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Oracle quietly held a round of layoffs this week (ORCL)

Oracle laid off an unspecified number of people this week. The cuts happened across the company but they also occurred in a segment of Oracle's cloud business, according to online chatter. This is not unusual for Oracle, which has held major layoffs every year.  Oracle laid off an unspecified number of people this week. The company did not formally announce its restructuring plans, including any indication how many jobs it would peel, and made no mention of the planned cuts when it reported e...
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Inside the Lyft roadshow in NYC where investors packed the penthouse of a $1,000 a night hotel (LYFT)

Lyft executives met with 400 investors at New York's St. Regis hotel on Thursday for its pre-IPO roadshow. The company would not provide a timeline for reaching profitability, but stressed that it would not engage in a price war with rival Uber, attendees told Business Insider. The company also said it has no plans to expand into China. The IPO is set to value Lyft at $20 billion and is expected in the coming weeks. NEW YORK — Nearly 400 money managers and Wall Street bankers crowded into the...
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These are the 10 least innovative states in the U.S.

Innovation is often centered in the U.S. in big cities located on the coasts, such as Silicon Valley and New York. WalletHub recently compiled a ranking of the most innovative and least innovative states in the U.S., based on numerous metrics of human capital and innovation environment. These are the top 10 least innovative states, ranked out of 51 spots to include Washington D.C. The U.S. is often credited as one of the most innovative countries in the world, but that doesn't mean its innova...
Tags: New York, Washington, Kentucky, San Francisco, Trends, South Dakota, Nebraska, Silicon Valley, District Of Columbia, Midwest, WalletHub, New York WalletHub

Facebook employees had unfettered access to hundreds of millions of users' unencrypted passwords for years (FB)

Facebook employees had access to hundreds of millions of users' passwords — for years. Users' passwords were being stored in an unencrypted format, and reportedly were accessible by 20,000 workers at the company. Facebook says it hasn't found any evidence of misuse of the data. It's the latest privacy scandal to hit the besieged tech firm. Facebook stored hundreds of millions of users' passwords in a format easily readable by its employees for years, in the latest security scandal to hit the ...
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Ford names Amazon and Snap veteran Tim Stone as new CFO, continuing the company's push closer to Silicon Valley (F)

Longtime Ford exec Bob Shanks is retiring after over 40 years with the automaker. He's being succeeded by Tim Stone, who spent 20 years at Amazon before a brief stint at Snap that ended in early 2019. Stone's hiring continues CEO Jim Hackett's drive to push Ford closer to Silicon Valley. Shanks was a true gentleman of the car business and will be missed — but he can look forward to a well-deserved retirement. Longtime Ford CFO Bob Shanks officially announced his rumored retirement on Thursday...
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State AGs put tech giants on notice: 'Something must be done with these companies ... they have become too big'

The attorney general for Louisiana, Jeff Landry, has described a growing unease among US attorneys general about the power of tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Landry told SiriusXM's "Breitbart News Daily" show that "all actions" are being considered by his peers when it comes to reining-in the Silicon Valley behemoths. His comments come amid a growing, bipartisan wave of hostility against big tech in recent months, with major Democrat and Republican figures expressing concern....
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Tech billionaires could end climate change. So why aren’t they?

Saving the world from the apocalyptic impact of climate change should be a dream for many Silicon Valley titans concerned about legacy, says David Wallace-Wells, and yet few are dedicating themselves to addressing the catastrophe.Negative emissions technology funded by Bill Gates exists. It would cost $3 trillion per year to operate and would mean human industry could continue at current levels without global warming.That figure sounds astronomical, however global subsidies to fossil fuel indust...
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Seven Africa-focused startups present at Y Combinator’s Demo Day

The seven African-focused companies which presented as part of Y Combinator’s 200 strong cohort of Winter 2019 class of 200 startups may seem like a small percentage for such a large class, but it represents the growing significance of African ventures in YC’s universe. Since 2016, the Silicon Valley accelerator—that provides seed funds and mentorship for early stage startups—has backed 25 companies located in Africa and another 10 with an Africa product focus, according to YC spokesperson Linds...
Tags: Google, TC, Y Combinator, Business, UK, China, Nigeria, Africa, Tech, Spokesperson, Economy, Companies, United Kingdom, Healthcare, Silicon Valley, Tanzania

A Comprehensive Guide to Due Diligence Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

By Richard D. Harroch, David A. Lipkin, Richard V. Smith, and John Cook Mergers and acquisitions typically involve a significant amount of due diligence by the buyer. Before committing to the transaction, the buyer will want to ensure that it knows what it is buying, what obligations it is assuming, the nature and extent of the seller’s contingent liabilities, problematic contracts, litigation risks, intellectual property issues, and much more. This is particularly true in private company acquis...
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These ad execs have a venture fund they’d like to sell you

Mike Duda comes from the world of advertising. In fact, he spent 13 years at the renowned ad agency Deutsch, becoming the youngest partner in the company’s history until another creative, Brent Vartan, came along and stole the title. Little wonder that in 2010, when Duda struck out on his own to create Bullish (formerly known as Consigliere Brand Capital), he stole Vartan, later making him the firm’s second managing partner. It isn’t that the two wanted to outgun their former employer exactly. I...
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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes used a deep baritone voice at almost all times, but former insiders say it was faked

Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the blood-testing startup Theranos, is the subject of a new HBO documentary called "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley." The coverage of Holmes — including the HBO documentary, a nonfiction book, and a podcast series — offer a fascinating look at Holmes, who successfully convinced investors that Theranos had working technology and accurate results, when it did not.  Of special note is the mystery around Holmes' baritone speaking voice, which Theranos i...
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Atlassian's first head of technical teams explains why he couldn't pass up the opportunity to join the $26.9 billion company, even if it meant uprooting to Australia (TEAM)

In January, Atlassian hired its first head of technical teams Noah Wasmer, who joins Atlassian from VMware. As the vice president of product and head of technical teams, Wasmer will head Atlassian's software and IT products, including Jira, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, Jira Service Desk, and Statuspage. Business Insider spoke with Wasmer on how he got to Atlassian and what it's like uprooting to Australia. For years, Noah Wasmer worked in the Silicon Valley tech scene before moving to Atlanta. But n...
Tags: Google, Australia, San Francisco, Trends, Atlanta, Tesla, Sydney, Ibm, Silicon Valley, Pacific, Atlassian, Vmware, Ocean Beach, Sydney Australia, Mike Cannon Brookes, Scott Farquhar

Here's who's getting rich from Lyft's enormous IPO (LYFT)

The S-1 paperwork for Lyft's anticipated multibillion IPO is now open to the public. It lists who the major shareholders are. These are the people that will cash in big time should the stock sale go well. The S-1 paperwork for Lyft's anticipated multibillion IPO is now open to the public, and it lists who the major shareholders are and how many shares they own. These are the executives and venture investors who will reap a huge financial windfall should the public love the stock and drive the...
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Director Alex Gibney looks back on a career of profiling liars and shady characters, from Elizabeth Holmes to Lance Armstrong, and crowns the most despicable

For close to 40 years, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney has made movies about some of the most complex and controversial figures of the last century. He’s examined the maddening drive of Steve Jobs (“Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine”), the bald-faced lies of people like Lance Armstrong (“The Armstrong Lie”) and Julian Assange (“We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks”), and even the mind games done by the head of Scientology, David Miscavige (“Going Clear: Scientology & the Pr...
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Regulators just approved a new depression drug with the potential to be a game-changer (SAGE)

On Tuesday, federal regulators approved the second new antidepressant this month after 35 years of little progress combatting the disease. An injection called Zulresso, the new drug treats post-partum depression (PPD). PPD occurs after childbirth and is thought to affect roughly one in every 6 women. This month's two new approved drugs could work faster and last longer than previous medications. Federal regulators have just given the green light to a second new kind of antidepressant this mon...
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Trump says 'we have to do something' about social media (FB)

President Trump called vaguely for action to be taken against social media companies, saying "we have to do something." At a press conference, the president repeated allegations, without proof, of anti-conservative bias by Facebook, Twitter, and Google, a popular right-wing talking point. The companies in question deny they have any bias against conservative users. US President Donald Trump has said "we have to do something" about social media. On Tuesday, at a press conference in the White H...
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Why, Maker of Self-Driving Tech, is Moving to San Diego

Tech salaries may not be as high outside of Silicon Valley, but neither is the cost of operating a business—or the cost of living.San Diego’s startup community has rejoiced in recent months as massive companies that employ thousands of engineers—including Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), and the tech arm of Walmart (NYSE: WMT)—have announced expansions in the region.Local entrepreneurs hope that investment will make other tech businesses, including early-stage companies, more comfor...
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Brex, the billion-dollar company backed by Peter Thiel and Y Combinator, is now taking aim at bigger startups as it enters its next phase of growth

Brex, a startup that issues corporate credit cards to early-stage companies, plans to launch a new offering in April with more mature accounting features. The new card, which has yet to be named, will allow companies' financial departments to review and approve purchases made on the card. With the launch of the product, Brex is aiming to meet the evolving needs of its startup client base, some of which want more accounting controls. Startups' needs evolve quickly.  Brex understands that bette...
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The mysterious story of former Theranos president Sunny Balwani, who was in a relationship with Elizabeth Holmes and now faces criminal charges

Throughout the saga of Theranos, the now-shuttered blood testing company that came under fire in 2015 over the accuracy of its blood tests, one of the company's key executives stayed away from the spotlight.  Wall Street Journal investigative reporter and author of "Bad Blood" John Carreyrou found that Theranos president Sunny Balwani was in a romantic relationship with Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes during the time he was at the company. Balwani and Holmes confirmed their relation...
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The way Theranos reportedly reacted to the suicide of its chief scientist was unbelievably cold

While dealing with the death of an employee is likely an incredibly difficult task, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes' reported reaction to the suicide of one of her first hires was particularly unusual. That's according to an October 2016 feature story by Vanity Fair's Nick Bilton, who detailed the rise and fall of the blood-testing company. In the piece, Bilton describes what happened to Ian Gibbons, one of Holmes' first hires at Theranos. Gibbons, who was named chief scientist by Holmes in 2005, ...
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A Waymo engineer reveals how the self-driving car company develops its robot brains (GOOGL)

