The 25 best MBA programs in the world for a career in tech

MIT (Sloan) has the best MBA program for a career in tech, according to Quacquarelli Symonds. MIT Sloan QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a global higher education analyst, released its list of the best MBA programs for people interested in a career in technology. This ranking is one of seven specializations lists that were recently published; The best MBAs for a career in finance was another one of these rankings that looks at a specific career path.  MIT Sloan School of Management's MBA program w...
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The Benefits of An Open-Hiring Strategy

An open-hiring strategy is the process of hiring anyone regardless of their background and this strategy benefits people from all walks of life. It is also incredibly beneficial to employers who need to hire a lot of people who can be trained to get the job done. The Body Shop announced their plan for open-hiring in an effort to reduce bias as they gave people retail jobs on a first come, first serve basis. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, the process may be helpful to quickly fill entry level rol...
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31 work-appropriate gifts for your boss - all under $50

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. If you have a great boss, show them your appreciation with a thoughtful (but office-friendly) gift. You can do it for less than $50 with these gifts that will make their life better, both in and out of the office. Looking for more gifts from Insider Reviews? Shop gift ideas for everyone in your life here.Sign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great dealsYou spend the majo...
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How do you say goodbye to a dog?

Our dog died. Well, we put him down. Put him to sleep is what the vet in Boston said. Maybe “to put down” is only for a goat or a pig. I’m not sure. We knew Sparky would die soon because the vet wouldn’t operate on his cancer. His heart wasn’t good enough. He seemed so healthy so I told myself I’d get a second opinion. But he got unhealthy so fast. So I just thought I’d go back to the vet to see if he’s in pain. Then he bit the cancer spot and there was blood everywhere. Then I stayed up with h...
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Bill Gates Suggestions For How To Become A Better Manager

The secret is to not just manage people Image Credit: Greg Rubenstein I don’t know about you, but I’m always open to getting some advice. Being a manager is hard work and I don’t claim to know how to do everything correctly. What I would really like is if someone that I really respected would take the time to point out what I should be doing in order to become a better manager. It turns out that, of all people, Bill Gates is willing to do just that. Hey, if he’s talking to me, then ...
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I started my first job completely remote. Here's how I formed meaningful relationships with my coworkers and stood out when I didn't know anyone.

Since starting my new role at Insider Inc., my bedroom has also become my home office. Courtesy of May Teng It's intimidating to start a new job remotely and form a whole network of work connections over Zoom screens.  But for me and my graduating class of 2020, starting work from home has become the norm. When I joined Insider Inc. in July, I onboarded completely remotely.  To this day, I still haven't met any of my work colleagues in person — but I have taken steps to get to know them an...
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Weekly Summary of To Dos and Already Completed

I got a question yesterday from Cecilia, asking: “Is there a feature or method to create a weekly to-do. and ‘have done’ list?” There are two ways to see something like that. Hands down, my favorite is on the homepage, right when you login. What you see on the screen are called “widgets,” which are like “tiles.” Note that these widgets can be repositioned by dragging them. You should see a widget called Reminders, which will show you all of your action items you’ve set up, right on your homepage...
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'Humans of New York' creator Brandon Stanton on the power of good habits, growing his passion project into a business, and how to gain a social media following

Polina Marinova and Brandon Stanton. Polina Marinova. Polina Marinova is the founder and author of The Profile, a newsletter that features longform profiles on successful people and companies. She recently interviewed Brandon Stanton, creator of popular blog Humans of New York, on everything from how discipline helped him turn a profit and the "eureka moment" that changed the trajectory of his content.  Stanton dives into his methodology for choosing who to photograph, which quotes and sto...
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Pondering a 365-Day Challenge for 2021

Are you thinking about doing a 365-day challenge for 2021? I’m already thinking about doing another one. I still have 4 weeks left on my 2020 daily blogging challenge, which actually started on December 24, 2019. It feels like an easy coast to the finish line after blogging for 345 days in a row. Doing something every day for a year can be transformational, even if you stop after that year, because it creates an empowering reference experience. You gain a memory of achievement that you’...
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Apps & Advice To Support Your Career Progression

With the support of these apps and tips, you’ll be able to create a detailed career progression plan. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask for performance feedback from your current employer.
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Your Exploration Baseline

When you explore something new, you’re exploring relative to a previous baseline. When you explore a new diet, your baseline is your previous way of eating. When you explore a new travel-rich lifestyle, your baseline is your previous stay-at-home lifestyle. When you explore a new relationship and you weren’t in a relationship right before, your baseline is being single. Your default baseline is your normal, usual, routine, or expected experience in that particular area of life. Your ...
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