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E-bike or electric scooter: Which is right for you?

As personal electric vehicles become more powerful and affordable, e-bikes and standing electric scooters have become increasingly practical alternatives to traditional transportation methods for many people, especially those in crowded cities. But when it comes down to spending your hard-earned money, you might be asking yourself which form of electrified two-wheel transport is best for you. I’m lucky enough to have been able to try a variety of these electric vehicles, constantly weighing the ...
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The Yamaha Civante is the company’s first 28mph e-bike in the US

Yamaha might be best known for its instruments and motorcycles, but it was also the first company to introduce modern e-bikes, way back in 1993. While it may not be as big in the modern e-bike world as the likes of Bosch or Bafang, the company’s motors have made their name with brands such as Giant and Haibike, and the company has recently been expanding its own first-party line-up too. Today, the company is taking a big step forward in the e-bike world by announcing its first 28mph (Class 3) e-...
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I hate how much I love the animations on Apple’s Privacy page

Ugh, I’m making myself feel ill before I’ve even started writing. But here we go, deep breath… I love Apple’s Privacy page on its website. And I hate that. Let’s backtrack a bit though. We’ve covered Apple’s approach to Privacy a few times lately. The most recent was to do with the iOS clipboard story, a saga that has evolved from the iOS 14 beta, where apps are being shamed for continually snooping on users’ copied text. Another was this piece following the launch of iOS 13 where we talked abou...
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OnePlus confirms its affordable Nord phone will launch on July 21

OnePlus has confirmed that it’ll launch its mid-range OnePlus Nord phone on July 21 through an AR launch. The company has released the OnePlus Nord AR app on the Play Store and App Store so people can experience the device virtually. By now, we know quite a few details about the company’s upcoming mid-range phone. Last month, the Chinese smartphone maker confirmed that the phone will be available only in India and Europe. [Read: Everything we know about the OnePlus Nord] OnePlus has also reveale...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 event will take place on August 5

Samsung today sent out ‘invites’ for its next Galaxy Unpacked event, when the company is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 20. Indeed, the company teases such in a short video posted with the announcement: As previously rumored, the event will take place on August 5, with the livestream beginning at 10 am ET. Samsung itself doesn’t explicitly say much about what to expect, other than confirming it will “explore our latest Galaxy Devices ecosystem.” That said, the Note 20 is a given; the company...
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Here’s a dumb graph about Steve Jobs’ stylus hate and Apple Pencil releases

Is this stupid? Damn right it’s stupid, but that’s never stopped me before. So, Steve Jobs never liked styluses. This began publicly at the launch of the original iPhone, where — when talking about the device’s physical keyboard-less design — he famously asked “who wants a stylus?” You think that’s it? Well, let me tell you about something else. It was in a presentation for iOS 4 back in 2010 — and Steve Jobs broke the hearts of stylus fans everywhere. In a rant about the iPad (guess it was more...
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How to quickly turn on Night Shift on iOS (and reduce that gnarly blue light)

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. I’m not a Night Shift fan per se. I don’t like it when my iPhone or iPad screen becomes orange-tinted on a schedule. If I’m still up in front of the TV at midnight on a Tuesday, I’d rather not my expensive device look as though it was dunked in Orangina. But… there does come a time when I’m using my device in bed (I know, awful habit) and I’d rather some of th...
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The ‘new’ Poco M2 Pro is just a Redmi Note 9 Pro in disguise

At the turn of this year, Xiaomi announced that it’s spinning of Poco as a separate brand. Since that day, the company has launched the Poco X2 in India, and the Poco F2 Globally. While Poco shares a ton of resources with Xiaomi including software and manufacturing, it has tried hard to push a narrative that it’s an independent brand. But with its new phone, the Poco M2 pro, the firm is making that hard to believe. The $175 Poco M2 Pro is a new offering from the company, but it’s a love child of...
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Dear Google, please let this Pixel 5 ‘leak’ be fake

While we’re still waiting for any confirmation of the Pixel 4a’s announcement date, we’re already starting to see alleged leaks of the upcoming Pixel 5. Case in point: today supposed renders of Google’s upcoming flagship began to make the rounds… and it looks decidedly uninteresting. The renders are courtesy of Pigtou and leaker @xleaks7, and they display pretty much the most uninteresting phone Google could have possibly come up with: a phone that looks almost exactly like the Pixel 4 that prec...
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We did the math: iPhone screen sizes ARE bigger now

Have you ever looked at the screen on your new iPhone and thought “wow, is this bigger than the old iPhones?” You and me both, pal. But we’re all busy people, right? To prove such a hypothesis you’d need to look at figures and facts and — sickeningly — plot that into some sort of scatter graph like a fucking nerd. Who in their right mind has time for something like that? Well, today, me. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a graph plotting iPhone screen sizes against the year the model was relea...
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The iOS clipboard saga is a testament to Apple’s privacy-first approach

