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A serial Silicon Valley startup founder and alum of Google and Twitter on how business travel and remote work will never be the same

Some companies may continue to offer remote work options post-pandemic. SeventyFour/Getty Images Kevin J. Delaney is the founder of Reset Work, a newsletter about work and leadership in the pandemic era and beyond. This is part of Reset Work's weekly Q&A series on returning to work, republished with permission. In it, Delaney shares parts of his conversation with startup founder and investor Elad Gil, an alum of Google and Twitter. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Th...
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How the pandemic will affect business travel and Silicon Valley long-term, according to a Google and Twitter alum

Some companies may continue to offer remote work options post-pandemic. SeventyFour/Getty Images Kevin J. Delaney is the founder of Reset Work, a newsletter about work and leadership in the pandemic era and beyond. This post is part of Reset Work's weekly business book briefing, republished with permission. In it, Delaney spoke to Google and Twitter alum Elad Gil about the future of business after the pandemic. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. What parts of work will...
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Here’s What You Need to Know About Third-Party Risk

These days, it’s common for companies to work with third-party vendors around the globe. Whether you’re outsourcing work to a company in Asia or relying on materials to move through the supply chain via a specific, more local third-party supplier, you’re assuming some level of risk when working with those third parties. And that risk can leave your company vulnerable. Third-party risk is a common factor behind data breaches, regulatory sanctions, and even reputational damage. Consider how upset ...
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Amazon expands its food delivery service across Bangalore

Amazon said on Monday it has expanded its food delivery service, called Amazon Food, across 62 zip codes in Bangalore, in what is the first public update since entering the new category in India last May. The American e-commerce group said Amazon Food now reaches key localities in Bangalore such as Whitefield, HSR, Sarjapur, Koramangala, Indiranagar, MG Road, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Frazer Town, Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar, and Vijayanaga. At the time of the launch in May last year, Amazon Food was a...
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3 supply chain leaders on the toilet paper fiasco, predicting demand, and sustainable e-commerce packaging

(From left): Hannah Kain, CEO of ALOM Technologies, Mei Yee Pang, Head of Asia Pacific, Global Practice Lead for Supply Chain (DHL) and Peter Evans, CEO of Orderly BI Graphics Insider recently selected the top people transforming business across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Three members of the supply chain list gathered together for a virtual roundtable. They discussed supply chain disruptions, adjusting to new norms, corporate social responsibility, and the futu...
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Hong Kong fintech unicorn WeLab raises $75M led by insurance giant Allianz

One of the few industries that have benefited from the COVID-19 crisis is online finance. Around the world, the pandemic has forced consumers to adopt digital banking. Hong Kong’s WeLab, a fintech company founded in 2013, saw users soar by 20% year-over-year in 2020, bringing its accumulative user base to 50 million. Facing innovative players like WeLab, which aims to bring more convenience, transparency, and affordability to consumers, financial incumbents feel compelled to reinvent themselves....
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Praava Health raises $10.6M to increase access to quality healthcare in Bangladesh

Praava Health founder and chief executive officer Sylvana Sinha (third from left) at one of the company’s healthcare centers Before launching Praava Health, a company that combines telemedicine with physical clinics, Sylvana Sinha had a successful career in international law, including serving as a foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and working for the World Bank in Afghanistan. While visiting Bangladesh in 2011 for a family wedding, however, Sinha had a “ligh...
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China's plans to boost military spending may make its neighbors even more uneasy

Chinese Type 96 tanks at the Vostok 2018 military exercise held by Russia and China, September 13, 2018. Vadim Savitsky\TASS via Getty Images Chinese defense funding will reach US$209 billion in 2021, and Premier Li Keqiang says the military will get a training boost. Analysts say the spending increase reflects strong China's economic recovery and the increase will concern neighbours. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The gap between China's military and its regional ...
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America's crumbling infrastructure has become a global laughingstock. A new government agency could fix it - here's how.

A worker pulls on a floating solar array that feeds into the power supply of a water treatment plant in Colorado. AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post/Getty Images Paul Constant is a writer at Civic Ventures and a frequent cohost of the "Pitchfork Economics" podcast with Nick Hanauer and David Goldstein. In the latest episode, Hanauer and guest host Jessyn Farrell spoke with Cornell law professor Saule Omarova about economic innovation in the US. Omarova is a proponent of a new, 21st-century ve...
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Mercenary armies are running amok around the world

Erik Prince testifies at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, October 2, 2007. Mark Wilson/Getty A recent report by UN investigators detailed a bungled plot to prop up Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar with mercenaries, allegedly including a special hit squad. Not all the details of that 2019 plot are clear, but it underscores the increasing use and ongoing opacity of operations by private military contractors around the world. Visit the Business section of Insider for ...
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Scrum Ventures launches new program to connect startups with Japanese corporations

