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Donald Trump's closest Silicon Valley ally, Peter Thiel, is reportedly abandoning the president's re-election campaign

Peter Thiel is backing away from supporting Trump's re-election campaign, sources told the Wall Street Journal. Thiel has been Trump's most high-profile ally in Silicon Valley. Sources said Thiel thinks Trump's re-election campaign is doomed to fail becuase of the economic damage done by the coronavirus pandemic. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Donald Trump's most vocal supporter in Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel, has reportedly lost faith that Trump can win the 2020 election...
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A look inside Europe’s $7 trillion technology market

There’s no doubt US tech stocks have thrived in 2020, but a raft of their European counterparts have returned huge profits for investors during the first six months of this year. Sinch, the Stockholm-based cloud telecoms firm, is up a teeth-kissing 170% year-to-date. Second-best is Dutch fintech play Adyen: its market cap grew from $223 billion to $389.4 billion, driving its stock price up by 74%. Germany’s TeamViewer is Europe’s third-best performing tech stock in 2020, up 52.7% over the past s...
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CBO sees rapid growth in US economy starting this quarter

The expectations is for GDP to return to pre-pandemic levels by the middle of 2022
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Meet Colin Huang, who just stepped down as CEO of $100 billion Pinduoduo and whose wealth exploded by $25 billion in 2020

Colin Huang, the 40-year-old founder of ecommerce giant Pinduoduo, is currently China's third-richest person. Huang on July 1 stepped down as chief executive of Pinduoduo, which has managed to rack up a market cap of more than $100 billion in less than five years. Pinduoduo is a gamified online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers and has a market value of $101 billion — more than Uber or Sony. Huang, who owns 29.4% of the company, is currently worth more than $40 billion. Huang's firs...
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Pacific Edge shares soar on milestone US regulation approval

Shares in Pacific Edge doubled in price after the bladder cancer diagnostics provider said it had gained approval from US regulators to get reimbursement from US health insurers for its Cxbladder cancer diagnostic tests.This includes... [Author: [email protected]]
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Twitter appears to joke that it will add an edit button once 'EVERYONE' starts wearing masks

Twitter said it would include an edit button once everyone starts wearing masks.  Users have repeatedly asked for an edit feature to be added.  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Wired that he hasn't added an edit button to preserve the platform's text message like vibe.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In a series of tweets, Twitter joked that the platform would implement an edit button once everyone started wearing masks.  everyone means EVERYONE
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How to set an age limit on your Instagram business account so that only users above a certain age can follow it

You can set an age limit on your Instagram account so that only users above a certain age will be able to follow you. To set an age limit, you'll need to have an Instagram Business or Creator account. You can set individual age limits for every country that users might visit you from, or one single age limit for everyone. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. You have to be 13 or older to join Instagram. However, there are some things posted on Instagram that might...
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Digital Acceleration

Tamas Hevizi interviewed me about what I have learned about digital transformation in the business acrobatics interview series I have been running in the last few weeks. Below is a discussion about digital acceleration during the crisis in the US... [Author: vinnie]
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Tencent Games Forms US-Based Lightspeed Studio

Tencent Games has continued to expand into the West to further corrupt it with its influence and greed as their Lightspeed & Quantum subsidiary will be opening a new studio called Lightspeed Studio. The Los Angeles studio is being created for the purpose of developing AAA open-world games for upcoming consoles the PS5 and the […]
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US issues guidelines but no new rules for safe air travel

Federal officials said Thursday that airlines should consider limiting capacity on planes to promote social distancing, but they are not considering making the airlines do it.The officials also recommended — but did not move to require — that travellers wear face coverings in airports and on planes. All leading U.S. airlines now require passengers to wear masks, but regulators have refused a request by the airlines to make it a federal rule.The Transportation, Homeland Security, and Health and H...
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A new alert on Facebook and Instagram tells people to wear masks in public to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus

A new alert on Facebook and Instagram advises users in the US to wear face masks in public. The announcement of the new notice comes as coronavirus cases rise in the US and some states implement regulations requiring face masks in public. While Facebook strives to combat coronavirus misinformation the company refuses to budge on its controversial hate-speech policy, which has led over 500 advertisers to halt their ads on the platform. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. More a...
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13 SoCal real estate twists: coronavirus confusion, $355 million flip, foreclosure fear

Here are 13 must-read stories about the local real estate market from the Southern California News Group’s Home Stretch newsletter. To subscribe to the free, twice-weekly email publication, just CLICK HERE! 1. Pair of Irvine office buildings flipped for $355 million. Great Park developer bought back the buildings in 2017. 2. Coronavirus confidence rebound? California shoppers see reasons to be optimistic. 3. COVID confusion drives disciplined homebuyers to distraction. Contributor Leslie ...
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Elon Musk thinks the surge in coronavirus cases is due to testing errors, but a virologist is debunking that 'dangerous misinformation'