Apple’s approach of making privacy one of its main selling points isn’t new, but it’s come to the forefront again with the ongoing iOS clipboard saga. For some context, Apple announced iOS 14 at WWDC in June and, shortly afterwards, made the beta available to developers. This included the iOS clipboard privacy feature. What this does is alert the user when an app tries to copy clipboard information. Something, it turns out, apps appear to do constantly. TikTok was the first of these to cause a s...
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Everything we know about the OnePlus Nord

Five years after releasing its $300 OnePlus X mid-range phone, the Chinese smartphone maker will soon launch its new affordable offering — the OnePlus Nord. The company has confirmed that it’s launching the new series initially just in India and Europe. That means the US will miss out on a potentially solid sub-$500 phone for now. So, what do we know about this phone? The company has spilled a lot of beans in recent weeks through interviews and announcements. In a chat with Android Authority, On...
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Study: No, bikes aren’t really slowing drivers down

One of the most common complaints cyclists hear from drivers is that bikes slow them down on city streets. It’s common to have drivers dangerously overtake you on crowded roads due to MGIF (Must-Get-In-Front) syndrome. Bikes can’t go as fast as a car, so obviously they’re slowing down the other motorists on the road, right? Not so fast. A study published in the Transportation Research Record journal last month suggests that on average, cyclists have a negligible impact on traffic speeds — genera...
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Study: No, bikes aren’t really slowing cars down

One of the most common complaints cyclists hear from drivers is that bikes slow them down on city streets. It’s common to have drivers dangerously overtake you on crowded roads due to MGIF (Must-Get-In-Front) syndrome. Bikes can’t go as fast as a car, so obviously they’re slowing down the other motorists on the road, right? Not so fast. A study published in the Transportation Research Record journal last month suggests that on average, cyclists have a negligible impact on traffic speeds — genera...
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You can now use (some) Olympus cameras as webcams

Olympus‘s cameras are facing an uncertain future after the company announced it would be selling its camera brand to Japan Industrial Partners, an investment company that had previously bought VAIO from Sony. But now we know the cameras will be good for at least one thing a few years from now: being very fancy webcams. As several other camera manufacturers have done over the past few months in the wake of coronavirus and everyone being stuck at home, Olympus today announced it had brought webcam...
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The Whoop fitness band transformed me from sleepy boy to fit boy in two months

Welcome to Riding Nerdy, TNW’s fortnightly dive into bicycle-based tech, where we go into too much detail and geek out on all things related to pedal-powered gadgets. With all the cycling tech on the market — like power meters, heart rate monitors, Zwift, smart trainers — it’s easy to think that you just need to ride more and ride harder to get fitter. But that’s not necessarily the best approach. With all this tech we should actually be training, and recovering, smarter.  I say recovering, beca...
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Google discontinues its popular Pixel 3a phone — but where’s the Pixel 4a?

Google has discontinued its last year’s mid-range phones the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL. However, there’s no word on whether the company is launching the Pixel 4a any time soon. The search giant told Android Police — which first reported the development –that the product is available through some retail partners while supplies last: Google Store has sold through its inventory and completed sales of Pixel 3a. For people who are still interested in buying Pixel 3a, the product is available from ...
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Samsung apparently just leaked the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra by accident

Someone at Samsung appears to have committed a whoopsie today: the company seems to have leaked the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on its own Russian site. Behold: Something weird!Might just be our first look at the #Samsung #GalaxyNote20Ultra smartphone. This picture of the Bronze/Copper Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was found on the official Russian website of Samsung. Do you think it's the actual render or concept used by a Samsung team? — Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) July...
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Google is testing Smart Compose on WhatsApp and Telegram

It looks Google’s exploring new ways to turn us all into robots. Users of Gboard beta have spotted Smart Compose popping up in Google Messages, Telegram, and WhatsApp, 9to5Google reports. The feature’s been making writing suggestions as you type for a couple of years now, but never before in messaging apps. Google initially launched it for Gmail, where it now recommends closing messages, like “Have a great weekend!” or “Please leave me alone, you’re scaring me.” Well, maybe not the latter — but ...
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Microsoft will reportedly reveal cheaper ‘Xbox Series S’ in August

For almost as long as we’ve known about the Xbox Series X – even back when it was called Project Scarlett — we’ve also heard rumors of a second next-gen console codenamed ‘Lockhart’. Those rumors seemed to die down when Microsoft unveiled the Series X, only to pick back up again the past few weeks as mounting evidence suggested the company does indeed have a cheaper alternative on the way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the naming scheme for the company’s last few consoles, the cheaper alternativ...
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MacOS security bug could allow a bogus version of Safari to steal your data

