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I was interviewed November 8 by a nice interviewer named Brett Veinotte, for a podcast and website he named years ago and isn't as attached to as he once was, maybe, "School Sucks." The interview went pretty well, though, and has had 641 views (maybe listens) in eight days. I start of talking VERY fast, but either I'll slow down or listeners catch up, it seems. He called it Sandra Dodd – On Unschooling and Choice"I added that to the page of things to listen to (or to watch):http://sandradodd.c...
Tags: Homeschooling, Brett, Sandra Dodd, Pam Laricchia, Brett Veinotte

5 Universal Truths About Being in a Long Distance Relationship in College

Thinking about entering into a long-distance relationship? Read the advice from a former LDR going into its fourth year and decide for yourself if it's right for you! When you think of a college long distance relationship, you probably picture the ending of a high school movie where two 18-year-old sweethearts part ways to different universities within the country. We silently think to ourselves...Will their relationship really last? Although this is a common trope amongst LDRs... this is not t...
Tags: Florida, Texas, College, Relationships, Georgia, Skype, Long Distance Relationships, LDR, Lubbock, West Texas, College Life, Universal Truths About Being, Long Distance Relationship in College

'90s Fashion Icons: Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has been setting fashion trends for decades now -- and it all began in the 1990s. Here's how to get her iconic '90s style for yourself. Over the past few weeks, I've been breaking down the nine '90s fashion icons you need to know about if you want to truly understand the decade's look. Last week we took a look at acclaimed actress Winona Ryder. This week I'm breaking down the triple threat that is Jennifer Lopez.  Jennifer Lopez Biography View the original article to see embedded media. J...
Tags: Hollywood, College, Inspiration, Adidas, Jennifer Lopez, Athleisure, Hollywood Walk Of Fame, 1990s, Versace, Golden Globe, Jennifer, Jenny, J Lo, Selena, Winona Ryder, Tilly

School district culture largely to blame for not uprooting teacher sexual misconduct on Southern California campuses, experts say

Every day, Terri Miller receives a spate of Google alerts on her iPhone informing her that, somewhere in the U.S., a teacher or other school employee has been accused of sexually abusing one or more students. “They come in sometimes by the hundreds daily. We’ve been seeing increases yearly since 2014,” said Miller, executive director of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation (S.E.S.A.M.E.), a Las Vegas-based nonprofit that works to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and harassme...
Tags: Google, Florida, News, Education, California, Senate, Office, California News, America, Sport, Cta, Soccer, Capitol Hill, Las Vegas, Nevada, Local News

The Top-Reviewed Hydrating Skincare Products You Need to Stock up on for Winter

A list of the top hydrating holy grails for the upcoming cold season! Don't be sorry later -- prep now! Winter is coming and while that means it's time to swap our fall jackets for thick winter parkas and ankle booties for snow boots, it also means that we have to swap out our skincare products. Unlike other seasons, winter significantly affects our skin because of the harsh temperature drop. While in the summer you need lightweight products because of the heat, in the winter your skin is strip...
Tags: Weather, Winter, Yahoo, College, New York City, Winter Weather, Cold Weather, Skincare, Skin, Don, Joshua Zeichner, Mt Sinai Hospital, Beauty & Hair, Moisturizer, LaLa Retro Cream

Could Knowledge of Undisclosed MCAS Have Saved Lion Air 610?

Could Knowledge of Undisclosed MCAS Have Saved Lion Air 610? By Rob Mark Having spent more than a few decades in the cockpit, I thought even I’d reached that plateau where I could claim I’d just about seen it all … until this week’s admission by Boeing of an – until now, unknown – automated AoA related stall-prevention system called MCAS that, even when the aircraft is being hand flown, could yank the control column away from an unsuspecting pilot. Details are of course still sketchy, but I’m du...
Tags: Education, Safety, Aviation, Airlines, Faa, Boeing, Wall Street Journal, Asn, Airline Safety, APA, Lion Air, Jakarta Indonesia, American Airlines Group Inc, Boeing Company, AOA, Safety Committee

Looks on Campus: Sharen - University of Westminster

This Gossip Girl gabs about fashion (on a college budget).Can you believe this cute and quirky outfit was assembled in less than five minutes by Sharen before she rushed off to her morning classes? This busy law student has epic style on a budget. The best way I can think of describing her outfit today is Blair Waldorf meets {throwback) Avril Lavigne.  Sharen 101 Name: SharenHometown: Farnborough, EnglandSchool: University of Westminster, London, EnglandYear: Second YearMajor: Law Let’s Talk F...
Tags: Topshop, UK, College, International, Street Style, Plaid, Schoolgirl, University of Westminster, Farnborough, Blair Waldorf, Campus Style, Looks on Campus, Barbara Palvin, Fall Style, Fall Trends, Beret

A School Strike That Never Quite Ended

The struggle over who should teach in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville district of Brooklyn 50 years ago changed the trajectory of modern liberalism.
Tags: News, Education, Brooklyn, Ny, Strikes, Race and Ethnicity, Education (K-12, Teachers and School Employees, Liberalism (US Politics, Lipset, Brownsville (Brooklyn, Seymour Martin, Ocean Hill Brownsville

An Archive of 800+ Imaginative Propaganda Maps Designed to Shape Opinions & Beliefs: Enter Cornell’s Persuasive Maps Collection

We tend to take a very special interest in archives and maps on this site—and especially in archives of maps. Yet it is rare, if not unheard of, to discover a map archive in which every single entry repays attention. The PJ Mode Persuasive Cartography Collection at Cornell University Library is such an archive. Each map in the collection, from the most simplified to the most elaborate, tells not only one story, but several, overlapping ones about its creators, their intended audience, their ant...
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