UI/UX Redesign Concept: Starbucks Mobile App

UI/UX Redesign Concept: Starbucks Mobile App AoiroStudioJan 15, 2019 Our first redesign concept on ABDZ this year, how about from a mobile app that some use to fuel of caffeine needs. Absolute beautiful redesign of the Starbucks mobile app by Daniel Tan and Daphnie Loong. Combo Duo of two creative directors based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For starters, their visual approach is absolutely stunning. They truly give justice to how our beloved Starbucks should l...
Tags: Design, Starbucks, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Daniel Tran, Daniel Tan, Daphnie Loong, Behance Daphnie Loong

This luxurious tiny home is powered by Southern Californian sunshine

Who says a tiny house can’t be luxurious? Certainly not David Latimer and Taylor Mallon of New Frontier Tiny Homes, designers of this comfortable and alluring solar-powered tiny home. The contemporary farmhouse style of the Orchid House allows for off-grid living without sacrificing comfort, and it is entirely powered by solar energy. Though it was built in Nashville, the Orchid House currently resides on an undeveloped piece of property in Southern California. The owner is an LA-based artist ...
Tags: Design, La, Nashville, David Latimer, Orchid House, Taylor Mallon, StudioBuell Photography

California's "Skip the Slip" bill pushes for digital receipts

A legislator in the California Assembly has introduced a bill that, if passed, would require retailers to make digital receipts the default instead of paper. California Assemblymember Phil Ting (D – San Francisco) has introduced AB 161, nicknamed “Skip the Slip.” If it becomes law, it would be the first of its kind in the United States. According to Green America, each year up to 10 million trees in the U.S. are used to make the paper for receipts, and the process takes 21 billion gallons of wa...
Tags: Design, News, California, Environment, San Francisco, United States, Receipts, Carbon Dioxide, Assembly, BPA, Ecology Center, New York State Department of Health, Paper Recycling, Phil Ting, Beth Porter, Receipt

Behold, Slack’s new logo

New year, new you, new Slack. The popular workplace chat service’s resolution clearly involved a bit of a facelift, starting with a new logo. A redesigned version of the familiar grid logo launched this week, and appears to have rolled out on most major platforms. Slack did the customary thing of explaining the hell out of the new design over of its blog. There’s all of the usual stuff there, about maintaining the spirit while moderning thing up a bit. The company also calls the design “simp...
Tags: Apps, New York, Design, Tech, Logo, Slack, Michael Bierut, Pentagram Design, Eric Scott Johnson

Future of Technology Summit to host public showcase of personal jet-packs

The Future of Technology Summit is, in a lot of ways, the true accelerator of technological innovation and a window into the future. While the CES event (which happened just days ago) certainly commemorates the future, it presents innovation through a rather small window. CES, or the consumer electronics show, is exactly what it is. A showcase of new concepts and products within the consumer electronics domain. The Consumer Electronics Show only exhibits innovation, it doesn’t facilitate it the ...
Tags: Design, Washington, Nasa, Washington Dc, Middle East, Exhibitions, Product Design, Richard Browning, Gravity Industries, Frankfurt Bangalore Stockholm

100architects upcycles phone booths into resourceful community hubs

When was the last time you stepped into a phone booth? If you’re under 30, you might not even be aware that phone booths used to be on nearly every street corner as a means to contact your parents after the football game or call a taxi after dinner. Of course, there are those scenes from the original Superman that might jog your memory. Once cell phones became mainstream, the empty phone booths became easy fodder for graffiti, pollution and public urinal use. But while the era of the phone boot...
Tags: Design, China, Superman, Shanghai, Community, LED lighting, Recycling, Public, Recycled Materials, Upcycling, Building Materials, Martin Angelov, Phone Booth, Design shanghai, Old Phone Booth, Yuyuan Road

FREIFRAU Leya Rocking Wingback Chair and...

