New Rhodes Scholar Class Includes a Record Number of Women

The new crop of Rhodes scholars has more women than any other single class
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Just before the Apple Cup, UW and WSU are teaming up with a pro-college message

Washington State University and the University of Washington are using the run-up to the Apple Cup as a way to emphasize the affordability of a college degree in this state.
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On Bryce Harper and the Impact of Social Media on Athletes

#teamnoscroll As a big time Washington Nationals fan, I’ve been watching Bryce Harper play here in D.C. since he was first brought up to the majors at the age of 19. As you might therefore imagine, I’ve been closely following his free agency this fall. It was due to this hardball diligence that I recently noticed a small sports page news item that intersects with the types of topics we like to discuss here. A couple weeks ago, Harper declared he was going on a social media fast. He even ironica...
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Michael Bloomberg Makes ‘Unprecedented’ $1.8 Billion Donation to Johns Hopkins to Boost Financial Aid

The former New York City Mayor said his donation is aimed at boosting financial aid
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In Case You Didn't Know, These Are the Best Places to Buy Affordable Party Clothes

Our go-to shops for party clothes on a serious budget.With the holiday season and finals week approaching, we are all more inclined this time of year to spend money on extravagances like expensive gifts and take-out food for late night study sessions. Because end of the year overspending is extremely common, you may soon find your bank account to be, well, low. While all of this is happening, we're also gearing up for holiday parties and fancy dinners. So, where should you shop if you want to lo...
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Empty Nest Syndrome?

My son has been at basic training for almost two months and I’m having a hard time adjusting. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to go to bed or turn the lights off. He’s left before for brief periods, but now it’s obviously for good. I’m so proud of him but I can’t seem to adjust. I don’t do much other than work. If I’m not working, I just sit at home. I can go days without human contact. I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder back in 2002, so it’s an ongoing issue, b...
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Fashion Inspiration: Bringing Up Baby

Old Hollywood glamour, meet modern day style. For the next installment of our series on 10 More Movies for Fashion Inspiration, today we'll talk fashion inspiration from the film Bringing Up Baby. This screwball comedy, released in 1938, follows the crazy adventure of a paleontologist (Cary Grant) who meets a bold, free-spirited, and somewhat absent-minded woman (Katharine Hepburn). The two end up in various predicaments, including taking care of a leopard named Baby. Katharine Hepburn's sty...
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Ask CF: What Should I Wear to Attend My Boyfriend's Swearing-In Ceremony?

How to look put-together at a business event. Business attire has never looked so good! Welcome to the latest edition of Ask CF! Every two weeks, we select a reader fashion question and answer it here on the site. Do you have a specific fashion question for us? Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to send it our way--including how to submit your most pressing fashion dilemmas via Instagram!This week's question comes to us via CF's Instagram. Ask CF Question Hey! I have an Ask CF ques...
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