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We tabulated Jeffrey Epstein's notorious little black book, making its entries searchable for the first time

Hello! One-click checkout startup Fast raised $20 million from investors including Index Ventures and fintech Stripe in May. On Tuesday Fast's cofounder and CEO Domm Holland, and Jan Hammer, general partner at Index Ventures, will chat with Shannen Balogh about how to build a pitch deck, and what it takes to win over investors. Sign up for the digital event here: SIGN UP NOW: On Tuesday we're talking to Fast CEO Domm Holland about how he crafted the perfect pitch to raise $20 million from top i...
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From warehouses to office space, real-estate markets have been turned upside down. These are the winners and losers.

Offices, hotels, and malls were emptied by the coronavirus. While some are reopening, the disruption has created a new normal.  Big firms are rethinking office needs — and some commercial real-estate deals are being put on ice as financing dries up.  A surge in e-commerce, meanwhile, is fueling demand for warehouse space from companies like Amazon.  For more stories like this, sign up here for our Wall Street Insider newsletter. The coronavirus threw the real-estate world into disarray, as pe...
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Weber Metals in Paramount to lay off nearly 170 workers

Weber Metals Inc., a Paramount-based company that forges high-performance structural components for the aerospace industry, plans to lay off nearly 170 workers next month in the company’s second mass layoff of the year. In a recent Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification sent to the state Employment Development Department, Weber said it has experienced a slowdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company had to temporarily furlough 181 employees in April, and market conditions have failed to...
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The Boeing 737 MAX Completes Flight Tests: So What?

The 737 MAX is finally close to being cleared for a return to commercial service. It's too bad demand has evaporated.
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Remembering the Boeing 747, the jumbo jet that started it all

According to people in the know, Boeing looks like it’s discontinuing its iconic 747 jumbo jet. In just two years time, the last of the twin-aisle jumbos will leave its Seattle-based factory. The news comes from a Bloomberg report that cites “people familiar with the matter,” who say the news hasn’t officially been announced to Boeing‘s employees but can be “teased out from subtle wording changes in financial statements.” I guess we’ll just have to take their word for it, for now. [Read: Remembe...
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Boeing announces next wave of job cuts

The layoffs are part of a previously announced plan to to reduce the workforce by 10 percent
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Boeing kept FAA in the dark on key 737 MAX design changes -US IG report

The report points out mistakes made by both the planemaker and FAA in the development and certification of Boeing's top-selling aircraft
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Boeing’s beleaguered 737 Max completes first flight in 15 months

The plane has been grounded since March 2019 following two fatal crashes
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Boeing tests Starliner parachutes ahead of second test flight

The test comes ahead of a second attempt at a space mission later this year
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GLOBAL MARKETS-Wall Street leads stocks' rebound, sterling dips

Analysts at Morgan Stanley said a further injection of cash was critical to the bank's thesis for a V-shaped U.S. economic recovery. Confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide rose past 10 million and deaths surpassed 500,000 on Sunday. Boeing shares shot up 14% after 737 MAX certification flights started Monday and the rally gave life to the Dow industrials, while factory- and materials-heavy sectors of the S&P 500 boosted the benchmark index.
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Boeing: Critical 737 Max test flights begin

The tests are a major milestone in Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max back into service.
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Boeing 737 MAX takes off on first certification test flight

A Boeing Co 737 MAX took off on Monday just before 1 p.m. EDT from a Seattle-area airport on the first day of certification flight testing with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration test pilots.
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Boeing cleared for 737 Max test flights after grounding

FAA completes review but no decision has been made on a return to serviceKey test flights that could help revive the grounded Boeing 737 Max could begin as early as Monday after being given the green light by US regulators.The Federal Aviation Administration told Congress on Sunday that it had completed a review that would allow certification tests to take place within days, according to Reuters. Continue reading...
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Boeing’s troubled 737 Max jet could start flight tests as early as Monday

The aircraft was grounded in March 2019 after two crashes that killed 346 people
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Boeing 737 MAX certification flight tests to begin Monday: sources

Pilots and test crew members from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing Co are slated to begin a three-day certification test campaign for the 737 MAX on Monday, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
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Tesla is doing something we haven't seen since the early 20th century — rapidly building up a new industry. Here's how. (TSLA)

The early 20th-century was a period of rapid innovation. 120 years later, innovation has given way to consolidation: the automobile, the airplane, and stuff like nuclear power and computers are valued as legacy investments. Tesla isn't. The company's value confuses everyone because they're trying to think of the firm in 2020 terms. They should be thinking of Tesla in terms of the radical innovations of the early 20th century. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One of the more...
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Boeing 737 MAX certification flight test expected soon