Last year, Apple expanded its security bounty program to include macOS after several years of offering the same for iPhone developers. But according to at least one researcher, the company isn’t acting quick enough on some exploits. Developer Jeff Johnson informed Apple about an exploit that allowed an attacker to steal private data with a malicious clone of Safari over six months ago. Once a user is tricked into downloading the malicious file, the Safari clone is given undue access by macOS. An...
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The OnePlus Nord phone will go back to the company’s budget roots

OnePlus has consistently made some of the best bang-for-your-buck phones since its inception. But while the company still manages to undercut most of its direct competition in performance per dollar, $900 is for the Pro model is still a lot of money. That’s a far cry from the $300 ‘flagship killer’ price the company flaunted back in 2014. Now OnePlus has confirmed it’s going back to its roots with the ‘OnePlus Nord.’ Presales will begin tomorrow and the price is expected to come in at under $500...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 firmware leaked — here’s what we know

Apple might be the world’s most popular smartwatch maker, but Samsung is a (not particularly) close second. And if any item is going to somehow knock the Apple Watch down a few rungs, then Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is probably your best bet. So, what does the Korean tech giant have in store for us next? Well, the firmware for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 has been leaked and now we have a far clearer picture. Last night, Max Weinbach tweeted a range of info he’d pulled from the software, summarizing the...
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France bans VanMoof’s edgy ebike advert for being ‘anti-car’

A television advert from VanMoof, an ebike maker based in the cycling motherland of the Netherlands, has been banned on French TV for a surprisingly contradictory reason. The 45 second ad, which was released earlier this month, pictures a futuristic looking car melting into the ether, as sounds and images of congestion, police cars, riots, crisis, and protest play over the top. For the times we live in, it’s poignant stuff — but it seems too powerful for the French. Check it out below: According...
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These e-bike accessories make riding more practical, safe, and fun

Last year, I decided I would start getting around New York City on an e-bike instead of dealing with crowded public transportation and expensive cabs. It’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Most of that time has been spent riding a Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X, although many were tested on a litany of other e-bikes as well. Over time, I’ve adopted several accessories to improve the riding experience, livability, and practicality of these bikes – many upgrades which I now can’t imagine livin...
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This laptop case turns into a stand — can you?

It might not be an entirely new idea, but it is a good one: a laptop case that turns into a stand. I’ve written before about how useful having a laptop stand is, especially if you’re working from home or somewhere else not really set-up like an office. Which, I’m pretty sure, is what most of the world is going through right now. But if you’re out and about, do you want to carry around a laptop case AND stand? Possibly: I have no idea about your personal habits. Yet it’d be easier if they were bo...
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Hey Apple, here’s some other shit not to include with iPhones

Looks like the rumors are gathering pace: the iPhone 12 might not come with a charger or earbuds in the box. You might think this is a shameless cash grab, a way of forcing you to shell out another $60 or $70 just to use the product you already paid around a grand for, but you’d be wrong. This is capitalism, baby. Let’s put it out there: Apple needs our help. As of writing, the company was only the second most valuable in the world, with a market cap barely nudging $1.5 trillion and a paltry $19...
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Apple might skip including a charger with your iPhone 12 to make it cheaper

Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that Apple might ship the next iPhone without a charger and wired earbuds in the box — which would be a first for the company. 9to5Mac relayed that, according to Kuo, Apple wants to keep the iPhone 12’s price close to that of the iPhone 11, and ditching these accessories will help offset the cost of new 5G networking components. There’s no word yet on whether a Lightning cable will be included. Although this isn’t confirmed yet, I’d hate to see Apple go down thi...
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How I gave up and learned to love tablets

This is adapted from Plugged In, TNW’s bi-weekly newsletter on gear and gadgets. Subscribe to it (and our other great newsletters) here. Plugged In is back and coming at ya like Cleopatra — if Cleopatra had a borderline problem with buying too much shit. Anyway, this edition is all about tablets. Woahh there, close your mouth and put down those gurns. Slowly. That’s it. Good. Somewhat overwrought intro aside, today I want to talk about tablets. And changing my mind. Last week I fell in love. Pul...
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Google Pixel 4A might be ready for release — but is it though?

I’d given up hope that Google will launch its budget Pixel 4a phone soon. However, a new FCC filing suggests that the phone might be ready for prime time action after all. First spotted by sleuths at XDA Developers, this filing indicates that, as expected, this phone won’t have the Pixel 4’s motion-sensing Soli radar chip. So, you might not get that face unlock feature. Google hasn’t announced it won’t use the chip in the filing, but Soli’s operating frequencies — between 58Hz and 63.5GHz — don’...
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