Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bike/Balance Bike!...

Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bike/Balance Bike! Taking your kid from 6 months to 3-5 years as it transforms into a balance bike, complete with adjustable seat and handle bars to grow with them. (Also check out their race events!) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Innovative food tracker uses app to help you live zero-waste

Industrial designers Altino Alex and Savin Dimov have just unveiled an innovative product geared towards helping families around the world reduce their food waste. The Bubble Food Tracker is an app-controlled food tracker that monitors products in your kitchen, keeping you aware of what you have in stock and your regular consumption habits, all to bring you closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. Food waste is one of the world’s most pressing issues. In fact, according to the Food and Agricultural O...
Tags: Food, Design, Gallery, Innovation, Zero Waste, Modular, Eat & Drink, Zero Waste Lifestyle, Food Tracker, Post-format-gallery, Savin Dimov, Global food waste, Zero-waste Design, Altino Alex, Zero Waste Kitchens, Modular Innovations

Kitchen appliances that will perfectly assist your chef dreams!

Good kitchen appliances and gadgets have the capability to transform your entire kitchen experience! From prepping to cooking to storing meals, or even doing your dishes becomes simple and efficient. Since a lot of our time and energy is spent in the kitchen, it’s important to select the correct products to be our little helpers. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and easy-to-use products that will make you want to spend more time in the kitchen!Ordine is an innovative cooking solut...
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How Stop Signs are Made: Inside the NYC Shop That Handmakes Street Signs

Who'd have thought that if you want a stable job in NYC, you should learn to make Stop signs? The red octagons are "our bestseller," John Jurgeleit, Executive Director of Operations for the Department of Transportation's in-house sign shop in Queens, told Insider. The Stop sign is the most frequently crashed-into, vandalized or stolen, and the shop has constant orders to produce replacements.The D.O.T. actually runs five sign-making shops (one in each borough), Insider visited the Queens branch ...
Tags: Design, Urbanism, Queens, Department Of Transportation, John Jurgeleit

Phillipe Starck’s Broom – A sustainable chair that swept away industrial waste like magic

Here is some food for thought – what if our leftovers could be turned to functional furniture that looked food? I mean good, that looked good! Phillipe Starck is a French designer which means he eats really good food and has managed to turn the leftovers into some really good chairs called the Broom for Emeco. Global food waste (aka leftovers) is twice as high as predicted reports CNN but leftovers don’t necessarily mean just food – it is any waste that ends up in the trash and the solution to...
Tags: Home, Design, Living, Lifestyle, Sustainability, Cnn, Furniture, Philippe Starck, Jk Rowling, Waste Management, Interiors, US Navy, Chair, Product Design, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design

Mycelium is Growing Everywhere

Growing Pavilion at last year's Dutch Design Week photo by Eric Melander This past November the growing popularity of the fungal building material called mycelium was made manifest by the Growing Pavilion at Dutch Design Week. A collaboration between designer Pascal Leboucq and the bio-fabrication company, Krown Design, the construction was a testament to the power of the industrious organism and other bio-materials. Within the pavilion resided an exhibition of evidence to the ways in which myce...
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Here’s what Dyson’s ‘air-purifying’ headphones could (possibly) look like…

Is it just great timing or what? Just earlier this month, Dyson filed for a patent that brings its air-purifying technology to a smaller, more portable scale. The company famous for making some of the most powerful vacuums, fans, and hair-dryers in the world just disclosed in a patent that they may be working on a portable, wireless pair of headphones with air-purifiers built right into them. Based on those patent files, here’s a concept that brings those visuals and Dyson’s form language togeth...
Tags: Asia, Design, Wearable, Safety, Audio, Headphones, Shanghai, Dyson, Product Design, Portable Audio, Air Purifier, Sarang Sheth, Green/Sustainable, Air Purifying Headphones, Sarang ShethDisclaimer, Dyson Air Purifying Headphones

Designer Profile: William Sawaya

Eschewing the notion that art is in the eye of the beholder, architect and designer William Sawaya considers the inherent artistry of anything—be it a painting, a candlestick, a table lamp, or a chair—to be connected to the expertise and dedication of the artist (or designer). He believes that things made carefully, with respect for the material, attention to detail, and deep commitment to craft, have intrinsic value as art, especially since they are “practically unique, strongly individual and ...
Tags: Books, Design, Singapore, Chicago, Architecture, Zaha Hadid, Michael, Amy, Jean Nouvel, Moroni, Ettore Sottsass, Malmo Sweden, Daniel Libeskind, Andreu, Zarina, Designer Profile

