Report: Apple could launch an iPhone-powered AR headset next year

Just about everyone in the tech industry has taken a crack at VR or AR wearables except for Apple. The company has been content building out AR features for its iPhones, but not actually delivering a headset or other wearable to enhance the experience. That may change next year, according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac). Kuo expects Apple to team up with third parties to create the first batch of AR headsets. This comes as something of a surprise, considering Apple isn’t kno...
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MacOS Catalina is available for download now

If you’ve been waiting for the latest update to macOS, here’s your chance: Catalina is available for download now. The new OS was officially revealed this June, with the public beta coming out later the same month. Today it rolls out, a little later than is usual for Mac updates (which typically come out in late September), but still welcome all the same. Catalina brings a few new features, with one of the biggest being Catalyst. This initiative allows developers to build versions of iPad apps c...
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Street photography with Huawei’s P30 Pro only made me love my camera more

The Huawei P30 Pro made waves with its camera setup. It boasted AI assistance that helped get brightness, contrast, and color right, a night mode that captured more details than the human eye could see, and a wild 50x optical zoom feature. The Chinese manufacturer went all out to dazzle us, the consumers, with its camera. And to a large degree, it succeeded. Yep, my colleague Ivan Mehta even wrote that you should leave your DSLR at home as long as you bring the P30 Pro along on your travels. As ...
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'Countries will only want control': Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warns governments will stifle crypto growth through heavy regulation

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is concerned how global governments will regulate cryptocurrencies going forward.  While speaking at the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki on Wednesday, Wozniak said he's "very much afraid" countries will "only want control" as cryptocurrencies spread, according to Bloomberg.  The comments come as advocates are battling to legitimize cryptocurrencies and government are trying to determine how to regulate them.  Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories...
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Sen. Marco Rubio is asking the US government to investigate TikTok over claims it's censoring content that might upset China

Marco Rubio, the US senator from Florida, has asked the US government to investigate TikTok, the globally popular short-form video app owned by a Chinese company. Rubio wrote on Twitter that there's "ample and growing evidence" that TikTok censors content "in line with China's communist government directives." The Guardian reported last month on internal documents that show TikTok instructed moderators to censor content addressing political issues likely to anger the Chinese government. A Tik...
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36% of Small Businesses Faced Data Breaches in 2019

Many small businesses consider themselves too small to be hackers’ favorite targets. So they spend all the energy and resources on growing their businesses. Cybersecurity is not their top priority. If you also do the same, you’re putting the online security of your business on the line.  According to a recent survey by Kaspersky, a leading global cybersecurity company, around 36% of small businesses have been victims of data breaches in 2019. The share of small businesses that faced data ...
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Some Blizzard employees reportedly walked out to protest the punishment of a 'Hearthstone' competitor who spoke up in support of the Hong Kong protests (ATVI)

About 30 Activision Blizzard employees staged a walkout to protest the company's punishment of a Hong Kong-based esports competitor who made a political statement during a Blizzard event in Taiwan, according to a report from The Daily Beast. Blizzard has faced harsh criticism from fans and U.S. lawmakers for its decision to ban "Hearthstone" player Chung Ng Wai, better known as Blitzchung, from competition for one year and withhold the prize money he had earned. Blitzchung shouted "Liberate Ho...
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Why migrating to another planet is a stupid and implausible idea

Swiss astrophysicist Michel Mayor, whose work detecting exoplanets recently earned him a share in the Nobel prize for physics, says humans will never migrate beyond our own solar system. Maybe it’s time we started taking this whole “climate change” thing seriously. The first exoplanet with the potential to host life as we know it, meaning it was orbiting a star similar to the one we call ‘the sun,’ was discovered by Mayor and fellow Nobel winner Didier Queloz in 1995. In the time since, research...
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Nobel Prize in Chemistry split 3 ways for lithium-ion battery research

From left: Akira Yoshino, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham and Dr. John Goodenough (Charles Dharapak / Yoshiaki Sakamoto / Kyodo News / Binghamton University) The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists whose work developing lithium-ion batteries made mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and electric cars possible. The three recipients are U.S. engineer John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham of the U.K., and Akira Yoshino of Japan. They will share the 9 million Swedish kronor...
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Apple bans app that warns Hong Kong citizens about police activity, again

