Racial disparities have reduced Black life expectancy and left more than 3 million Black families in the US with a negative net worth, warns a new McKinsey report

Black Americans continue to face a disproportionately harsh economic situation, according to a new study from McKinsey & Co. Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images A study released by McKinsey & Co. illustrates the harsh economic reality faced by Black Americans. More than 3 million Black American households were found to have a negative net worth. One key cause is that Black Americans command single-digit shares of high paying jobs. See more stories on Insider's business page. On the eve of th...
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Should You Have a Portfolio: Regrets of a Single Tweet

Welp. Apparently I tweeted something yesterday that caused a small brushfire on Twitter. Since Twitter has a limit of character you can write, I wanted to take what i’ve learned and expand on it here. First, here’s the tweet: If you are a front end developer, PLEASE have a portfolio. When I evaluate front end devs it’s one of the first things I look for. — Jason Alba (@jasonalba) June 17, 2021 Seems like a pretty harmless statement. Turns out it was pretty, um. hurtful. This has gotten the w...
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How To Avoid Procrastination When Working From Home

Since the pandemic began, more of us have been working from the confines of our homes.  With the added challenges of more distractions and more freedom, you might find yourself procrastinating a lot more than before.  Without a doubt, the freedom to pick and choose what to do and when to do it is empowering.  But without your boss looking over your shoulder, you may find yourself saying “I’ll do that tomorrow” more often than usual.  In fact, whether you design custom graphics , wri...
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