A Watch Frozen in Time: Why CW&T is Removing Features from a Classic Digital Timepiece

Picture a digital watch. Not a smart watch or activity tracker—the most basic digital watch you can imagine. Chances are you're thinking of something that looks like the Casio F-91W, the ubiquitous black plastic LCD watch that's been on the market since 1989. Its simplicity, affordability (it costs about $10), and accuracy (twice that of a $30,000 Rolex) has made it a favorite with hardware hackers, artists, and—infamously—terrorists building bombs.Now it's getting a radical makeover from CW&T, ...
Tags: Wearables, Accessories, Design, New York City, Watches, Brooklyn, Levy, Craft, Cw, Casio, Wang, DST, Time TIME, Che Wei Wang, Taylor Levy, Solid State Watch

A Visual History of Sneaker Design: "The Adidas Archive" Book Documents 350+ Pairs of Kicks

Here's something every aspiring footwear designer will want to have for reference: The Adidas Archive, a 644-page tome cataloging "the history of the adidas shoe, from its earliest beginnings until today" as seen through over 350 shoes.The adidas story is one of groundbreaking designs, epic moments, and conceiving the all-around sports shoe, worn by the likes of Lionel Messi, Run DMC, and Madonna.A mecca for sneaker fans, this book presents adidas's history through 357 pairs of shoes, including ...
Tags: Design, Madonna, Sneakers, DMC, Taschen, Lionel Messi Run, Stella McCartney Yohji Yamamoto Parley

Extra Wide Office Chairs are Now a Thing in America

For years now in America, our cars, houses and people have been getting bigger. I'll let others debate why this is happening and what it means; I'm purely interested to learn that furniture designers have had to design some additional options for contract furniture, as waiting rooms are no longer one-size-fits-all:Photo and caption by F.O.Mr.Lahey: "My doctor's office had a special chair for XL patients." I looked into it, and it's a thing. Wayfair has a separate section for Big & Tall Guest & R...
Tags: Design, America, Furniture Design, Wayfair, National Business Furniture, Wayfair Image, Wayfair National Business Furniture, National Business Furniture Office Chair USA

Reader Submitted: Beazley Designs of the Year

Zak Group has designed the exhibition graphics for Beazley Designs of the Year, the Design Museum's annual exhibition that presents the most inspiring and critical design from the past year. We used the exhibition design as a platform to present the work of six type designers whose typefaces were released in 2019. Each category was set in a different typeface, showcasing the full character set alongside the names of its designer and foundry. View the full project here
Tags: Design, Beazley, Reader Projects, Zak Group

Nike reveals Space Hippie sustainable sneakers made from waste

Nike has launched a new, exploratory collection, aptly named Space Hippie, to highlight the NASA-inspired concept of in-situ resource utilization — the idea of using space-based resources during deep space exploration. By taking the company’s own “space junk” from the floors of its manufacturing warehouses, Nike is turning waste into feedstock, creating a sustainable sneaker that combines high performance with low impact. The Space Hippie shoes are assembled using recycled “space junk”, such as...
Tags: Design, Nike, Nasa, Waste, Recycled Materials, Accessories And Fashion, Recycled Plastic, Dezeen, Post-format-gallery, Nike House of Innovation, Nike Swoosh Nike, Seana Hannah

Photos of the Week - Tokyo, Germany and California

Photos of the Week - Tokyo, Germany and California abduzeedoFeb 25, 2020 A couple of weeks ago I shared some photos I took last year. The main goal was, one, to share high resolution images, and two, to create an incentive for me to take more photos. With those noble causes in mind I had the chance to travel to Europe last week for a short business trip. In between meetings I was able to sneak out and capture some photos. So for this post I would love to show...
Tags: Europe, Design, California, Germany, Munich, Sony, Salzburg Austria, Tokyo Germany

Sculptural, energy-saving office boasts the smartest building advances in Germany

In the heart of Berlin, Danish architecture firm 3XN has recently completed Cube Berlin, a striking new office showcasing the latest advances in sustainability, digitization and design. Opened this month, Cube Berlin also serves as a new city landmark with its sculptural, reflective facade designed to engage the pedestrian realm at the historically significant site of Washingtonplatz. The building is expected to achieve DNGB Gold certification and is engineered with smart office technologies tha...
Tags: Design, Germany, Berlin, Sydney, UNSW, Adam Mørk, Cube Berlin, Washingtonplatz The building

NIKE Shoes Made of LEGO

Cool sculptures of Nike and Air Jordan sneakers made out of LEGO bricks. Nike shoes and Jordan sneaker LEGO sculptures created by Tom Yoo. Also check out: Nike Flower Shoes
Tags: Design, Tech, Nike, Jordan, Air Jordan, Tom Yoo

Why should the Scottish woodlands be protected?

