The Best Personality Types for B-School

Business school isn’t for everyone. Those who identify as left-brains and B-types, who are creative to a fault, likely won’t thrive in the rigid structure and stark logic of economics and finance.
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From the Hyperlink to the Stream: Hossein Derakshan’s Critique of the Internet in the Age of Social Media

The Six Year Transformation A friend recently pointed me toward an essay published on Medium in 2015. It’s written by Hossein Derakshan, a Canadian-Iranian blogger who helped instigate the Persian-language blogging revolution during the first decade of the 21st century, and whose online truth-telling eventually lead to his imprisonment in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison from 2008 to 2014. In his essay, Derakshan explores the radical shift in internet culture that occurred between when he ente...
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Apply Now to Write for College Fashion!

We're now taking applications on a rolling basis. Just a quick update to let you know that we've changed our application process and are now accepting writer applications on a rolling basis. (We used to only accept them twice a year.)So if you missed our application deadline this fall, this is your chance: you can apply to join Team CF right now! We're accepting applications for new fashion, beauty, and lifestyle writers, and campus style photographers, over on our Write for Us page. Just click...
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Police carrying stun guns ‘more likely to use force and face assault’

Study suggests presence of weapon leads to rise in hostility between officers and publicPolice officers carrying Taser electronic weapons are almost 50% more likely to use force and also more likely to be assaulted, a study has found.Stun guns were de-holstered nine times during the year-long University of Cambridge study involving City of London police, and fired on two occasions. Officers carrying them were also more likely to use other types of force, such as handcuffing and CS spray, than th...
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Near Year, New Habits

You are resolved to turn over a new leaf in 2019. Maybe become a better boss or crank up the productivity. What are the best ways to put these good intentions into practice? [Author: by Sean Silverthorne]
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Find and Replace: R&D Investment Following the Erosion of Existing Products

This study by Joshua Krieger and colleagues sheds light on how product outcomes shape the direction of innovation and markets for technology. [Author: by Joshua Krieger, Xuelin Li, and Richard T. Thakor]
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DIY Tutorial: Turtleneck Sweatshirt

Stay cozy in class! A sweatshirt is the perfect thing to wear to lectures on a lazy day. Combine it with a turtleneck and you've got the the ultimate in winter coziness. I've gone with black and white for mine, but it's also such a basic piece that you could play with print and color and still not have it seem overwhelming. So let's get started!Things you will need:- 1 yard of stretchy fleece fabric- sewing machineStep 1. Cut out your pieces Turtleneck sweatshirt patter piece overview. Here a...
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LAUSD teachers set strike date, saying ‘enough is enough’ after negotiations fail

Los Angeles public teachers are not going back to the bargaining table, and have set Jan. 10 as a strike date unless there are “dramatic shifts in approach” in negotiating tactics from the Los Angeles Unified School District, said Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of United Teachers Los Angeles. Caputo-Pearl announced the strike date Wednesday morning, a day after slamming reports that the district and the union had reached a deal on a 6 percent salary increase. For nearly two years, the sides have b...
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The Beastie Boys Release a New Freewheeling Memoir, and a Star-Studded 13-Hour Audiobook Featuring Snoop Dogg, Elvis Costello, Bette Midler, John Stewart & Dozens More

Quick way to date yourself: name the first Beastie Boys album you bought (or heard). If you somehow got your hands on an original pressing of their first single “Cooky Puss”—released in 1981 when the then-foursome was a New York hardcore band—congratulations, you’re a legend. If you first bought 1986’s Licensed to Ill—their major label debut and coming-out as a crude rap-rock parody threesome (minus fired drummer Kate Schellenbach), precision-engineered to freak your parents out—congrats...
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It's Cold Outside So Here Are the Best Winter Clothing Brands for Girls on a Budget

Build your winter clothing arsenal with these brands. As we approach to the end of the year, we are also inching towards the coldest times of year across the country. No one should brave the cold without a collection of warm, yet sharp and stylish winter clothes. Get a head start on preparing for the chillest, coldest time of the season. Check out my picks for the BEST winter clothing brands for students on a budget:  1. H&M View the original article to see embedded media. You can always count...
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Meet the Hurdy Gurdy, the Hand-Cranked Medieval Instrument with 80 Moving Parts

Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man” may be the creepiest song ever written about an obscure medieval instrument (made all the more so by its use in David Fincher’s Zodiac), but the Hurdy Gurdy did not give his recording its ominous sound. Those droning notes come from an Indian tanpura. Yet they evoke the title instrument, an ingenious musical invention “set up primarily for the purpose of making drones,” Case Western Reserve’s College of Art and Sciences explains. “In the Middle Ages, it was kn...
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Studying in Berlin: 4 International Students Share Their Experience

Deciding to move away from your home country to study abroad can probably be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. Choosing the right city is not about spinning the globe with eyes closed and dropping a finger on a random destination. Unfortunately, the choice is way more complicated, and even if it is not easy to realize it at the very start, it can be literally life-changing. Sending applications to university in other countries means to gradually plan your future and to figure out...
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Teachers: We want to hear from you about your district’s diversity efforts

Washington's student population is becoming more diverse, but its pool of teachers remains largely white. We want to hear from the people at the center of this inequity: teachers.
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Puget Sound school districts are trying to recruit — and keep — more teachers of color. Here’s how.

Seattle, Bellevue and Highline school districts have launched ambitious efforts to recruit more teachers who represent the backgrounds of their students. But these glimmers of hope could be blunted if challenges around retention persist.
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The Makeup Products You'll Be Wearing All Holiday Season

Inundated with the festive looks flooding the internet these days? Here are the products you can't miss this holiday season.Since Thanksgiving ended, beauty online has been in full-scale holiday mode. Not only have there been huge holiday drops and gift sets by all the major brands, but our social media feeds have featured an endless stream of gorgeous, glittery looks. Whether you're still in finals - like I sadly am - or are already lounging at home, I'm sure you've been lusting after some holi...
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Kahoot, a ‘Netflix for education’, launches an accelerator to tap gaming and education startups

On the back of Disney increasing its shareholding in Oslo-based Kahoot to four percent last week, Kahoot today announced a new initiative that helps to position the popular startup — which already has 60 million games and has seen over 1 billion players engage on its platform over the last year — as the “Netflix for education apps.” It’s launching Kahoot! Ignite, a new accelerator for like-minded startups that are pushing the boundaries of education through gaming and other means. In addition to...
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Watch the First-Ever Kiss on Film Between Two Black Actors, Just Honored by the Library of Congress (1898)

In 1896, Thomas Edison produced The Kiss. One of the first films ever commercially screened, it adapts the then-popular musical The Widow Jones — or at least it adapts about twenty seconds of it, a kiss that happens in the very last scene. Two years later came the equally short but differently groundbreaking Something Good – Negro Kiss, a version of The Kiss starring black actors instead of white ones. Only now, thanks in part to the efforts of University of Southern California archivist Di...
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A Beautifully-Designed Edition of Euclid’s Elements from 1847 Gets Digitized: Explore the New Online, Interactive Reproduction

For two millennia, Euclid's Elements, the foundational ancient work on geometry by the famed Greek mathematician, was required reading for educated people. (The “classically educated” read them in the original Greek.) The influence of the Elements in philosophy and mathematics cannot be overstated; so inspiring are Euclid’s proofs and axioms that Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote a sonnet in his honor. But over time, Euclid’s principles were streamlined into textbooks, and the Elements was read les...
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