Elon Musk said on Twitter that testing errors, rather than new infections, are causing the new surge of coronavirus cases. Virologist Angela Rasmussen rushed to debunk the claim, which she called "dangerous misinformation." COVID-19 diagnostic tests have relatively low rates of false positives, and spikes in hospitalizations show that transmission really has increased. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Elon Musk took to Twitter on Thursday to claim that testing errors, rat...
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Palantir has raised more than $500 million in fresh funding as the secretive and controversial startup works toward a possible IPO

Palantir said it sold more than $500 million in stock to private investors and hopes to sell about $400 million more.  The company was said to be preparing for a September IPO, and it's unclear how the new funding affects those plans.  As a data-analytics company cofounded by a Trump confidant that works with US immigration agencies, the startup has also found itself in controversy.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Palantir, the secretive data-analytics company cofounded b...
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The top 9 shows on Netflix this week, from 'The Order' to 'Floor Is Lava'

Netflix's "Dark" returned last week with its third and final season, propelling the show up Netflix's popularity rankings. Netflix introduced daily top lists of the most popular titles on the streaming service in February. Streaming search engine Reelgood keeps track of the lists and provides Business Insider with a rundown of the week's most popular TV shows on Netflix every week. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Netflix's "Dark" returned last week with a third and final s...
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The best smartphone deals in June so far — save $400 on Samsung's Galaxy S20 Plus

  Many of the best smartphones you can buy in the US are expensive, but luckily, they often go on sale. You can even find deals on brand-new phones with the latest tech, features, and design, as well as discounted last-gen models that can easily keep up in 2020. These are the best smartphone deals we've seen in May 2020 so far, but we' ll update this list regularly with more great sales. Right now, one of the best deals is $200 off the Apple iPhone SE. Smartphone price tags are crazy these d...
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An LA-based startup is using fever-tracking tech to keep daycares open for essential workers, posing as a model for other businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the huge lack of childcare support in the US. Los Angeles-based daycare startup WeeCare has managed to keep most of its daycares open for essential workers thanks to its temperature checks. Parents can take a video of themselves taking their and their child's temperatures and submit it through a portal on the WeeCare app, and daycare providers can do the same. The company has shared data with the city of LA to track coronavirus cases and has be...
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Leaked emails show Amazon is delaying Prime Day again to October as concerns grow that a new COVID-19 demand spike may hit supply chains (AMZN)

Amazon is postponing its annual Prime Day shopping event to October, the third delay this year. In one email sent to third-party sellers, Amazon gave a "placeholder" date in the week of October 5, and in another email said this date change would be the "final" update. The change shows the uncertainty Amazon is facing amid COVID-19 across its operations network. Amazon is seeing another round of demand increases as COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the US, spurring concerns of a second wave...
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Trump administration pays Peter Thiel-backed startup hundreds of millions of dollars to build a virtual border wall

Silicon Valley military contracting startup Anduril has been awarded a contract with US Customs and Border Protection to build a "virtual" wall as a means to monitor crossings in the US. As first reported by the Washington Post, the system will use surveillance towers to detect movement and artificial intelligence to distinguish between humans and other objects, like animals. A price was not disclosed, but Anduril execs told the Post that the deal was worth several hundred million dollars. The...
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The Trump administration has hired a military contracting firm backed by Trump adviser Peter Thiel to build a virtual border wall

Silicon Valley military contracting startup Anduril has been awarded a contract with US Customs and Border Protection to build a "virtual" wall as a means to monitor illegal crossings in the US. As first reported by the Washington Post, the system will use surveillance towers to detect movement and artificial intelligence to distinguish between humans and other objects, like animals. A price was not disclosed, but Anduril execs told the Post that the deal was worth several hundred million doll...
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Jeff Bezos' net worth just hit an all-time high. Here's how the richest person in the world makes and spends his $171 billion fortune.

Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person alive, is now richer than he's ever been. Bezos pledged to spend $10 billion to fight climate change in February and promised $100 million to food banks in April. As Amazon's founder and CEO, Bezos was the first person in modern history to accumulate a fortune of over $100 billion — and he currently has a net worth of $171.6  billion, Bloomberg estimates. He spends his fortune on real estate across the US, a $65 million Gulfstream Jet, and his space exploratio...
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Snap's reputation as a safe haven for advertisers is paying off as companies boycott Facebook, but some ad buyers think they'll crawl back eventually

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has long pitched his company as the anti-Facebook, and it appears to be paying off as some advertisers fleeing Facebook plan to spend more with Snap. The app positions itself as a more positive platform that's safe for advertisers. It's been on an ad sales and user growth tear, leading its stock price to the highest level since its 2017 IPO. Some, however, remain skeptical about Snap's ability to siphon ad spending away from Facebook in the long-term. Visit Business Insid...
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Car sales have plunged during the coronavirus, but not at Tesla — skyrocketing the company's status as the world's most valuable automaker (TSLA, GM, F, FCA)

Tesla blew Wall Street expectations out of the water Thursday when it reported more than 90,000 vehicles sold in the second quarter.  The figure was only a slight decline compared to slumps as big as 34% by its Detroit peers.  Auto sales have recovered faster than some analysts have expected — but it's not clear how sustainable the resurgence may be.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Automakers have released their second-quarter sales numbers from the depths of the coronavi...
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Growth capital investor Kennet raises $250M fund, backed by Edmond de Rothschild

Venture capital is “not the only fruit” for entrepreneurs, as the often quieter ‘Growth Capital’ can also see great returns for entrepreneurs who prefer to retain a lot of ownership and control but are also willing to bootstrap over a longer period in order to reach revenues and profits. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing millions of people online, tech investors of all classes are now reaping the dividends in this accelerated, Coronavirus-powered transition to digital. Thus it is that Kennet Pa...
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Ford is teaming up with Disney to showcase the all-new Bronco SUV during the coronavirus pandemic (F, DIS)

Ford is partnering with Disney to reveal its new Bronco SUV on ABC, ESPN, and the National Geographic channel, as well on Hulu and on Ford's YouTube account. The Bronco was slated to be unveiled at the 2020 Detroit auto show, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Bronco is returning after being discontinued in 1996. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. On Wednesday, Ford announced that it would reveal its much-anticipated new Bronco SUV in prime time, partneri...
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Apple is reportedly pushing for an on-time 5G iPhone launch despite production delays to usher adoption outside of China

This story was delivered to Insider Intelligence Connectivity & Tech Briefing subscribers earlier this morning. Insider Intelligence publishes hundreds of insights, charts, and forecasts on the Connectivity & Tech industry with the Connectivity & Tech Briefing. You can learn more about subscribing here. Apple is reportedly facing production delays of four to eight weeks relative to the output it would have maintained if not for the coronavirus pandemic, according to Nikkei Asian Review. Nikkei...
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As if the pandemic hasn’t already tested all of us in countless ways, now even our entertainment comes in the form of a multiple-choice exam. Sometimes Always Never (2020), starring Bill Nighy as a Scrabble-playing tailor, debuted at the London Film Festival in 2018 and opened in virtual theaters in the US in June. It will be available on streaming platforms July 10. “Like the grieving Scrabble enthusiast at the heart of its unique story, Sometimes Always Never scores high enough to be...
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Facebook is dumping its failed TikTok clone Lasso to make way for its other TikTok clone on Instagram (FB)

Users of Facebook's TikTok clone, Lasso, were told Wednesday that the app is shutting down July 10. The app was first launched in November 2018 in the US, and never picked up much speed or popularity. Lasso's end comes as Facebook is starting to test in some countries a TikTok-like feature, called Reels, inside the Instagram app. Reels recently rolled out to France and Germany. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook's first attempt at creating a rival to TikTok's viral f...
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Google is quietly killing the Pixel 3a, its $400 Android phone that ended up being one of the best smartphones of last year (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google is discontinuing the $400 Pixel 3a, the more affordable version of its Pixel 3 phone that it launched last spring. The company said it had "completed sales" of the phone in a statement to Android Police.  The phone was widely acclaimed by critics for offering some of the Pixel 3's best features, like Night Sight, at a significantly lower price. Google is widely rumored to be developing a successor to the Pixel 3a called the Pixel 4a, but the company has yet to make any announcements.  V...
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Investors at Point72 and Goldman Sachs believe industry giants like FIS and Fiserv will be the next to be disrupted by fintech. Here's where they are most susceptible.

A partner at Point72 Ventures, the VC arm of Steve Cohen's hedge fund, expects the next wave of fintech disruption to happen in the less publicized back-end tech that powers big banks. Infrastructure giants like FIS and Fiserv have dominated the banking infrastructure space for decades, but fintechs are looking for ways to reimagine these core banking services. "They are all, as it currently stands, very good businesses with large customer bases who trust them, but the fact of the matter is th...
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