Redesigning the Alfa Bank mobile app

Redesigning the Alfa Bank mobile app AoiroStudioMar 19, 2019 Designers Stas Aristov, Alya Prigotska and Thanh Do decided to redesign the Alfa Bank mobile app. Let's take a closer look! I like the transition of the account overview, it's expressed through two different views with what we would call the "dashboard" and another view where you can select a specific account, send money to someone and your transaction history. The overall UI is clean and the right...
Tags: Design, Russia, Ukraine, Alfa Bank, Stas Aristov Alya Prigotska

Turn your wired Bose headphones into a truly wireless headset!

There’s a higher likelihood of your headphone having a 3.5mm jack than your phone having a 3.5mm input… but don’t ditch your headphones for wireless ones yet! It’s exactly what these large corporations want! To have you adopt standards that help them further their vision. Your wired set of headphones are more than capable of being your primary headphones, the only hurdle is turning them wireless. The AirMod by Bolle & Raven helps that happen. Designed here for the Bose QuietComfort QC25 headphon...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Music, Design, Bluetooth, Audio, Wireless, Bose, Product Design, Portable Audio, QuietComfort, AirMod, Bolle Raven, QC25, Bolle RavenClick

A Truly Pocket-Sized Projector!

Being able to share memories with friends whilst on-the-go or immerse yourself in films on the big-screen whilst in the comfort of your own home is possible with the use of a projector. The Swivel Projector concept takes this to the next level with the use of small dimensions and a nifty operation method.Swivel is truly pocket-sized. The tightly packed unit fits comfortably within the palm of the hand, meaning it can be carried around almost unnoticeable. When the projector is not in use you wou...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Projector, Product Design, Seokmoon-Woo, Swivel Projector

Can Florida save its prized Everglades from climate change destruction?

Half of all Floridians will live underwater by the end of the century, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s predictions. In her disheartening article in The Guardian, researcher and author of Rising, Elizabeth Grant instructs Floridians to flip a coin – tails and your home is headed under the sea. Overpopulation, unsustainable development and sea level rise also threaten to destroy Florida’s famous Everglades, but the newly elected Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis...
Tags: Florida, Politics, Design, Congress, Climate Change, Environment, Sea Level Rise, Sustainable Development, Caribbean, Water Quality, Wetlands, Cayman Islands, Everglades, Restoration, Steve Davis, Everglades National Park

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here

The advent of electronics had ushered in the third Industrial Design revolution but we are slowly moving beyond the realm of tangible, screen-based interactions to discover multiple new possibilities. These discoveries are the cause for which, the World Economic Forum and many other leading research agencies are deeming the upcoming trends as the fourth Industrial Revolution. In the article below, Paul Hobcraft explains what exactly does this fourth revolution entail and how will it affect the i...
Tags: Design, Manufacturing, World Economic Forum, Yanko Design, Doblin, Paul Hobcraft

Crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse being eliminated by the White House

The White House is eliminating crucial animal protection laws for the sage grouse. The protections, originally put in place by President Barack Obama, are being rolled back to open millions of acres of land for gas and oil development. Conservationists warn the move could land the sage grouse back on the endangered species list. The Donald Trump administration’s new plan targets 8.7 million acres of Sagebrush Focal Areas, an important habitat for the sage grouse and hundreds of other wildlife. ...
Tags: Politics, New York, Design, News, Abc, Washington, White House, Animals, America, Barack Obama, Endangered Species, Interior Department, Donald Trump, Trump, Dakotas, Bernhardt

Are bioenergy facilities the solution to the growing garbage problem?

Have you ever heard of bioenergy? Or, have you ever wondered where your garbage goes once you throw it out? For many people — especially Americans — once their trash leaves the house, there is no more thought about where it goes or what happens to it. As soon as a sanitation worker picks up your garbage, there is no reason to think about the serious problems that massive amounts of waste can cause. Every year, Americans discard about 250 million tons of resources, making them the largest genera...
Tags: Verizon, Design, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Oslo, Veena Sahajwalla, University of New South Wales, UNSW, Bremmer, Peekskill New York, Energy Central, Gayle Sloan, Jane Bremmer, Robin Chapple, Sahajwalla

Climate change causing Nebraska's worst floods on record, damage visible from space

Amid growing concerns about the negative effects of climate change, Following historic levels of rainfall and flooding, the governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts, has officially declared certain counties disaster areas as officials deal with the situation. “This really is the most devastating flooding we’ve probably ever had in our state’s history, from the standpoint of how widespread it is,” Ricketts shared. The flooding crisis started last week after a hurricane-like storm ripped through Nebra...
Tags: National Weather Service, Design, Italy, Nebraska, Omaha, Ricketts, Platte River, Pete Ricketts, FREMONT, Missouri River, Offutt Air Force, Niobrara River 's Spencer Dam

