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Crew Dragon astronauts talk about prep for first splashdown since 1975

NASA's Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will return to Earth in early-to-mid August
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NY-based autonomous reusable rocket startup lands Air Force contract

New York-based startup iRocket has landed a contract award from the U.S. Air Force to develop and build its fully autonomous small payload rockets, which the company says will be able to launch and propulsively land both its first and second stages, with the potential of launching small payloads on demand in as little as 24 hours. iRocket is one of a few different companies looking to provide quick turnaround, rapid-response launch capabilities to serve a growing need among defense customers, pa...
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High Earth Orbit Robotics uses imaging satellites to provide on-demand check-ups for other satellites

Maintaining satellites on orbit and ensuring they make full use of their operational lifespan has never been more important, given concerns around sustainable operations in an increasingly crowded orbital environment. As companies tighten their belts financially to deal with the ongoing economic impact of COVID-19, too, it’s more important than ever for in-space assets to live up to their max potential. A startup called High Earth Orbit (HEO) Robotics has a very clever solution that makes use of...
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Black workers at NASA reflect on Mary Jackson’s legacy — and what must come next

The legacy of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and other trailblazing Black women lives on in NASA today
Tags: Space, Trends, Diversity, Nasa, Features, Langley Research Center, Mary Jackson, Mary Jackson Katherine Johnson

How a focus on diversity is making NASA a better agency

The legacy of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and other trailblazing Black women lives on in NASA today
Tags: Space, Trends, Diversity, Nasa, Features, Langley Research Center, Mary Jackson, Mary Jackson Katherine Johnson

Mars Curiosity rover is embarking on a summer road trip

It's heading to a new part of Mount Sharp, which it's been exploring since 2014
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Mars, Curiosity Rover, Curiosity, Mount Sharp, Mars Curiosity Rover

Hubble captures a galaxy zooming away from us at 1,000 miles a second

It's due to the expansion of the universe
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Hubble, Galaxy, Es, NGC 7513

Hubble captures a galaxy zooming away from us at 1000 miles a second

It's due to the expansion of the universe
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Hubble, Galaxy, Es, NGC 7513

These are the 3 most likely scenarios for our first alien encounter

How we will find extraterrestrial life is just as important of a question as to when we will find the first alien life. Finding extraterrestrial life is not just a question of WHEN we will find the first life off the Earth, but HOW we will find it. We already know of more than 4,000 planets orbiting other stars, and that number will greatly increase in the coming years and decades as revolutionary instruments set their sights on alien worlds. A new study suggests that up to one-quarter of all ex...
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Rocket Lab CEO offers personal video message after failed launch

Peter Beck apologized and described the mission failure as "a pretty tough day"
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Rockets, Rocket Lab, Peter Beck, Electron rocket

Check out Crew Dragon astronauts’ stunning Earth photos captured from ISS

Doug Hurley's photos show everything from cloud art to sandstorms.
Tags: Photography, Space, News, Trends, Earth, Iss, Space Station, Crew Dragon, Doug Hurley

The biology of aliens: How much do we know?

Ask someone what they think aliens look like and you'll probably get a description heavily informed by films and pop culture. The existence of life beyond our planet has yet to be confirmed, but there are clues as to the biology of extraterrestrials in science."Don't give them claws," says biologist E.O. Wilson. "Claws are for carnivores and you've got to be an omnivore to be an E.T. There just isn't enough energy available in the next trophic level down to maintain big populations and stable po...
Tags: Science Fiction, Space, Hollywood, Science, Biology, Innovation, Aliens, Evolution, Extraterrestrial Life, Wilson, Astrobiology, Don, Michio Kaku Bill Nye, Jonathan B Losos

Rocket Lab loses payload as latest mission fails to reach orbit

Something went wrong about four minutes after the Electron rocket launched
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Satellites, Electron, Rocket Lab

Amateur astronomer discovers a brand new spot on Jupiter

The new feature was imaged by NASA's Juno spacecraft
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Jupiter, Citizen Science, Solar System

We won’t reach other solar systems for a while — robots could visit them first

Many great movies and television shows, including the Lost in Space reboot, show various versions of interstellar travel. SpaceX and the new space race are making space geeks salivate at the thought. To those like myself who’ve cherished the idea since the debut of the Starship Enterprise, the question becomes, what is the reality that we could achieve such a feat in our lifetime? There are two answers to that question. The first involves unmanned travel, which I consider cheating. I mean, where...
Tags: Startups, Space, Science, Syndication