Masami Takahashi, the president of Scrum Studios Headquartered in San Francisco and Tokyo, Scrum Ventures is known for its accelerator programs focused on sports, food and smart city tech. Today it announced the launch of a new incubator program that will help startups from business partnerships with Japanese corporations. Called Scrum Studio, it will be spun out as an independent entity from Scrum Ventures, and headed by Masami Takahasi, who was previously strategy officer and general manage...
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Your genetics influence how resilient you are to the cold

Some people just aren't bothered by the cold, no matter how low the temperature dips. And the reason for this may be in a person's genes. Our new research shows that a common genetic variant in the skeletal muscle gene, ACTN3, makes people more resilient to cold temperatures.Around one in five people lack a muscle protein called alpha-actinin-3 due to a single genetic change in the ACTN3 gene. The absence of alpha-actinin-3 became more common as some modern humans migrated out of Africa and into...
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Imax China Loses $26 Million But Claims to Be Strengthened Post-Pandemic

Imax China, the supplier of giant screen cinema facilities and services in Greater China, is one of the purest plays on the mainland Chinese movie exhibition market available to investors. The stock, traded in Hong Kong, has rocked and rolled over the past 15 months between HK$10 and HK$25 per share, in response China’s closure […]
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Indonesian logistics startup SiCepat raises $170 million Series B

SiCepat, an end-to-end logistics startup in Indonesia, announced today it has raised a $170 million Series B funding round. Founded in 2014 to provide last-mile deliveries for small merchants, the company has since expanded to serve large e-commerce platforms, too. Its services now also cover warehousing and fulfillment, middle-mile logistics and online distribution. Investors in SiCepat’s Series B include Falcon House Partners; Kejora Capital; DEG (the German Development Finance Institution); T...
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11 must-read books if you want to better understand the experiences of Asian-Americans

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Barnes & Noble; Gilbert Espinoza/Insider Asian-Americans make up one of the most diverse racial groups in America - but can share similar experiences with racism and xenophobia.Literature can help foster a better understanding of underrepresented groups, examining everything from harmful Hollywood stereotypes to the challenges of immigration. We compiled a list of books, ranging from fiction to memoirs, ...
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Volocopter, the flying cab startup, raises $241 million and claims they could be available in just 2 years

This is an automated machine translation of an article published by Business Insider in a different language. Machine translations can generate errors or inaccuracies; we will continue the work to improve these translations. You can find the original version here.Volocopter, a German startup that has been building and testing electric VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, has raised €200 million (about $241 million) in a Series D funding round. Alongside the aircraft, the company has bee...
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A property developer is building a $541 million 'Versailles-like' villa and complex in Hong Kong, while an ongoing housing crisis rocks the city

Hong Kong. Martin Puddy/Getty Images A Chinese property developer is spending $541 million to convert a plot of farmland into a luxury housing development, the SCMP reported. One home in the development will be as big as 180 apartments in a popular Hong Kong housing complex. Hong Kong currently in the midst of a housing crisis, with people living in "coffin homes." Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. A Chinese property developer is spending $541 million to convert a plo...
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Global stocks tumble as rising bond yields worry investors - with all eyes on Fed chair Jerome Powell

Fed chair Jerome Powell is due to speak on Thursday Pool/Getty Images Global stocks tumbled on Thursday after rising bond yields triggered a sell-off in US tech stocks.Fed chair Jerome Powell is due to speak, with investors keen to hear his views on the bond market.Oil prices slipped ahead of the OPEC+ meeting, while bitcoin fell to around $49,000.Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening BellGlobal stocks tumbled on Thursday after US equities dropped sharply the p...
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Payfazz invests $30M in Xfers as the two Southeast Asian fintechs form Fazz Financial Group

Payfazz and Xfers, two startups that want to increase financial inclusion in Southeast Asia, announced today they have joined forces to create a new holding entity called Fazz Financial Group. As part of the deal, Payfazz, an agent-based financial services network in Indonesia, invested $30 million into payments infrastructure provider Xfers. Based in Singapore, Xfers will serve as the B2B and Southeast Asia arm of Fazz Financial Group, while Payfazz, which already uses Xfers’ payments infrastru...
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Thanks to the internet, we know what’s happening in Myanmar. But a communication blackout may be near

Social media has given us valuable access to the actions of both the military and anti-coup protesters in Myanmar, but a communication blackout may be coming. The country’s military seized control of the government on February 1, after the National League for Democracy (NLD) won the general election in a landslide. The opposition-backed army has since detained hundreds of NLD members, including party leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Thousands have taken to the streets in protest, relying heavily on open...
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Cashify raises $15 million for its second-hand smartphone business in India

