Famous Lug Styles That Have Defined Modern-Day Watch Design

Lugs… One of the make-or-break elements of a watch. In the best scenario, lugs define a watch. In the worst of situations, they can ruin a watch. When I just got into watches, the latter played a more significant part in my opinion about a watch, or rather than recognizing great lugs. I used to […] Visit Famous Lug Styles That Have Defined Modern-Day Watch Design to read the full article.
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7 Photography Logo Styles – Which is Right for Your Photography Business?

Photography is a creative and artistic business. Which of these seven photography logo styles works best for your business?
Tags: Startups, Design, Sales, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Starting A Business

These vintage computer book cover graphics are a dial-up wormhole back to the 1980s

Redditor ForeverMozart posted a wonderful collection of 1980s computer book covers. I hope they inspire a slew of Vaporwave cassette J-cards.
Tags: Art, Books, Video, Design, News, 1980s, Computer Books, Redditor ForeverMozart

Sex toy design has a lot to teach big tech

Design, at its heart, should be about making things better. Whether aesthetically or experientially, the craft should operate as a seamless bridge between a product’s function and the person operating it. The thing is, I’m just not sure that’s the case any longer. Over the past few years, it seems that design has become less user focused, concentrating far more on keeping us addicted and hooked, rather than actually improving our lives. I wanted to find out if this was true, or if I’m spouting n...
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Don’t Forget to Innovate the Customer Experience

Too often we speak about Innovation, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Employee Experience and Organizational Change as very distinct and separate things. But is this the right approach? Those of you who have read both my first book Stoking Your Innovation … Continue reading →
Tags: Design, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Change, Innovation, Employee Experience

New designs for Chrome and Chrome OS, by Latino artists

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we pay tribute to the generations of Latinos who have positively influenced and enriched society, arts, culture and science in the United States.As a proud Latina, I have seen first hand how our diversity is our strength. We use various terms to define ourselves (Hispanic, Latinx, Latino, Black, Mexican, Salvadoran, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and more), yet we still can come together as one resilient community.This year Chrome partnered with Latino...
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