Presidential Middle Names

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TODAY ONLY: Get a FREE copy of my "Pop Culture" book!

It's the last day of deals, so let's go out with a big one! For U.S. customers: Today you get a *FREE* copy of my Pop Culture book when you get any other book in my store! Treat yourself to any SHELDON or DRIVE book, and get all my jokes on Marvel/Star Trek/Star Wars/Tolkien! It's a gorgeous, full-color, 200+ page book! But it's only for don't sleep on this deal! LINK:
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Millefeuille Is Honest

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Today at 2 PM: Nathan Hale at Politics and Prose

Wednesday, December 2 at 2 p.m. Nathan ...
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Hawkeye Set Footage Teases the Arrival of Marvel's Next Avenging Archer

Scream producer William Sherak says the fifth movie is going to weird lengths to keep its ending under wraps. After Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. is considering more streaming debuts for its future films. Plus, get a look at Nancy Drew’s second season, and No Time to Die might take even longer to come out than it…Read more...
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CS Unboxed: Hot Toys’ Iron Man 2.0 & Spider-Man Negative Suit

CS Unboxed: Hot Toys’ Iron Man 2.0 & Spider-Man Negative Suit Welcome to the latest installment of CS Unboxed — our series of premium collectible unboxing videos — in which has provided with the chance to unbox two 1/6 scale Hot Toys: Spider-Man (Negative Suit) as well as the Neon Tech Iron Man 2.0, both of which are currently on sale for the Cyber Monday extension. Check out our review of these two THRILLING hyper-articulated figures in the video below! ...
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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Kick Me Hard"

From DC's anarchist cartoonist, Mike Flugennock - "Kick Me Hard" 3097Right about now, I'm sure most of you are laughing yourselves silly at all the Progressives out there who voted for Biden under the delusion that they could "push him left", when anybody with two brain cells to rub together could take a look at his record over the past 40 years — not to mention his lineup of Cabinet picks — and see that anybody who thought they could push that sonofabitch left ...
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George Herriman political cartoon in Navy medicine history article

See  President Roosevelt, Rear Admiral Rixey and the Brownson Affair of December 1907 By André B. Sobocinski, Historian, BUMED [Author: Mike Rhode]
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NPR's best graphic novels of 2020 list includes Robin Ha

NPR's Book Concierge: Comics & Graphic Novels Produced by Rose Friedman, Petra Mayer, Beth Novey and Meghan Sullivan | Executive Producer: Ellen Silva They say comics, but I think eveyone of these has a spine. Congratulations to local cartoonist Robin Ha for making the list! [Author: Mike Rhode]
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News Post: The Baffled King

Tycho: Among its other virtues, Leonard Cohen's famous song is a masterclass on how to rhyme things with hallelujah. You might not think you need to know that kind of stuff, but you never know. Could be a manticore type deal, spectral bride situation kinda thing. Knowledge is power. It also has the power to transform the trailer for the Snyder Cut into something perhaps a little… grand. Maybe too grand. Right? Too grand for chicken. I like Batman and I like Hallelujah but there is nothing a...
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Comic: The Baffled King

New Comic: The Baffled King [Author: [email protected] (Tycho)]
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