Pierce College ‘free speech zone’ will expand after LA Community College District settles free speech lawsuit with student

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Community College District has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a Pierce College student against the school over student free speech rights, it was announced Thursday. In the March 2017 lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles federal court, plaintiff Kevin Shaw alleged that the community college in Woodland Hills violated his civil rights when he was barred from passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution because he wasn’t in the school’s “free speech” zone — an outdoor ...
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Udacity Achieves 50,000 Nanodegree Grads Amid Company Reorganization

Udacity, a pioneer in the online teaching of IT skills, is celebrating a milestone today—50,000 students have now graduated from one of its revenue-generating “Nanodegree” programs.Launched four years ago, the Nanodegree courses allow students worldwide to gain expertise in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, and autonomous flight engineering by completing coursework that can take as little as six months.In a blogpost touting student successes, Udacity co-founder Sebastian Thrun (pi...
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Hautelinks: Decluttering Your Makeup, Quick Hairstyles, Holiday Tech Backgrounds, & More

Here's everything we loved on the internet this week. Temptalia explains how to declutter your makeup collection.16 Famous Bakeries That Let You Order Treats Online. Yummmmm!Fast Company did a profile on the website Friends with Secrets, where you can read people's therapy transcripts. This site sounds like it's addictive.Only have 5 minutes to do your hair? Try these quick hair style ideas from the Barefoot Blonde.Love a good LBD for holiday parties -- you can't go wrong.A new study has found ...
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California School Dashboard gets an online upgrade. But for school accountability, has it gone far enough?

By Taylor Swaak, LA School Report The much-anticipated redesign of California’s maligned school dashboard is live — but some education advocates aren’t convinced it went far enough to improve usability for parents. The California School Dashboard is a state-run platform that rates districts, schools and student groups on indicators such as test scores and student suspensions — and, as of this month, chronic absenteeism and college/career readiness — on a scale of five colors: red (the worst) to ...
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Top 5 Life Lessons I've Learned from My Time as a Sorority Woman

Being in a sorority is a lot of things. Mostly, it is a learning experience. Check out five important life lessons that greek life has taught me. I know what you're probably thinking. "A sorority, really? Isn't that just a way of molding female college students into clones of one another who only care about who has the best hair and what boy they will be going with to the Sigma Apple Pie semi-formal?!"To answer the previous questions: 1. Yes, hello! I will always be the type of girl who will ad...
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Holberton brings its full-stack software engineering school to Colombia

Holberton School, the full-stack software engineering school that opened its first campus in San Francisco in 2015, today announced that it is opening two campuses in Colombia, one in Bogotá and one in Medellin. This marks the school’s first international expansion and comes only a few months after it opened its first East Coast campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Applications for the programs in Colombia are now open, with the first batch of students starting in January 2019. The idea behind Holb...
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David Byrne Curates a Playlist of Great Protest Songs Written Over the Past 60 Years: Stream Them Online

When you hear the words “protest song,” what do you see? Is it a folkie like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez delivering songs about injustice? Is it an earnest young thing with a guitar? Is it trapped in 1960s amber, while time has moved on to more ambiguity, more nihilism, more solipsism? British writers--and may we add amateur folksingers--Jonathan Luxmoore and Christine Ellis made this lament over two years ago in the pages of The Guardian, in an opinion piece entitled, “Not talkin' bout a revolution...
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1 Teen Dead After Shooting at Indiana Middle School

A teenage suspect has died after a shooting at an Indiana middle school, police said. The shooting took place at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Ind. No other students were injured in the shooting, according to police. Indiana State Police said the shooting resulted in the death of a teenage suspect. The suspect ran into…
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I'm Attending College 5,000 Miles from Home & Here's What I Love About It

It's not as scary as you'd think!Over the past few months, I’ve written off and on about my experiences as an international student. Yes, it’s scary and daunting to feel so separated from your family, but there are a thousand and one reasons that make that tradeoff worth it. To round off this series on a high note, here are five things that I love most about studying abroad. 1. Expectation vs. Reality Places are so much more than the tourist version of themselves. Growing up I loved watching ...
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Backpack-wearing bumblebees could buzz fields, tell farmers how crops are doing

Scientists at the University of Washington have equipped bumblebees with tiny sensors that could one day be used to monitor crops on a farm.
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A little help from my friends

Image from Maxpixel My grandest project of 2018 has been writing a new book, which was commissioned by Kogan Page in January. Anyone who has authored a book will know how compelling, and also how lonely it can be. Throughout the year, the book has continuously exercised my mind, and I have spent countless hours of planning, thinking, researching, writing and editing.I decided to call the book 'Digital Learning in Organisations' from the outset because my expertise lies in learning techn...
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No, teenagers are not lazy for sleeping in — and a new Seattle school policy is helping them get the shut-eye they need

Delaying start times by nearly an hour has allowed Seattle high-school students to average more than a half-hour of extra sleep on school nights, a research team has found.
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The Evolution of The Great Wave off Kanazawa: See Four Versions That Hokusai Painted Over Nearly 40 Years

Has any Japanese woodblock print — or for that matter, any piece of Japanese art — endured as well across place and time as The Great Wave off Kanagawa? Even those of us who have never known its name, let alone those of us unsure of who made it and when, can bring it to mind it with some clarity, as sure a sign as any (along with the numerous parodies) that it taps into something deep within all of us. But though the artist behind it, 18th- and 19th-century ukiyo-e painter Katsushika Hokusai, w...
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The fight to save Howard University College of Medicine

Our country is at risk of losing an iconic institution that has played a pivotal role in the history of medical education. A school, which has produced some of the boldest pioneers in medicine, could lose accreditation upon the opening of a new hospital that will shunt away 40 percent of their current patients. Scores […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Take a Close Look at Basquiat’s Revolutionary Art in a New 500-Page, 14-Pound, Large Format Book by TASCHEN

At many a bookstore and art gallery gift shop, you will find copies of writer and artist Javaka Steptoe’s Radiant Child, a young person’s introduction to Jean-Michel Basquiat. The book has deservedly won a Caldecott Medal and the praise of adult readers who find as much or more to admire in it as their kids do. A surprisingly moving short biography, it hits many of the major notes in Basquiat’s formative years: His Brooklyn childhood and Haitian and Puerto Rican heritage; his love for his encou...
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Find a better balance with our tips for Digital Wellbeing

A good tool should make your life easier. That’s as true in the digital world as it is anywhere else. Today, people use digital tools to simplify and speed up tasks from finding a playground for their children to checking the weather forecast, giving them more space to focus on what matters most to them. Technology is transforming the way we spend time, and our Digital Wellbeing efforts can help you make the most of that time—so that technology fits comfortably into your life, without the unwant...
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Victorian schools could lose billions as state-federal negotiations break down

Victoria’s education minister says commonwealth rejects compromise and he ‘won’t be bullied’ into signing a ‘dud’ funding dealVictorian schools could lose billions of dollars next year because the state and federal governments cannot come to an agreement on a long-term funding deal.Negotiations between Daniel Andrews’ newly elected government and the commonwealth have ground to a halt a day out from Friday’s education council meeting, as the state continues to stare down Canberra. Continue readi...
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Elementary students assigned elf murder case

When eight- and nine-year-old students at Hyde England's Flowery Field Elementary School walked into class last week, they were confronted with a crime scene. Behind the police tape was chalk outline of an elfin figure and a desk smeared with blood. Their assignment? Solve the mystery of the murdered elf. Apparently it was a writing exercise. And surprise! Some parents were pissed. "My daughter came home and she was absolutely traumatized," one parent said. "I'm not the only parent who felt li...
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