Although Scotland is more heavily forested than England or Wales, much of its woodlands have been lost to logging, urban sprawl and climate change. Initiatives to reverse deforestation have been underway to contribute more trees, protect woodlands and ensure the ecology, sustainability and longevity of Scotland’s forest resources. Why has reforestation become important in recent years? Last summer, a YouGov poll found that the environment is now viewed as the third most critical public issue, g...
Tags: Europe, UK, England, Design, Wales, Climate Change, Scotland, Environment, Trees, Earth, Bbc, Features, Atlantic, Britain, Conservation, United Kingdom

LastObject Tackles Unsexy but Important Single-Use Items, Like Reusable Tissues, Strikes Kickstarter Gold

You know that old saying that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people?The industrial-designer-specific version is surely that great minds design solutions, average minds design objects, and small minds design for Instagram likes.LastObject is a Danish design trio that consists of great minds. They've chosen to tackle some of the least sexy objects out there--first cotton swabs, now disposable tissues--not for fame nor love of these objects, but bec...
Tags: Design, US, Kickstarter, Sustainable Design, Kickstarter LastSwab, Nicolas Aagard Co, Isabel Aagard, Kåre Frandsen

Saving the Scottish Wildcat from extinction

In the wilds of Scotland lives the elusive Scottish wildcat, denoted scientifically as Felis silvestris grampia and colloquially as the “Highland tiger.” Considered as one of the planet’s most endangered animals, and possibly the world’s rarest feline, it is estimated that there are fewer than 50 purebred F. s. grampia individuals left, which accounts for their vulnerability. Meager population estimates, and a lifespan averaging 7 years in the wild, lead many biologists and conservationists to c...
Tags: Europe, Design, Scotland, Britain, Great Britain, Woodland, Barclay, Swa, Ruairidh, Roo, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Natural Heritage, Royal Zoological Society, David Barclay, Scottish Wildcat Action SWA, David Hetherington

Why do we make everything so complicated? We need radical simplicity right now.

The KISS principle applies to everything, including building design.
Tags: Design, News

Yea or Nay? A Wristwatch That Conveys the Time Non-Visually and Silently

I'm generally down on new ideas for watches, which I often find too enamored of technology, but this here is a novel approach that I'm curious to get your take on.An object called Prompt, which its creators are branding an "anti-watch," is for those who need to be somewhat aware of the time, but are tired of glancing down at their watch every few minutes. It's also for people who interact with others a lot, yet need to maintain a schedule, and don't want to be rude or unintentionally give signal...
Tags: Design, Object Culture, Time Non

The Silhuous uses foliage-inspired shapes to divide spaces!

It divides spaces by connecting you to nature! Meet the Silhuous, a nature-inspired room divider. Using multiple acrylic ‘branches’ and leaves made from tracing paper, the Silhuous creates a visual barrier without appearing hostile. The barrier allows you to break spaces, creating zones in a way that’s alluring yet effective, and the Silhuous’ expandable design allows your ‘tree’ to grow depending on the size of your space. The best part is how it works as a beautiful light-diffuser too! Simply ...
Tags: Design, Interiors, Product Design, Room Divider, Jihyun, Silhuous

UI/UX Interface Concept for Harman Kardon Citation

UI/UX Interface Concept for Harman Kardon Citation AoiroStudioFeb 25, 2020 We are featuring the work from Cristian Lorca who shared an interesting concept on his Behance profile for Harman Kardon Citation. Bringing another level of touch with speakers from the Harman Kardon family. At first glance, you can't help to appreciate all the levels of the process shared in the documentation. It's concise and clear. You wouldn't think there is so much work to design ...
Tags: Design, Harman Kardon, Shenzhen China, UI UX Interface Concept for Harman Kardon Citation, Cristian Lorca, Harman Kardon Citation Bringing, Cristian Lorca Cristian, Architecture Lighting Product Design Interfaces

This is the training any graphic designer should have. It’s on sale now for under $40.

