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Amazon Music HD now included with Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon has just included its entire Amazon Music HD catalog for free with subscriptions to its Amazon Music Unlimited streaming music service.
Tags: Amazon, Trends, Home Theater, Amazon Music, Hi Res Audio, Amazon Music Unlimited, Lossless Audio, Amazon music HD

Apple Music adds Dolby Atmos and hi-res lossless music at no extra cost

After years of sticking with the lossy AAC format, Apple Music is adding support for spatial audio, Dolby Atmos, and lossless music at CD and hi-res quality.
Tags: News, Trends, Home Theater, Apple Music, Dolby Atmos, AAC, Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos Music, Lossless Music

The 53 best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now

Comedies, dramas, action flicks, rom-coms, and more are yours for the taking. Choose a winner with our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video.
Tags: Amazon, Entertainment, Trends, Home Theater, What To Watch, Amazon Prime Video, Movies & TV, best movies on Amazon Prime

The 38 best movies on HBO Max right now

You don't have to go out this weekend to find the best flicks and box office hits. Check out the very best movies that you can stream on HBO Max right now.
Tags: Hbo, Trends, Home Theater, What To Watch, Streaming, Movies & TV, HBO Max

The 85 best movies on Hulu right now

From award-winning dramas to the latest hits, Hulu has an awesome collection of movies. We've put together the best films currently available on the streamer.
Tags: Entertainment, Trends, Home Theater, What To Watch, Streaming, Hulu, Movies & TV

Syng’s transparent floating orbs promise immersive sound for $1,800

There's no shortage of expensive, odd-looking speakers out there, but we're still intrigued by Syng's $1,800 Cell Alpha, the world's first "triphonic" speakers.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Wireless Speakers, 3D audio, Syng, Syng Cell Alpha

LG’s 2021 soundbars boast Meridian hi-res audio and Dolby Atmos

LG has released its first batch of 2021 soundbars. They feature Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, along with hi-res audio and Meridian-tuned drivers, starting at $180.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Lg, Dolby Atmos, Meridian, LG soundbars, LG SP7Y, LG SP8YA, LG SP9YA

AirPods 3 and HiFi Apple Music coming May 18, new rumor claims

An unconfirmed report suggests that we could see the next generation of Apple's AirPods, as well as a new lossless tier for Apple Music, as early as May 18.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Home Theater, Earpods, Apple Earbuds, Hifi, AirPods, Airpods 3

The 19 best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO

Streaming services offer a ton of content, but finding new releases isn't always easy. Thankfully, we've rounded up the best films to add to your weekly queue.
Tags: Hbo, Trends, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Home Theater, Hulu, Netflix Hulu Amazon, Movies & TV

Meters headphones hands-on review: Analog style with a digital twist

Skeptics might be surprised to learn they're much more than a gimmick.
Tags: Trends, Noise-canceling Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Home Theater, Hands-on Review, Meters Music OV-1-B

Sonos Roam vs. Sonos Move

There's a lot to love about the new Sonos Roam and the Sonos Move, but which on-the-go speaker is best for you? We compare both products to help you decide.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Sonos, Sonos One, Sonos Move, Sonos Roam, Best Portable Speakers

How to connect Alexa to your home speakers

A variety of speakers come with Alexa compatibility for voice commands and more -- you just need to set it up! Here's how to connect Alexa to your home theater.
Tags: Trends, How-to, Home Theater, Smart Home, Alexa, connect Alexa to speaker, entertainment system Alexa, home theater Alexa, how to connect Alexa to speakers

The 37 best movies on HBO right now

If you're looking for terrific films, then you've come to the right place. HBO has several of the best movies, and you can stream them online right now.
Tags: Hbo, Entertainment, Trends, Home Theater, What To Watch, Movies & TV, Best Of Everything

The best rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video right now

Are you in the mood for some love and romance? Do you need a laugh to brighten your day? Prime Video has you covered with an incredible lineup of rom-coms.
Tags: Amazon, Trends, Amazon Prime, Home Theater, What To Watch, Amazon Prime Video, Movies & TV, Rom-coms

Software update adds height audio control to Sonos Arc soundbar

Owners of Sonos' Arc Dolby Atmos soundbar can now take control over height channel volume instead of having the Sonos software set the levels automatically.
Tags: News, Trends, Home Theater, Sonos, Soundbars, Software Update, Dolby Atmos, Sonos Arc, Sonos Arc Dolby Atmos