FREIFRAU Leya Rocking Wingback Chair and Rocking Lounge Chair designed by Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss look lusciously loungey (and would make a perfect modern cozy leather nursery chair that doesn't scream baby) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, FREIFRAU Leya Rocking Wingback Chair, Birgit Hoffmann, Christoph Kahleyss

Oceans warming 40 percent faster than previously thought

  After discrepancies between climate models projecting higher levels of ocean warming and observational data showing lower temperatures, a recent article published in Science demonstrated that the world’s oceans are warming about 40 percent faster than previously projected.  Apparently, the higher numbers were right, and even though this gives scientists a better understanding of climate change, the reality of the situation could be alarming for marine life and coastal residents. “The Intergov...
Tags: Design, Ipcc, UC Berkeley, Argo, University of California UC Berkeley, Intergovernmental Panel, Zeke Hausfather, Hausfather

The Full Design Process of a One-Handed Toilet Paper Dispenser

Here's an object all of us use, but few of us ever talk about: A toilet paper holder. Industrial designer Eric Strebel designed a magnet-based dispenser that can be used, one-handed, to remove one, two or three sheets at a time. For viewer edification, he's captured the product development process, start-to-finish, on camera. "This video is probably the most comprehensive of all my videos, in terms of showing the full design process for designing and developing a manufacturable p...
Tags: Design, Eric Strebel, Strebel, Industrial Design Tips

Lenovo’s ultraportable speaker is as slim and small as your phone

The Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker is quite literally the most portable one ever. Most portable Bluetooth speakers are portable alright, but they aren’t slip-into-your-pocket portable. Audio drivers tend to have depth/thickness to them, resulting in speakers that may be small and lightweight, but are almost always chunky too, making them ideal for laptop bags, but not pant pockets.Lenovo’s latest offering wants to be the kind of Bluetooth speaker you carry around with you, the way ...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Ces, Bluetooth Speaker, Nfc, Lenovo, Portable Audio, Ultraportable, 700, Ces2019

Reader Submitted: This Smart Ring Aims to Provide Better Lives for People with Sickle Cell Disease 

Oxygem is a smart ring that aims to provide people with Sickle Cell Disease a better lifestyle and reduce the amount of deaths caused by this disease each year. On average, statistics show that in every 1,000,000 people, 1 in 6 people is a carrier of Sickle Cell Disease, and 1 in 25 is diseased, with a death rate of 1 per week.Sickle Cell Disease is a condition in which red blood cells are not shaped as they should be. Red blood cells usually look like round discs. But in Sickle Cell Disease, th...
Tags: Design, Reader Projects, Provide Better Lives for People

Iguanas reintroduced to island after 200 years

In 1835, Charles Darwin was the last person to officially see a land iguana on Santiago Island in the Galapagos. After that encounter, predators like the feral pig wiped the lizard population out of that location. Now — nearly two centuries later —  an initiative by the Galapagos National Park authority has reintroduced more than 1,400 land iguanas (Conolophus subcristatus) back to Santiago Island. Authorities said in a recent statement that on January 3 and 4, the land iguanas were taken from ...
Tags: Design, Charles Darwin, Ecuador, Mediterranean, Galapagos, Isabela, Santiago Island, Galapagos National Park, North Seymour Island, Bucanero, Galapagos Conservation Trust, Galapagos Conservancy, Santiago Island Authorities, Puerto Nuevo, Danny Rueda, Jorge Carrión

Metal-clad Eco Cottage puts a modern spin on Irish rural architecture

Ballymoney-based sustainable architecture firm 2020 Architects has completed a new contemporary and low-energy home that offers a refreshing and sustainable take on the typical rural architecture found across Northern Ireland. Located in the coastal fishing village of Ardglass, the Black Cottage (also known as the Eco Cottage) champions low-cost construction and energy efficiency with its simple material palette and highly insulated timber frame. The project is clad in cost-effective black corr...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Ireland, Gallery, Carousel Showcase, Triple Glazed Windows, Corrugated Metal, Ballymoney, Ardglass, Timber Frame, Black Cottage, Northern Ireland Located, Double-height Spaces, Metal Clad Architecture, The Black Cottage, Eco Cottage

The (More) Lifesaving Traffic Light

If you’re a regular car driver, you know that cringe-inducing moment when you’re at a traffic light and hear ambulance sirens. Which direction is it coming from? Is everyone paying attention? Followed by the sigh of relief once the emergency vehicles have passed safely. However, there’s a good reason to worry. Ambulances are three times more likely to be in a car accident. Even worse, 80% of those accident occur after picking up the patient.Designed with this in mind, the Emergency Traffic Syste...
Tags: Design, Medical, Automotive, Product Design, Traffic Light, Taekkyung Lee, Emergency Traffic System, JunYoung IM

