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Here’s how Bitcoin performed in Q1 2019

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency OG, it started it all and redefined the field of digital currencies. It was released the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in their seminal white paper. The original idea was to create an online peer-to-peer cash that allowed users to exchange value online without being required to reveal their identity. As it’s so commonly touted today, Bitcoin is decentralized. There are no central bodies to provide trust to transactions and ensure everything operates as it should. In...
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The feds still haven’t found the Nigerian scammers that stole $50K in Bitcoin

Two Nigerian nationals face charges of attempting to defraud US residents through numerous Bitcoin investment scams. But the pair are yet to be apprehended by US authorities. Onwuemerie Ogor Gift and Kelvin Usifo are facing a 13-count indictment, including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering, and 11 instances of wire fraud, OregonLive reports. Gift and Usifoh ran a number of websites on which they promised investors risk-free investments with guaranteed returns of between 20 and 50...
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5 Ways Blockchain will Change the Landscape of the Legal Sector

By Benny Henson You might be hearing some grumbles related to bitcoins–possibly it will fade in the coming years, but its foreground technology–Blockchain will be the most significant development that will continue to grow. Blockchain will be the transformative energy behind changes that are ready to take place within the legal industry. Businesses are heavily investing in Blockchain, which is enforcing law firms to take board this technology. Experts suggest that Blockchain will be as revolutio...
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Lil Pump now accepts Bitcoin on his merch store (but will he dump it?)

In a move that’s sure to make some Bitcoin hodlers happy, Columbian-American rapper, Lil Pump, is now accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment method on his online merch store. He’s a millionaire that doesn’t know how to read, but it hasn’t stopped him from offering customers the opportunity to pay either “on chain,” or “off chain” through the Lightning Network. While news of the integration is making headlines, it’s unclear when the Harverd Dropout officially started accepting the cryptocurren...
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Pinterest employee #1 launches blockchain art market MakersPlace

Pinterest is a great place to find digital art but a terrible place to sell it. The fact that anything online is infinitely copyable makes it tough for artists to establish a sense of scarcity necessary for their work to be perceived as valuable. Yash Nelapati saw this struggle up close as Pinterest’s first employee. Now he has started MakersPlace, where creators can generate a blockchain fingerprint for each of their artworks that proves who made it and lets it be sold as part of a limited e...
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First quarter 2019 crypto roundup: How did Litecoin perform?

Litecoin (LTC) was created back in 2011 as one of the earliest forks of the cryptocurrency OG, Bitcoin. Like many other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects promise, Litecoin was developed with the intention of improving on Bitcoin by offering a cryptocurrency better suited to high volume, low value, everyday transactions. This supposed “lite” cryptocurrency has a block time that’s about 25-percent less than Bitcoin’s. In theory, it should process and validate transactions quicker than Bitcoin...
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R/GA Ventures incubator to nurture enterprise blockchain startups in Portland, OR

R/GA Ventures, a company that acts as investment arm and startup incubator for R/GA corporate client work, announced plans to open a new studio in Portland devoted to encouraging startups working on enterprise blockchain projects. R/GA itself has a three-pronged purpose. It helps companies like Samsung, Google and Verizon (which owns this publication) in the product concept and design phase. It will also sometimes build products conceived in the design phase for the same clients. As an extension...
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eToro is giving away $1,650,000 worth of Ethereum for free

Have you been itching to make your first cryptocurrency investment, but you’re too afraid to get in on the hype at the wrong time? eToro‘s got your back. The social trading platform is giving away free Ethereum to anyone who opens an account in its standalone wallet app. Once you’ve signed up for the wallet app, your account will be automatically credited with 0.1 Ethereum (a little over $15 at the time of writing). Not a bad deal. Even better, the eToro wallet is available for both Android and ...
Tags: Startups, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Hard Fork says putting chickens on the blockchain was great for business

China’s popular online retailer says sales of free-range chickens have doubled in the past two years, and blockchain technology has played a key role. Its initiative for putting chickens on the blockchain, called “Running Chicken,” sees professional breeders hired by to tend to chickens. Local farmers are also offered part-time jobs growing vegetables, fruit, and grain, as well as interest-free loans to spur growth. has tracked free-range chickens using distributed ledger te...
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A Putin-opposing politician has raised more than $3M in Bitcoin

Despite a recent survey showing that most Russians actually know very little about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it appears that one politician is a little more au fait with the technology. The man who is thought to be Vladimir Putin‘s main opponent, Alexei Navalny, has received over $3 million (591 BTC) worth of donations in Bitcoin over the last three years, CoinDesk reports. Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) publishes investigative reports that seek to shine a light on what it believes...
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Coinbase fires 30 workers and closes Chicago office after just one year