A key step in the return to service of the grounded Boeing 737 MAX could take place as soon as early next week.
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Meet NASA's first female head of human spaceflight, who oversaw SpaceX's astronaut launch and will lead the US return to the moon

NASA recently appointed Kathy Lueders, an engineer who led the program that led SpaceX to launch astronauts on a commercial spaceship, to run its Human Spaceflight Office. Lueders is the first woman to hold the position. She's responsible for all NASA projects that involve flying astronauts to and from space. Her work with the space station and key role in NASA's partnerships with SpaceX and Boeing prepared Lueders to face the challenges of a new era in human spaceflight. Visit Business Inside...
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The Great Compression: The coronavirus pandemic could drive a long-overdue consolidation of the global auto industry (GM, F, FCAU, TSLA, RACE)

The coronavirus pandemic brought about the previously unthinkable in the auto industry: a near total global shutdown of production. Throughout the industry, a wide-ranging discussion has developed about what the post-COVID-19 car world could look like. The industry has long suffered from excessive manufacturing capacity and what the late Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne trenchantly decried as an addiction to capital. Post-COVID, the auto industry could undergo a massive consolidation, with ...
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'One of the most difficult jobs in America': NASA is now counting on Kathy Lueders, a 28-year space agency veteran, to land 2 astronauts on the moon in 2024

Under NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, two chiefs of the agency's human spaceflight have departed within a year, including Bill Gerstenmaier and Doug Loverro. Last week, NASA announced Kathy Lueders — a 28-year agency veteran and leader of the program overseeing SpaceX's first crewed flight to orbit — would now lead its Human Spaceflight Office. Lueders is the first woman chief of the division, and she has authority over all NASA projects that involve flying astronauts to and from space. He...
Tags: Spacex, Elon Musk, US, America, Trends, Nasa, Earth, International Space Station, Moon, Orion, New Mexico, Mars, Iss, Boeing, Bill Nye, Artemis CEO Tom Siebel says that his hot AI startup did $160 million in revenue last year, but won't go public until the economy is fully recovered

Tom Siebel disclosed his startup brought in $160 million last year in an interview Thursday with Business Insider.  Siebel also said, a leader in the uncertain AI startup industry, does not plan on going public this year, but will wait until the economy recovers.  He also said that the company is currently unprofitable, but that's a matter of choice: 'I can throw this into profitability at the turn of a lever.' Siebel, a longtime Silicon Valley executive and founder, was famously o...
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Russian supplier of titanium for Boeing and Airbus may suspend output in September

VSMPO-Avisma, one of the world's largest producers of titanium for Boeing and Airbus, is considering temporary suspension of production in September if business does not improve, its acting chief executive said.
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FAA chief acknowledges agency, Boeing made mistakes on 737 MAX

Federal Aviation Administration chief Steve Dickson acknowledged on Wednesday that Boeing and the U.S. air safety agency both made mistakes in the development of the 737 MAX jetliner, grounded for more than a year following fatal crashes.
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FAA 'stonewalling' Boeing 737 MAX probe after fatal crashes -senator

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has been "stonewalling" senators conducting an investigation into the design and development of Boeing Co's 737 MAX in the wake of deadly crashes, a top Republican senator told a hearing on Wednesday.
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Qatar Airways won't take new aircraft in 2020 or 2021, CEO says

Qatar Airways will not take any new planes ordered from Boeing or Airbus in 2020 or 2021, chief executive Akbar al-Baker said on Wednesday, adding there would be a knock-on effect to future deliveries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Space tourism is coming — but the risks are still unknown

On May 30, 2020, millions of Americans watched the inaugural SpaceX Crew Dragon launch NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. This mission marked two significant events: first, the return of launch to orbit capability for human spaceflight from the United States. Secondly, it successfully demonstrated private sector capability to build and operate a launch vehicle for human spaceflight. While SpaceX may be the first private space company to accomplish this, it is not alone. Boeing’s...
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Elon Musk: 'SpaceX is building floating, superheavy-class spaceports' for its Starship rocket to reach the moon, Mars, and fly passengers around Earth

This week SpaceX posted two new jobs for "offshore operations engineers" in Brownsville, Texas. Elon Musk, who founded the aerospace company in 2002, all but confirmed in a tweet on Tuesday that the jobs are to help build "floating, superheavy-class spaceports" for its next-generation Starship vehicle. Ocean-platform launches as a concept is not new, as Musk first detailed SpaceX's in October 2017. A company called Sea Launch also demonstrated the idea in March 1999 with an orbital rocket laun...
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