Teachers union demands ‘immediate’ cap on new charter schools in LAUSD, days after setting strike date

Days after United Teachers of Los Angeles announced that its first strike against LA Unified since 1989 will begin Jan. 10, the union’s president called for an “immediate” cap on charter school growth in the district. UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl and other union leaders argued that unrestricted expansion of new charter schools starves public resources from existing public schools and contributes to declining student enrollment. “We’re here today because it’s time to invest in our existing sc...
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How to Deal with a Jealous Friend

It's totally normal but it also needs to be addressed.Jealousy is complicated. It's not something that you like to admit to feeling, and despite how common it is, it's seen as a negative character trait. However, jealousy is a completely normal feeling to have. It’s especially normal to feel towards friends, especially if you're insecure about yourself and/or your standing with your friend. By now, you are probably very familiar with this feeling and know how to deal with it.But how do you deal ...
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How to Dress for a Class Presentation

With these tips, you’ll be sure to be ready for your next presentation. Class presentations can be nerve-racking, especially if there are a large number of people in your class. However, one of the things you can do to make sure you are prepared is finding the right outfit. Dressing up for a class presentation doesn’t necessarily have to be hard. Below, I've shared some tips on what to wear for class presentations plus a few sample outfits to get you started.As a bonus, I've included winter coa...
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The British are Gone but the British Raj Lives on

“It was [in India] the British learned the art of imperial power. … India was decisive. It gave Britain the resources, the market, the manpower, and the prestige to build a world-wide empire. And in the years to come they worked feverishly to secure that prize.”  The British Empire could not have been possible without … Continue reading The British are Gone but the British Raj Lives on
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The Moonlight Sonata But the Bass Is a Bar Late, and the Melody Is a Bar Early

From composer and electronic musician Isaac Schankler comes an experimental take on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. As the title says, the bass is a bar late and the melody is a bar early. Sheet music for the experiment can be found here. And some of Schankler's more serious compositions here. Follow Open Culture on Facebook and   Twitter and  share intelligent media with your friends. Or better yet, sign up for our daily email and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox.  If y...
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Researchers Recreate the Sounds Worshippers Heard in the Mosque of Cordoba Over 1,200 Years Ago

As we know from conversations in subway tunnels or singing in the shower, different kinds of spaces and building materials alter the quality of a sound. It’s a subject near and dear to architects, musicians, and composers. The relationship between space and sound also centrally occupies the field of “Acoustic Archeology." But here, an unusual problem presents itself. How can we know how music, voice, and environmental sound behaves in spaces that no longer exist? More specifically, writes Eurek...
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Student Voices: We need to talk about race in school, and we need to do it before college

"Critical education about race and its role in our society shouldn’t be an elective," writes Danielle Derrickson, a recent graduate of UW Tacoma.
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How do we solve the teacher diversity problem in Washington? For Clark County, the answer may be ‘Grow Your Own’

In Clark County, the disparity between the number of teachers and students of color is steep. But in recent years, Washington state has expanded nontraditional training programs — and three of them are in Southwest Washington.
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Here's Where to Save Money on Your Shopping This Weekend

Get 30% off at Forever 21, 25% off Madewell, 20% off at Sephora, and much more! Aeropostale will give you 60-70% off throughout the store through 12/23!Boohoo is offering up to 60% off everything starting on 12/22 and lasting through 12/25.Forever 21 will give you 30% off sitewide through 12/24.Lancome is offering 20% off your order! Plus get a complimentary pouch + 4 samples on orders of $49+. Use code THANKYOU today, 12/21 only.Macy's is having a huge sale -- use code GIFT to save across the ...
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Discover Isotype, the 1920s Attempt to Create a Universal Language with Stylish Icons & Graphic Design

How long has mankind dreamed of an international language? The first answer that comes to mind, of course, dates that dream to the time of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. If you don't happen to believe that humanity was made to speak a variety of mutually incomprehensible tongues as punishment for daring to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven, maybe you'd prefer a date somewhere around the much later development of Esperanto, the best-known language invented specifically to atta...
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Listen to a Heartfelt Musical Retelling of O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” with Hanky in Hand

It’s that time of year when certain songs conspire with certain moods to hit you right in the ol’ brisket. The feeling is voluptuous, and not necessarily unpleasant, provided there’s a bathroom stall or spare bedroom should you need to flee a party like Cinderella, as some old chestnut threatens to turn you into a blubbering mess. Let the kiddies deck the halls, jingle bells, and prance about with Rudolph and Frosty. The best secular songs for grown ups are the ones with a thick current of long...
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