Passivhaus in the woods is totally TreeHugger

It's compact, simple and mostly wood. It's also amazingly airtight for energy efficiency.
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Design Job: Ready for Some Fun? Areaware is Seeking a Packaging Designer in Brooklyn, NY

As Graphic Designer for Areaware, you will report directly to the Art Director. Your job is to create visual assets for all our packaging and communication channels that clearly communicate the Areaware point-of-view. The ideal candidate is versatile, driven, View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Brooklyn NY

Create the Art Styles You Never Knew You Were Capable of with This New Design Kit

Having a library of tools and assets to work with is the best way to explore new art styles and create stunning results. Using ready-made resources such as textures, graphics and brushes eliminates the worry of having to switch focus from your main project to construct the tools you need to finish the job! The products in this new Creative’s Design Kit will save you countless hours by having the laborious work done for you, by some of the best professionals in the industry! It contains 21 best s...
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Egg Map

Innovative and creative egg shaped map printed on waterproof stress ball. Squeeze the Egg Map to zoom in, see more details, and navigate the city. Also check out: Portable Map Projecto
Tags: Design, Tech

Upcoming book talk and signing at the Barrington Library

Find news of my upcoming events in the “INFO” tab in the navigation bar on my website. Next up on my schedule is a book talk and signing of The New Cottage from The Taunton Press to be hosted by The Barrington Library. Hope to see you there!by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
Tags: Design, House, Special Events, Taunton Press, Katie Hutchison, My cottage book, Barrington Library

Solar-powered home takes advantage of cooling ocean breezes in Los Angeles

Crafted to embrace spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the Ziering Residence is defined by its dramatically curved architecture and walls of glass. Local practice SPF: architects designed the contemporary house that’s perched high in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles and engineered to take advantage of passive systems, including cooling ocean breezes and the thermal mass of concrete floors. The home also reduces its energy footprint with rooftop solar panels and solar hot wa...
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, Architecture, Gallery, Long Beach, Pacific Ocean, Carousel Showcase, Contemporary Architecture, Passive Solar Principles, Ac, Santa Monica Mountains, Pacific Palisades, Rooftop Solar Panels, Floor To Ceiling Glazing, SPF Architects, Rainscreen

The Sonic-X is the first “self-sustainable” RV

But what does that mean?
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A solar-powered home in Maine rises above the sand dunes on wooden stilts

Portland-based firm Caleb Johnson Studio has unveiled a beautiful cedar-clad home elevated off the ground on stilts so that the natural “landscape is allowed to flow under the house.” The solar-powered home, named “In the Dunes,” was designed to not only protect the natural dune terrain, but the resilient design also reduces the risk of damage caused by potential coastal flooding. Located in the coastal town of Wells in southern Maine, the three-story home is built on sand dunes overlooking th...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Maine, Portland, LED lighting, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Home Design, Resilient Architecture, Atlantic Ocean, Landscape Design, Wells, Trent Bell, Beach Homes, Solar Powered Homes

Organize your workspace with this 12-in-1 modular desk organizer

Throughout the working day, our desks can become cluttered and deeply unorganized messes that limit our potential through creating distractions and reducing efficiency. This is only made worse by the abundance of cables that weave around our desks. We need something that contains all the essential items and places them within one organized location. The Stealtho Desk organizer is here to do just that; It carries an array of features that keep everything you need in one tidy place!Stealtho is t...
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7 Useful Tips For Building A Design Portfolio As A Student

Why do students take a separate class to learn the skills of building a portfolio? Is it really worth it because you can always rely on some online service that offers you to buy assignments and receive good writings? Well, the truth is that you always have an opportunity to opt for online companies like Australia PapersOwl that will create a proper paper, but you can do it on your own, thanks to the classes you can take and a few tips that you need to have in mind. Building your graphical showc...
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Industrial Design for Wellbeing: enLighten Lamp

Industrial Design for Wellbeing: enLighten Lamp abduzeedoMar 19, 2019 One of the most gratifying things about running ABDZ is the emails we received daily from designers around the world sharing their projects. Students have a very special place in my heart because I’ve been one and I tried to reach out to publications too, so I try my best to be responsive and for this post, I would love to share this amazing industrial design project from Shreyans, a studen...
Tags: Design, Netflix, Rhode Island, Rhode Island School of Design RISD

NYC considers Manhattan land expansion to fight climate change

On Thursday March 14, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City unveiled a $10 billion plan to prepare lower Manhattan for the inevitable invasion of sea level rise predicted with climate change. The plan was announced alongside the release of the Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Study, which provides a complete assessment of predicted climate risks, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme rainfall and heat waves. The plan includes extensive construction of permanent and smartly integrated...
Tags: Design, Climate Change, NYC, New York City, Environment, Urban, Resilience, Italy, Sea Level Rise, Manhattan, Bill De Blasio, Natural Disaster, Sustainable Development, Gizmodo, Staten Island, Brooklyn Bridge

Shellworks creates sustainable packaging with seafood shells (Video)

This alternative to single-use plastics uses a range of custom-designed machines to create a recyclable and compostable bioplastic, sourced from discarded crustacean shells.
Tags: Design, News

Why is Great Photography Crucial for Your Website?

