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Apple is 'assessing' human rights impact of Hong Kong's new national security law, but has not paused data requests from local police

On Monday, Facebook, Google, and Twitter suspended data requests from Hong Kong police. It follows China unilaterally passing a sweeping new national security law in the semi-autonomous city. Apple said it is "assessing" the impact of the law on human rights, but stopped short of promising to pause data-processing requests from local authorities. An Apple spokesperson told Bloomberg that it was up to the US Department of Justice to block requests that might infringe on human rights, under Mutu...
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Here's how big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and TikTok are reacting to Hong Kong's harsh new national security law

Last week, China unilaterally passed an overarching new national security law in Hong Kong that experts say further erodes the semi-autonomous city's waning freedoms. The legislation criminalizes what it deems secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with a foreign country. Those charged with the most severe offenses — like undermining the Chinese government — face a maximum penalty of life in prison. On Monday, several major tech companies including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn,...
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How 2 immigrant founders are trying to help marginalized communities build credit scores. 'America needs to look in the mirror and see what it has done.'

Tech startup Esusu is trying to help marginalized communities in the US build their credit score through rent payments.  The company was founded by two first-generation immigrants to the United States who struggled to get access to credit.  Esusu, founded in 2018, set up a Rent Relief Fund via crowdfunding to support renters during Covid-19.  "America needs to look in the mirror and see what it has done," Abbey Wemimo, Esusu cofounder told Business Insider in an interview.  Visit Business Insi...
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Pompeo tells Fox News the US is 'certainly looking into' banning TikTok over privacy concerns

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that the US is considering banning TikTok over concerns of Chinese surveillance.  Speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Pompeo warned that Americans should be wary of downloading the popular app unless they wanted their private data "in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party." TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, though it maintains that it is an international company that operates independently from the Chinese government.  India ba...
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The United States is “looking at” banning TikTok, says Secretary of State

The government is taking it "very seriously", he added
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After India, the US is ‘looking at’ banning TikTok and other Chinese apps

TikTok has been one of the most controversial apps in the past couple of weeks, and its woes don’t seem to be over. After getting booted from in India, the company might now face a ban in the US. In an interview with Fox News, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said that the US government is certainly looking at banning Chinese apps including TikTok: We are taking this very seriously. We’re certainly looking at it. We’ve worked on this very issue for a long time; whether it was the problems of...
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The United States is ‘looking at’ banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps United States is “looking at” banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo’s remarks come during a time of heightened tensions between the United States and China, which have spilled over into several arenas including national security, trade and technology. Inspired by India? The post The United States is ‘looking at’ banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps appeared firs...
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How to watch Major League Soccer when the season resumes on July 8

  Major League Soccer (MLS), the biggest league in the United States, resumes its regular season with a tournament style event on July 8, 2020. The tournament is being held in a closed setting at ESPN's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando. While ESPN is handling the production of the tournament, games will be broadcast across ESPN, Fox Sports, and TUDN. To get access to all MLS coverage, we suggest using a live TV streaming service with support for ESPN and Fox Sports, like Sling TV or H...
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Foreclosure Protection Bill Includes Reverse Mortgage Borrowers, Lacks Republican Support

A bill introduced into the United States House of Representatives seeking to prevent evictions, foreclosures, and unsafe housing conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic includes reverse mortgage borrowers, and was recently passed in the House before being sent to the U.S. Senate. The bill, House Resolution (H.R.) 7301 known as the “Emergency Housing Protections and Relief Act of 2020,” was introduced into the House by Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif...
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Business Immigration With CanadaCIS: How To Start A Successful Business In Canada

Investor protection, low corruption, trade freedom, and low corporate tax are some of the benefits businesses enjoy in Canada. In addition to Canada’s stable economy, other perks include its proximity to the United States and its similar business ethics and culture with the U.S, which makes running your business in Canada smooth with less cultural challenges to deal with. Over the years, Canada has been a choice location for entrepreneurs and businesses across the different facets of endeavors ...
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Uber reportedly agrees to acquire Postmates for $2.65 billion

Uber has reportedly agreed to buy Postmates in an all-stock deal worth $2.65 billion. According to Bloomberg, the deal may be announced on Monday morning. Like other travel- and transportation-related businesses, Uber’s ride-hailing segment has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to shelter-in-place orders throughout the United States. On-demand delivery, however, has grown, with people relying on services like Uber Eats to get food without leaving their homes. According...
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GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia shares climb as China blue chips hit 5-year peak

