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Dyson’s V11 vacuum automatically changes its suction power to last longer

Last year, Dyson promised it would no longer develop corded vacuums, because, well, cords are annoying. But battery life is limited. When I reviewed the V10 last year, I had to constantly think about which power setting to use – do I want more suction or longer runtime? Dyson’s new V11 Torque Drive makes that a concern of the past. Dyson’s stuck a 20 percent more powerful motor and bigger battery in the vacuum, but the biggest change is the V11’s Dynamic Load Sensor. The DLS is able to detect th...
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A quick guide to understanding blockchain smart contracts

Welcome to Hard Fork Basics, a collection of tips, tricks, guides, and advice to keep you up to date in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. ‘Smart contracts’ is a term that gets thrown about quite often in the blockchain world, but there seems to be some confusion about what they are – and how they work. Some context The term was first coined by Nick Szabo, a prominent computer scientist, and cryptographer, who first proposed the idea in the 1990s. Szabo realized that decentralized ledger t...
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TNW2019 Daily: Don’t be a stranger

TNW Conference is only 48 days away, and that means we’re about to launch some really cool things. In the countdown to TNW2019, we’ll announce the full schedule, the festival terrain map, and an amazing giveaway – just to name a few. You obviously read my TNW2019 Daily religiously, but it’s not the only way to stay up to date on everything that’s happening. That’s why today’s TNW Conference highlight is about how to get the latest news. Please @ me I know this makes me the worst millennial ever,...
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TNW2019 Daily: Learning is fun

Our technology conference, TNW2019, is only 49 days away. While we call it a conference, we often describe it as a tech festival instead – because it has all the same learning benefits, but with a festival vibe. You’ll enjoy food trucks, live music, and lounge areas to chill out, in between inspiring keynotes and workshops. We find it really important that we create an atmosphere that doesn’t feel stiff – because when you’re enjoying yourself while learning, you absorb the knowledge much better....
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‘Flat Earthers’ are embarking on a bizarre journey to Antarctica to prove that YouTube makes you stupid

A group of Flat Earthers are prepared to set sail on a bizarre journey to the Antarctic to prove, once and for all, that we’re living a lie. The group, spear-headed by the intellectuals over at the Flat Earth International Conference — the same group that believes NASA is run by conspirators hell-bent on perpetuating the myth of a spherical Earth — plan to set sail early next year. Logan Paul, the internet’s favorite punching bag, is reportedly interested in attending. Paul, you may remember, la...
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Futuristic hover bike promises 15,000 foot climbs and 150 MPH top speed (and you can pre-order it now)

Earlier this month, JetPack Aviation threw down the gauntlet, offering up its futuristic hover bike, dubbed the Speeder, for pre-order. It promised delivery next year. The hovercraft features four turbojet engines capable of 750 pound-feet of thrust, an on-board vehicle stability system, touchscreen navigation, and a 360-degree automatic collision avoidance system. It’ll reach altitudes of 15,000 feet, and top speeds of 150 miles per hour. There’s even a consumer-friendly version that doesn’t re...
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Amazon has a new cheap Kindle, but the Paperwhite is still a better deal

Amazon today updated its entry-level Kindle, making it at once a bit more useful and a bit more expensive – the starting price has gone from $79.99 to $89.99 . It’s a welcome update, but you should probably buy the Kindle Paperwhite instead. The biggest change is the addition of an adjustable front light, meaning you can finally use the entry-level Kindle in the dark. This isn’t automatic brightness adjustment like we’re used to on our phones and laptops, mind you; you’ll have to adjust the brig...
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TNW2019 Daily: You’re my hero

There are exactly 50 days left until TNW Conference. Do you know what that means? It means if you haven’t got your ticket yet, I’m officially offended. You really don’t want to be missing out, so get yours now. We’ve got so much fun stuff in store, and I can’t even tell you everything yet – but I will in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Today, I’d really like to talk about how attending our conference is not just for your own benefit, but rather for the greater good. Let me explain… You can sa...
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Here’s how to attend TNW2019 and a 1-day course with a discount

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, learning new skills is essential. At TNW Conference on May 9 and 10 in Amsterdam, you can find two days of knowledge sharing with the biggest names in tech – but if you want an extra learning experience, we have just the thing. With our Growth Pass, we’ve partnered with Growth Tribe to offer you a great discount on the ultimate experience to develop your skills. You’ll receive a full ticket to TNW Conference as well as a one-day growth hack...
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The upcoming Angry Birds AR game for your iPhone looks like a ton of fun

Game studio Rovio Entertainment just dropped a trailer for its upcoming iOS game, Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs. The clip, which you can watch below, shows how you can catapult your crew of feathered friends into droves of evil pigs, with the game‘s visual elements overlaid on top of real-world objects around you, like a table at a cafe. This is Rovio’s second attempt at making an AR-enabled Angry Birds title after it released a demo version for Magic Leap headset last year. Looking at the traile...
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PSA: Update Firefox to block autoplaying videos by default