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is set to close its Chicago office just a year after it was opened, and will let go around 30 software engineers in the process, reports Fortune. The group had been tasked with building a special “matching engine” product for high-frequency trading. A Coinbase spokesperson said the high-frequency trade technology was no longer a priority. Instead, the firm is to focus on other products like over-the-counter trading and custody services. Coinbase will re...
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Japan finance regulator raids cryptocurrency exchanges in money laundering sweep

Japan‘s top financial regulator has raided two cryptocurrency exchanges to enforce anti-money laundering rules, Reuters reports. Financial Services Agency (FSA) agents inspected digital asset firms Huobi Japan and Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange to make sure appropriate customer protections were in place. Both firms reportedly had recently undergone management restructures. In October last year, Fisco revealed it was to acquire embattled cryptocurrency exchange Zaif for $44.5 million, just one mon...
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Corrupt Russian agents arrested over $1M Bitcoin extortion scheme

Law enforcers from around the globe seem to finally be getting up to speed with tackling cryptocurrency crimes. But it seems the lure of Bitcoin is still too much for some, even for those that should be protecting citizens from cyber-criminals. An operation to rid the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) of corrupt officials has reached a crescendo. Two FSB agents involved in a Bitcoin extortion scam were arrested last week, a local news outlet reports. Two law enforcement agents, Sergei Belou...
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SPECIAL REPORT: 2019 Blockchain Outlook — Reality Check

After a breakout year in 2017, the blockchain sector suffered a series of blows in 2018, from crashing cryptocurrency prices to increased regulatory scrutiny of crypto ventures and deepening skepticism about whether the technology was actually useful. Now, the industry has entered a crucial phase where blockchain developers need to overcome the limitations of the technology and find use cases that will win widespread adoption by businesses and organizations.In this Xconomy Special Report, our v...
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Volkswagen bets on blockchain to electrify its battery supply tracking

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is launching a blockchain pilot to track its battery supply chain for lead from the point of origin to the factory. To do so, Volkswagen is partnering with Minespider, an open source, public blockchain protocol that claims to offer end-to-end mineral supply chain certification. The project will involve suppliers and sub-suppliers that deliver more than two thirds of the Volkswagen total lead starter battery requirements. During the trial, both parties will work...
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Binance’s hotly-anticipated Singapore crypto exchange is now live — and underwhelming

Binance, the company widely seen as the world’s largest crypto exchange, has officially set up shop in Singapore after it launched a service in the country. The new Singapore service, however, bears more of a resemblance to U.S. rival Coinbase than a classic Binance exchange. Binance’s rapid ascent is thanks to a service that lets users trade a range of crypto tokens with very little verification or individual data required. It’s Singapore venture is quite the opposite: it allows customers to...
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Bitcoin hackers threaten to leak masturbation vids if victims don’t pay up

Bitcoin sextortion scams are so 2018, right? Well, there are some hackers out there that would beg to differ. It appears that residents of Norton, a small town in Kansas, US, are being targeted by scammers threatening to release sensitive material unless the victims pay a Bitcoin ransom. It’s not clear if this was an intentionally localized attack, or if others have been affected. Norton Kansas Police Department published a public notice to their Facebook page warning locals of the danger earlie...
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BitcoinSV’s blockchain is struggling with its enormous 128MB blocks

The Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BitcoinSV) blockchain has suffered a series of “block re-oganizations,” putting the integrity of its network in question. “On 18th April 2019, our Bitcoin Cash SV [sic] node experienced two block re-organizations. First, a three block re-organization, followed by a six block re-organisation,” tweeted BitMEX Research, the analysis arm of digital asset exchange BitMEX. Block re-organizations occur when cryptocurrency miners are forced to “orphan” blocks after they’ve be...
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US presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to fix ‘confusing’ cryptocurrency regulations (and give $1,000 to everyone)

Move over John McAfee, there’s a new kid on the block, and they just cemented their position as the cryptocurrency presidential candidate for the 2020 election race. Andrew Yang released a statement on cryptocurrency and digital assets yesterday, making a bid to regulate virtual assets if elected. If Yang wins the 2020 race he wants to promote innovation and economic growth by creating clear guidelines for digital assets. He thinks people and businesses should be able to invest without fear of a...
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Report: Cryptocurrency ransomware payments up 90%, thanks to Ryuk

Ransomware attacks are still doing the rounds and one in particular appears to be gaining pace. Cryptocurrency payments made to ransomware attackers increased nearly 90 percent in Q1 2019 over the previous quarter, according to ransomware support firm Coveware’s latest report. In the first quarter of the year, the average daily ransom being paid to attackers rose to $12,762 from $6,733 in Q4 2018. According to the report, an increase in expensive infections is responsible for the jump. As ever, ...
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For the love of Satoshi, don’t give your Bitcoin to rebuild Notre Dame

