Sweet & Sour Chicken

This is a great dish & very tasty. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Daily Deals: The Brand New iPad Air for $475, Heavily Discounted Laptops, Games, and More

Massgenie, Best Buy, Dell Need a new laptop, TV, gaming chair, or Nintendo Switch? Maybe you want the new iPad Air at a discount? Now’s a great time to drop a few dollars on some killer deals. There are some wild deals floating around today, from Dell’s Small Business Sale to the Totalwireless $87 iPhone 6S. But the strangest deal might be the discounted 64GB iPad Air from Best Buy. We’re talking about the brand new iPad Air, the one that won’t come out until March 26th. This new iPad Air, ...
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Quilled Multi Color Foiled Maple Leaf

Fall is such a lovely time of the year with the crisp air, cozy sweaters and the beauty of leaves turning to the shades of Autumn. You can capture that beauty with Rinea Foiled Papers and a bit of quilling fun. This creation takes a bit of time but the finished product is worth will be a keepsake to treasure for a lifetime. [Author: Ink Stained Roni]
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Apple Announces New AirPods and Wireless Charging Case

Apple Apple already announced new iPads and new iMacs this week. And now to continue that onslaught of updated hardware, it just released the second generation of AirPods, and to go with them (or your originals), a wireless charging case. Airpods with Better Battery and Hey Siri We think the AirPods are great for convenience, especially if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. They travel well, turn themselves on, and pair more easily to your Apple devices than any other Bluetooth device. That’s...
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How to Combine Motion Paths in Microsoft PowerPoint

You can assign multiple motion paths to a single object in PowerPoint, but if you don’t combine them, the object will reset to its original position before executing the next animation. Combine the motion paths for a smooth, seamless transition. Assigning and Combining Motion Paths Let’s assume you have an object that you want to bounce to the left, then drop down a bit into its final position. You can assign a single object with multiple motion paths, but if you don’t combine the motion path...
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The Three Things Google Stadia Needs to Conquer the Gaming Industry

Google Yesterday Google announced its long-anticipated streaming game platform, Stadia. In the news post we called it an “invasion” of gaming: this combination platform and delivery service has the potential to compete with consoles, PCs, and mobile games, all at once. Google’s ambition is huge, but it’s appropriate to the task. The game industry as we know it is stagnating in terms of innovation, but its biggest corporate players are well-entrenched and experienced. If Stadia is to compet...
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Here’s When a Dark Theme Can Save Battery Power

Dark themes are becoming more and more popular. On some devices, they can even save battery power. It all depends on what type of display your device have—only devices with OLED displays can reap the power-saving benefits. Devices With OLED Displays Only You’ve probably heard of OLED displays, especially if you’ve been on the market for a new TV in the last year or so. OLED screens differ from LCD and LED displays typically found in electronics in that OLEDs don’t have a backlight layer: each...
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Ghost Or Troll Fart

Just a little fun in a jar! Used glow in the dark paint to pant over the cheese cloth , after it dried place some stuffing inside and make tube shape so it fits in the domes. Leave as is for troll farts or put eyes with permanent marker to make a ghost. [Author: Ashinezz]
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What Is the Mirai Botnet, and How Can I Protect My Devices?

Maxim Apryatin/ First discovered in 2016, the Mirai botnet took over an unprecedented number of devices and dealt massive damage to the internet. Now it’s back and more dangerous than ever. The New and Improved Mirai Is Infecting More Devices On March 18, 2019, security researchers at Palo Alto Networks unveiled that Mirai has been tweaked and updated to accomplish the same goal on a larger scale. The researchers found Mirai was using 11 new exports (bringing the total to...
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Apple Announces an Overdue iMac Refresh

Apple After nearly two years Apple has updated its iMac line with newer processors and graphics chips as a follow up to its iPad refresh. And just like the new iPad mini, all the changes are on the inside. New Processors and Graphics Chips, Same Case and Prices Apple If you thought Apple forgot about its iMac line, it would be understandable. Two years is a long time to wait for an update on a computer line (we’re looking at you Mac Pro). But Apple just updated its store with new iM...
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The Best Ultra Compact Battery Banks

Anker It’s great to have a battery bank that allows you to charge your smartphone 8 or 9 times before you get anywhere near a power socket, but how often do you actually need to do that? Odds are your life isn’t that electricity free, and a huge-capacity model is overkill. Try one of these pocket-friendly models instead. Each battery bank featured is small enough for you to put in your pocket or hold easily in your hand. It’s likely that you already carry plenty of different things, so who...
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Felt Flower Arrangement

Flowers: moms love them! They're the most popular gift on Mother's Day. Why not pamper your mom with a beautiful, home-made felt flower arrangement this year? It's easier than you think with the help of this Mother's Day DIY project. [Author: Vaessen C.]
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These are great to make ahead. [Author: Super Madcow]
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You Are Incredible

Do you ever stop to think that YOU are incredible? Just by being you. You were created to be unique with traits and characteristics like nobody else! I am sure you know someone that is incredible too and might love to hear it! Download and print these “You are incredible!” tags and make their day! In fact, March 21st is Incredible Kid Day! Grab a small gift and you are ready to celebrate kids with these printable tags. Knowing exactly what incredible means shows you just how special this lit...
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Google’s Stadia Streaming Platform is an All-Out Invasion of Gaming

Stadia is Google’s new all-streaming game platform. Google Today the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Google showed off its brand new game streaming service. Stadia (as in the Latin plural of “stadium”) will be available everywhere that Chrome is: PCs, phones, tablets, and televisions, with current hardware. Google gave us a preview of its system with Project Stream last year. But Stadia is built from the ground up for both streaming and sharing. The service will stream games at ...
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Which Processes Can You Safely Quit in Activity Monitor on a Mac?