Isn’t it annoying when you land up on a site just to read something, and suddenly a video starts playing automatically? Well, Firefox‘s latest release – version 66 – aims to solve this problem by blocking autoplaying videos and audio clips by default. Firefox says that a video will only start playing once you interact with it, like by clicking on the ‘play’ button, for example. However, sites can still enable autoplay by muting the video by default. You can whitelist certain sites by clicking on...
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Apple’s iMac line gets new Intel chips, AMD graphics, and support a bonkers 256GB RAM

After refreshing the iPad Air and iPad mini yesterday, Apple has given iMacs a spec bump with new Intel processors and AMD graphics chips after two years. While the iMac Pro didn’t get any upgrades, Apple’s giving an option to consumers to add a bonkers 256GB RAM for $5200. Base models of the 21.5-inch iMac with a Retina 4K display are now powered by an eighth-gen quad-core i3 processor or an eighth-gen six-core i5 processor. Buyers can also opt for a six-core i7 processor to get more power. The...
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TNW2019 Daily: Every office needs a dog

With only 51 days left until TNW Conference, things are ramping up here at the office. We had sweatpants day on Friday so we could get things done in ultimate comfort, and it would have been wonderful – but I forgot and showed up in jeans. I’m still annoyed with myself. Even though I missed out, I think it’s great that TNW strives to have a positive impact on our culture and happiness. I’m really lucky to enjoy a lot of perks here, to the point where I joke that I’m ruined for any other company....
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Google now lets you easily compress photos straight from the Photos app

A few weeks ago, we explained how you can save space on your phone by using Google Photos to back up your pictures. Now, Google has introduced a new backup option in Android that lets you compress photos to the size of a 3-megapixel image; the new feature is called Express back up, and it appears it’s solely available in India for the time being. Here’s how to use the Express backup option: Open the Google Photos app on your phone. Head to Settings>Back up & Sync, and click on Backup mode Tap on...
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How to book train tickets in India straight from the Google Pay app

Google Pay (earlier named Tez) has recently rolled out the ability to book train tickets in India straight from the app – both on iOS and Android. The money will be deducted directly from your bank account, so you won’t need any additional apps for train booking. Before we tell you how you can book a train ticket, make sure that you have a working IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) account. If you don’t, you can create one during the booking process or sign up here. Open Goo...
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Nvidia’s new $99 pocket-sized AI computer is designed for DIY projects

Nvidia has just released a $99 pocket-sized computer named the Jetson Nano, targeted towards “embedded designers, researchers, and DIY makers” who want to tinker with a system for offline AI development. The developer kit is powered by a 64-bit quad-core ARM processor, and a 128-core Nvidia Maxwell GPU with 4GB of RAM to deliver processing speeds up to 472 Gflops. It hosts a bunch of ports like USB-A 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, and ethernet to plug in external hardware devices like camera modules an...
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Android Q’s hidden ‘bubbles’ suggest Google is rethinking notifications

Despite multiple redesigns and fundamental changes, one thing has remained true since the very first Android phone: you swipe down from the top to access your notifications. But Android Q Beta 1 shows Google is at least considering an alternative. As first reported by 9to5Google, Android Q includes a hidden feature that duplicates your notifications in a small floating ‘bubble.’ If you use Facebook Messenger on Android, you might know what I mean. Facebook calls the feature “chat heads” but it’s...
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Sonarworks Reference 4 makes it easy to calibrate recording studio speakers

Sonarworks, a Latvian startup, is on a mission to make sure everyone hears music the way it’s meant to sound – no matter which model headphones or speakers you’re using. And that starts with helping recording studio engineers get accurate sound from theirs. Sonarworks’ Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic is a bundled package including software for calibrating your speakers and headphones. It comes with a microphone and everything you need to determine what kind of curve your audio is on and auto...
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TNW2019 Daily: Robots!

I can’t believe there are only 52 days left until TNW Conference. It’s really fun sharing conference highlights each day – but also it makes me wish the countdown would hit zero already, because I can’t wait. Today, I really want to talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’ve mentioned in a previous TNW2019 Daily that I’m obsessed with it. Ask my siblings how often I spent talking about Battlestar Galactica growing up. I’d be embarrassed, but this fact makes me insanely cool. A...
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Attend the Chivas Venture Final at TNW2019

Every day, startups are innovating ideas that move us towards a sustainable future. It’s more important than ever to make a positive impact on our society and our planet – that’s why these startups should be recognized. Chivas Venture 2019 is a global competition that gives away $1 million in no-strings funding every year to social entrepreneurs that blend profit with purpose. To date, Chivas Venture has already given away $4 million to the most promising startups making a positive impact on our...
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How Facebook plans to use machine learning to wipe out revenge porn

