Beautiful 19th-Century Indian Drawings Show Hatha Yoga Poses Before They Reached the West

Yoga as an athletic series of postures for physical health came into being only about 100 years ago, part of a wave of gymnastics and calisthenics that spread around the Western world in the 1920s and made its way to India, combining with classical Indian spirituality and asanas, a word which translates to “seat.”  Yoga, of course, had existed as a classical spiritual discipline in India for thousands of years. (The word is first found in the Rig Veda), but it had little to do with fitness, as ...
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Ruby Bridges: the six-year-old who defied a mob and desegregated her school

In 1960, she walked past hateful protesters to become the first Black child at a Louisiana school – and was then taught alone for a year. She discusses fear, forbearance and her fight for a better futureThis year, Ruby Bridges saw some newly discovered video footage of her six-year-old self and was terrified for her. The footage was from 14 November 1960, a day that shaped the course of Bridges’ life and – it is no exaggeration to say – American history. Not that she was aware of it at the time....
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Kahoot acquires Clever, the US-based edtech portal, for up to $500M

Kahoot, the popular Oslo-based edtech company that has built a big business out of gamifiying education and creating a platform for users to build their own learning games, is making an acquisition to double down on K-12 education and its opportunities to grow in the U.S. It is acquiring Clever, a startup that has built a single sign-on portal for educators, students and their families to build and engage in digital learning classrooms, currently used by about 65% of all U.S. K-12 schools. Kahoo...
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New career-readiness program to debut at Crenshaw High this fall

LAUSD Supt. Austin Beutner visits with Crenshaw High School students during the announcement of 3DE (Three Dimensional Education) at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. The launch in the fall will be the first 3DE project-based instructional model in California. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Eric Mitchell, social media manager at Crenshaw High School, waits for LAUSD Supt. Austin Beutner’s arrival during the announcement of 3DE (Three Dim...
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As yellow tier arrives, some LA County coronavirus rules remain tougher than state’s

Striding into the least-restrictive yellow tier of the state’s economic-reopening blueprint, Los Angeles County will deploy its loosest business restrictions since the pandemic began on Thursday, May 6. But some rules in the county’s public health ordered will remain tougher than the state’s, including a 75% capacity cap at grocery and retail stores. Pasadena and Long Beach were a step ahead of the county, enacting eased guidelines on Wednesday, including the reopening of indoor bars. The county...
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Cypress College failed to be ‘anti-racist’ by not defending professor in viral video, faculty union says

The faculty union at Cypress College has taken the administration to task for not defending the professor who repeatedly interrupted a student in an online speech class as he tried to argue that many police officers could be seen as heroes. “The failure to issue a clear and strong statement of support for faculty under the existing circumstances is a failure to be anti-racist,” said signed by Christie Diep, president of United Faculty of the North Orange County Community College District, and ...
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Over 3 million students enrolled in this free Yale class on how to be happier - here are 4 things I loved about it

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Insider Yale's most popular class in history teaches you science-backed steps to becoming happier. Professor Laurie Santos' free online version, The Science of Well-Being, I enrolled and loved it. Santos is an engaging teacher, and the tools are pragmatic and low-lift. How do we live a meaningful life? For how often it's asked, that question isn't easy to answer.Yale prof...
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Watch Online Eric Hobsbawm: The Consolations of History, a Documentary Exploring the Life & Work of the Influential Historian

Courtesy of The London Review of Books, you can now watch Eric Hobsbawm: The Consolations of History: In this documentary, Anthony Wilks traces the connections between the events of Eric Hobsbawm’s life and the history he told, from his teenage years in Germany and his communist membership, to the jazz clubs of 1950s Soho and the makings of New Labour, taking in Italian bandits, Peruvian peasant movements and the development of nationalism in the modern world, with help from the assiduou...
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Watch “Degrees of Uncertainty,” an Animated Documentary about Climate Science, Uncertainty & Knowing When to Trust the Experts

We should just trust the experts. But wait: to identify true expertise requires its own kind of even more specialized expertise. Besides, experts disagree with each other, and over time disagree with themselves as well. This makes it challenging indeed for all of us non-experts — and we’re all non-experts in the fields to which we have not dedicated our lives — to understand phenomena of any complexity. As for grasping climate change, with its enormous historical scale and countless many...
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Middle school lunch lady hosted student sleepovers with booze and porn

