At 91, Pierce College professor teachers her final class — after 50 years on the job

Bernadine Pregerson, who has taught at Pierce Community College for nearly 50 years and at 91 could be the oldest active professor in the nation, taught her final class Thursday. She was surprised by her family, students and faculty at a celebration of her career teaching microbiology at the Woodland Hills campus. She was described as an inspiration to her children, brilliant and generous to students who were facing challenges in their lives. Her eyes lit up and she put her hand to her head whil...
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CSUN students, faculty protest general education orders they fear will phase out cultural studies

The faculty senate at Cal State Northridge on Thursday voted to continue their discontent with what some view as the planned gutting of ethnic, gender, women and queer studies, but voted down a resolution of no confidence directed at the university’s president. All this while dozens of students protested against administrators outside the meeting. Executive order 1100-revised clarifies the general education requirements for the CSU’s 23 campuses, in an effort to make it easier for students to tr...
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Aceable’s $47M Funding Round is Latest in Year of Big Austin Deals

Austin—Online training service Aceable landed the perhaps the biggest Austin startup headline of the week: The company announced a $47 million Series B funding round, one of the largest financings this year.Aceable was founded as a driver’s education platform for teens and other soon-to-be drivers, and has expanded the service to numerous states since it launched five years ago. In 2016, when Aceable added a $4 million round of funding, the company began adding more training services to its cur...
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West Valley residents weigh in on LAUSD study to turn district sites into housing for homeless youth, families

A push to study whether Los Angeles public schools can house homeless students and their families is drawing fierce pushback from some West Valley residents, who say their area is too residential — and becoming even more so with major developments in the pipeline — for such an effort. More than 200 residents packed a room at the American Legion Hall in Woodland Hills Wednesday night, with the overflow spilling outside despite the pouring rain during what was the first community meeting since the...
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How to Host a Prayer Mug Exchange

One of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season is a ladies’ prayer mug exchange. We had them years ago in my old homeschool group and now more recently at my church. So what is a prayer mug exchange? Each attendee at a prayer mug exchange brings a wrapped tea cup or mug with their name written on a piece of paper inside it. The mugs are placed on a table and you draw numbers to see who will pick one first. Decide in advance whether you will keep the mug you open or whether you want to us...
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Hautelinks: The End of Rookie, Is Beauty's Pace Sustainable?, Priyanka & Nick's Wedding, & More

Here's what Team CF read this week. Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video is out and it is absolutely everything we dreamed it'd be. The Kris Jenner cameo in particular is EPIC.Tavi Gevinson announced in a six page letter that Rookie Mag is folding. It's hard to articulate how sad this makes me and how much I relate to the things she talks about re: making a website financially sustainable without selling out. Online media is not in a good place and Tavi explains it so well. You'll be missed, R...
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School lunch rules OK refined grains, low-fat chocolate milk

NEW YORK (AP) — The national school lunch program is making room on menus again for noodles, biscuits, tortillas and other foods made mostly of refined grains. The Trump administration is scaling back contested school lunch standards implemented under the Obama administration including one that required only whole grains be served. The U.S. Department of […]
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Fewer Students Are Majoring in History, But We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About Why

The number of history BAs awarded each year has dropped more steeply than any other degree measured, but not for the reason you may think
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Seattle School Board extends emergency contract for extra school buses

The Seattle School Board voted Wednesday evening to extend an emergency contract that provides additional school-bus service until the district’s main contractor, First Student, can resolve a bus driver shortage that has dragged on for months and has caused daily, hourslong delays since the start of school. The new contract authorizes spending up to $1.4 […]
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Andy Kaufman Reads Earnestly from The Great Gatsby and Enrages His Audience