A significant chunk of the famous Notre Dame cathedral burned down earlier this week, and now France’s government is mulling whether to accept cryptocurrency to rebuild it—but please, for the love of Satoshi, keep your Bitcoin. The world anxiously watched fire rip through Notre Dame’s twelfth century framework on Monday afternoon. French minister for digital affairs Cedric O later said he’s open to discussing ways to accept digital money donations, Bloomberg reports. Cryptocurrency companies als...
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IBM launches blockchain skills academy with University of Louisville

One of top 200 universities in the US, along with a helping hand from IBM, is getting its students into blockchain with dedicated training. The University of Louisville announced a partnership with IBM yesterday, which will see the institution establish what it’s calling the “IBM Skills Academy.” The academy will deliver a curriculum focused on eight emerging and developing technologies including artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and of course, blockcha...
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Coinbase launches in 11 countries with crypto-to-crypto conversions only

Coinbase has been available in 42 countries around the world before today — mostly in North America, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Today, the company is aggressively expanding by opening 11 countries at once in Latin America and South East Asia. But there’s a trick — there’s no crypto-to-fiat conversions. Coinbase competitor Binance has taken the crypto world by storm by focusing on crypto-to-crypto conversions. You can only fund and withdraw cryptocurrencies from your Binance account. And...
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Satoshi’s Treasure hacker claims first keys to $1M Bitcoin prize in minutes

A million-dollar scavenger hunt for Bitcoin commenced just a few days ago, but it only took minutes for one ingenious hacker to complete the first stage without actually going anywhere. Satoshi’s Treasure is an alternate reality game urging players to work together to find private keys hidden in real-world locations. Clues are distributed periodically via a newsletter. Inspired by Ready Player One, the game features leaderboards to show which teams are closest to collecting the prize. There are ...
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Assange arrest leads Bitcoiners to donate over $30,000 to WikiLeaks in 6 days

Wikileaks has raised more than 30,000 worth of Bitcoin since Julian Assange‘s confronting arrest last week. In the six days following Hard Fork’s original report, a touch over 6 BTC ($31,800) has been sent to Wikileaks‘ public address, spread across 299 donations. Contributions in prominent altcoin Zcash (the only other cryptocurrency Wikileaks accepts) also increased, with 16.25 ZEC ($1,100) sent since last Thursday. Until his arrest, its Zcash address had been mostly unused. In fact, the flood...
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Carrefour wants to track 20% of its products on the blockchain by 2020

Carrefour is betting big on distributed ledger tech. The french supermarket behemoth wants to track 20 percent of all of its in-house products on the blockchain by the end of 2019. The retailer already uses the technology to track 20 out of its 300 Carrefour-branded products across the supply chain, but it plans to add about 40 more goods to the list over the coming months, Carrefour blockchain program director Emmanuel Delerm told Hard Fork. The company’s blockchain pilots are currently running...
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Sirin Labs cuts 25% of its workforce as CEO faces $50M lawsuit

Bitcoin‘s price might have risen lately, but blockchain startups are still reeling from the bite of the bear market. Sirin Labs, the firm behind the “world’s first blockchain phone” has confirmed 25 percent of its workforce has been let go. Sirin Labs, which released the $1,000 FINNEY smartphone last November, revealed 15 of its 60 employees have been laid off after sales failed to meet expectations, Globes reports. The firm also denied earlier rumors indicating Sirin Labs had trouble paying its...
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eToro launches new ‘pro’ cryptocurrency exchange – and 8 stablecoins

In an announcement today, eToroX – the specialized blockchain division of social trading platform eToro – revealed it is launching a new cryptocurrency-only exchange desk for pro traders. The new platform will support trading in six cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. More notably, the exchange will also support trading in eight fiat-backed stablecoins, pegged to Euro, US dollar, New Zealand dollar,Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Japanese ...
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Markets respond to Binance dumping BitcoinSV by dumping even harder

Binance confirmed it will delist controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BitcoinSV) less than one day ago, but the move has already inspired other services to follow suit. BitcoinSV’s price suddenly sank more than 7 percent following the announcement, from over $70 to below $65. Overnight, it never stopped dropping. Current trade for BitcoinSV holds a touch over $56, a decline of more than 20 percent in the past 24 hours. Binance (one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in ...
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BitcoinSV delisted by Binance amid Craig Wright controversy

Binance has announced it will delist controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BitcoinSV). The confirmation came via a blog post, in which it detailed its processes for ensuring projects meet its “high level of standards”. “Based on our most recent reviews, we have decided to delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for the following coin on 2019/04/22 at 10:00 AM UTC,” wrote Binance, before naming BitcoinSV as the only project to be delisted. Binance explained factors including ...
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