How to Add Value to Your Resume With Your MBA

Your resume should make it obvious to an employer why they should hire you. That means you need to have a laser-like focus on what makes you the right candidate.
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Tokyo medical school offers places to women after sexism scandal

Japanese university announces it will accept women unfairly rejected in favour of male candidatesA Japanese medical school at the centre of a sexism row has offered places to dozens of women who were unfairly rejected in favour of male candidates.Tokyo Medical University said this week that it would accept women whose exam scores were deliberately marked down to restrict the number of female students. Continue reading...
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On Physician Burnout and the Plight of the Modern Knowledge Worker

On Screens and Surgeons Atul Gawande has a fascinating article in the most recent issue of the New Yorker about the negative consequences of the electronic medical records revolution. There are many points in this piece that are relevant to the topics we discuss here, but there was one observation in particular that I found particularly alarming. Gawande introduces the Berkeley psychologist Christina Maslach, who is one of the leading experts on occupational burnout: her Maslach Burnout Invento...
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The Best Places to Buy Heels

It's that Cinderella moment: finding the perfect pair (of heels) for yourself. Here are the stores to shop first. High heels are the ultimate accessory to dress up an outfit and a great confidence boost - nothing is more empowering than strutting down the streets in a pair of stylish heels. Having your favorite pair of boots is a wardrobe must-have. I've already shared the best stores for cheap clothes, but you need the shoes to go with that new wardrobe. Want to know where to get started for t...
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Knife crime epidemic should surprise no one | Letters

Readers respond to articles covering the rise in knife crime that’s claiming the lives of more and more young men and boysThree weeks ago my 16-year-old son and his friend were mugged in Norwood by a gang of seven youths who stole their phones, punched my son and threatened to stab him (Change school closing times to curb stabbings, say doctors, 7 November). Plainclothes police were there within minutes and the whole incident was caught on CCTV. It was 3.30pm on a Friday and the boys who attacke...
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The Indecisive Girl's Guide to Decision Making

Here are 5 steps to overcome daily indecisiveness! Should I go out with my girlfriends or my boyfriend tonight? Who should I ask to be my project partner? What should I make for dinner? Which pair of shoes should I wear out tonight? How should I tackle my problem? First of all: your girlfriends > anyone else.Second of all, does this sound like you? Drowning in your own indecision and struggling to make even simple choices?Making a decision can sometimes get you feeling all broken up inside, esp...
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Looks on Campus: Gabriella - West Virginia University

Gabriella is an influencer on and off campus.I stumbled upon Gabriella, a West Virginia University student and rising blogger, sporting a chic ensemble during the morning hustle. Looking like a shot straight out of Instagram, her style is perfect for a busy day on campus.Gabriella's outfit can easily serve as inspiration for fall. While simple in structure, it also has been creatively pieced together for an eye-catching look that is entirely her own. Gabriella 101 Name: GabriellaSchool: West V...
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Behind the Banksy Stunt: An In-Depth Breakdown of the Artist’s Self-Shredding Painting

By now, even those of us who pay no attention at all to the art market have heard about Banksy's latest art stunt: a painting called Balloon Girl that, when it sold for $1.4 million at auction, then immediately shredded itself. Assessments on the intent and impact of the piece's self-destruction have varied: many have complained that, far from the bold statement against the economics of modern art it may have looked like (and many of Banksy's fans may well have come to expect from his ar...
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An Atlas of Literary Maps Created by Great Authors: J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island & More

Plot, setting, character… we learn to think of these as discrete elements in literary writing, comparable to the strategy, board, and pieces of a chess game. But what if this scheme doesn’t quite work? What about when the setting is a character? There are many literary works named and well-known for the unforgettable places they introduce: Walden, Wuthering Heights, Howards End…. There are invented domains that seem more real to readers than reality: Faulkner’s Yoknapatowpha, Thomas Hardy’s Wes...
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What Are the Most Influential Books Written by Scholars in the Last 20 Years?: Leading Academics Pick “The New Canon”

It’s a fraught time to be an academic. Budgets have been slashed, departments decimated, political battles sensationalized by partisan opportunists, social media posts intensified into test cases for speech. Yet as corporatism and culture wars have pushed their way into academia in the past twenty plus years, more scholarship has seemed to make its way out into the mainstream, with books by academic historians like Eric Foner and Ibram X. Kendi, literary scholars like Stephen Greenblatt and bel...
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