Asian shares scaled four-month peaks on Monday as investors counted on super-cheap liquidity and fiscal stimulus to sustain the global economic recovery, even as surging coronavirus cases delayed re-openings across the United States. MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan climbed 1% to its highest since February. "We think there is a case for raising tactical allocation on Asian equities in the context of global equity portfolios," wrote analysts at Nomura in a note.
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USA Today: Puerto Rico Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Face Continued Problems After Hurricane

Reverse mortgage loans in the United States territory of Puerto Rico are resulting in non-death-related foreclosures at a rate of nearly one-in-four between 2014 and 2018, an issue magnified by Puerto Rico’s struggles with natural disasters, falling home prices and a lack of understanding relating to the territory’s unique tax exemptions, according to an investigative report published in USA Today. “An analysis by USA Today and the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo found waves of reverse mor...
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Not yet independence, freedom or justice for all in America on this July 4th

Often, too often, we use independence and freedom interchangeably. Even dictionaries and thesauruses say the words each mean to some degree the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint (freedom) or the state of being free from the control or power of another (independence). On this July 4, 2020, we are reevaluating what those definitions mean to us, our families, friends and neighbors, to people we don't know personally and to the United States as a who...
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Your Independence and Liberating Yourself

Well, it may be the devil, and it may be the Lord, but you’re going to have to serve somebody. – Bob Dylan from Gotta Serve Somebody Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. – Bob Marley from Redemption Song The stages by which one mutates or pupates from one identity to another are not always evident while they are being undergone. – Christopher Hitchens from Hitch-22 Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn, Suicide remarks are torn, From the fool’s gold mo...
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Conspicuous consumption is over. It’s all about intangibles now

In 1899, the economist Thorstein Veblen observed that silver spoons and corsets were markers of elite social position. In Veblen's now famous treatise The Theory of the Leisure Class, he coined the phrase 'conspicuous consumption' to denote the way that material objects were paraded as indicators of social position and status. More than 100 years later, conspicuous consumption is still part of the contemporary capitalist landscape, and yet today, luxury goods are significantly more accessible th...
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Judge upholds Hawaii’s pandemic quarantine on arriving travelers

By JENNIFER SINCO KELLEHER HONOLULU — A U.S. judge will not stop Hawaii from enforcing a quarantine on arriving travelers, saying in a ruling that the emergency mandate is reasonable during the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A group of Hawaii, California and Nevada residents tried to stop the quarantine by filing a lawsuit alleging it is unfair and unnecessary. It violates the fundamental right to travel freely, they argued. The quarantine mandate, which applies to out-...
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Mission impossible? How to shoot a blockbuster in the coronavirus era

With stipulations of mass testing and on-camera distancing from actors, it’s not just the romcom facing a bleak futureThis month, in theory, the latest Jurassic World sequel goes back into production on a London sound stage. And Wednesday – 1 July – was the day that Hollywood studios and TV producers planned to resume production in the United States. In fact, little if any American production has resumed, partly because some of the “tax incentive” states that attract studio productions are curre...
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Luxury Home Prices Dropped 2.3% This Spring, Reversing Course From Pre-Pandemic Growth

The latest data shows luxury home prices are starting to rebound Seattle, WA – July 2, 2020 (PRNewswire) (NASDAQ: RDFN) — The median sale price for luxury homes nationwide dropped 2.3% year over year to $1,099,521 in the 12 weeks ending June 14, according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. This marks one of the biggest declines in luxury home prices since at least the beginning of 2015. However, the latest data shows the lux...
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Trump contracts Peter Thiel-backed startup to build his (virtual) border wall

Trump’s xenophobic dream of building a “big, beautiful wall” along the Mexico–US border has moved a step closer to (virtual) reality. The White House just struck a deal with Palmer Luckey’s Anduril Industrial to erect an AI-powered partition along the frontier. Anduril will install hundreds of surveillance towers across the rugged terrain, The Washinton Post reports. The pillars will use cameras and thermal imaging to detect anyone trying to enter “the land of the free” and send their location t...
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Pending Sales Dipped Slightly Last Week, But Homes Are Still Moving at Record Pace

