LA schools are awarded $77 million in federal grant money for college access among low-income students

As a young Angeleno in an unstable housing situation and low-income parents, college was far from a given for Mark Aguilar. But thanks in part to a national college readiness program, he’s now in his second year at CSUN as a political science major. At the New Economics for Women center in Canoga Park, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday that the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Youth Policy Institute along with charter school group Bright Star Schools will receive $77.8 mi...
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CSULB student says this exam question about gangs was racist. Was it?

Cal State Long Beach officials have launched an investigation into the conduct of a health-sciences education lecturer after a student this week posted a final-exam question to Twitter that he said was racist. Alex Rambo, 31, is currently taking a health science class meant for those who want to be middle and high school teachers. The class is taught by Matt Fischer, a lecturer at the university and a teacher at Los Angeles Unified School District. The final for that class is a 75-question take-...
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How to Find Great Twitch Streams for Learning New Skills and Improving Your Life

There’s always something new to watch on Twitch, whether it’s someone build-gunning their way through a Fortnite match, completing a 24-hour marathon of some classic game you haven’t played since childhood, or showing you all the secrets for that brand-new expansion from your favorite digital card game.Read more...
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Looks on Campus: Gentry - West Virginia University

She may be majoring in psychology, but she has a masters in style.Winter weather may be right around the corner, but that isn't getting in the way of this WVU student's style. Gentry, a freshman psychology major, is looking on-trend while fighting off the cold December weather. You have to check her look out, especially her styled cream lace top and sienna red sweater combo. Gentry has a sweet, girl next door feel to her aesthetic; her look is so relatable for college girls everywhere. You're su...
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7 Cute Winter Dresses That Will Get You Through Until Springtime

Get the best winter dresses in 2018 for the new year ahead.Wintertime is often associated with fashion styles that are not so fun - the heavy layers, heavy-duty winter boots, chunky winter jackets.. all for the sake of staying warm. Winter gets a bad reputation for being the 'boring' time for fashion. But I'm here to prove the otherwise: here are some fabulous dresses that will brighten up your winter days. Check out these seven cute winter dresses that stood out from the crowd, perfect for buyi...
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Bertrand Russell’s Advice For How (Not) to Grow Old: “Make Your Interests Gradually Wider and More Impersonal”

Advice on how to grow old frequently comes from such banal or bloodless sources that we can be forgiven for ignoring it. Public health officials who dispense wisdom may have good intentions; pharmaceutical companies who do the same may not. In either case, the messages arrive in a form that can bring on the despair they seek to avert. Elderly people in well-lit photographs stroll down garden paths, ballroom dance, do yoga. Bulleted lists punctuated by dry citations issue gently-worded guideline...
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Do you have a story to share about schools? Tell it at Ignite Education Lab 2019.

Our annual education storytelling event is back for a fourth year this March. Do you have a story you’d like to share with students, teachers and fellow readers? Tell us about it.
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How to Get the Best Holiday Gift Ideas Without Ever Setting Foot in a Store

Get all the Christmas gift inspo you need, even if you are stranded on campus. As you've undoubtedly heard on the radio (or from your roommate's Spotify playlist), it's the most wonderful time of the year. And one of my personal favorite parts of Christmas is being able to buy gifts for all the people in my life - my friends on campus, my family, and my best friends from home. However, picking out the perfect gift can be a difficult process - if you don't already have an idea in mind, trying to...
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Watch Andy Warhol Eat an Entire Burger King Whopper–While Wishing the Burger Came from McDonald’s (1981)

In the early 1980s, Danish experimental filmmaker Jørgen Leth came to America intent on capturing it live as it was actually lived across that vast, still-new, and often strange country. The result, 66 Scenes from America, offers images of roadside motels and diners, desert landscapes, the Manhattan skyline, miles of lonely highway, and stars and stripes aplenty. Halfway through it all comes the longest, and perhaps most American, scene of all: Andy Warhol eating a fast-food hamburger. A...
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You Ask, I Answer: The Best Marketing Conference To Attend

Ben asks, “If you had to recommend a single general digital marketing conference to attend, what would it be? Where can i get the most takeaway educational value?” As with anything, the answer to this is highly dependent on your needs. What do you need to learn the most? – B2B marketer? Go to the […] The post You Ask, I Answer: The Best Marketing Conference To Attend appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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The Story of The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York,” the Boozy Ballad That Has Become One of the Most Beloved Christmas Songs of All Time

Drugstore Cowboy, Barfly, Leaving Las Vegas, even Bonnie and Clyde… we love a good story about doomed, down-and-out lovers. Whatever emotional reservoir they tap into, when written well and honestly, such stories have broad cultural appeal. Which in part explains the overwhelming popularity of The Pogues’ 1987 classic “Fairytale of New York,” the kind of “anti-Christmas song,” writes Dorian Lynsky at The Guardian, “that ended up being, for a generation, the Christmas song.” Many holiday ...
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Byju’s raises $400M from Naspers, CPPIB and General Atlantic: report

Online education and tutoring company Byju’s, run by Think and Learn Pvt Ltd, has raised $400 million in a fresh investment round from Naspers Ventures, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and General Atlantic, reports Mint. The publication cites RoC filings accessed via The... ...
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