Tens of millions of people each year purchase a second-hand smartphone in India, the world’s second largest market. Phone makers and giant online sellers such as Amazon and Flipkart are aware of it, but it’s too much of a hassle for them to inspect, repair, and resell used phones. But these firms also know that customers are more likely to buy a smartphone if they are offered the ability to trade-in their existing handsets. A startup that is helping these firms tackle this challenge said on Thur...
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Avatar robots are beginning to stake out their place in the workforce, and Japan is leading the way

OryLab Robots are increasingly finding their way into the workforce in a variety of sectors Kentaro Yoshifuji of OryLab is one of a number of entrepreneurs experimenting in the avatar robot field Yohsifuji  believes robots can help people with physical disabilities participate more in society Because of his work, Insider named Yoshifuji to our annual list of the 10 leaders transforming healthcare in Asia Visit Insider's Transforming Business homepage for more stories. This s...
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China's economy could double in size by 2035, according to the Bank of America

China's economy will overtake the US at some point between 2027 and 2028. Madoka Ikegami - Pool/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider The Bank of America's Helen Qiao told CNBC China could double the size of its economy by 2035.  The economist warned US-China relations could cause issues, as well as China's aging population. Qiao and the Center for Economics and Business Research said China would overtake the US by 2028. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Exp...
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Las Vegas Sands is selling its real estate in the city, including the Venetian Resort, for $6.25 billion

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino signage in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 9, 2017. Raymond Boyd/Getty Images Las Vegas Sands Corp is selling the Venetian Resort Las Vegas and the Sands Expo and Convention Center for $6.25 billion. Funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management are buying the operating firm of the Venetian for $2.25 billion. VICI Properties will buy the Venetian's land and real estate assets for the remaining $4 billion. Visit the Business section of Insider f...
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China’s cosmetics startup Yatsen to buy 35-year-old skincare brand Eve Lom

In China’s cosmetics world, where foreign brands were historically revered, indigenous startups are increasingly winning over Gen-Z consumers with cheaper, more localized options. One of the rising stars is the direct-to-consumer brand Perfect Diary, which is owned by five-year-old startup Yatsen. Yatsen impressed the capital market with a $617 million initial public offering on NYSE in November. Its flagship brand Perfect Diary consistently ranks among the top makeup brands by online sales next...
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Indonesian supply chain startup Advotics raises $2.75M led by East Ventures

The rapid growth of e-commerce in Indonesia, especially during the pandemic, is placing increasing demands on its supply chain infrastructure. But the country’s logistics industry is highly fragmented, with companies usually relying on multiple providers for one shipment, and many warehouses are still concentrated around major cities. Advotics wants to help with software to make the whole supply chain easier to track, and recently closed a $2.75 million funding round led by East Ventures. Founde...
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Sequoia Capital India’s Surge invests $2M in sales engagement platform Outplay

Outplay’s team members on a video call Sales engagement platforms (SEP) help sales teams automate and track the large number of tasks they need to do each day as they contact leads and home in on potential deals. Focused on small-to-medium-sized companies, SEP startup Outplay announced today it has raised $2 million from Sequoia Capital India’s Surge program for early-stage startups. Outplay was founded in January 2020 by brothers Ram and Laxman Papineni and now counts more than 300 clients. ...
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Amazon issues rare apology in India over drama series

Amazon on Tuesday issued a rare apology to users in India for an original political drama series over allegations that a few scenes in the nine-part mini series hurt religious sentiments of some people in the key overseas market. The series, called “Tandav,” has faced criticism from some people in India — including a few members of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party — over its depiction of Hindu gods and goddesses. In a message titled, “Amazon Prime Video Apologizes,” the American e-commerce group...
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Vestiaire Collective raises $216 million for its second-hand fashion platform

Vestiaire Collective announced a new funding round. The company has raised $216 million, or €178 million — it has reached a valuation above $1 billion, making it a unicorn. French fashion and luxury group Kering is leading the round with Tiger Global Management. Kering now owns 5% of Vestiaire Collective. The startup operates an online marketplace where you can find pre-owned luxury and fashion items. And it’s a complicated industry as you don’t want to buy a damaged item or a cheap knockoff. Th...
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Indonesian payments infra startup Xendit raises $64.6M in Accel-led Series B

Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is happening all over the world. And Southeast Asia is no exception. Indonesia’s Xendit, a startup focused on building digital payments infrastructure for the region, has just raised $64.6 million in a Series B led by Silicon Valley heavyweight Accel. The funding brings the total amount raised by the Jakarta-based company to $88 million since its 2015. Notably, Y Combinator also participated in the financing. In fact, Xendit is the fir...
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