It's a Working Weekend!

Hello my friends, and Happy November!  I just wanted to pop in to say I have carved out this whole weekend to work on my homemade planner! So that means I will be sharing updated planning sheets for 2019 with you all very soon! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend, wherever they are ... it's blustery and bright here in New England! Blessings to all, ~ Dawn
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'90s Fashion Icons: Winona Ryder

The 'Stranger Things' star has been stealing scenes for decades. Winona Ryder in "Reality Bites" (1994) Over the past few weeks, I've been breaking down the nine '90s fashion icons you need to know about if you want to truly understand the decade's look. This week I'm breaking down another '90s fashion star. We already covered Hollywood royalty Drew Barrymore. Today, it's all about another woman whose career is thriving just as much today as it was back then. I'm talking about the beautiful sc...
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Post-Election Apathy: It's Not Cool to Not Give a Sh*t

Political activism is important - follow these tips to stay woke, even when there isn't an election hanging over your head! I was given the opportunity to do live social media coverage during the midterm elections this past Tuesday, here is a picture of me with my credentials from the night! With every passing year, being politically informed becomes increasingly important. We live in a world where one voice can make a difference, and voicing our opinions as a collective will spark a change.  ...
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8 Ultra Cute Pink Sweater Outfits

Not sure how to wear a pink sweater? Here are eight different ways to style one. Bright colors are not just for spring and summer, they can -- and should -- be worn into the fall and winter months, too. Want to stay warm in the fall and winter in a colorful way? Consider investing in a pink sweater.Pink sweaters are trending for the fall and winter. They add a touch of femininity to your look while keeping you warm, and they're a great way to stand out in a sea of neutral and dark colors.  View...
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UW dental school is fixing its financial woes, but university’s overall deficit remains a worry

The new dean of the debt-plagued University of Washington dental school says the school has turned a corner on its financial problems, but across the university, last year's $325 million deficit is a growing concern.
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My Parents Think I Shouldn’t Go Out

I’m a medical student and I feel stressed a lot of the time. Going out helps me relax and let off steam, kinda like recharging. I’m also very close to my friends. They’re one of the best things about my life, and ever since we finished school, I haven’t seen them very often, which has been a little depressing for me. However, my parents are a bit conservative and don’t think I should go out a lot (weekly outings are their definition of a lot. They’d prefer an outing every 2 months or so.) It may...
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