatt Hotels post bigger loss as pandemic keeps people at home

U.S. hotel operator Hyatt Hotels Corp reported a bigger loss for the first quarter on Tuesday as people stayed at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Lyft rides increased demand for service

Lyft Inc. said demand for rides improved in the first quarter compared with much of last year when the pandemic sunk ridership.
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Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine lifts quarterly results

Pfizer Inc. significantly increased revenue projections from its Covid-19 vaccine for the year, as sales from the shot over the first three months of 2021 lifted the company to a stronger quarterly profit.
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CVS raises outlook on COVID-19, Medicare products

CVS Health beat Wall Street expectations and after releasing projections earlier this year that disappointed analysts, a new outlook Tuesday exceeds those levels.
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US stocks trending lower hours before the opening bell

U.S. equity futures are trending lower hours ahead of health care earnings reports Tuesday as services giant CVS Health and pharmaceutical firm Pfizer post results ahead of the opening bell. 
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Under Armour paying $9M for SEC probe resolution

Under Armour Inc. agreed to pay $9 million to settle regulatory claims that it failed to disclose that it was pulling forward orders from future quarters, a practice that allowed it to meet Wall Street's revenue estimates.
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NYSE to loosen COVID restrictions on May 10

The New York Stock Exchange floor is grinding its way back into pre-pandemic form, Fox Business has learned. In an internal memo sent out this afternoon, NYSE management highlighted several new policies that are set to go into effect on Monday, May 10th including loosening restrictions for traders, journalists and other floor personnel who have been fully vaccinated. The move comes as COVID-19 has begun to recede, particularly in New York City, which only a year ago was the epicenter of the pand...
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Truck driver shortage could fuel spike in gas prices

A looming fuel shortage could mean more pains at the pump this summer, but it’s not due to a lack of oil and gas.
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Young investors learning some "very expensive lessons’: Portfolio manager

UBS managing director and senior portfolio manager Jason Katz discusses Warren Buffett's comments over trading platforms like Robinhood encouraging a "gambling impulse."
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Stock futures jump as May begins with earnings barrage

Stocks rise in anticipation of more positive earnings reports set for this week with over 130 companies on the docket.
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Stocks near records as COVID-19 restrictions drop across states

Stocks rise in anticipation of more positive earnings reports set for this week with over 130 companies on the docket.
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Robinhood’s biggest business more than tripled amid trading frenzy

The stock-trading mania of early 2021 lifted revenue at Robinhood Markets Inc. to new heights.
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Former Netflix VP convicted of fraud, money laundering

A federal jury found a former Netflix executive guilty Friday of receiving lucrative stock options and more than a half-million dollars in bribes and kickbacks from tech companies to approve contracts with the streaming giant
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