This Zillow Weekly Market Report includes housing market data as of the week ending June 27 Seattle, WA – July 2, 2020 (PRNewswire) Homes continue to fly off the market just weeks after they’re listed — faster than any time in at least the past two years, according to Zillow’s Weekly Market Report1. That’s despite newly pending sales falling week over week for the first time since late May, though they remain well ahead of last month’s pace. Homes Are Going Under Contract at the F...
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INSIGHT-Olympic Casino's asset grab unnerves European junk bond investors

A sleight of hand by the owner of an Estonian gaming company is alarming investors worried that tactics used by private equity firms in the United States to shift assets away from creditors are coming to Europe. Olympic Entertainment, owned by private equity firm Novalpina Capital, told bondholders on June 18 it had moved some assets - all its online operations and a Lithuanian business - into an entity not bound by its credit agreements, according to an email seen by Reuters. The company, whi...
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US plans to rollback special status may erode Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem

For two months, the people of Hong Kong waited in suspense after China’s legislature approved a new national security law. The legislation’s details were finally made public yesterday and almost immediately went into effect. As many Hong Kong residents feared, the broadly written new law gives Beijing extensive authority over the Special Administrative Region and has the potential to sharply curtail civil liberties. In response, the United States began the first measures to end the special statu...
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Creative Marketing Ideas To Boost Business

Have you found yourself (or your business) in a bit of a funk? It can be challenging to keep up momentum, especially during uncertain times. But don’t get too stressed out; when there’s a will, there will always be a way. Here are a few creative marketing ideas to boost your business. 1. Throw an extraordinary event. Happy hours. Speed networking. Curated panel talks with lively discussions. Whatever the occasion was, it’s likely that you can think of at least one good event you’ve attended i...
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US issues guidelines but no new rules for safe air travel

Federal officials said Thursday that airlines should consider limiting capacity on planes to promote social distancing, but they are not considering making the airlines do it.The officials also recommended — but did not move to require — that travellers wear face coverings in airports and on planes. All leading U.S. airlines now require passengers to wear masks, but regulators have refused a request by the airlines to make it a federal rule.The Transportation, Homeland Security, and Health and H...
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Apple re-closes 15 Southern California stores as COVID-19 cases rise

Apple has re-closed another 30 U.S. stores including 15 in Southern California as cases of COVID-19 continue to flare up in regions around the country. Stores in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma closed  Thursday. That comes on the heels of 16 closures that took effect Wednesday in Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Utah. That brings the total number of stores that have been shuttered for a second time to 77. Apple has a total 271 stores in the United States, inclu...
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How #Unity2020 plans to end the two-party system, bring back Andrew Yang

The #Unity2020 plan was recently outlined by Bret Weinstein, a former biology professor, on the Joe Rogan Experience.Weinstein suggested an independent ticket for the 2020 presidential election: Andrew Yang and former U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven.Although details of the proposal are sparse, surveys suggest that many Americans are cynical and frustrated with the two-party system. Americans are rigidly divided on many issues, but the idea that national politics is corrupt is not one of them....
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British judge denies Venezuela’s Maduro gold in London bank

By DANICA KIRKA and SCOTT SMITH LONDON — A British judge on Thursday refused to give Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro control of over $1 billion in gold sitting in a Bank of England vault, ruling that it is unlawful to give it to the socialist leader since Britain does not recognize him as president of the Latin American nation. Maduro has demanded the gold to help his cash-starved nation fight the coronavirus pandemic. But the central bank for the United Kingdom, whose government recognizes Venezuela...
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Seeing Red: U.S. Auto Sales, Q2 2020

In what might be the most blindingly obvious statement ever to be made in this august publication, the second quarter of 2020 was an absolute disaster for vehicle sales. Under the withering gaze of a global pandemic, the nation’s car dealers were awash in red ink — and the bitter tears of various dealer principals. […] The post Seeing Red: U.S. Auto Sales, Q2 2020 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Growth capital investor Kennet raises $250M fund, backed by Edmond de Rothschild

Venture capital is “not the only fruit” for entrepreneurs, as the often quieter ‘Growth Capital’ can also see great returns for entrepreneurs who prefer to retain a lot of ownership and control but are also willing to bootstrap over a longer period in order to reach revenues and profits. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing millions of people online, tech investors of all classes are now reaping the dividends in this accelerated, Coronavirus-powered transition to digital. Thus it is that Kennet Pa...
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