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Pangea raised $180m to buy up low-rent Chicago properties "to help poor people," and then created the most brutally efficient eviction mill in Chicago history

Pangea was founded by Al Goldstein, a Deutsche Bank investment banker who quit to found a massive, intercontinental payday lending outfit; he tapped the investors that he enriched with his payday lending business to stake him $180 million and bought up thousands of low-rent buildings in Chicago's poorest neighborhoods (which are also Chicago's blackest neighborhoods). Pangea took over buildings (some of them derelict and abandoned or squatted) and renovated them, and rented them out, becomi...
Tags: Post, Business, Chicago, Eviction Epidemic, Evictions, Guillotine Watch, Law, Pangea, Payday Lenders, The Rent Is Too Damned High, Urban Theory, War on the poor, Weaponized Shelter

Okay, Which One Of You Hedge Fund Monsters Is Taking Pictures Of A-Rod On The Toilet?

We know that asset management has been boring lately, but this is a very strange way to pass the time.
Tags: Law, Finance

Deutsche Bank Investors Would Really Like Deutsche Bank To Recognize That It Sucks At Investment Banking

In fairness, it seems like they have a point.
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Coast Guard Assistant Commandant 01/2020 batch entry

Coast Guard  Assistant Commandant  - 01/2020 Batch entry The Indian Coast Guard, an Armed Force of the Union, offers you a challenging and inspiring career as a Group ‘A’ Gazetted Officer in the pay scale for Assistant Commandant in 01/2020 batch entry at Rs.15600-39100  with Grade Pay Rs 5400/- (Now Starting from Rs.56000/- in 7th Pay Commission as it is in the Level 10 of... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (Manisha)]
Tags: Jobs, Law, Engineer, Online, Pilot, Armed Forces, Coast Guard, Manisha, Indian Coast Guard, Commandant, Electrical Engineer Vacancy, 7th Pay Commission, Diploma Engineer

Bill Ackman Sounds Thisclose To Starting Up His Own Co-Working Space

Neri Oxman's trophy husband is sitting on a potential goldmine in Hell's Kitchen.
Tags: Law, Finance, Bill Ackman, Neri Oxman

Welcome To The Peter Navarro Economy

This is what happens, Larry! See what happens, Larry?! Do you see what happens when you let Navarro talk to the president?
Tags: Law, Finance, Peter Navarro, Larry, Navarro, Larry See

Impossible Foods’ $300 Million Haul Ahead Of IPO Good News To Former Meatpacking Laborer

Embracing the products that companies like Impossible Foods are making in the IPO world doesn’t mean we’re barreling toward an apocalyptic meatless society.
Tags: Law, Finance, Ipo, Market, Burger, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Meatless, Meatpacking

Morning Docket: 05.15.19

* Donald Trump Jr. has reached an agreement for “limited” testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he’ll discuss no more than a handful of topics for no longer than two-to-four hours. But will he plead the Fifth? [New York Times] * Just when you thought Georgia’s fetal heartbeat law was too extreme, Alabama shows up with a near total abortion ban like it’s some race to see which state can get Roe v. Wade overturned the quickest at the Supreme Court. [NBC News] * Can Presiden...
Tags: Money, Supreme Court, Law, Nbc News, Alabama, Georgia, Harvard, New York Times, Harvey Weinstein, Abortion, Department Of Justice, Senate Intelligence Committee, Biglaw, Trump, Kirkland & Ellis, AG

Free speech: The history every American should know

There's a reason you're free to wear clothing with protest statements on them today. In 1968, 19-year-old Paul Robert Cohen was arrested for disturbing the peace by wearing a jacked that read "F*ck the Draft" in a California courthouse. His case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided that being offended by the jacket did not merit censorship.Jonathan Zimmerman argues that the history of debate in the U.S. – of who gets to say what, and how that has evolved – should be taught to every Amer...
Tags: Politics, Activism, Law, California, History, United States, Language, Innovation, Debate, Speech, U S Supreme Court, ZIMMERMAN, Jonathan Zimmerman, Paul Robert Cohen

Trump Has Made The Stock Market Insane, Says Literally Jim Cramer

Surely this is the Sell signal of all Sell signals...
Tags: Law, Finance, Jim Cramer

Jury awards $2b to California couple who say Bayer's Roundup weedkiller gave them cancer

