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How to change your Facebook password to help keep your account secure

Change your Facebook password to help keep your account secure in the event of (or to prevent) hacking or a security breach. Doing so only takes a few minutes, and the process is simple. Two-factor authentication is also an option for those seeking additional security for their Facebook accounts.   Internet security isn't something to be taken lightly, and social media sites are some of the most heavily targeted sites by hackers who want to steal your logins and potentially lock you out o...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal is right about transforming transportation — but we don't have to wait for its more ambitious goals

US Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey's Green New Deal is wildly ambitious and has sparked needed debate about solutions to global warming. The Green New Deal argues for sweeping changes to the nation's transportation system. Those sweeping changes would all be great — but they're also politically challenging and have set off distracting debates. Real change at a "good enough" level could start much sooner. The "Green New Deal" non-binding resolution introduced by Represen...
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Apple's Services Focus Makes Sense, but Don't Ignore Hardware

The pivot to services should help improve the tech titan's growth, but hardware is still critical.
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IRS watchdog says federal tax agency needs to improve efforts to collect taxes on gig economy income

Screenshot from a look at some of the people who depend on the gig economy. Watch the full YouTube video here. Everybody is looking for more money. Taxpayers want more in their tax refunds, especially those surprised by smaller amounts this filing season. Donald J. Trump wants more to build his campaigned-promised border wall. People who are unhappy with their current earnings are side hustling to get more income. It's that last group, says the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administr...
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SpaceX is about to launch an Israeli mission to the moon. If successful, it would be the world's first private lunar landing.

SpaceX is about to launch a Falcon 9 rocket that will carry the first-ever private moon mission. SpaceIL, a nonprofit organization based in Israel, designed and built the 1,300-pound lunar lander called "Beresheet," which means "in the beginning" (the first words in the Bible). SpaceIL started as a Google Lunar XPrize team and is backed by South African billionaire Morris Kahn. If the Beresheet lunar mission works, it'd make Israel the fourth country ever to pull off a moon landing. SpaceX, ...
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Samsung's new 4K and 8K QLED TVs are available for preorder now and ship in early March

The   Insider Picks   team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Samsung just announced its 4K and 8K TVs for 2019. The lineup includes the Q60R, Q70R, Q80R, Q90R, and Q900. The TVs start shipping in early March, but you can preorder them on Samsung's website right now. The TVs range in size from 49 to 85 inches and cost between $999.99 and $14,999.99. Samsung loaded all the TVs with smart voic...
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How to Write Compelling Marketing Copy: 7 Tips for Writing Content That Gets Results

Writing is a tricky business. You have to choose just the right words to convey your unique message to your specific audience. And, that’s only half the battle. There’s also the question of context. Where and how will you communicate? And, what is your goal? Novels are not novellas. And, content marketing is not copywriting. As Perry Robin, a writer for the content marketing experts at Brafton, explains: Writing marketing copy is a unique, specialized task. It shouldn’t be confused with ne...
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11 tips to make more money on eBay

eBay is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world and you can use it to  sell items and turn a profit. Posting clear, high-quality photos that show your items from multiple angles can help you to boost your sales. Using keywords in your listing's title and offering free shipping on your items can help you to make more money on eBay.  Whether you're looking to set up an online business or you just have a pile of clothes you're hoping to turn for a profit, learning how to s...
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How To Start A Consulting Business

by Katie Lundin of crowdspring Navigating the transition between a salaried employee and running your own consulting business can be tricky. If you’re ready to take the leap, we’re here to share 4 of the 10 steps you’ll need to know to get started. And if you like what you read here, be sure to read the complete 10 step guide on how to start a consulting business . 1. Choose Your Niche. One of the keys to success as a consultant is identifying and embracing your niche. Businesses will spend ...
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This massive, 35-inch curved monitor is the best way to get an ultrawide gaming experience for less than $600

