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Should you delete TikTok? Only if you’re also going to delete Facebook

Experts say popular video app is no more or less invasive than other services you use
Tags: Facebook, News, China, Trends, Social Media, Bytedance, Tiktok

U.S. political parties issue warnings about TikTok | Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech stories, including TikTok warnings from the RNC and DNC.
Tags: Trends, Social Media, Tesla, Ubisoft, Rnc, Tiktok, Dt Live, Digital Trends Live

Black creators urge their audiences to sustain social activism for the long term

Viral social media movements don't last forever -- influencers want to change that.
Tags: News, Youtube, Trends, Social Media, Features, Influencers, Black Creators

Post-Pandemic Marketing: Will Your Company Be Ready for the New Business Landscape?

What will our businesses look like in the aftermath of COVID-19? No one is quite sure since there’s no real end date to the virus in sight. One thing we do know is the importance marketing will play in attracting customers back to our stores, restaurants, shops, and offices. For many small businesses, getting customers to their physical locations may be a challenge for a while. That’s why it’s vital to have a robust e-commerce site that attracts customers and clients, so they can do business wit...
Tags: Instagram, Youtube, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Stores, Marketing & PR, A&e, Facetime, Influencer Marketing, Facebook Live, KPI, Instagram YouTube, Rieva Lesonsky, Netflix VF Corp

Kentucky Ranks as the Most Connected State on Social Media

Kentucky is the most connected state on social media. You read that right … Kentucky. That’s the result of a recent survey of social media users by Teneo. To find the most connected state, Teneo surveyed hundreds of users and determined the average number of friends, followers, and connections on 6 leading social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok. Teneo Survey: Kentucky is the Most Connected State on Social Media So, Teneo asked survey participants how ...
Tags: Facebook, New York, Texas, California, Kentucky, Oregon, Massachusetts, Alabama, Sales, America, Social Media, Indiana, Tennessee, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina

Your emotions are the new hot commodity — and there’s an app for that

Emotions are the newest hot commodity, and we can't get enough.Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've come to rely even more on our digital devices, including to help manage our emotions. There are approximately 2.57 million apps available for Android users to download and approximately 1.84 million apps available for Apple users. Apps are those tools on our phones or tablets which help us monitor, record and regulate some of the most intimate aspects of our lives, from sleep and me...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Happiness, Social Media, Data, United States, Capitalism, Innovation, Emotions, Mind, Byung Chul Han, New Technologies of Power, Anna Rudkovska, Danica Facca, Health Information Science Western UniversityThis

How to go live on Twitter

Livestreaming on Twitter is easy to do and there are several different features that add to the experience.
Tags: Mobile, Twitter, Trends, Social Media, Twitter Tips, Live, Livestreaming, Twitter live, Twitter livestreaming

How to turn off political ads on Facebook

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. It’s election year in the US, which means you’re probably going to see lots of political ads. While some social media platforms have banned them — such as Twitter — Facebook has yet to do so. But luckily, as of this June, it does offer an option to shut them off yourself. Facebook‘s history with political ads, and politics in general, is a complicated and unpl...
Tags: Startups, Facebook, Politics, US, Social Media, Basics

Facebook may suspend all political ads before 2020 election

The move is reportedly in response to the spread of misinformation and voter suppression on the platform.
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Breaking, Political Ads

Amazon says TikTok hasn’t been banned from workers’ phones

Amazon now says an email banning the app was 'sent in error'
Tags: Amazon, News, Trends, Social Media, Breaking, Tiktok

Amazon orders employees to delete TikTok from their phones

Amazon is banning the app over 'security risks'
Tags: Amazon, News, Trends, Social Media, Breaking, Tiktok

‘He murdered someone, but he’s cute’: TikTokers are writing prisoners to find love

Some experts are wary of the potential for harm
Tags: News, Trends, Social Media, Features, Tiktok, Tiktok Trends, TikTokers

Here’s how Facebook found disinformation networks tied to Bolsonaro and Roger Stone