Whipped on the Rope Watch

Plenty of people are rooting for Apple to release of round smartwatch this year. This design, dubbed the Rope Watch, by Dongwook Yoon explores what we might expect if our shared daydream becomes reality.The device features a simplified strap design that highlights the new round form. The lasso-style strap is effortlessly attached to the wrist in one swift motion. No buckling, no major adjustment mechanisms – simply choose your size, slip it on, and snap it off. Which would you be more stoked for...
Tags: Apple, Design, Technology, Watches, Product Design, Dongwook Yoon, Rope Watch

911 for Coffeeheads

If you’re one of those people (like me) who can barely make it to 10:00 am without getting the shakes, this design is for you. An evolution of the original, the aptly named “Daily Addiction 2.0″ makes no apologies for satisfying those ubiquitous caffeine cravings.Whether you’re in the car or on a camping trip, the portable design makes it possible to enjoy a hot cup of coffee just about anywhere you can get your hands on water. Simply add coffee or tea to the reusable capsule and fill the kettle...
Tags: Design, Appliances, Product Design, Coffee Maker, Antoine Beynel, MIIO Studio, Daily Addiction 2.0, Daily Addiction

Design Job: School House NYC Is Seeking a Senior Industrial Designer with Retail & Environmental Experience

School House is looking for a senior industrial designer with a retail, environmental or visual merchandising background to ideate, create, and lead multi-scale retail projects in collaboration with our studio’s multidisciplinary team. Added points for visual merchandising experience. In this role, you will be involved in all stages of the View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, School House

That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois

That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois abduzeedoJan 15, 2019 For the past few years, or I dare to say decade, we saw a resurgence of the 80s in fashion, movies/TV and design in a way. Look at the work of amazing people like James White for example. However, I have noticed a slow shift to a new trend. We are moving ahead and beginning to see an influx of 90s inspiration. There are a ton of references already in plain site. There’s an amazing mo...
Tags: Design, Nike, Dylan, James White, Dylan Levionnois, Vire France, David Carson End

Motion Design: Pepsi Fresh Campaign

Motion Design: Pepsi Fresh Campaign AoiroStudioJan 16, 2019 ManvsMachine is a multidimensional creative studio with offices in London (UK) and Los Angeles (USA). They have recently released a superb motion design project for a Pepsi campaign spots entitled: Taste & Refresh. They were tasked to create a tangible connection between Pepsi and Music. Interesting approach where music tracks were made from the refreshing sounds of opening a Pepsi can and drinking a...
Tags: Design, Pepsi, London UK, Los Angeles USA, Jeff Thomson, Pepsi Fresh Campaign AoiroStudioJan, Florsani Floricola, Behance Andrew Prousalis

Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One has some...

Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One has some great new posters and shareable art in their free downloads section - including some new Women's March 2019 (this sat!) ones! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Shepard Fairey, Submitted

Meditation Chair

Ergonomically correct yoga chair allows people to sit in cross-legged position. Alexia meditation seat designed to help you find ZEN with perfect posture. Also check out: Two Legged Chai
Tags: Design, Tech, Alexia

The Hurdle Hanger Can Organize your Clothes in Seconds

The clothes hanger is probably one of those products that each industrial designer looks at with disgust, and probably redesigns at least once in their lifetime. They’re so commonly found and horribly designed, that they’re the perfect product to relook and reinvent. I imagine YD sees at least 5 hanger redesigns each year, each better than the previous one, either improving on its strength, its eco-friendliness, or its function. The Hurdle Hanger, like all its predecessors, looks at the common...
Tags: Deals, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Hanger, Hurdle Hanger, Seungwoo Hong, Hurdle Hanger Front Holding

Dial Sound l’enceinte connectée par le studio BKID

Retrouvons ce matin le studio de design coréen BKID, basé du côté de Séoul, ils nous présentent Dial Sound, une enceinte connectée pour Samsung. Une enceinte, connectée à destination de la gamme Galaxy de Samsung, le studio apporte sa patte et sa vision : minimalisme, flat design, couleur unique… Ainsi, Dial Sound se décline en un bleu jean mat unique et un revêtement textile de la même teinte dissimulant le haut-parleur. Côté dessin, forme, l’usage et la fonction sont soulignés par l’inspir...
Tags: Books, Design, Samsung, Speaker, Concept, High Tech, Technologie, Coree, Enceinte, BKID