In a 1980 appearance on David Letterman, a deadpan Andy Kaufman tells a sob story about his nonexistent family leaving him. He then “admonishes the audience for laughing,” writes William Hughes at the AV Club, and panhandles for their spare change. “The genius of the bit, as always, is that Kaufman never blinks. Even as he’s led away by the show’s staff, there’s nothing about his unemotional entreaties that suggests that what he’s doing isn’t anything but the sober-cold truth.” He pulled...
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5 Unexpected Things That Could Be Causing Your Breakouts

Are you doing any of these skin-sabotaging things? You've probably heard all about the common causes of breakouts -- hormones, touching your face, not caring for your skin properly -- but if you've addressed these and you're still struggling, what's next?In fact, there are some incredibly common, but lesser known things you might be doing to cause your own breakouts. Here are some lesser known acne causes that you might not have thought about. 1. Not Changing Your Pillow Case Covers A simple,...
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Has College Outlived Its Usefulness? 

by Danny Iny, author of “Leveraged Learning: How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners, and Experts with Something to Teach“ You’ve probably heard it all your life: College is not optional. If you’re going to succeed at life, you’d better have that degree — and the more “prestigious” the school you get it from, the better. But does college really make sense anymore? For many young people — perhaps even most young people — it does not. We believe traditional education is needed bec...
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2 Dead, 8 Hurt After Wrong-Way Truck Hits Illinois School Bus Head-On

Two adults were killed and eight students were hurt after a tractor trailer truck driving the wrong way on an Illinois highway struck a school bus carrying a high school girls basketball team Wednesday night. The driver of the truck and an adult volunteer on the bus were killed in the Bloomington, Illinois, crash, according…
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Want to Learn How to Sew? These Are the Best Youtube Sewing Channels to Teach You

They're 'sew' good! With New Year's coming up, there's no better time to start a new hobby. Why not try sewing? As you may know, I learned how to sew from Youtube, and there's no reason you couldn't do the same. But where should you start?Although there's a wealth of information out there, I've handpicked these five channels because to me, they stood out over the rest with their creativity, easy-to-follow teaching, focus of staying green, or overall style.Here are my top 5 best sewing channels ...
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In 1964, Isaac Asimov Predicts What the World Will Look Like Today: Self-Driving Cars, Video Calls, Fake Meats & More

Painting of Asimov on his throne by Rowena Morill, via Wikimedia Commons Isaac Asimov's readers have long found something prophetic in his work, but where did Asimov himself look when he wanted to catch a glimpse of the future? In 1964 he found one at the New York World's Fair, the vast exhibition dedicated to "Man's Achievement on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe" that history now remembers as the most elaborate expression of the industrial and technological optimism of Space Age Ame...
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How hands-on learning fires up your brain

Learning is a mental and physical pursuit, says retired astronaut Leland Melvin. Recalling his childhood, Melvin explains how working with his dad to turn a $500 bread truck into a family RV camper ultimately made him a better astronaut, able to maneuver the $2-billion dollar Columbus Laboratory out of the payload bay of a shuttle and attach it to the International Space Station. Experiential learning — like hands-on DIY, engineering kits, and Duplo games — wires your brain for problem solvi...
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Hunter S. Thompson, Existentialist Life Coach, Presents Tips for Finding Meaning in Life

Image by Steve Anderson, via Wikimedia Commons At first blush, Hunter S. Thompson might be the last person you would want to ask for advice. After all, his daily routine involved copious amounts of cocaine, LSD and Chivas Regal. He once raked a neighbor’s house with gunfire. And he once almost accidentally blew up Johnny Depp. Yet beneath his gonzo persona lay a man who thought deeply and often about the meaning of it all. He was someone who spent a lifetime staring into the abyss. So in 1958, ...
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The Full Rotation of the Moon: A Beautiful, High Resolution Time Lapse Film

This is a sight to behold. Above, the moon spins in full rotation, all in high-resolution footage taken by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Here's how NASA explains what you're seeing: No one, presently, sees the Moon rotate like this. That's because the Earth's moon is tidally locked to the Earth, showing us only one side. Given modern digital technology, however, combined with many detailed images returned by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a high resolution v...
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