The French And UK Customer Experience Index Results Are In!

Each year, based on a survey of your customers, Forrester releases results of its Customer Experience Index (CX Index™). The methodology measures how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers and ultimately drives business growth. The French CX Index and UK Retail CX Index results are in! Key highlights from the […]
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Data Management Platform Coverage Takes On A New Look

When I started my career in marketing analytics almost 20 years ago, the biggest challenge was wrangling first- and third-party data, joining them together, and analyzing customer patterns. It was like mining for gold; we wanted to discover something unique about our customers, a nugget that our marketing counterparts could use to craft customized messages […]
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51% of ad fraud came through e-commerce in 2018: TechARC digital report

TechARC’s report titled “India digital ad-fraud market” states that in 2018, ad fraud cost a total of $1.63 billion, contributing to 8.7% of the global fraud. Ecommerce contributed to over 51% of the total ad fraud in India, via customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Web platforms were... ...
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Post Clinton’s Internet Freedom Speech:US- SourceForge Blocked Syria, Sudan, Iran, N. Korea & Cuba: Is Open Source Still Open?

Following Linkedin  move of  unblocking Syria after ArabCrunch reported the incident ( and kept it against Sudan ), we heard different reports that U.S. Federal government officials are preparing to waive some of the sanctions against Syria that was... visit ArabCrunch website for more details.
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The Future of Department Stores

    The Department Store’s Bright Future Department Stores Can Enjoy a Bright Future. Department stores must change to survive and thrive fierce competition from brands’ direct to consumer initiatives. Synchronizing supply and demand to  sell inventory at full price is one issue. But the Department Store’s Bright Future depends on enticing customers through the […]
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#NAMApolicy on the E-Commerce Policy: Is Data a resource? Must it be shared?

“One fundamental thing is that there is a belief now: data is the new oil. We’ve heard it two or three times even within the Policy.” The #NAMApolicy discussion on the draft Policy on E-Commerce brought the focus towards breaking down the intent of the Government with the release... ...
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