Facebook’s used its machine learning prowess to filter hate speech and fake accounts— but now it’s turning its focus on fighting revenge porn. In an announcement last week, the company said that it’s introducing new technology to remove non-consensual intimate photos and videos off its platform. The social network claims that the new AI will help the company weed out nude and near-nude photos and videos before anyone reports them. Once the AI detects such content, a Facebook staffer will review ...
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TNW2019 Daily: Our conference is your canvas

There are only 55 days left until our tech conference! Our CEO Boris gave me a shoutout in his weekly newsletter (yay), and said that he gets anxious when he reads the countdown on my articles. Don’t worry, Boris, we got this – because every year, TNW2019 is a roaring success. On May 9 and 10, there will be so many cool things to do and people to meet. At the Art of Tech track, for example, you’ll come across innovative artists who use technology in their work. I find their projects fascinating ...
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WhatsApp is testing reverse image search to battle fake news

WhatsApp‘s had a difficult battle against fake news last year. Now, it’s testing a new weapon in this fight – a reverse image search button. According to a report by WABetaInfo, a beta version of WhatsApp’s Android app has a new feature to search an image directly from the chat. The report notes that the chat app will use Google APIs to compare the selected image with similar pictures, and will show the result in a browser. As shown in the screenshots below, the app will upload the image to Goog...
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Lessons in Herstory uses AR to rectify women’s place in history books

March is Women’s History Month, and thinking back to school, women’s history was an important topic that was rarely spoken about. During history lessons, we were taught about conflicts, innovation, and resolutions that made the world what it is today — without telling the stories of the other half the population. In the US, 89 percent of the stories in history textbooks are about men. History really has been “his story” — it was written by men, for men. But an augmented reality app, Lessons in H...
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Google’s foldable patent hints at a compact clamshell phone

Foldable phones are certainly the talk of the town this year. We’ve already seen devices from companies like Samsung and Huawei, and teasers from Xiaomi and Oppo. But all these phones are rather large, and are essentially designed to replace tablets. What about people who like smaller handsets? Well, a new patent filed by Google indicates the company might have something in store for fans of pocketable devices. The patent, first spotted by Patently Mobile, suggests that the company might be work...
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How to watch Elon Musk reveal Tesla’s Model Y SUV tonight

A couple of weeks ago, Elon Musk announced he would reveal the Model Y – Tesla’s more affordable SUV – on March 14. Well, guess what day it is? You’ll be able to live stream the event on Tesla’s website beginning at 8PM PT/11PM ET, and if you’re unable to catch it live, we’ll post a recording right here for when you get the chance. For now, the company posted this quick teaser that should give you a rough idea of the car’s shape, at least: Model Y Thurs 8pm PDT — Tesla (@T...
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Hear the story of WeTransfer’s CEO and more at TNW2019

Building a thriving company is never easy, which is why it’s great for entrepreneurs to learn from those who have done it before. Hearing the success stories of leaders in our industries can be really inspiring – but tapping into the knowledge of CEOs and founders of successful companies is a tough thing to do. Unless you catch them at an event, it can be hard to work around their busy schedules. That’s why, together with Adyen, the TNW2019 Growth Quarters track will feature these big names in o...
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IBM’s latest trick: Turning noisy quantum bits into machine learning magic

IBM‘s figured out how to ignore noisy qubits and run machine learning algorithms in quantum feature spaces. Eureka-cadabra! The age of quantum algorithms is upon us. A team of IBM researchers created a pair of quantum classification algorithms and then experimentally implemented them on a hybrid system utilizing a 2-qubit quantum computer and a classical superconductor. Basically, they demonstrated that quantum computers can provide advantages in machine learning that classical computers, alone,...
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ISPs are reportedly blocking Reddit in India

Facebook and Instagram might be up for people around the world after a long outage, but for several people in India are not being able to access Reddit. However, that’s not because of a server outage. Several Reddit posts and reports suggest that telcos and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are blocking the site. Today, MediaNama reported that telcos like Vodafone and Jio, and ISPs like YOU Broadband, Spectranet, and Jio Gigafiber have blocked Reddit in several Indian states. Plus, there are man...
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TNW2019 Daily: Here’s how to plan your trip to Amsterdam

With only 56 days left to go until TNW Conference, it’s time to start planning your visit to Amsterdam. You might be asking yourself, “Shouldn’t I have done it sooner?” The answer is no! Don’t worry – there’s plenty of time to secure a great hotel and pencil in some fun activities. Here’s how to do it: Step 1: Find the real Amsterdam Amsterdam has two distinct faces. First, there’s the version that tourists tend to see, which is the Red Light District and the very center of the city. It’s everyt...
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