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Tax refunds totaling $1.5+ billion await filers who didn't submit 2016 returns, but time is running out

I know you're tired of taxes continuing into July. I know you just want to be done with your filings and the Internal Revenue Service and move on to other things. But I also know that most of you, especially if you're facing coronavirus-related financial difficulties, don't want to just hand over money, possible thousands of dollars to Uncle Sam. You'll do just that if you were due a tax refund on your 2016 taxes and didn't file for it during the 2017 tax season. That's the situation for an est...
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Apple re-closes 15 Southern California stores as COVID-19 cases rise

Apple has re-closed another 30 U.S. stores including 15 in Southern California as cases of COVID-19 continue to flare up in regions around the country. Stores in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma closed  Thursday. That comes on the heels of 16 closures that took effect Wednesday in Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Utah. That brings the total number of stores that have been shuttered for a second time to 77. Apple has a total 271 stores in the United States, inclu...
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An LA-based startup is using fever-tracking tech to keep daycares open for essential workers, posing as a model for other businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the huge lack of childcare support in the US. Los Angeles-based daycare startup WeeCare has managed to keep most of its daycares open for essential workers thanks to its temperature checks. Parents can take a video of themselves taking their and their child's temperatures and submit it through a portal on the WeeCare app, and daycare providers can do the same. The company has shared data with the city of LA to track coronavirus cases and has be...
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Why Lead Qualification and Lead Management During COVID-19 is More Important Than Ever

The COVID-19 crisis has caused B2B sales organizations to re-evaluate their sales processes, re-tool their sales pitches, and otherwise adapt to fast-changing conditions in an environment of unprecedented uncertainty. But there are two aspects of B2B sales operations that are sometimes underrated and overlooked even during the best of times: lead qualification and lead management. During this time of crisis, and even after the economy emerges into a New Normal, qualifying your sales leads, and ...
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Leaked emails show Amazon is delaying Prime Day again to October as concerns grow that a new COVID-19 demand spike may hit supply chains (AMZN)

Amazon is postponing its annual Prime Day shopping event to October, the third delay this year. In one email sent to third-party sellers, Amazon gave a "placeholder" date in the week of October 5, and in another email said this date change would be the "final" update. The change shows the uncertainty Amazon is facing amid COVID-19 across its operations network. Amazon is seeing another round of demand increases as COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the US, spurring concerns of a second wave...
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‘More than physical health’: Southern California gym helps 91-year-old battle isolation

Art Ballard worked out at Foothill Gym a few weeks before it was officially open to the public. “I’m feeling so good,” he says. “I snapped back.” Photo: Heidi de Marco/California Healthline Art Ballard loads a 25-pound plate onto the leg press. “At my age, the best thing you can do is find a routine.” Photo: Heidi de Marco/California Healthline Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Art Ballard holds a photograph of himself and his wife, Dorothy Ballard. She died from complica...
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‘More than physical health’: Gym helps 91-year-old battle isolation

Art Ballard worked out at Foothill Gym a few weeks before it was officially open to the public. “I’m feeling so good,” he says. “I snapped back.” Photo: Heidi de Marco/California Healthline Art Ballard loads a 25-pound plate onto the leg press. “At my age, the best thing you can do is find a routine.” Photo: Heidi de Marco/California Healthline Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Art Ballard holds a photograph of himself and his wife, Dorothy Ballard. She died from complica...
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Pioneering CRISPR researcher Jennifer Doudna is coming to Disrupt

Jennifer Doudna, a woman whose work has triggered the explosion in innovation in the field of synthetic biology and has given researchers around the world a way to program and reprogram the living world, will be speaking at Disrupt in September. From her positions as the Chancellor’s Chair Professor in the University of California, Berkeley’s Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology Departments and a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes and professor at the University of California...
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Large doses of vitamin D may protect you from COVID-19 — but it’s also toxic

It has been suggested that taking vitamin D may protect people from getting COVID-19. But should we be using supplements to ward off the virus? We need to separate fact from fiction. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining overall health, especially for bones, teeth, and muscles. It regulates the body’s stores of calcium and phosphate and helps us maintain a healthy immune system. While we can get vitamin D from oily fish, egg yolks, red meat, and supplemented foods in our diet, the vast majority...
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What Not To Do When Marketing During A Pandemic 

by Boris Pfeiffer, CEO and Founder of Riddle Months into COVID-19’s impact upon much of the business landscape, marketing teams have been forced to change their approach to messaging their clients. However, this is easier said than done. As a result, many companies have appeared tone-deaf in the face of the global pandemic. Smart companies know that an empathetic approach is a much better marketing strategy. Branding expert and marketing professor Jay Mandel puts it best: “If you want to build ...
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4 Channels To Help Increase Online Holiday Sales