Facebook has taken down disinformation networks linked to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and disgraced former Trump adviser Roger Stone, the company announced yesterday. The network connected to Bolsonaro was “involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior in Brazil” that sought to influence elections and denigrate opponents of the government, according to Facebook. Most recently, the accounts have echoed Bolsonaro’s claims that the coronavirus pandemic has been exaggerated — which even a posi...
Tags: Startups, Facebook, Twitter, Politics, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Brazil, Trump, Roger Stone, Facebook Most, Jair Bolsonaro, Neural, Bolsonaro

TikTok sees increase in government requests for user data

The U.S. made 100 legal requests about TikTok content
Tags: News, Trends, Social Media, Mobile App, Tiktok

Do we really date based on our own ideals?

Two separate scientific studies suggest that our "ideals" don't really match what we look for in a romantic partner.Results of studies like these can change the way we date, especially in the online world. "You say you want these three attributes and you like the people who possess these attributes. But the story doesn't end there," says Paul Eastwick, co-author of the study and professor in the UC Davis Department of Psychology.A new study from the University of California, Davis, suggests that...
Tags: Psychology, Sex, Relationships, Love, Women, Happiness, Social Media, Brain, Personality, Innovation, Men, Emotions, John, UC Davis, Sparks, Don

Fighting to stay relevant, Flickr overhauls its feed for more customization

It is now split into two columns, with more choices
Tags: Photography, Trends, Social Media, Flickr, Flickr redesign

Facebook removes fake accounts and pages linked to Roger Stone

Facebook said about 260,000 users followed one or more of these pages
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Roger Stone, Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior, fake Facebook accounts

Facebook’s Oversight Board won’t start until late fall

The board may not be operational until the end of the 2020 election season.
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Breaking, Oversight Board, Facebook 's Oversight Board, Facebook Oversight Board

You can now video call your Tinder matches within the app

Online dating just got even more virtual
Tags: News, Tinder, Trends, Social Media, Online Dating, Video Chat, Dating App, Breaking

The best Twitter apps for iOS and Android

Twitter is a communications powerhouse, but it needs the right app. Here are some of the best we've found.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Android, Mobile, Twitter, Trends, Social Media

Facebook’s own audit finds it’s not doing enough to protect civil rights

Its approach to civil rights remains too 'reactive and piecemeal,' it adds
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Breaking

You Ask, I Answer: Monetizing Social Media Followings?

Shannon asks, “I need to put together a better gameplan on making money between now and the end of the year. A friend thinks I need to monetize my YouTube and IG. I guess that means ads on YT and trying to do more influencing stuff on IG?” Monetizing social media audiences is difficult, but […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Monetizing Social Media Followings? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
Tags: Money, Social Networks, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Seo, Christopher, Shannon, Affiliates, Penn Marketing Data Science Keynote

Facebook is not doing enough to prevent election interference, audit finds

"Approach to civil rights remains too reactive and piecemeal," it adds
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Breaking

Activists behind Facebook ad boycott rip Zuckerberg after meeting

One called the meeting "nothing more than a PR exercise"
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Zuckerberg, Breaking, Facebook Boycott

Instagram introduces pinned comments to better moderate threads

You can pin up to three comments on a post
Tags: News, Instagram, Trends, Social Media, Instagram comments, Instagram moderation, Social Media Moderation

Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook will make changes to combat hate speech

The Facebook COO said the company is meeting with civil rights leaders and activists
Tags: Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Hate Speech, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, Civil Rights Audit, Facebook civil rights

If Section 230 gets killed, Wikipedia will die along with it

Social media companies aren't the only organizations that would be affected
Tags: Wikipedia, Trends, Social Media, Features, Section 230

The United States is “looking at” banning TikTok, says Secretary of State

The government is taking it "very seriously", he added
Tags: News, China, Trends, Social Media, United States, State, Breaking, Tiktok

TikTok is quitting the Hong Kong market over free speech concerns

The company says it will pull out of the app stores "within days"
Tags: Hong Kong, China, Trends, Social Media, Breaking, Tiktok

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