Azusa Pacific launches games and interactive media degree

Want to major in games and interactive media? Azusa Pacific University has got your number. The school is gearing up to launch a bachelor of arts and minor program in those areas to prepare students for an industry that’s ramping up fast and generating billions in revenue. The program — the first of its kind among the 140 universities that comprise the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities — will begin in the fall of 2019. It will offer courses that extend beyond the elements of game dev...
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On Target: Rethinking the Retail Website

Target is one big-brand retailer that seems to have survived and even thrived in the apocalyptic retail landscape. What's its secret? Srikant Datar discusses the company's rigorous focus on data. [Author: by Dina Gerdeman]
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The Dos and Don'ts of Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

Should you have a DIY Christmas?Last week I shared a list of DIY gift ideas to make for your loved ones, and today I’m going to tell you to do the complete opposite. Well not exactly, but take this as a warning to save your DIY gifts for people you think will truly appreciate your efforts. Nothing is worse than someone not appreciating something that you’ve invested a lot of thought, love, and time into, like a hand-knitted sweater or intricate embroidery. It's important to make sure that your r...
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3 Outfit Combos to Help You Dress Cute Underneath Your Winter Jacket

Bundling up doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style! This is my confession: winter is not my favorite season - wind chill, snow slush puddles on the street, being constantly wrapped under my winter jacket and looking like a frumpy burrito... While the first two factors are out of my control, it's not impossible to still look cute when winter hits. With my experience of living in Toronto where winter means endless snow, rain and wind, you bet I have a few tips and tricks for you on how to ...
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“More Barn!” The Story of How Neil Young First Played Harvest for Graham Nash (1972)

Everyone knows the punchline “more cowbell” from SNL’s affectionate jab at the Blue Öyster Cult’s enthusiasm. But how many people know the true story of “more barn”? Too precious few, I’d say. It’s a classic from that icon of classic rock, Neil Young, a yarn—as told by Graham Nash—that defies parody, and beautifully illustrates the absurdity of Neil Young’s commitment to raw, rustic authenticity. For his dedicated fans, Neil’s ramshackle methods always yield worthy results. Even when he’...
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10 Things NOT to Do If You Want Great Skin

The list of not to do's! Everyone has pretty much the same goal when it comes to skincare, which is to achieve that ultimate flawless and smooth skin. We've all heard that a balance of patience, a daily skincare routine, a healthy diet and exercise is the key! Yet, there are lots of things you might be doing to sabotage your efforts -- perhaps without even realizing it.Here are ten things not to do if you want to achieve the flawless skin of your dreams: 1. Pick At Blemishes   The number one th...
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Watch 99 Movies Free Online Courtesy of YouTube & MGM: Rocky, The Terminator, Four Weddings and a Funeral & More

We all have those major motion pictures we're sure we'll see one day, but somehow haven't seen yet. Usually they've had such a huge influence on popular culture, inspiring decades of references, homages, and jokes, that we feel like we've seen them anyway. Back in the days of yore when television reigned supreme, we might occasionally catch one of them (or most of one of them) while flipping channels at night, albeit in a form re-edited to remove sensitive content and fit the image onto ...
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How the Inca Used Intricately-Knotted Cords, Called Khipu, to Write Their Histories, Send Messages & Keep Records

Those of us who learned to write in a (mostly) phonetic language learned to take it for granted that writing should correspond (roughly) to sound. Then we learned of the pictographs, ideographs, and logograms of the Chinese alphabet, or of Ancient Egyptian or Mayan, or of other non-phonemic orthographies, and we were forced to revise earlier assumptions. Those who pursue the study of symbolic systems even further will eventually come to meet khipu, the Incan system of record-keeping that...
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November 2018 Media Recommendations

The last month has really flown by. I feel like I was just writing last month’s media recommendations. Yet, I’m unsure exactly what I’ve done since then. It hasn’t been writing reviews. Nor did I watch anything to include in this month’s recommendations. I’ve been reading — but no books I haven’t already mentioned. I did listen to some fantastic podcasts this month, however. UnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America is a project in part by Jad Abumrad of Radiolab fame. The four-par...
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Former Seattle student suing DeVos over student debt incurred at deceptive for-profit school

The case could set precedent for hundreds of former students of the now-defunct Court Reporting Institute, which had locations in Seattle and Tacoma.
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