Apple has banned — a Waze-like crowdsourced app used by protestors in Hong Kong to track police movements in the city state — once again. The company told Reuters the “app violated its rules because it was used to ambush police and by criminals who used it to victimize residents in areas with no law enforcement.” Earlier this month, Apple had rejected, stating it “it facilitates, enables, and encourages an activity that is not legal,” but eventually reversed its decision la...
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Pablo Escobar’s brother wins $3M website lawsuit, vows to take down Elon Musk and Apple

If there’s one person whose intellectual property you don’t wanna fuck with (other than Nintendo ya know) — it’s Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, the brother of the now-late drug overlord Pablo Escobar. Escobar Inc, the self-proclaimed rightful owner of the Pablo Escobar trademark, has won a $3 million legal dispute, obtaining ownership of the domain, TNW has learned. The domain is currently inactive, but that won’t be for long. The company plans to kick off a website by 2020, ...
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‘Our window to the world’: Love of music, art inspires window-dresser at Seattle’s Easy Street Records

On and off for 25 years, Kevin Larson has been dressing the West Seattle store's two front windows in a style that reflects not only the tastes of the people who work there, but the store's customers as well, while celebrating new and established artists in a way that few stores do anymore.
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WeWork's school is closing at the end of the academic year as the company ditches passion projects to stem its huge losses

WeWork is closing WeGrow, its educational arm, at the end of the school year as the coworking company's new leaders look to right the ship after a failed IPO.  Rebekah Neumann had overseen WeGrow, which had about 100 students and cost up to $42,000.  One WeGrow parent not linked to the Neumanns talked to Business Insider about how he viewed the school for his three kids, and what he's thinking now that the school is set to close.  For more WeWork stories, click here.  WeWork is shuttering its...

Toys R Us relaunches its website where online sales are powered by Target

Toys R Us is back online, thanks to a new deal with Target. Tru Kids, the parent company that acquired the defunct toy chain following its bankruptcy, has announced the relaunch of the website as it begins the process of opening its retail stores across the U.S. As a part of its comeback strategy, the Toys R Us website’s product pages will redirect to when consumers click the “buy” button to make an online purchase. The retailers didn’t discuss the terms of the deal, but a...
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'South Park' declares 'F--- the Chinese government' in 300th episode after the show was banned in China

"South Park" fired back at the Chinese government during Wednesday's 300th episode after the country banned the show from its internet. In the episode, Randy Marsh declares "F--- the Chinese government." "South Park" discussion forums were shut down and videos of the show were removed from the Chinese internet after last week's episode mocked the country's censorship. The creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, issued a mock apology to China on Monday, saying "We too love money more than freedom...
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Startup says ‘Sober is the new black’

Maveron, Slow Ventures and Female Founders Fund have invested $10 million in a startup that claims it’s carving a new path to sobriety. Tempest offers a $647 eight-week virtual “sobriety school” to help people, particularly women and “historically oppressed individuals,” get sober. The program is led by the company’s founder and chief executive officer Holly Whitaker, who conducts weekly video lectures and Q+As for participants. Offering their expertise as part of the package is marriage a...
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'Countries will only want control': Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warns governments will stifle crypto grow through heavy regulation

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is concerned how global governments will regulate cryptocurrencies going forward.  While speaking at the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki on Wednesday, Wozniak said he's "very much afraid" countries will "only want control" as cryptocurrencies spread, according to Bloomberg.  The comments come as advocates are battling to legitimize cryptocurrencies and government are trying to determine how to regulate them.  Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories...
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Watch Out for Scams Targeting Cash App Users

Money transfer app Cash App gives away money on Fridays. If you follow the company on Twitter or Instagram, you may have entered by responding to a #CashAppFriday post with your user ID for the app.Read more...
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Video: Everything you need to know about the iPhone 11, the Pro, and Pro Max

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’ll know that Apple has just released the latest array of its mobiles. Just like last year, the tech giant has put out three devices. These are the: iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max But… what does that actually mean? What are the differences between the phones? What’s new with them? Well, we have all the answers in the video above. This will give you an overview of the new line-up, split up in sections that cover everything y...
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UK passport program uses AI to create a virtual speed-line for white people

The lighter your skin, the better AI-powered facial recognition systems work for you. The UK Home Office knows this, because the government‘s been briefed several times on the problem. And a recent report shows that it knew it was developing a passport program built on biased, racist AI. It just doesn’t care. The UK’s passport program went live in 2016. It uses an AI-powered facial recognition feature to determine whether user-uploaded photos meet the requirements and standards for use as a pass...
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Wendy Lister, grande dame of Eastside real estate, dies at 83