The   Insider Picks   team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. The Massdrop Vast is the best way to get an ultrawide gaming experience for less than $600. While a great value, it still struggles with color accuracy for professional workloads. If you're looking for a high-resolution, ultra-fast curved monitor for cheap, though, it's the perfect option. Massdrop is one of my favorite tech c...
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The 41 actors who have won multiple Oscars, ranked by who has won the most

Frances McDormand won her second Oscar last year, joining a club of actors who have won more than once. Mahershala Ali, Rachel Weisz, and more could also add to their total wins this year. Here are 41 actors who have won more than one Oscar. Oscar wins are hard to come by, and those actors who have won multiple Academy Awards are an exclusive club. Frances McDormand entered the club last year when she took home her second Oscar for her performance as a grieving mother in "Three Billboards Out...
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Tonight's 'super snow moon' will be the biggest and brightest full moon of 2019. Here's why.

A full moon on Tuesday, February 19 — also called the "snow moon" — will be the brightest of 2019. The moon will look significantly larger than normal because it will be near its closest distance to Earth during its orbit around the planet. February's "supermoon" or "perigean" moon will be the second of three in a row. You're not hallucinating: Yes, the moon looks brighter than normal and yes, it looks bigger, too. But the evening of Tuesday, February 19 will bring the real show — what astron...
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39% of Businesses Use Texting to Talk to Customers – How Can Yours?

A new study from Zipwhip   underlines the importance texts have on making your small business a success.  In fact, their 2019 State of Texting Report  says that 39% of businesses use some kind of texting to communicate with clients. Small Business Trends got in touch with Scott Heimes, Chief Marketing Officer at Zipwhip, to find out more about the study and how small businesses can take advantage of texting. He started by pointing out where other more popular methods are falling short. “Most b...
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This robot that can instantly find Waldo might be my favorite use of artificial intelligence yet

Everyone loves a good "Where's Waldo?" puzzle — unless you can't actually find Waldo, then it starts to get frustrating. Don't feel too bad: One company actually built a robot that can find Waldo faster than most humans probably could. The robot, called "There's Waldo," uses computer vision and machine learning to spot Waldo — it's been able to find the hidden character in as little as 4.5 seconds. Here's how "There's Waldo" works: Creative agency redpepper built a camera-mounted robotic arm ...
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With Social Security, This Matters More Than Anything Else

Don't waste your time trying to decide when to claim without taking this into account.
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Forget the Rest of the E-Commerce Upstarts: Shopify Stock Is Still the Top Dog

Don't let the lower-margin merchant solutions segment fool you!
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Amazing NASA satellite photos show China's new lunar lander and rover on the far side of the moon

China recently landed the first-ever robotic mission on the far side (not "dark side") of the moon, called Chang'e 4. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a moon satellite, photographed the Chinese spacecraft on January 30. NASA published the first satellite image of China's landing site on Wednesday. The image shows the Chang'e 4 spacecraft on the floor of an expansive crater. China landed its Chang'e 4 lunar mission on January 3, setting down the first-ever robots on the moon's far side. M...
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How to Keep Your Business Partnership From Imploding

Running a business on your own, especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, can be daunting. There’s so much to do . . . so many mistakes to be made . . . So it’s understandable that you’d consider having a partner to share the decision-making and the risk. I felt the same way. After running my content marketing firm on my own for 13 years, I decided to start a second business with a good friend. Without going into the gnarly details, I’ll just say: it didn’t work out. At all. If you’re cons...
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The Power of a Leader

Dear Leader, You’ve been granted authority. You have real influence. People trust you. Therefore: Your words are powerful. Choose them wisely. People look to you for direction. Take them to noble places. Your suggestions are taken seriously. Don’t make them lightly. You have potential to spur change. Use it to improve the lives of others even more than for yourself. Your character is being watched closely. Show us what integrity in leadership looks like. Your ego can often be fragile. Surround y...
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You Can Thank Us Later – 8 Small Business Tax Deductions You MUST Consider