Did you know that 38% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if your content is visually unattractive, or that 48% deem good website design to be the number one sign that a company can be trusted? When it comes to aesthetics, in addition to choosing the right colors, fonts, and artistic style, your choice of imagery is key. This is as much the case in your opening page as in your About, Products/Services, and even your Blog sections. Find out how to present your photography in an arti...
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A plywood stool with some bounce!

Exploiting plywood’s ability to be flexible but hold its shape rather well, designers from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen created the Mågen stool, a stool that takes inspiration from Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool, but adds some bounce to it! Comprised of six individual molded plywood pieces, the Mågen stool allows you to sit on it, and the two upper plywood layers flex under your weight, giving you the feeling of sitting on a cushion. The flexible layers not only make the Må...
Tags: Design, Copenhagen, Product Design, Seating, Plywood, Stool, Magen, Sori Yanagi, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Fatima Fransson, Pernille Løgstrup Iversen, Rikke Palmerston

Modern 226 sq. ft. micro-home is hidden in converted garage

A derelict garage is transformed into a compact, minimalist living space.
Tags: Design, News

This robot will park your car for you as you rush to the airport

We may not be near having artificial intelligence drive our cars, but we’re living in an age where robots and AI will park our cars for us. An airport in Lyon, France is debuting a robot designed by Stanley Robotics, which will latch onto your car and park it for you as you rush to board your flight. Given that parking your car on a tight schedule can often result in a loss of precious minutes, the Lyon Airport is relying on an army of car-parking bots that gently carry your car to the nearest v...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Design, France, Car, Automotive, Airport, Robot, Lyon, Product Design, Lyon France, Lyon Airport, Self-parking, Robots/Drones, Stanley Robotics, Lyon Saint Exupéry


[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Site-sensitive Woodhouse Hotel promotes agricultural tourism in Guizhou

In China’s southwest province of Guizhou, Shanghai-based architectural practice ZJJZ has completed the Woodhouse Hotel, a government-backed agricultural tourism project that consists of 10 single-story timber cabins embedded into the hillside in the remote village of Tuanjie. As one of the first projects carried out under the government’s policy to help alleviate rural poverty through environmentally sensitive tourism, the Woodhouse Hotel was designed and constructed with as little site impact ...
Tags: Design, China, Architecture, Gallery, Cabins, Carousel Showcase, Eco Tourism, Rural Poverty, Cabin Architecture, Guizhou, Chinese architecture, Charred Timber, Rural Architecture, Minimize Site Impact, Laurian Ghinitoiu, Agricultural Tourism

Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork

Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork AoiroStudioMar 19, 2019 Our good pal Noelia Lozano has shared with us some of her latest work. We will be sharing her project for Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork. Watch for the process because it's amazingly good! The artwork is a mixture of different techniques using papercrafts, 3D renderings, a vectorial drawing made with Adobe Illustrator, paint splashes capture on Adobe Capture App a...
Tags: Design, Spain, Noelia, Noelia Lozano

For Brooke Davis, Craftsmanship is Where CNC Meets Handwork 

Texas-based designer Brooke Davis continues to "push the boundary of CNC as a tool" with her latest designs, including a quilted nightstand with a perfectly plush tufted surface made out of wood. Davis brings her background in fine art to her design practice and uses digital tools to push the forms she can achieve and impart a sculptural feel. Her process involves sculpting in clay, digitally modeling in the computer, and prototyping with a CNC machine until the design is finalized. While the CN...
Tags: Texas, Design, Davis, CNC, Pilo, WantedDesign, Brooke Davis, Flicka, Brooke Davis Craftsmanship

Meet Anton Lorenz, the Man Who Brought Tubular Steel Furniture and Reclining Chairs to the Masses

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus this year, Vitra Design Museum is highlighting the work of a lesser-known yet key figure, the entrepreneur and designer Anton Lorenz who helped bring the promise of tubular steel furniture to life. The exhibition at Vitra Schaudepot in Weil am Rhein, Germany, titled "Anton Lorenz: From Avant-Garde to Industry," looks at Lorenz's legacy as the man behind the Bauhaus' "machined aesthetic." It traces his career, following him from Germany to the Uni...
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