Greenhouse gas emissions rose during 2018 after three year decline

After a solid decline for the past three years, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States rose in 2018. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), power generation, natural gas and oil consumption resulted in an emissions increase of 3.4 percent, marking the second largest annual gain since 1996. The only year that emissions increased at a more significant rate was 2010, when emissions went up 3.6 percent after a huge recession-driven decline the year before. ...
Tags: Energy, Design, News, Climate Change, Environment, Climate, Fuel, United States, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2018, Natural Gas, Co2, Greenhouse Gas, Diesel

Award-winning innovation center harnesses recycled rainwater and solar energy

Rio de Janeiro-based architecture firm Atelier77 recently completed CASA FIRJAN, an innovation center that’s been turning heads for its award-winning design and sustainable attributes. Recently crowned the Best New Building in the Annual Award of the Architect’s Institute of Rio de Janeiro, the project is a contemporary counterpart to the Palacete Linneo de Paula Machado, a historic twentieth-century building with French-inspired architecture. CASA FIRJAN has raised the cultural cachet of the s...
Tags: Design, Rio De Janeiro, Valencia, Botafogo, CASA FIRJAN, Palacete Linneo de Paula Machado, Paula Machado, Palacete, Saint Gobain Prize, Monique Cabral

Bosch's X-Lock System for Quick Angle Grinder Accessory Changes

Angle grinders are meant to be used at, well, an angle. That pesky lock nut that holds the blade on prevents you from grinding with the wheel flat against the workpiece, should your application require it. More importantly, the lock nut is time-consuming to remove/re-attach and requires you keep the wrench handy.To solve this, Bosch is rolling out their new X-Lock system, which allows the user to change accessories quickly and tool-free. Bosch's engineers have attacked the problem with character...
Tags: Design, Bosch, Tools & Craft

Project Alias by Bjørn Karmann + Tore Knudsen...

Project Alias by Bjørn Karmann + Tore Knudsen is a 3D printed open source “parasite” that gives you more privacy from Alexa and Google Assistant. Alias speakers feed white noise for privacy, and allow commands thru with a new code word. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Google, Design, Alexa, Submitted, Bjørn Karmann Tore Knudsen

This car-sized two-seater VTOL can take off and land directly in parking slots

The Onyx is the result of a pretty basic demand. The future of flying cars is clearly the VTOL, or the vertical take-off and landing vehicle, and when they do become a norm, they’ll need to follow a set framework to fit into a world that was dominated for a century by four-wheeler cars. For instance, taking a VTOL to the nearest supermarket would mean having to park it in the same car-park as any regular car. That’s why the Onyx is designed the way it is… to provide that seamless transition from...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Automotive, Vtol, Onyx, Charles Bombardier, Imaginactive, Charles Champagne, Jorge Ciprian

Review—About Design: Insights and Provocations for Graphic Design Enthusiasts

I often talk about the importance of context and how it helps set the tone for everything that follows. It also helps you integrate new understanding of specific details into a greater whole. When I approach a new subject, I like to start with a general overview in order to provide context for the rest of my learning. This method of study helps me see new material through an established perspective and it helps me form a point of view about the subject. A potential downside of setting a co...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Web Design, Book Review, United States, University of the Arts, Michael Beirut, University of Cincinnati s College, Katherine McCoy, Gordon Salchow, Michael Beirut Acknowledgements Preface, Philadelphia College

This New Instrument Reimagines the Infamous Talkbox

Bosko Kante is a grammy-winning artist, producer and most recently, innovator. He and his wife Maya Kante co-founded Electrospit and co-created the ESX-1, a tubeless talkbox designed to liberate an artistic expression with mobility, style, freedom and innovation. The traditional talkbox is to thank for the famous hook that rises and falls like west coast hills at the beginning of 2pac and Dre's "California Love." But talkboxes have always been clunky, intrusive DIY-instruments, extremely imp...
Tags: Design, California, Tech, Amazon Play, Bosko, Bosko Kante, Maya Kante, Electrospit, David Guetta Bruno Mars

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