Worst parenting book of the year: Esther Wojcicki’s homage to narcissism

Esther Wojcicki wrote her book, How to Raise Successful People, so she could take credit for her daughters’ success: “I raised two CEOs and a doctor. These are my secrets to parenting successful children.” Here are Esther’s five stunningly obvious secrets: trust, respect, independence, collaboration, and kindness. This book is a case study for how a narcissistic parent destroys the children through gaslighting, breaking boundaries, and emotional neglect. The small group of people who read t...
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Mastering the awkward but essential art of office chitchat

Every day around the world, an estimated 3 billion people go to work and 2.9 billion of them avoid making small talk with their co-workers once they get there.
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Keep your brain under control with a worry list

Try this technique to prevent stress from ruining your productivity.
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How to Stick to Your Creative Goals

The next time you worry that everything you want to do creatively has already been done by someone else, or feel anxious about the amount of time it will take for you to become as good at your creative work as you’d like to be, tell yourself that you’re on a bus. In Helsinki, Finland. And the most important thing you…Read more...
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Understand Your Ultimate Goal

Several years ago, I was living in New York City and taking the subway to work every single day. Like many young people, I’d been taught somewhere along the line that this was “the place” to work and where the most sophisticated work happened, where the highest salaries were paid, and where the most important work occurred. I think this is true to a great extent. The city is extremely exciting and people work so hard there they can’t help but become incredibly good at their jobs. The concentrati...
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10 Inventive Ideas to Reward and Engage Employees

How vital are rewarding and engaging employees? Employees who are engaged at work perform better, stay longer, and invest more of themselves in their job. However, a Gallup survey found the following: Only 34 percent of the US workforce is engaged in their jobs. 53 percent is not engaged. 13 percent is actively disengaged.   The numbers imply that less than half of US workers strive for high performance while the majority of them only give the minimum to reach expectations. Still, the most al...
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7 Tips From Top Marketers on How to Strategically Ask for a Promotion

As part of Adweek's First Things First newsletter (sign up here), we've been soliciting tips from our readers on a variety of topics about your careers and workplaces. Sometimes promotions just land your lap. Your accomplishments speak for themselves and your company recognizes them. Other times, you need to be prepared to toot your own...
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