Afraid To Ask? Don’t Be – You May Be Pleasantly Surprised

Afraid to ask for assistance? To connect on a social platform like LinkedIn? Don’t be, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. While many talk about the downsides of technology and screentime eating away at personal lives, the positives are there as well. Technology is great at connecting people more easily than ever before – and many are ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand by answering a question, making an introduction or giving you feedback on an idea you have or a potential care...
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How to Craft a Message That Job Seekers Respond To

With the ever-increasing demand for top tier talent, job seekers’ inboxes are bombarded with messages from recruiters every day. As a recruiter, how do you craft a compelling message that potential candidates respond to? What will result in a reply instead of a banishment to the spam folder? Follow these tips to improve your chances of getting responses from potential candidates: 1. Craft an interesting subject line Just like all good pieces of writing, the most important part is the subjec...
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What Does A Manager Have To Do After You Are Promoted?

Getting promoted is only the beginning Image Credit: Michael Ransburg What is it that every manager is hoping for? Why it is to use your manager skills to be promoted, of course. When that special day comes, are you going to be ready? You’ll get a new job title, perhaps more money, maybe even a new office. However, it’s not going to be long before your mind is going to start to be filled with second thoughts. If you are not careful, you could end up sabotaging yourself. Upon getting promote...
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Your Least Favorite Screwdriver

One thing that people have observed that’s a bit unusual about me is that I use such a wide variety of models and tools in my work, and I don’t seem to have a problem when the rules of reality that those models are based upon seem to be in conflict. For instance, I can write from a neuroscience perspective in one article, and in another piece I might be talking about spiritual energy. This gives me a lot of flexibility. I might use one set of models when talking to an engineer and a different...
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Time for a Career Change?

Should you change your job or career? We share a quick way to find out. And if it’s a career change, we use some rock and roll songs to help you discover how soon to make a move. Is it time to change jobs? Or is a career change called for? We discuss how to […] The post Time for a Career Change? appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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How to Manage People Older than You

Alina Morse is thirteen years old, and she’s already become the face of a multi-million-dollar company. (For context, thirteen-year-old Lindsey was playing mediocre middle school field hockey and doing a little neighborhood babysitting). Together with her dad, Alina solved a problem every kid faces. She created a lollipop that was actually good for teeth!  In […] The post How to Manage People Older than You appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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