Shilpa Gulati leads Waymo's Behavior Prediction team. The India-born engineer works on perfecting Waymo's robot brains. Her inspiration was reading Isaac Asimov's legendary robot stories when she was 12 years old. Editor's note: Business Insider has been talking with Waymo employees from different parts of the company to learn more about their work. What we discovered were some of the coolest jobs at Alphabet, Waymo's parent company. This is the latest profile in the series. To read the other...
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App Annie, one of Silicon Valley's most popular tools for measuring an app's success, crosses a $100 million milestone and unveils a product to launch another wave of growth

On Tuesday, app data platform App Annie announced it crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue. It also launched a new product called Mobile Web intelligence, which allows customers to see mobile web and app metrics side by side. App Annie plans to continue investing in research and development, and to aim for an M&A, an IPO or private equity in two to three years. After some internal changes to the company culture, App Annie, a quickly-growing app platform that is often cited in Ap...
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How Elizabeth Holmes convinced powerful men like Henry Kissinger, James Mattis, and George Shultz to sit on the board of now-disgraced blood-testing startup Theranos

Theranos at one point had a star-studded board of directors, including military leaders and former secretaries of state.  In HBO's "The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley," director Alex Gibney spoke to reporters who wrote the first major profiles of the now-disgraced blood-testing company in 2014.  The reporters spoke to Theranos's board members, who explained why they were backing Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.  "The Inventor" is available on HBO now.  Theranos founder Elizabeth ...
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From Silicon Valley superstar to facing jail time on fraud charges, here's where Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is now

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and former Theranos president Sunny Balwani have been charged with nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The charges stem from allegations that the two engaged in a scheme to defraud investors and a separate scheme to defraud doctors and patients while at the blood-testing company, the   Department of Justice said in June 2018. In September, Theranos shut down. Theranos is the focus of " The Inventor: Out for Blood in Si...
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Brex, the billion-dollar startup backed by Peter Thiel and Y Combinator, plans to launch a new card for more mature fintechs

Brex, a startup that issues corporate credit cards to early-stage companies, plans to launch a new offering in April with more mature accounting features. The new card, which has yet to be named, will allow companies' financial departments to review and approve purchases made on the card. With the launch of the product, Brex is aiming to meet the evolving needs of its startup client base, some of which want more accounting controls. Startups' needs evolve quickly.  Brex understands that bette...
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Debating China’s BRI and Being Home to the Next Silicon Valley

China’s Belt and Road has some questionable economic return potential. However, the Belt and Road is providing geopolitical returns. The Belt and Road has successful projects in Pakistan,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: China, Pakistan, Innovation, Silicon Valley, Road

Why Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes wasn't interviewed for HBO's 'The Inventor' documentary

The disgraced founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, is not interviewed in the HBO documentary, "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley" (which premiered Monday night). Director Alex Gibney told Business Insider about the process of trying to get her to go on camera, including a five-hour dinner with her, and why it never ended up happening.   Though there's a lot of footage of Elizabeth Holmes in Alex Gibney's latest HBO documentary, "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley," wh...
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One of Facebook’s biggest strengths risks backfiring on it after 2 key execs quit (FB)

Facebook has just lost two key execs, chief product officer Chris Cox and WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels. Their departures could spark further exits at the scandal-ridden company, an analyst is warning. Facebook has a famously mission-driven culture — meaning these high-profile departures could shake others' faith in the company. Facebook was shaken last week by the departure of two key executives — and it could be a sign of darker times to come. On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that ...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Trends, New Zealand, Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowitz, Signal, Louis Vuitton, Martin, Cox, Chris Cox, Needham, Chris Daniels, Laura Martin

Ride-hailing firm Lyft launches IPO road show in Uber’s shadow: Reuters

(Reuters) – Lyft Inc kicked off the investor road show for its initial public offering on Monday, targeting a valuation of up to $23 billion and seeking to woo money managers before larger ride-hailing rival Uber Technologies Inc goes public in April. The IPOs of Lyft and Uber represent a watershed for Silicon Valley’s technology unicorns, which for years have snubbed the stock market in favor of raising capital privately, with investors happy to back their frothy valuations. The market rally of...
Tags: Lyft, New York, Ipo, Boston, San Francisco, Trends, United States, Silicon Valley, West Coast, Jefferies, Zimmer, Logan Green, John Zimmer, Reuters, Renaissance Capital, Uber Technologies Inc

The rise and fall of Theranos, the blood-testing startup that went from Silicon Valley darling to facing fraud charges

Theranos, the blood-testing startup once valued at $9 billion, has fallen far from grace. Its former CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes faces criminal charges stemming from allegations that she and former Theranos president Sunny Balwani engaged in a scheme to defraud investors.  First founded in 2003 by a 19-year-old Holmes, here are the events that contributed to the rise, the fall, the pivot, and now criminal charges facing Theranos and its founder. Theranos is the focus of "The Inventor...
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