Amazon Echo Buds 2 review: Better buds for Alexa fans

Some features are works in progress, but the new Buds are a nice upgrade.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Alexa, Amazon Alexa, True Wireless Earbuds, Amazon Echo Buds, Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds

The best thrillers on Amazon Prime Video right now

Need a thrill in your life? Amazon Prime Video is the only streaming service you need thanks to a stellar lineup of the best thrillers that you can stream.
Tags: Trends, Amazon Prime, Home Theater, What To Watch, Streaming, Thrillers, Amazon Prime Video, Movies & TV

The best 4K Blu-ray players in 2021 for watching the highest quality video

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky To play the best-quality movies on a 4K TV, you need a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. 4K Blu-ray players are capable of better video and audio performance than most streaming services. Sony's UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player offers the best balance between price and performance. Streaming services might offer the most convenient way to watch movies at home, but if you want the very best video and audio quality on a 4K TV, there's still no substitute for a disc ...
Tags: Reviews, Google, Amazon, TV, Movies, Entertainment, Disney, Trends, Tech, Features, Netflix, Buying Guide, Sony, Home Theater, Panasonic, Ssd

6 outrageous headphones that will blow your mind — and your savings

Buckle up and join us for a journey into headphone heaven with our drool-worthy guided tour of the best -- and most expensive -- cans currently on the market.
Tags: Trends, Other, Home Theater, Sennheiser, Audeze, Buying Guides, Oppo, Shure, Ultimate Ears, Tier 4

Bose’s hearing aids cost $850, no audiologist visit necessary

The Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids are the first to receive FDA clearance for direct-to-consumer sales, thanks to Bose's use of app-based customization.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Fda, Bose, Hearing Aids, Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids

Sony WF-1000XM4 make an appearance in newly leaked images

If newly leaked images are the real deal, it looks like Sony has completely revamped the WF-1000XM3 earbuds and case to create their sequel, the WF-1000XM4.
Tags: Trends, Sony, Home Theater, True Wireless Earbuds, Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds, Sony WF-1000XM4

TCL goes big with 85-inch XL Collection 4K and 8K Roku TVs

TCL's new XL Collection features three models, each with an 85-inch screen size, but differing wildly in terms of their prices, features, and release dates.
Tags: Trends, Home Theater, Tcl, Roku TV, TCL XL collection, 85-inch TV

Roku Express 4K+ review: Easy, affordable 4K streamer

This tiny powerhouse sports 4K, HDR, AirPlay, and voice control.
Tags: Review, Trends, Home Theater, Roku, Roku Express, Streaming Media Devices, Roku Express 4K

Roku calls Google an ‘unchecked monopolist’ as ongoing YouTube TV spat rages on

A contractual dispute between Roku and Google is getting uglier and uglier as the two companies trade barbs and use their respective platforms as weapons.
Tags: Google, News, Trends, Home Theater, Roku, YouTube TV, live TV streaming, Streaming Video Services, Streaming Media Devices

Why the best device for Apple’s lossless music will be an Android phone

Apple could be about to launch a hi-fi lossless tier on Apple Music. Here's why the company's own devices are less than ideal for wireless hi-fi audio.
Tags: Apple, Music, Bluetooth, Trends, Home Theater, Streaming Music, Apple Music, Hi Res Audio, Streaming Music Services, Aptx, LDAC, AptX HD, Hi-fi Streaming, Lossless Music

The 52 best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now

Comedies, dramas, sci-fi thrillers, docs, rom-coms, and more are yours for the taking. Choose a winner with our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video.
Tags: Amazon, Entertainment, Trends, Home Theater, What To Watch, Amazon Prime Video, Movies & TV, best movies on Amazon Prime

The 34 best movies on HBO Max right now

Want to get the most out of your HBO Max subscription? Then take the time to curl up with this fantastic lineup of movies that you can stream right now!
Tags: Hbo, Trends, Home Theater, What To Watch, Streaming, Movies & TV, HBO Max

Interview: Sennheiser CEO sees consumer audio sale as big step for hearables

Sennheiser has sold its consumer audio brand to hearing aid giant Sonova. What does this mean for Sennheiser, headphones, and hearables? We asked the CEOs.
Tags: Trends, Headphones, Home Theater, Hearing Aids, Sennheiser, Hearables, True Wireless Earbuds, Sennheiser CEO

Best cheap 8K TV deals for May 2021

When nothing but the very best for your home theater setup will do, then there's an option even better than 4K TVs, and that's 8K TVs.
Tags: Deals, Trends, Home Theater, 8K TV, Commerce 2020, 8K TV Deals

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