Police in Chauvin, Louisiana arrested Dawn Marie Baye, 38, a cafeteria worker at Lacache Middle School who allegedly hosted student sleepovers where teens drank alcohol, watched porn, and had sex. Baye was charged with multiple charges of indecent behavior with a juvenile and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, according to a police statement. — Read the rest
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Why creating inclusive classrooms matters

Editor’s note: In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, is working with DonorsChoose to continue their support for more inclusive classrooms through the #ISeeMe campaign. Mr. Andy Yung, a classroom teacher from New York City, shares the power of affirming identities in his classroom. I grew up in Flushing, New York — the same community in Queens where I now teach. I’m honored and grateful to teach students who remind me of my younger self and to interact with their parents who remind me...
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The 10 best universities in the US, based on student experiences and outcomes, faculty research, and diversity

Harvard University ranks at the top of QS' list of the best US universities again. DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images QS Quacquarelli Symonds just published the second annual list of the best US universities. The research firm used four kinds of metrics to develop an overall score for 352 universities. The following are the 10 US universities that ranked at the top of the 2021 QS ranking. See more stories on Insider's business page. 10. University of Pennsylvania f11photo/Getty...
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Watch a New Director’s Cut of Prince’s Blistering “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Guitar Solo (2004)

Recently, I was walking with a young relative who, upon passing a mural of the late Prince Rogers Nelson, looked up at me and asked, “who is that?,” whereupon my eyes grew wide as saucers and I began the tale of a musical hero who conquered every instrument, every musical style, every chord and scale, etc. It was a story fit for young ears, mind you, but mythic enough, I guess, that it inspired my relative to stop me mid-sentence and ask in awe, “was he a god?” To which I stammered, caug...
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Muhammad Ali Explains Why He Refused to Fight in Vietnam: “My Conscience Won’t Let Me Go Shoot My Brother… for Big Powerful America” (1970)

In April of 1967, Muhammad Ali arrived at the U.S. Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station in Houston, Texas. “Standing beside twenty-five other nerve-racked young men called to the draft,” writes David Remnick at The New Yorker, Ali “refused to respond to the call of ‘Cassius Clay!’” Offered the choice of going to Vietnam or to jail, he chose the latter “and was sentenced to five years in prison and released on bail.” Ali lost his title, his boxing license, his passport, and — as fa...
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Diagnosing America’s Relationship with Pets — Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #91 w/ Trainer Hannah Branigan What is with the weird relationship we Americans have with our pets? Many of us treat them as our babies, yet of course they’re our captives. Dog trainer Hannah Branigan joins your hosts Mark Linsenmayer, Erica Spyres, and Brian Hirt to talk about pets as entertainment, as hobby, and as pandemic companions. How can we make this relationship as beneficial as possible for all involved, and h...
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LA City Council weighs legislation to combat perinatal depression

Four Los Angeles City Council members on Tuesday, May 4, introduced a legislation package aimed at helping pregnant women and new mothers who are struggling with depression and other mental health issues. The package introduced by Council President Nury Martinez, Councilman Paul Koretz and Councilwomen Nithya Raman and Monica Rodriguez includes two resolutions and a motion in an effort to raise awareness, destigmatize and support women who suffer from perinatal depression and other mental health...
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Engineering Beauty

The fourth and most understandable error we made...was to have turned over all aspects of freeway route selection and design to the engineering profession. Of course, engineering is an absolutely necessary element in the road-building process. But engineering not all that is required. ... Freeways do not exist apart from the world. ...even the Division of Highways recognizes the fact that values of a sort that do not lend themselves to narrow economic analysis are important. ....
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LAUSD Board of Education decides not to extend 2021-22 school year

Rather than mandate a longer academic year, schools in the Los Angeles Unified district will only be required to provide the typical 180 days of instruction for the 2021-22 year — although individual campuses will have the option to offer extra class or staff development time, the Board of Education decided on Tuesday, May 4. The board’s unanimous vote, based on a recommendation by district staff, came a day after LAUSD leaders scrapped a proposal by Superintendent Austin Beutner to tack on 10 m...
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Fewer people want coronavirus vaccines than are available now in LA County