Back in 2018, evil got a shot in the arm when Nazi collaborators Bayer were allowed to buy Big Ag monopolists Monsanto, celebrating the marriage by getting rid of the Monsanto name (on the grounds that Monsanto's tactics had tarnished their reputation even worse than Bayer's use of concentration camp slaves and fatal medical experiments on Jews and others imprisoned by the Nazis, to say nothing of their notorious product Zyklon B). Monsanto's flagship product is Roundup (glyphosate), a wee...
Tags: Health, Post, Business, News, Roundup, Law, California, Finance, Germany, Nazis, Cancer, Gmo, Monsanto, Liability, Berenberg, Bayer

Holy Crap! Cravath Had A REALLY Busy Couple Of Weeks In Mergers & Acquisitions

$100 million in deals in two weeks is impressive AF.
Tags: Money, Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Biglaw, Cravath

"Mayor Bill de Blasio grew hoarse shouting over the cranked-up crooning of Frank Sinatra tunes playing in the Trump Tower lobby as he tried to promote his 'Green New Deal.'"

"The mayor had planned a press conference outside the tower that houses president’s Manhattan residence, but Mother Nature forced him to relocate the event into some very unfriendly territory—the gilded building’s public lobby. 'Had the weather cooperated we would have been outside,' the mayor admitted. The atrium is one of several privately-owned, public spaces in the city that are created in exchange for loosening height restrictions. Trump Tower staff turned up the dial on the PA system just ...
Tags: Music, Real Estate, Law, Global Warming, Manhattan, Bill De Blasio, Rain, Donald Trump, Frank Sinatra, Mother Nature, Trump, Ny Post, Trump Tower, Tony Bennett, 5th Avenue, Vic Damone

Bank Of England Would Really Appreciate It If Britain’s Leaders Could Get On With Kneecapping Its Economy

Because taking forever to kneecap is even worse.
Tags: England, Law, Finance, Britain

SEC Injects A Little Spice Into Smaller Companies

Feel free to keep up whatever shady accounting or outright fraud you’re doing even if you go public.
Tags: Law, Finance, SEC

Dear Wall Street, Steve Mnuchin Is Not Your Boyfriend

Even Wall Street does not deserve to be treated like this.
Tags: Politics, Law, Finance, China, Markets, Trade, Donald Trump, Steve Mnuchin, ATL Finance

Larry Kudlow Goes On TV To Make It As Clear As Possible That He Doesn’t Want To Work In This White House Anymore

Kuddles just signed his own pink slip and it did not feel accidental.
Tags: Law, Finance, Larry Kudlow

Space Rocket Billionaires Are Unsubtly Referencing Their Actual Penises On Twitter… Again

Even we have to admit that Elon just did a good tweet.
Tags: Law, Finance

Uber IPO Underwhelming Everybody, And It’s The Best News We’ve Had In Weeks

The market is teaching Uber a very hard lesson about how dynamic pricing really works.
Tags: Uber, Law, Finance, China, IPOs, Donald Trump, Capital Markets, DealBreaker, ATL Finance

Chris Christie Goes Into Finance Because It Worked Out So Well For The Last Former New Jersey Governor

Because reality has killed irony, his first two investments are connected by the George Washington Bridge.
Tags: Chris Christie, Law, Finance, New Jersey

Jim Hannigan – SALI Alliance and Why Matter Standards … Really Matter

Jim Hannigan, the Director of Legal Project Management at Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP and a member of the leadership team and standards committee at SALI Alliance walks us through the importance surround data standards when it comes to legal matters. Creating standards is the first step in allowing those of us in the legal services industry to speak the same language, and create ways of comparing apples to apples when it comes to marketing pitches, prior experience, or matter pricing. Hanni...
Tags: Google, Podcast, Kim Kardashian, Law, Uncategorized, Innovation, Poland, Kim, Standards, Wolters Kluwer, Greg, LMA, Jerry, Marlene, Standford University, University of Warsaw Stock In A Freefall As Investors Take Note That Company Is Empirically Obsolete

Hard to feel bullish on a company that just lost its only client... and also how no one really needs stamps anymore.
Tags: Law, Finance

Should veganism receive the same legal protection as a religion?

Veganism is on the rise globally – but it can be contentious. Only recently, the editor of a food magazine joked that vegans should be force-fed meat while a bank employee told a vegan customer that they should be punched after he objected to some vegan graffiti near his home. But to what degree should veganism be protected by law as a philosophical belief? It is a question that is central to an employment tribunal case in the UK. Jordi Casamitjana claims he lost his job at the League Agai...
Tags: Work, Food, UK, London, Law, Animals, Religion, Bbc, Innovation, European Court Of Human Rights, Christian, Morality, Grainger, Employment Tribunal, Burton, Nicholson

Uber Showing Growth By Lying About Itself For Smarter Reasons

When your IPO range is this absurd, even the bottom is an over-deliver.
Tags: Law, Finance

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