A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism

A Lover's Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism %18.70 (Kindle) from Amazon Although there are many books about S&M, most of them focus on the erotic or instructional. This isn’t the case with A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism, a book by kinkster Peter Tupper. This means that A Lover’s Pinch fills a void, and it dives to depths I couldn’t have imagined before I started reading. A Lover’s Pinch is a deep dive that goes far beyond Leopold von Sacher-Masoch the Marquis...
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Is YouTube Fundamental or Trivial?

The YouTube Conundrum As a public critic of social media, I’m often asked if my concerns extend to YouTube. This is a tricky question. As I’ve written, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram didn’t offer something fundamentally different than the world wide web that preceded them. Their main contribution was to make this style of online life more accessible and convenient. My first independently owned and operated web site from the 1990s, for example, required me to learn HTML and upload f...
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Thousands of LAUSD teachers march in downtown LA for better pay, smaller class size

As a teachers’ strike looms over the nation’s second-largest school district, about 50,000 educators, parents and students marched through downtown Los Angeles Saturday morning demanding higher pay and smaller class sizes throughout the sprawling district. Streets and sidewalks from L.A. City Hall to the Broad Museum turned into a sea of red with teachers proudly wearing their union T-shirts. Others wore red in solidarity. As a teacher’s strike looms, LAUSD teachers from around the city stag...
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'90s Fashion Icons: Julia Roberts

Our favorite "Pretty Woman" never goes out of style. Here's how to get her look! No decade's style is quite as nostalgic for us as the 1990s which is exactly why '90s everything is back in! Over the past few weeks, we've been covering nine fashion icons of the '90s you need to know about if you want to get on board with the '90s trends that are coming back. In case you missed it, last week was all about Liv Tyler, the music video starlet turned decorated movie actress. This time around, it's al...
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A Christmas Bucket List Look Book

Because we can only binge Christmas movies for so long!From West Texas, I'm back in Atlanta, Georgia for the holiday visiting extended family and I'm determined to make the best of it! Although it's cold, the city is covered in vibrant holiday decor. I'm making my Christmas bucket list and checking it twice!As a college student, you're probably in the same boat, leaving your small college town to see family in more metropolitan areas, excited to take advantage of what the nearby city has to offe...
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My Ultimate Top 5 Bath & Body Works Products

Affordable, amazing fragrances and products that work.I don't need to tell you guys about the amazingness that is Bath and Body Works. This skincare mecca stocks hundreds of products in a variety of scents, and there are countless devotees that swear by their offerings and buy up their favorite scents in bulk every year.If you want some help wading through the hundreds of products on offer, today I'm sharing my Bath and Body Works favorites. The hand sanitizers and body creams are my usual go-to...
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