  While COVID-19 pandemic seems to have passed its peak, things are by no means “back to normal.” Supply chains are still disrupted, consumer wallets are still hurting, and unemployment is still high. It’s going to take a good while for the economy to get back on its feet, so you need to plan online holiday marketing strategies well in advance. Holiday Sales Planning 2020 With so much holiday revenue coming in online, it’s vital for online businesses to put their best holiday marketing foot ...
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Unused Assets Cost American Companies $55 Billion in March and April

If stay-at-home orders amid the Covid-19 crisis have made some of your business assets idle, you’re not alone. According to the latest report from Motus, unused assets cost businesses over $55 billion in March and April 2020. Unused Business Assets Due to Pandemic Response Due to the coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdowns, most small businesses had to voluntarily or mandatorily allow their employees to work from home. Indeed, remote working offers multiple benefits to small businesses. B...
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6 tax tasks to take care of by July 15

Hello July, which according to this year's goofy tax calendar is April. That means instead of heading to the beach, which is closed anyway due to COVID-19, or taking a longer trip to Europe, which isn't letting U.S. residents in, again due to COVID-19, we're spending mid-summer focusing on tax tasks. The main one, of course, is filing 2019 returns by the new Tax Day 2020: July 15. That date also is key for several other tax tasks to take care of in July. Here are six that you need to deal with ...
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Hong Kong is gone. It's over.

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "We are living in an Idiocracy." — Washington Post conservative columnist Max Boot bemoaning the stupidity of the Federal government's refusal to advocate ubiquitous mask wearing and thereby save 5% of GDP. WHAT'S HAPPENING Hong Kong police arrested more than 300 people protesting a new security law imposed by China. Police say nine arrests were under the new law, which criminalizes any spe...
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Citigroup pulls back on office return plans as coronavirus cases rise

Citigroup Inc said on Wednesday it was delaying plans for  U.S. employees returning to offices as COVID-19 cases rise in several states.
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More Tesla employees say they were fired for staying home over COVID-19 fears even though CEO Elon Musk said they could (TSLA)

Three more employees of Tesla's Fremont factory told The Washington Post they were fired for staying home for fear of catching COVID-19, despite Elon Musk's guidance telling workers they're not obligated to come to work. The recent firings come days after Tesla reportedly fired two other employees for the same reason. Musk sent an email to workers in May when the factory reopened, saying if "you feel uncomfortable coming back to work at this time, please do not feel obligated to do so." Since ...
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Gov. Newsom Expected To Announce Reopening Rollback As Coronavirus Surges

SACRAMENTO (AP) – Gov. Gavin Newsom is hinting that he will tighten coronavirus restrictions for California’s nearly 40 million residents as a COVID-19 surge has counties rushing to close down bars and beaches ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. Newsom planned Wednesday to announce he will “tighten things up” only weeks after loosening his March 19 stay-at-home order and reopening most businesses. The state requires people to wear masks when they can’t maintain physical distance but public heal...
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Where to get financial help during coronavirus in California

From hotel rooms for people who are homeless to restaurant meals for seniors isolating for their lives, California has rapidly expanded its safety net in an attempt to catch millions of residents impacted by the coronavirus and its economic aftershocks. In daily press conferences during the pandemic’s first months, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced new “first-in-the-nation” plans to protect vulnerable Californians from illness or financial distress at a dizzying pace. But months in, the pandemic safet...
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LEAKED MEMO: Alphabet's healthcare unit Verily suspended bonuses mid-pandemic to fund diversity programs instead, frustrating employees (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google sister company Verily Life Sciences has suspended employee spot bonuses for the remainder of 2020. It says it will redirect the money into diversity and inclusion programs instead. Employees aren't happy about it. In an internal letter sent to management, viewed by Business Insider, employees are calling on leadership to reinstate spot bonuses and subsidize diversity efforts by other means. The decision "implies that these efforts are charity causes not worthy of their own investment," ...
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New Programs from Visa, LinkedIn, Square & Facebook Help Small Businesses Get Through COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus Business Update   Programs Small Business for America’s Future: A New Coalition of SBOs & Leaders Launches During the biggest small business crisis of our lifetime, a new survey of more than 1,200 small business owners shows they overwhelmingly feel our government leaders don’t understand small business needs and favor big business over small business, and 54% disapprove of the Trump Administration’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Because of this, Small Business for America’s...
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Summit raises $2.2B across two megafunds, and pulls in ex-CEO of SoulCycle as newest investor

