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What are Brexit contingency plans for retailers and farmers?

With fears over long delays, high trade tariffs and a lack of migrant workers, here’s what firms are doingWelsh farmers brace themselves for BrexitIrish milk firm fears ‘lights out’The UK food industry has begged the government to avoid a no-deal Brexit, warning it could lead to food shortages and price rises. Nearly a third of the food Britons eat comes from the EU. In March, when the UK is set to exit the trading bloc, the proportion is far higher because most British crops are not yet ready t...
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European Medicines Agency loses battle to end UK lease over Brexit

Leaving EU does not ‘frustrate’ contract with landlord Canary Wharf Group, high court rulesThe European Medicines Agency has lost a high court battle to cancel its £500m long-term office lease in London to move to Amsterdam because of Brexit.It had argued that the lease on its Canary Wharf HQ had been “frustrated” by Britain’s impending departure from the EU, a legal term meaning that owing to an unforeseen event, the basis on which the contract was signed had changed, making it impossible to fu...
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Kellogg, Mondelez stock up on Pringles, Milka for fear of Brexit

As Brexit looms, Kellogg Co and Mondelez International Inc are taking measures to protect Britons from a potential shortage of Pringles chips, BelVita biscuits and Milka chocolate.
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Honda's decision is a vote of no confidence in Britain’s future

There is a sense that while the Swindon plant’s days were numbered, Brexit tipped the balanceHonda claims Brexit had nothing to do with the decision to shutter its Swindon plant, but almost nobody seems to be buying it.The consensus among industry pundits is that it suits Honda to avoid dipping its toe into the toxic pool of Brexit. Continue reading...
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Carmakers quitting Britain won't blame Brexit – it's not in their interest | Phillip Inman

Business leaders know that mentioning the B-word just isn’t worth the risk of souring consumer sentimentIn 2012 a wave of anti-Japanese nationalism griped China. Angry crowds burned down Japanese-owned factories, smashed Japanese-made cars and pelted Tokyo’s embassy in Beijing with eggs. It was an experience that jolted Japanese business leaders and they decided to make sure they never again relied on one country for essential widgets, and especially the finished article.In the months before the...
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A look at companies moving UK business in the age of Brexit

Honda's decision to close a plant in Britain comes at a time when businesses are worrying about the potential impact of the country's looming departure from the European Union.
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Britain's EU workforce in decline as numbers from elsewhere soar

Number workers from EU27 nations falls by 61,000 as non-EU workforce hits record levelThe number of workers in the UK from elsewhere in the EU fell by 61,000 at a time when the number of British and non-EU workers soared, official figures show.There were an estimated 2.33 million workers from the EU27 in the UK between October to December in 2017, but that figure dropped to 2.27 million a year later. A notable drop in workers from A8 countries, which joined the bloc in 2004 and include Poland an...
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Honda to close British car plant as Brexit looms

Honda will close its only British car plant in 2021 with the loss of up to 3,500 jobs, a major departure of Japanese investment announced just over a month before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union.
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How Will Brexit Affect UK Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs?

With an ever-changing political landscape, and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it can seem difficult to plan ahead. Following the defeat of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the outlook is arguably even more… Read more » The post How Will Brexit Affect UK Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs? appeared first on
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Leave to remain? The voters who have changed their minds over Brexit

Since the referendum, some remain voters have become Brexiters; and vice versa. But what’s made them change their views so radically? Continue reading...
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Honda to shut plant in Brexit-shaken Britain

Honda says it plans to close its car factory in western England in 2021, with the potential loss of 3,500 jobs.
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UK will apply food tariffs in case of no deal, Michael Gove says

Speaking at NFU conference, Gove says tariffs would be put in place to protect UK farmersThe government will apply tariffs to food imports to protect British farmers in a no-deal scenario, the environment secretary, Michael Gove, has confirmed.And, contrary to claims by hard Brexiters, he warned that delays were likely in Calais because of mandatory EU checks on food imports on the French side of the channel. Continue reading...
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Honda's Swindon plant closure could lead to 7,000 job losses

Industry experts cast doubt on Japanese carmaker’s claim that Brexit did not influence moveToday’s latest business developments – live updatesHonda has said the toll of job losses from the closure of its Swindon plant could reach 7,000, as automotive experts cast doubt on its claims that Brexit had nothing to do with the decision.The Japanese carmaker confirmed on Tuesday morning that its Swindon factory would close from 2021 with the loss of 3,500 jobs, dealing another blow to a British car ind...
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UK jobs market defies economy's Brexit slowdown

British workers' pay growth maintained its fastest pace in a decade in late 2018 and job creation stayed strong, data showed, suggesting the labour market was buoyant ahead of Brexit as the broader economy slowed.
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Honda to close UK car plant as Brexit looms