The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle covers basic industry philosophies and tools.Special courses dig into branding techniques as well as using the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.The $1,400 training course is available now for only $39.Well-tuned aesthetics and a strong visual eye are great, but before you assume that’s enough to get working in the graphic design field, you should also consider a few basics. Do you have a firm command of core graphic design principles? Are you familiar with th...
Tags: Work, Art, Design, Success, Social Media, Innovation, School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle

A circular Apple Watch seems very unlikely, but it sure looks beautiful!

Short of putting a camera on the Apple Watch, there’s little to nothing Apple can do to make their Watch Series 5 better. It’s a remarkably built wearable with a great battery, a screen that can stay on all the time, a waterproof build that lets you go swimming with it on, an e-sim that lets you call, send messages, and the ability to perform EKG readings to keep you in the pink of health. It’s the perfect cross between consumer tech and medical tech, and there aren’t many smartwatches that ca...
Tags: Apple, Design, Wearable, Smartwatch, Apple TV, Watches, Apple Watch, Product Design, Samsung Galaxy, Phone Industry, Series 6

This geometric villa provides complete privacy without compromising the view!

Nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Sisangan Forest is a private residence designed by MADO Architects in the Sisangan province of Iran. The clients had one request, an intense focus on privacy. The architects placed concrete slabs in a tent-like manner allowing them to intersect one another. The intersecting slabs create interesting geometric angles, adding a bold and unique feel to the structure. The vernacular architecture surrounding the building was used as a source of inspiration, with...
Tags: Design, Iran, Architecture, Caspian Sea, MADO Architects, Sisangan Villa, Sisangan Forest, Sisangan

Experience Neri Oxman's Futuristic Approach to Ecology at MoMA

A new show dedicated to Neri Oxman's pioneering material explorations opened this week at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The MIT Media Lab professor and director of The Mediated Matter Group is known for coining the phrase "material ecology" to describe the way her work brings together materials science, digital fabrication, and organic design to produce techniques and objects informed by nature. The exhibition includes seven major projects created over the past 20 years in a mid-career r...
Tags: New York, Design, Exhibitions, Museum of Modern Art, Moma, MIT Media Lab, Museum of Modern Art New York, Neri Oxman, Oxman, Mediated Matter Group, Eric de Broche des Combes Luxigon

Recycled shipping container cafe utilizes passive cooling in India

Southeast of New Delhi, in Greater Noida City, Rahul Jain Design Lab (RJDL) has transformed recycled shipping containers into a dynamic new cafe and gathering space for ITS Dental College. Named Cafe Infinity after its infinity loop shape, the building was created as an example of architecture that can be both economical and eco-friendly. The architects’ focus on sustainability has also informed the shape and positioning of the cafe for natural cooling. Cafe Infinity serves as a recreational sp...
Tags: Design, India, Brazil, New Delhi, Rahul Jain, ITS Dental College, Cafe Infinity, Greater Noida City Rahul Jain Design Lab RJDL, ITS Dental College Named Cafe Infinity

Peleg Design’s pelican is the only bird allowed in your kitchen!

I love to cook, but I hate to do the dishes after. The soaking dishes, the wet cloth, the soapy sponge – it is all so damp! Designer Gil Cohen has created Pelix for Peleg Design, a cute kitchen companion that will reduce your internal shrieks and actually lift your mood while doing dishes. This little pelican shaped cloth and sponge holder will be perched on your counter and the only thing that will fly is the time taken to do chores.Pelix’s bright break is actually a cloth holder, so hang up th...
Tags: Kitchen, Home, Cleaning, Design, Lifestyle, Dining, Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Tools, Product Design, Pelican, Peleg, Ross Geller, Gil Cohen, Minimal Design, Kitchen Products, Multi-holder

Amazing Branding and Visual Identity for Rapscallion Soda

Amazing Branding and Visual Identity for Rapscallion Soda abduzeedoFeb 24, 2020 Daniel Freytag and Greig Anderson shared an incredible branding and visual identity project they worked on for Rapscallion Soda, a drinking company that  specializes in fresh fruit, low sugar sodas, handmade in Glasgow, Scotland. They're a new kind of soft drink - better ingredients, better tasting, better for you. Approach Rapscallion started punting handmade ...
Tags: Design, Glasgow, Glasgow Scotland, Gorbals, Daniel Freytag, Greig Anderson, Rapscallion Soda, Rapscallion com Approach Rapscallion, Rapscallion, Gregor Leckie

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