For the first time this week Los Angeles County had more vaccines than people who wanted to get them, according to the Department of Public Health, marking a critical juncture for the county’s vaccine efforts as it reaches toward a goal of 80% of the eligible population vaccinated. “That means 25% less people were vaccinated than the week before,” said Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer on Tuesday, May 4. For those who want to get vaccinated, appointments should be more available and there ar...
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Stop the Steal: ‘Hacker’ Homecoming Queen Charged as Adult in Vote-Changing Scandal

Authorities appear to have uncovered a vast, nefarious conspiracy to electronically rig an American election in favor of an illegitimate victor. Neither Deep State supercomputers nor Russian intelligence agencies are alleged to have been involved in this one, however. Read more...
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Best Buy: How Human Connection Saved a Failing Retailer

In The Heart of Business, former Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly shares how he revived the ailing electronics chain, offering a guide to leaders facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. [Author: by Michael Blanding]
Tags: College, Michael Blanding, Hubert Joly, by Michael Blanding

Accounting for Product Impact in the Telecommunications Industry

A product impact framework is a systematic methodology applicable to different companies across a wide range of industries. This study examines the telecommunications industry, estimating the value of a product’s reach, accessibility, quality, optionality, environmental use emissions, and end-of-life recyclability. [Author: by George Serafeim and Katie Trinh]
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Zoom Claims Another Victim as NYC Schools Cancel Snow Days

Chalk up one more precious thing the pandemic has ruined. On Tuesday, the New York City Department of Education announced that it would no longer allow kids to stay home from school on especially snowy or bad weather days; instead, schools will switch to remote learning.Read more...
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LA City Council creates new youth council, hearkening back to Tom Bradley’s era

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday, May 4, unanimously voted to create a youth council similar to one created by former Mayor Tom Bradley, which two of the council members served on. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in 1982. Associated Press The motion, introduced by Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and Councilmen Mark Ridley-Thomas and Paul Koretz, instructed the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to create the “Olivia Mitchell Youth Council” made up of two youth representatives from eac...
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CSUN lands nearly $3 million grant to support biomedical sciences students

Cal State Northridge announced Tuesday, May 4, that it has received a nearly $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to support biomedical sciences students who want to eventually earn a doctorate. The five-year grant will fund the Undergraduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (U-RISE), which is designed to equip undergraduate students with skills that will make them more competitive for entry into graduate programs, according to the university. The grant — w...
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Microsoft’s Reading Progress makes assessing reading levels easier for kids and teachers

Among the many, many tasks required of grade school teachers is that of gauging each student’s reading level, usually by a time-consuming and high-pressure one-on-one examination. Microsoft’s new Reading Progress application takes some of the load off the teacher’s shoulders, allowing kids to do their reading at home and using natural language understanding to help highlight obstacles and progress. The last year threw most educational plans into disarray, and reading levels did not advance the w...
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Keith Richards Demonstrates His Famous 5-String Technique (Used on Classic Stones Songs Like “Start Me Up,” “Honky Tonk Women” & More)

For the guitarist, alternate tunings expand the sonic possibilities of the instrument. But where, say, a progressive metal player will add a seventh or eighth string, pitch everything down, and get technical, the opposite is the case with “open” tunings in folk and blues. They are an ideal basis for slide guitar and three-chord, 12-bar vamps, and became the perfect platform for Keith Richards, giving him the room he needed to translate the music of his folk heroes into the gritty, distor...
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"An adjunct professor teaching her first-ever course at a California college was placed on leave this week after she ripped a student during a class presentation because he said he regards police officers as 'heroes.'"

"The unidentified Cypress College educator was apparently triggered Wednesday during 19-year-old business major Braden Ellis’ Zoom presentation on cancel culture in the US, in which he noted how even animated kids TV shows such as 'Paw Patrol' have come under fire from unhinged cop-haters.... 'You’re saying police officers should be revered, viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows with children?'" The NY Post reports. Here's the video:  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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What to Wear to an Amusement Park (+6 Outfit Ideas!)

Going to an amusement park soon? Here's exactly what to wear.
Tags: College, Swimwear, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, What Do I Wear There, Fun Activities

LA County Mental Health Department to hold free programs on art’s healing power

LOS ANGELES >> May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health is hosting a monthlong series of free community programs and events to highlight the healing power of art and connection for residents of all ages. The initiative, in its fourth year, is called WE RISE. Dr. Jonathan Sherin, who heads the Department of Mental Health underscored the importance of reaching out to others. “Connectedness is vital to mental health and wellbeing, more so now than ...
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