This planet is hotter than a star and has four seasons every 36 hours

'The weirdness factor is high' with KELT-9 b
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Exoplanets, Tess, KELT, Kelt-9 B

Watch a flight over the stunning icy Korolev Crater on Mars

The video is based on data from the Mars Express orbiter
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Esa, Mars, Korolev Crater, Mars Express

A new perfume can help you smell like space

After years of trying, a group has produced the smell of outer space in a perfume.Astronauts have described the smell of space as similar to "ozone," "gunpowder," and "fried steak."Exactly what causes the scent is still debated. Have you ever watched a sci-fi film and thought, "I wonder what everything smells like in this scene?" If that sounds like you, then you're in luck. A Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to produce a perfume that smells like outer space. Now you can go about your day ...
Tags: Space, Nasa, Atlantic, Innovation, Kickstarter, Astronaut, Smell, Engadget, Steve Pearce, Eau De Space, Omega Ingredients

Watch NASA test its Artemis moon rocket to destruction

Engineers wanted to verify the strength of the SLS rocket hardware
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Orion, Artemis

Watch how NASA is prepping to put the next humans on the moon

It's aiming to put the first woman and next man on the lunar surface by 2024
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Moon, Astronauts, Artemis

Dinosaur bone? Meteorite? These men's wedding bands are a real break from boredom.

Manly Bands was founded in 2016 to provide better options and customer service in men's wedding bands. Unique materials include antler, dinosaur bones, meteorite, tungsten, and whiskey barrels. The company donates a portion of profits to charity every month. Johnathan Ruggiero needed a wedding band. As a bigger guy he had trouble finding one to fit his size 17 finger. Then he ran into another issue: His wedding was in a few weeks. He never realized you should take care of this a few months out...
Tags: Utah, Space, Florida, Science, Marriage, Relationships, Love, Women, Los Angeles, Materials, Innovation, Men, Dinosaurs, Damascus, Michelle, Ruggiero

A massive star has mysteriously vanished, confusing astronomers

The massive star in the Kinsman Dwarf Galaxy seems to have disappeared between 2011 and 2019.It's likely that it erupted, but could it have collapsed into a black hole without a supernova?Maybe it's still there, but much less luminous and/or covered by dust. A "very massive star" in the Kinman Dwarf galaxy caught the attention of astronomers in the early years of the 2000s: It seemed to be reaching a late-ish chapter in its life story and offered a rare chance to observe the death of a large st...
Tags: Astronomy, Space, Nasa, Ireland, Innovation, Universe, Allan, Eso, Telescopes, Trinity College, DUBLIN Ireland, HST, Cosmos, VLT, European Southern Observatory, Andrea Mehner

NASA’s ISS spacewalk is happening now. Here’s how to watch

With helmet cams on and audio channels open, it's sure to be quite an event
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Iss, Space Station, Spacewalk, Chris Cassidy, Bob Behnken

Mars 2020 mission launch date is pushed for the third time

It's the third delay in a month, but NASA is determined to launch by August 15
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Nasa, Mars, Perseverance, Mars 2020

NASA astronaut drops mirror during spacewalk outside ISS

The incident occurred while astronauts were servicing the International Space Station during a scheduled spacewalk.The spacewalk was successful and NASA said the mirror poses no immediate danger to the station.Space debris remains a big problem for space agencies worldwide. An astronaut dropped a small mirror during a spacewalk on Friday outside of the International Space Station (ISS), adding to the millions of pieces of space debris currently orbiting the planet.ISS Space Station Commander Ch...
Tags: Space, New York, Technology, Nasa, Earth, International Space Station, Innovation, Associated Press, Cassidy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Kurt Anderson, Bob Behnken, Chris Cassidywork

Boeing tests Starliner parachutes ahead of second test flight

The test comes ahead of a second attempt at a space mission later this year
Tags: Space, News, Trends, Boeing, Starliner

How aliens could use black holes to power an intergalactic civilization

Remember when I warned everyone that humans would probably destroy all life in the universe like construction workers killing ant colonies to make way for a never-ending series of cosmic strip malls? A team of researchers from the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow in Scotland has me concerned that we might not be the construction workers in that analogy. What you need to know One of the people working on the original atomic bomb project at Los Alamos, an Italian scient...
Tags: Startups, Space, Science, Scotland, Tech, Los Alamos, University of Glasgow, Enrico Fermi, School of Physics and Astronomy

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