Science of Sex: Finger Length and Sexual Orientation (The 2D:4D Ratio)

More than fifteen years ago, when I was still in high school, I had heard there was something about your hand shape that could be linked to being gay. I’d heard this repeated throughout the years but always in a way that indicated it was an urban legend, simply a myth. Why did I think this way? Because no one discussed the science; they just held up their hands and explained this fact. This month’s Science of Sex explains the theories about why hand shape and, specifically, finger length correla...
Tags: College, Research, Sexual Orientation, Hormones, Adam, Identical Twins, Fetal Development, Science of Sex, 2d:4d Ratio, Digita Ratio, Finger Length, Tesosterone, Jonathon Manning

'90s Fashion Icons: Jennifer Aniston

Here's how to copy Jennifer's style from 'Friends'! '90s nostalgia is real. Twisted chokers are back in stores. Aladdin is going back to theaters. Netflix just paid $100 million dollars to keep Friends streaming another year. And people can't get enough! To celebrate, we've chosen '90s fashion icons that you need to know about to get on board with this '90s revival. Last week we looked at Hollywood's reigning monarch Julia Roberts. This week, we are a taking a trip to Central Perk and copying t...
Tags: New York, Hollywood, College, Friends, Inspiration, Earth, Julia Roberts, Netflix, Jennifer Aniston, Asos, 1990s, Jen, Golden Globe, Rachel, Jennifer, Rachel Green

5 Quick, Free Workouts You Can Do At Home

Because who needs the campus gym? We are now well into the holiday season, and that means junk food galore, busy schedules, and becoming intimately acquainted with the snooze button. It's the time of year when we all put our health on the back-burner a little bit, because we just don't have the time or money for exercise.However, coming right after the holidays is the time of year when everyone starts to really think about prioritizing wellness, and how to do it even better (or at all) next yea...
Tags: Health, Amazon, Fitness, College, Amazon Prime, Halsey, Marshall, New Year's Resolution, College Life, Adriene, Exercise Outfits, Adam Rosante Adam, Erica Vetra

What my first patient in medical school taught me

September 2015, a few weeks into my first year of medical school. Mr. Smith (John) (identifying information and event details altered to protect confidentiality) wore an orange jumpsuit with the letters “COUNTY JAIL” running down his right pant sleeve. At all times, I felt the presence of his police officer sitting right outside the shock […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
Tags: Health, Education, Medical School, PA NP, Smith John, CRNA

The Kindness Project: 4 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in Your Everyday Life

Read on for some little ways you can put out good vibes every day! A few months ago I was having one of those days -- you know the ones, where you just feel so exhausted over absolutely everything?!And then, as if the universe was sending me a message I received this text message: And with that, my eyes erupted with the power of 1,000 oceans. (Yes, I'm a huge softie.) This simple message on a random weekday completely turned my exhausted moment around and changed the course of my day.Isn't tha...
Tags: College, Love, Happiness, Happy, ANN, Gratitude, College Life

Too far right and left? DC think tank releases manifesto for radical centrism

Niskanen Center, a Washington think tank, argues for avoiding the extremes of political positions.The analysts propose that both a regulated free market and bolstered social insurance programs are important.If we don't correct course soon, the American political system may never recover, warn the authors. None If you've had enough of all the political bickering coming from all sides, a Washington think tank released a manifesto that it hopes will inspire those in the middle. The Niskanen Cen...
Tags: Education, Washington, Government, America, Economics, Policy, United States, Harvard University, Capitalism, Innovation, Health Care, Dc, Donald Trump, Inequality, Steven Pinker, Social Change

Looks on Campus: Martha - St. Peter's College, University of Oxford

This dancer knows how to dress.I’ve seen Martha around in lectures usually sporting loud, unconventional colors and interesting clothing combinations. After weeks of missing opportunities to talk, I finally got to snag this interview with her at a house party of all places! Martha's personality matches her outfit (and her place): loud and colorful, with a hilarious sense of humor. Today she expresses her eclectic style with a trendy outfit that has '80s nostalgia written all over it. Martha 1...
Tags: London, College, Singapore, International, Street Style, University of Oxford, Party, Sneakers, Martha, Campus Style, Looks on Campus, Winter Trends, Track Pants, Winter 2018, St. Peter's College, Martha St Peter s College University of Oxford

Egypt releases UW doctoral student from prison — but uncertainty remains amid crackdown on free expression

Walid Salem's family and professors at UW worked a quiet campaign for his release. His court case is ongoing.
Tags: News, Education, Egypt, Local News, UW, Nation & World, Walid Salem

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