The Most Important Person You Communicate with Is Yourself

--> “The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven” -John Milton Several years ago, I was home after graduating from college and I met a guy who was friends with my girlfriend’s brother. He had graduated from Yale University a year or two before and was driving a truck all around Detroit delivering meat to restaurants. He typically drove this meat truck from 4:00am until noon each day. He got paid in cash at the end of each day by his boss. He’d been the first person from th...
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Sponsored: How to stay in the loop when your work team is in a different city

Just like external networking, vibrant relationships take effort but bring great personal and professional value.
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Sponsored: How to help your employees learn from each other

When your team wants to learn a new skill, where do they turn first? YouTube?
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So the President is a MotherF**ker??

On several occasions I've written about swearing and rhetoric as well as about expletive naming. In a recent article, Emma Byrne adds to my ideas by writing about the "scientific case for calling the president a motherf*cker."   Byrne especially likes the Rep. Rashida Tlaib's remark, noting that she used the swear word in rhetorically correct fashion.  As Byrne writes, rhetoric reveals that this kind of language signals trust and a sense of belonging--and it also "fosters closeness and s...
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Sponsored: From Seattle, he helps open Hyatt hotels all over the world

For Ahmed Elayan, an IT project manager, work is a mix of home-based preparation and far-flung, exotic travel.
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Your Ultimate Goal: How You Can Find Job Security

--> One of the worst things that can happen to people is getting fired from a job with no notice whatsoever. It can be devastating to lose your source of income unexpectedly, especially in a contracting economy. Losing a job can color our perspective on the world and our future. Going forward, we have a difficult time allowing ourselves to ever feel secure again. We believe that things can change in an instant and that we might be suddenly out of a job again. This fear of sudden job loss is some...
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Sponsored: Manager wonders how to handle skilled worker who’s also a bully

Consequences need to be clearly defined and then followed through on.
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Sponsored: 4 ways busy people sabotage themselves

An important task is hanging over you, causing daily anxiety. And yet instead of actually doing it, you do a hundred other tasks instead.
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The Multigenerational Workplace: Your Definitive Guide

I love millennials. I’ve built my career on helping companies successfully integrate younger generations into their workforces. I’ve defended millennials against those who seek to bash them, and I deeply admire their drive to improve the workplace for all of us. I am happy to be a contributor to the many conversations—at conferences, in the […] The post The Multigenerational Workplace: Your Definitive Guide appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out, According to HR Executives

Applying for your dream job can be stressful. And while candidates have the advantage in today’s competitive job market, it’s still hard to land coveted positions. So how do you make your resume stand out among hundreds of applicants? Hiring managers don’t have a ton of time to thoroughly look over each resume, which means…
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The value of a happy team

In this video gymnast Katelyn Ohashi scores a perfect 10 for her floor routine. But while her skills are amazing, my favorite thing in this video is how happy and engaged the rest of the team standing in the background are. They celebrate when she sticks a landing and even do some of her moves along with her. What couldn’t you do with that kind of support and energy around you!   The post The value of a happy team appeared first on The Chief Happiness Officer Blog.
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