A resourceful student turned to Tinder for help studying for her midterm

A student struggling with math turned to Tinder for last minute help.  College sophomore Maddi McMaster has taken calculus twice, and she was at her breaking point right before her midterm. "My strongest subject is definitely English," she said over Twitter DM. "I've always been terrible at math, so God knows why I chose an engineering degree when I first came to college."  She had "procrastinated with studying," and the high school junior who usually helped her out with homework wasn'...
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Hautelinks: Comfy Heels for Holiday Parties, the Delia's x Doll's Kill Collab, & More

Plus the rest of the things we were reading this week. Fashionista did a great look back at the costumes witches have worn in pop culture through the years.Also from Fashionista, some interesting statistics on what's affecting holiday shopping numbers this year. Five ingredients for the perfect fall night spent at home, via Lauren Conrad.Ummm want everything from this Delia's collab!Fashion Nova has a knockoff of Meghan Markle's reception dress and I want it even though I have nowhere to wear i...
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A Database of Paper Airplane Designs: Hours of Fun for Kids & Adults Alike

Though we can trace the history of paper aircraft back 2000 years to the Chinese and their kites, and into the 19th century with the French and their imaginary airships, the origin of the modern paper airplane is shrouded in mystery. A San Diego Reader article placed the birth somewhere in 1910. By 1915, most American kids were already tormenting teachers. And Jack Northrup used paper models to work on aerodynamics at Lockheed in the 1930s, but even that doesn’t do much to explain how su...
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Arbitration with Uninformed Consumers

Using data on securities disputes, this study of information advantages in consumer arbitration finds that industry-friendly arbitrators are 40 percent more likely than consumer-friendly arbitrators to be selected to take on arbitration cases. Limiting respondents’ and claimants’ inputs over the selection process could improve outcomes for consumers. [Author: by Mark Egan, Gregor Matvos, and Amit Seru]
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Gun-violence threat has Lincoln High School on modified lockdown

Lincoln High School is on modified lockdown Thursday morning after the Tacoma Police Department was notified by a parent of a social-media threat of violence against the school.
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The Best Pore Refining Serums to Transform Your Skin

Pores? What pores?We all dream of smooth, flawless, radiant skin, but if you have large, obvious pores, they can unfortunately detract from your otherwise well maintained face. If you take good care of your skin (AKA you follow a skincare routine) but still find yourself with large pores, the solution to your problem may be as simple as adding a pore refining serum to your routine. Since pores are prone to getting clogged or irritated by dirt, leftover makeup, and dead skin cells, a serum can im...
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The First House Powered by Coffee

Since 2006, Dunkin' Donuts has used the tagline "America Runs on Dunkin'," presumably alluding to the coffee and donuts that get millions of Americans through each morning. But maybe, all along, they've had something more in mind. Above, Dunkin' presents a tiny home powered by biofuel made from spent coffee grounds, a process masterminded by a company called Blue Marble Biomaterials. Working with luxury tiny homebuilder New Frontier Tiny Homes, they've created a process--notes a Dunkin' ...
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A medical student as storyteller and story-listener

“Sondor” is a made-up internet neologism that captures the fleeting but poignant sense of “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own — populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness.” I think about this word often when I see my patients. Everyone […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Why I Started Sewing & How Sewing Has Changed My View of Fashion

Let the revolution begin!Having been sewing my own clothes for a few years now, I'm used to getting the same responses when I tell someone I've made the clothes I'm wearing. It's usually surprise, followed by some sort of compliment. Yet sometimes, someone will ask "Why?" And that’s a perfectly understandable response. While home sewing used to be the norm not even fifty years ago, the rise of fast fashion has made it practically obsolete. Making your own clothing can be time consuming, stressfu...
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Vietnam vet to be awarded high school diploma after county office does what a district won’t

A Vietnam veteran will finally get a high school diploma from an unexpected source after battling the school district where he attended 50 years ago. Ken Weiner, who was awarded the Purple Heart after being shot twice in Vietnam, will accept a diploma from the Riverside County Superintendent of Schools on Tuesday, Nov. 13 in a ceremony called “Operation Recognition.” Weiner, who lives in Murrieta, had requested his diploma from Long Beach Unified School District; he attended Lakewood High in the...
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The Data Transformation of Universities

With all the news about elections, caravans, shootings and attorney generals, maybe you missed the various stories about real transformations at our top universities. On October 15 MIT announced the Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing. Schwarzmann donated $350 million to the effort as part of an expected billion-dollar commitment that will pay for a new building and fifty new faculty. “As computing reshapes our world, MIT intends to help make sure it does so for the good of all,” says MI...
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Teach schoolgirls about orgasms, says Labour MP

Jess Phillips says open discussion of female pleasure is vital to redress gender power balanceSchoolgirls should be taught about orgasms in sex education lessons, according to a Labour MP.Jess Phillips, who represents Birmingham Yardley and has two sons, made the remarks during a magazine interview. She explained that girls should be taught about sex from a young age in order to form healthy sexual relationships when they become adults. Continue reading...
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Freddie Mercury’s Final Days: Watch a Poignant Montage That Documents the Last Chapter of the Singer’s Life

The “biopic” has delivered dramatic retellings of famous figures’ lives since the very earliest days of cinema. We hunger, it seems, to see more-or-less-faithful approximations of our idols stride across the screen, enacting events witnessed by millions and those hidden away from everyone. In the case of popular musicians, these tend to involve epic alcohol and drug use, tumultuous love affairs, stadium-sized triumphs and the crushing defeats of falling out of cultural favor. Such scenes...
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The Disgusting Food Museum Curates 80 of the World’s Most Repulsive Dishes: Maggot-Infested Cheese, Putrid Shark & More

Often we get to know each other by talking which foods we like. Perhaps even more often, we get to know each other by talking about which foods we hate. Entertaining disagreements tend to arise from such discussions, usually around traditionally divisive comestibles like anchovies, cilantro, brussel sprouts, or the Japanese dish of fermented soybeans known as natto. But however many of us prefer to avoid them, these foods all look more or less conventional compared to the dishes curated ...
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