In her 40-year career as a top broker of posh Eastside homes, colleagues say, she could be steely but also disarmingly warm.
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Advice to Young People Looking to be Entrepreneurs

How does a young person work towards a career in entrepreneurship? I was asked this question on Quora. Here’s my answer. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure you focus on your education while you’re young; don’t think success is supposed to happen immediately. School is the best way to build options later on. Data on successful tech entrepreneurs indicates that the odds are way better for those who wait until they are in their 30s and 40s; and 97% have college degrees. In the meantime, stay...
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California makes deepfakes illegal to curb revenge porn and doctored political videos

Revenge porn isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but with advancements in AI, “deepfakes” — an AI-based technology used to digitally produce or alter realistic looking video content — are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from real videos. This technology has also been used to doctor political videos, such as the clip that sounded, and looked like, Obama called President Trump a “dipshit.”  To combat this, the state of California passed two bills. The first now makes it illegal to post any...
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Free File gets generally good marks in IRS-commissioned outside analysis

Millions of taxpayers will be working on their 2018 tax returns this weekend, frantically filling out forms to meet the Oct. 15 filing extension deadline. Some of them will likely take advantage of Free File, the Internal Revenue Service partnership with the tax software industry that allows eligible filers — this year that's those whose adjusted gross income is $66,000 or less — to prepare and electronically file their returns at no cost. Free File came under fire earlier this year when Pro Pu...
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The $680 million MedMen-PharmaCann merger just blew up in a 'surprise' and experts say it's a sign of pain to come for cannabis dealmaking

MedMen terminated its $682 million merger with PharmaCann on Tuesday, in a move one analyst called "surprising." The merger's cancellation points to a challenging dealmaking environment in the cannabis industry as the sector has declined close to 50% in the past few months. Business Insider spoke with lawyers, bankers, and analysts who work with cannabis companies about what this means for the industry. Click here for more BI Prime stories and subscribe to our weekly cannabis newsletter, Culti...
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Why each Libra member’s mutiny hurts Facebook

There’s a strategic cost to the defection of Visa, Stripe, eBay, and more from the Facebook -led cryptocurrency Libra Association . They’re not just names dropping off a list. Each potentially made Libra more useful, ubiquitous, or reputable. Now they could become obstacles to the token’s launch or growth. Fearing regulators’ inquiries not just into their Libra involvement but the rest of their businesses, these companies are pulling out at least for now. None had made precise commitments...
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Cannabis e-commerce startup Tokr, which just raised $1 million in seed funding, explains how it plans to broaden its appeal beyond hard core users

Tokr is an e-commerce startup that sells CBD and cannabis products direct-to-consumer. The company recently raised $1 million in a seed funding round led by cannabis-based private equity fund Merida Capital Partners. According to Tokr's founders, the biggest question from potential investors was about the company's marketing strategy. As publicly traded cannabis companies struggle, Tokr Chief Operating Officer David Mukpo told Business Insider the key to success in the field is being well-capi...
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Adobe cancels all Venezuelan accounts, highlighting problems with subscription apps

Adobe has canceled all user accounts based in Venezuela in order to comply with Trump’s August executive order barring US companies from doing businesses with the country. With no end to the order in sight, it’s unclear when Venezuelans will regain access to their accounts. The move affects both free and paid accounts, and it highlights the biggest problem with the subscription app model: the software is never truly yours. Adobe’s move comes as something of a surprise, considering we haven’t see...
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VPN Usage For Geospecific Marketing

Marketing has over the years relied more and more on segmentation. This discipline involves putting individuals into different groups of similarities, and then marketing towards the specific group. In theory, this type of marketing ought to yield more sales, as the content is more specifically designed for the consumer. But how can a marketer today build the content and the strategy around these groups when the market they are aiming at are based on geographical location? While a digital market...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday. The US has blacklisted 28 Chinese tech firms on rights violations grounds. The Trump administration accused the firms of involvement in human rights violations against Chinese Muslims in Xinjiang, Bloomberg reports. SoftBank's founder Masayoshi Son is 'embarrassed and impatient' with his investments after troubles with WeWork and Uber, and now he's telling founders to 'know your limit'. Two of SoftBank's investments, Uber and W...
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