While there has been a wealth of bad news the past few months in the venture capital world as firms take account of the changing macroeconomic conditions in the wake of COVID-19, that hasn’t stopped some top investment firms from continuing to raise huge piles of capital and getting bolder in their investment theses. Case in point: Summit Partners, a venerable investor at the growth stage for startups and focused on the ecosystems in North America and Europe, has raised two new megafunds. The fi...
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Covid-19 Funding Survival Guide: 7 Steps for Early Stage Companies/Start-Ups

Despite a worldwide pandemic, entrepreneurs and investors continue the quest to uncover emerging market drivers and opportunities. Companies that have a significant demand drivers associated with Covid-19 are raising capital fairly quickly and efficiently in large amounts. Technology also remains an area of continued interest with a high-quality of deal flow. Angel investors are increasingly continuing to fund existing portfolio companies (at attractive valuations for the company and the investo...
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How Small Business Owners are Financially Effected During COVID19

After almost four months of dealing with the CIVID19 pandemic, America has barely been able to get off the mat. Even with some states trying to open up their economies,… Read more » The post How Small Business Owners are Financially Effected During COVID19 appeared first on
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67% of Companies Expect Work From Home to Be Permanent or Long-Lasting

About two-thirds of businesses that have adopted remote work policies as a result of COVID-19 plan to keep at least some of those policies in place long-term or permanently, according to a recent study. The pandemic has forced more businesses than ever to rapidly adopt a work from home model. And though some may have struggled to adjust at first, many are now reaping the benefits of such policies — and that may lead to a permanent shift in working conditions across industries. Work from Home P...
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A VC fund set up by billionaire Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin just closed a $820 million fund to invest in startups

B Capital, the investment fund set up by Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin and Raj Ganguly formerly of Bain Capital, has closed $820 million in new funding to invest in growth-stage startups. With a portfolio of nearly 30 companies in Asia, Europe, and the United States, this new fund brings the total assets under management by the firm to $1.44 billion. Some of the fund's initial investments include scooter company Bird and Singaporean delivery firm Ninja Van.  "In a recessionary period the ...
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86% of Consumers Want a Local Business to Continue Pandemic Services Like Curbside Pickup

New research is finding Americans like social distance services like curbside pickup. And they want them to continue even after the pandemic is over. The State of Local Business survey from Podium reports that 84% of respondents have used tech-enables services like contactless payments too. The vast majority (86%) expect they will continue. Small Business Continues Pandemic Shopping Experience Over half of the consumers polled said they stayed away from local businesses that don’t have these ...
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Bank of England's Haldane sees V-shaped recovery, but fears 1980s-level jobless surge - business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as BoE chief economist says Covid-19 recovery is underwayLatest: Haldane sees V-shaped recoveryChina’s PMIs show recovery underwayWorld markets have surged 18% this quarterFTSE 100 on track for best quarter since 2010UK economy shrunk faster than feared in Q1Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage 12.21pm BST Haldane’s webinar also shows how the Bank of England has dramatically expanded its balance sheet, to pum...
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80% of Small Business Owners Say Pandemic Hurt Business – 55% Feel Positive About Future

The coronavirus has affected most small businesses in one way or another. So if your small business has been suffering due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, you are not alone. According to the latest survey from, 80% of small business owners accepted that COVID-19 has hurt their businesses. However, a good thing is that 55% of small businesses are feeling positive for the future. COVID Hurt Small Business, Majority Remains Optimistic Needless to say, most small businesses operate ...
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New Taxpayer Advocate highlights COVID-19 effects on the IRS and taxpayers in her first report

Erin M. Collins took over as National Taxpayer Advocate on March 30, just as the United States was coming to grips with the coronavirus, so it's no surprise that the pandemic and its effects on taxes are part of her first official report to Congress. "Starting in the midst of a pandemic and witnessing IRS offices closing one by one was not the way I envisioned my role when I accepted the position," wrote Collins in the report's preface. But, added Collins, there's been a silver lining. In confe...
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