Students say they don't know what 'trivial' means in exam question fiasco

Some year 13 New Zealand students who took history exam said they should not be penalised for getting confusedNew Zealand high school students have demanded examiners ignore that they don’t know what the word “trivial” means, after it appeared in a final-year exam and left many confused.Some students who took the year 13 history exam claimed the “unfamiliar word” was too hard, and the exam should now be marked according to each student’s different understanding and interpretation of “trivial”. C...
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Hautelinks: BFF Holiday Gifts, Game of Thrones News, the Worst Part of "Devil Wears Prada," & More

Plus everything else we read and loved this week. Yesss! We finally have a confirmed release date for the new season of Game of Thrones!And here's the official trailer to get you hyped!Vox did an interesting piece on the people who truly benefit from period tracker apps -- and they aren't women.Cupcakes & Cashmere has a guide to what to get your BFF for the holidays.The World is Changing -- Will the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?, via ELLE.Very cool: The midterm elections have inspired more wo...
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Do Fire Sales Create Externalities?

This paper contributes to our understanding of the role of large institutional investors in securities markets, providing evidence that the structure of the mutual fund industry increases the risks of costly "fire sales." [Author: by Sergey Chernenko and Adi Sunderam]
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Can the Global Food Industry Overcome Public Distrust?

The public is losing trust in many institutions involved in putting food on our table, says Ray A. Goldberg, author of the new book "Food Citizenship." [Author: by Sean Silverthorne]
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At Folsom Prison: A Mini-Doc on Johnny Cash’s Historic & Career-Changing Concert

It was the opposite of superstar rock concerts, or even a sweaty, dark stage like that at CBGB’s in New York. But the dining hall at Folsom Prison was the setting for a concert that would give Johnny Cash, on the verge of a career collapse, a second chance on life. And it would become one of the unlikeliest venues in the history of country music. Nothing was the same after this unlikeliest of turnarounds. After the album recorded at this gig, Cash would be hurtled into superstardom. He’d...
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30 Little Things You've Probably Forgotten to Be Thankful For

It's easy to take the little things for granted -- but you shouldn't. Thanksgiving is officially one week away and I can't help but allow daydreams about turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie with extra cool whip dance through my brain.If you couldn't tell, I am very thankful for a hot meal!!But, that's not just because I am a college student on a budget who needs a (free) hot meal to keep my sanity. I'm also thankful that I am privileged enough to have a warm home to return to and a big mea...
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Leonard Cohen’s Last Work, The Flame Gets Published: Discover His Final Poems, Drawings, Lyrics & More

It's a perverse irony or an apt metaphor: Leonard Cohen is best known for a song that took him five years to write, and that went almost unheard on its debut, in part because the head of Columbia’s music division, Walter Yetnikoff, refused to release Cohen’s 1985 album Various Positions in the U.S. “Leonard, we know you’re great,” said Yetnikoff, “We just don’t know if you’re any good.” It might have been Cohen’s summation of life itself. It wasn’t until Jeff Buckley’s electric gospel cover in ...
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A Guide to Asian Makeup: Products and Tips

Ever wanted to venture into the extensive world of Asian makeup? Here are the best Asian makeup products you need to know about. The K-beauty and Asian beauty markets have taken off in recent years, and it can be daunting to navigate the massive amount of products now available to purchase. Also, many of these products contain ingredients or formulas unfamiliar to the Western beauty addict and need to be applied or used in different ways for maximum results. There's a lot of information out the...
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UCLA graduates 90 percent of its athletes, USC is at 86 percent

The UCLA women’s basketball team has a 100 percent graduation success rate. (Photo by Scott Varley, Contributing Photographer) By STEVEN HERBERT | City News Service LOS ANGELES — UCLA’s athletes had a school-record 90 percent Graduation Success Rate, while USC’s was 86 percent, matching its high, according to the latest figures released today by the NCAA. The UCLA record and USC tying its record Graduation Success Rate mirror the national trend. The Graduation Success Rate for Division I athle...
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Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Kids + Pets

Articles of distraction, instruments of creation and many more options for little loved ones For years now, we at COOL HUNTING have grouped little loved ones—human and other—into the same gift guides and shopping categories. Of course, we recognize the substantial difference between children and pets, but there’s something undeniably wondrous about items developed for youthful humans, canines and felines. Whimsy and imagination often teach …
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NASA Digitizes 20,000 Hours of Audio from the Historic Apollo 11 Mission: Stream Them Free Online

When we think of the Apollo missions, we tend to think of images, especially those broadcast on television during the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. And if we think of the sounds of Apollo, what comes more quickly to mind — indeed, what sound in human history could come more quickly to mind — than Neil Armstrong's "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" line spoken on that same mission? But that's just one small piece of the total amount of audio recordings made during the Apoll...
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David Lynch Releases a Disturbing, New Short Film: Watch “Ant Head” Online

David Lynch has just released a new short film, and it's not very long on plot. Premiered at the Festival of Disruption earlier this year, “Ant Head” runs 13 minutes and features--writes IndieWire--"one shot that depicts a block of cheese in the shape of a head being overtaken by an army of crawling ants." And it's all set to music by Thought Gang, Lynch's experimental collaboration with composer Angelo Badalamenti. You can pick up a copy of their brand new album, eponymously called Thou...
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