MacOS’s Activity Monitor will give you a list of all the apps you’re running, which is useful for closing down CPU-hungry processes. But it also throws in a bunch of system process, some of which may not be safe to quit. Here’s how to tell the difference. Who Are All These Users? First, you should look at who owns the process. Processes in macOS (and any other Unix-like operating system, including Linux) have owners, tying each process to the user account that started the process. And while ...
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Diy Wire Wrapped Gemstone Rings

I am trying to figure out a way to wrap this 12.5 ct opal turtle into a pendant. It is smaller then a dime. Any ideas? [Author: Deanaj09]
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Creating On Kraft Jot Journals!

Try your hand at making these fun little journals to record notes, memories or just things you can't forget. These little journals are perfect to tuck in your purse, or back pocket and only take a few supplies to get started. [Author: Ink Stained Roni]
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How to Use the Console on macOS to Check Log and Activities

The Console app in macOS is a system-wide viewer for debug messages and log files. You can use it to track down errors in applications or just get an idea for what’s going on in your system. Most everything in this app is not intended for the average user to view, as it’s made for developers who have a better understanding of the macOS operating system. Warnings and errors are very common during normal use of your computer, so don’t get worried if you see a lot of them here. Reading The Consol...
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I can't go any faster... the speed of thought then... (I am about to send out another email correspondence for those of you who have joined part 1-Patchwork in Perspective.  If you do not receive the mail today, check your spam folder first and then let me know if you still don't find it.)
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The Best Products to Protect Your Furniture from Your Cats

Amazon Cats need to scratch things, it’s in their nature. But human nature dictates that the couch isn’t for scratching, it’s for sitting. Thankfully, a few good products will keep those claws away from the couch. Your sofa is actually a terrible scratching surface. Not just for you, but for your cat. See, sofas are soft and flimsy, and cats prefer something that they can really dig their claws into. So, the best way to keep your cat from ruining your furniture is a solid scratching surfac...
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Analepsis Is Not a Disease

Here I am, sitting at my desk, about to go properly deep into my inboxes. While I worked a little bit every day that we were away in Lake Louise it wasn’t enough to stop the inbox glacier from creeping ever larger, and today I’ve made coffee, set everything to “ignore” (including the house, which looks like a stampede of bison went through) and put my phone in a drawer.  Me and this inbox are going to tango till one of us drops, and it’s not going to be me. Before that particular dance starts th...
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Family Adventure Ideas

This post is in partnership with Sony. All ideas are my own. After watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse we were inspired to have some family adventures and make wonderful memories! If you missed the movie in theaters no worries Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is available now on Digital, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD. You will want to be sure to watch! It won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a family friendly movie for all ages. A plus ...
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Geek Trivia: Alfred Nobel Established the Nobel Prize After What?

Alfred Nobel Established the Nobel Prize After What? Doctors saved his son He lost a bet He read his obituary His wife diedThink you know the answer?
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How to Pack Your Electronics for Air Travel

Elnur/Shutterstock 06Photo/Shutterstock Vacations prove to be a great opportunity to use your electronics away from home. But just this year, the US government banned lithium-ion batteries from checked bags. So, just how are you supposed to pack that laptop? This isn’t just a question of TSA compliance; this is a question of convenience. If you plan to bring a bunch of large electronics on your next vacation, you need to be able to organize them in your carry-on bag. Otherwise, your flight...
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Easter window drawing

Making window drawings with chalkmarkers creates a lively, decorative effect. It’s a lot easier to make an attractive illustration on your window using our template. A bouncy Easter Bunny, pretty flowers and cute birds will bring the fun of Easter into your home! Have a go with our window art template and a Securit chalkmarker. [Author: Vaessen C.]
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How to Stop Google Maps Review Requests on Android and iPhone

If you have Google Maps on your smartphone, you may receive notifications requesting a review for businesses you visit. Google usually asks “How was [Business Name]?” and expects a rating or review. Here’s how to turn those notifications off. Google Maps Knows Everywhere You Go Many apps request access to your location, even if they don’t need it. You shouldn’t give every app access to your location. But a map app requires location permissions to give you directions. What you may not realize...
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DIY Family Board Book For Kids

If you have a toddler, one of the things you probably noticed as they crawled out of babyhood was their sudden ability to recognize people in photos. We have some larger photos that go down our hallway, and all of the sudden, our daughter Lola was saying “Da-da” and pointing at Todd in the photos every time we went from one side of the house to another. She was still at the age where we weren’t sure if she was fully recognizing her grandparents when they would come to visit, but she found a sma...
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Daily Deals: Galaxy S10+ for $850, iPhone X for $640, Xbox One S for $170, and More

eBay Wednesdays are the worst. It’s the middle of the week, and there’s no end in sight. At least we can find solace in discounted cellphones, a $170 Xbox One S, and a cheap iPad. You probably didn’t plan on buying a phone today, but if you’ve had your eyes on the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy 9, or the iPhone X, then now’s the time to hunt down your wallet. For whatever reason, eBay and B&H are running killer deals on the two most popular premium cellphones. Hey, I ain’t complaining. Some carrie...
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Custard Loaf

Nice & easy to make. [Author: Super Madcow]
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