Honda will close its only British car plant in 2021 with the loss of up to 3,500 jobs, a major departure of Japanese investment announced just over a month before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union.
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Honda confirms Swindon plant will close in 2021

Japanese carmaker will liaise with Unite union over loss of 3,500 jobsHonda has confirmed the closure of its Swindon factory with the loss of 3,500 jobs, dealing another huge blow to Britain’s car industry in the run-up to Brexit.The Japanese carmaker announced it would shut the factory, its only European production site, in 2021, when the current model’s production cycle ends. Continue reading...
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Lord Mayor of London says Brexit a 'short-term' issue

Brexit is a "short-term frustrating issue" that will be overcome in time, the Lord Mayor of London said Tuesday during a visit to Hong Kong to tout the British capital's attractiveness for business even with the looming threat of... [Author: [email protected]]
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UK manufacturers warn of 'catastrophic' no-deal Brexit

Britain faces the "catastrophic prospect" of a no-deal Brexit next month due to the selfishness of some politicians and chaotic parliamentary proceedings, the head of the country's main manufacturing association said on Tuesday.
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How Brexit hit the pound in your pocket

The value of the pound has changed a lot over the past three years - making us all a little poorer.
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Pound rises as Brexit divisions deepen

Sterling gained on Monday after registering three consecutive weeks of losses as investors waited for the outcome of Brexit talks between Britain and the European Union.
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Counting cost of stockpiling, UK bike maker gears up for Brexit

Isla Rowntree, the founder of British children's bike maker Islabikes, has resorted to stacking spare parts in meeting spaces and office rooms as she gets ready for a potentially chaotic no-deal Brexit next month.
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Honda plan to close UK plant is not due to Brexit - lawmaker

Japan's Honda plans to shut its British car plant in Swindon by 2022 with the loss of 3,500 jobs but the decision is not related to Brexit, a local lawmaker told Reuters on Monday.
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Facebook was destroyed by British lawmakers for its disastrous year, but new laws should not be narrowly focused on the social network

British lawmakers published a damning report about Facebook, its many privacy problems, and its monopoly power as part of an inquiry into fake news. Politicians proposed new laws that would force tech companies to take legal responsibility for the content published on their platforms. But the lawmakers are narrowly focused on Facebook, and are in danger of creating sweeping new laws that impact the internet beyond just one big social network. New laws that combat fake online political ads and ...
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UK’s Hunt says Brexit talks in ‘crucial final period’

BRUSSELS (AP) — British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says Brexit talks are entering a “crucial final period” but that an agreement can be sealed before Britain leaves the European Union on March 29. Hunt told reporters Monday that “there is a way through this. We know how we can get a majority in Parliament” in […]
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UK clearing houses approved to continue EU business under no deal Brexit

Europe's financial markets regulator has given UK-based derivatives clearing houses permission to continue serving EU clients in the event of a no-deal Brexit - a major boost to London's battle to remain the central market for euro clearing.
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Facebook accused of acting like 'digital gangsters' in a devastating report by lawmakers

Facebook deliberately flouted competition and privacy laws, behaving like "digital gangsters," according to a damning report by lawmakers. British politicians concluded an 18-month investigation into disinformation, and said democracy was "at risk" from foreign countries trying to influence UK elections through social media ads. Lawmakers called for an independent regulator to make sure tech firms like Facebook take down illegal content. They also accused Facebook of blocking their investigati...
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Airbus warns of no-deal Brexit, says has spent tens of millions preparing

Airbus said on Sunday it would have to make "difficult decisions" about future investment if Britain crashes out of the European Union without a deal, adding it had already spent tens of millions of euros in preparations.
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In Brexit limbo, UK veers between high anxiety, grim humor

LONDON (AP) — It’s said that history often repeats itself — the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. Many Britons feel they are living through both at the same time as their country navigates its way out of the European Union. The British government awarded a contract to ship in emergency supplies to […]
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Florists: Fresh blooms could become preserve of the rich in no-deal Brexit

Independent florists in Cambridge tell how high-cost imports and long border delays would hit their tradeIt is Valentine’s Day in Cambridge and, at a market stall near King’s College, Nicki Lark is cheerfully selling bouquets of roses, daffodils and tulips to young lovers in the sunshine. But, behind her smiles, she is worried.She fears that, like many other UK businesses that rely heavily on imports from Europe, this family-run florist, which has operated in the city’s market square for the pas...
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Porsche asks UK buyers to commit to 10% no-deal Brexit surcharge

Company says move is a precaution in case WTO tariffs apply to EU-UK tradePorsche is asking British customers to sign a contract committing them to pay a surcharge of up to 10% of their vehicles’ purchase price if there is a no-deal Brexit.Cars made in Europe could attract tariffs of 10% if imported to the UK under the terms of the World Trade Organization, the default trading relationship if the UK and the EU are unable to agree a transition period before 29 March. Continue reading...
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