The best way to ensure that you don’t get a bigger bill than necessary come income tax time is to double check you are getting every deduction possible. There are multiple small business tax deductions available to sole-proprietorships and other small business organizations, such as LLCs. Different Tax Deductions You Can Apply to Your Business Keep in mind that while the list below contains some common deductions that may apply to your business, there may be some on this list that don’t work ...
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How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Complete Guide (2019)

This is the most complete guide online on how to start a business in 2019. You should know that about two-thirds of businesses with employees survive 2 years and about half survive only five years. Businesses that survive and thrive have an unfair advantage. They’re started and run by people who are prepared for what’s ahead of them. If you want an unfair advantage, we’re here to help you get started. Here’s an 11 step complete guide on how to start a business. Develop and refine your idea W...
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Comment: Don't believe the hype, Kiwi cannabis can get you burnt

COMMENT: A fool and their money are soon parted, so the saying goes. But rest assured: a person of above-average intelligence, holding a stable job with a solid income is just as capable of making terrible investment decisions.Last... [Author: [email protected]]
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In Love? Make Sure Money Secrets Don't Ruin Your Relationship

Frank financial discussions between couples can be stressful. But postponing them too long would be worse.
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Don't Overreact to JAB's Tender Offer for Coty

Investors shouldn’t confuse the tender offer with a takeover bid.
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Mobile Applications For Businesses: Should You Develop an App?

Is it a smart idea for your company to develop an app? Here’s everything we have to say about mobile applications for businesses. Did you know the global app market could reach 6.3 trillion by 2021? Are you considering an app for your business but not sure if it’s worth it? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over tips to consider about mobile applications for businesses. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out! Mobile Applications for Businesses Want to connect your customers to your b...
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Bill and Melinda Gates shined a spotlight on at-home DNA tests like 23andMe, calling them one of last year’s biggest surprises

In their yearly letter, Bill and Melinda Gates called personal DNA tests like the kind 23andMe offers the second-biggest surprise of 2018.  The Gateses shined a spotlight on the tests' surprising utility in two divergent areas — crime and maternal health. "We didn’t see this coming," the Gateses wrote at the top of their annual letter. It’s going to be a big year for at-home DNA tests. The spit-in-a-tube kits, which offer the ability to learn more about your heritage and, to a lesser extent, ...
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Here’s A Good Article on Storytelling Invest the 5-10 minutes to read it, totally worth it. Quotage… “The secret to persuasion, influence, and motivation is a formula deeply grounded in storytelling.” and also… “People Don’t Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Story”
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6 Ways To Make Payment Easy For Your Online Customers

If you’re running an online business such as an e-commerce store, it is essential to give payment processing consideration as much as the shopping experience. After all, the checkout is your customer’s last stop, and this is where they’ll finally pay you for your products and services. The last thing you want is for customers to leave your site because it’s such a pain to pay you. So, if you want the payment process to become quick and easy, here are the ways you should follow: 1. Provide a Num...
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How to Protect Your WordPress from Brute Force Attacks

By  Jason Chow Whether you run a WordPress site that is the backbone of your business or a personal blog that lets people know about your favorite low-fat recipes, it would be a shame to lose it due to the nefarious actions some hacker. According to Sucuri, who tracks this data, WordPress is the most common CMS infected by attacks, which increased from 74% in Q3 2016 to 83% in 2017. Even if one of these attacks isn’t successful, just the attempt can slow down your website hosting. What is Brut...
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How to Manage Your 2019 Business Goals and Make Sure You Achieve Them

The following guest post about setting SMARTA goals is from Lexie Lu. Lexie Lu is a UX strategist and designer. She enjoys covering topics related to UX design, web design, social media and branding. Lexie is a contributor to, Orana Creative and Website Magazine. Feel free to subscribe to her design blog, Design Roast, or follow her on Twitter @lexieludesigner. The start of a fresh new year seems like a great time to set business goals and work toward achieving those long-term p...
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