‘Understanding Reverse’ 2019 Refresh Accounts For New Business Realities

The 2019 edition of Understanding Reverse, the book used by industry personnel and consumers alike as an informative reference tool about reverse mortgage product offerings, features numerous changes which aim to paint a more accurate and lender-neutral picture of contemporary home equity utilization practices. These include reflecting increasing prevalence of proprietary products, the updated Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) lending limits for the year, additional details on lien seasonin...
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Hautelinks: 2019 Beauty Launches, What You Missed from the Golden Globes, Millennials & Burnout, & More

Here's what you need to read, right this minute. The Golden Globes were this past weekend. Here are some moments you might have missed from the broadcast.And here are the best dressed stars from the show, according to ELLE.Finally, a big hooray to Sandra Oh for her historic win!RottenTomatoes lists the 65 most anticipated movies of 2019. Get excited!And here's a long list of books, movies, TV shows, and more to get hyped for in 2019.Also TV-related, here's what we know so far about Netflix orig...
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How the Debate Over Charter Schools Is Fueling the Looming Los Angeles Teacher Strike

"Do we still believe in funding public education," one teacher said, "or have we given up?”
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A Full Guide To Every Winter Show Worth Watching In 2019

The holiday season has officially arrived. While that usually means all the best shows go into hiatus for weeks on end, that is no longer the norm thanks to streaming services. Throughout December and into the new year, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu will all premiere some of their buzziest shows. Then, when 2019 kicks off, your favorite broadcast and cable networks will also get in on the fun.That means new Bachelor , new Grown-ish, the heralded return of True Detective, and introductio...
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The Art of Creating Special Effects in Silent Movies: Ingenuity Before the Age of CGI

If anyone tries to claim that modern day movies have too many special effects remind them of this. Films have always used special effects to trick the audience, and we’re just using new variations of tools from a century ago. In fact, right from the beginning, creators like Georges Méliès were pushing the boundaries of celluloid and 24 frames per second like the showmen and magicians they were. By the time we get to the silent comedians as seen in our above video, technology had advanced...
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LAUSD teacher strike update: Judge rejects district claim, paving way for 30,000 teachers to walk out Monday

A judge has issued a ruling that allows the Los Angeles Unified School District’s teachers union to proceed with a strike on Monday, setting the stage for 30,000 teachers to walk out of the district’s schools. An attorney for L.A. Unified had argued that UTLA did not give official notice to the district of a strike until Jan. 3, when it called for a strike on Thursday, Jan. 10. According to the current teacher’s contract, either side must give official notice that they plan to terminate the cont...
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Bad Girl Inspiration: Regina George

Who said the good girls are the only ones with style? Move over Cady Heron, Regina George is the Queen Bee.Protagonists are overrated, if you ask us. The most memorable movie and TV characters around are usually the villains. And let's face it -- villains get the best wardrobes. This new CF series will feature some famous "bad girls" from pop culture and show you how to get their looks for yourself. To kick off our Bad Girl Inspiration series, we are taking a look at the ultimate teen queen, Re...
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Could a “brain drain” hit the U.S.?

Brain drain is a terrible phenomenon with a long and ignoble history. Recently, it has occurred in several countries that were doing well even a few years ago.Can it happen here?Many of us who have ever dared to complain about the place we live in have heard the juvenile rebuttal "If you don't like it, why don't you leave?" As it turns out, sometimes people take that advice. When a country's educated, intelligent, or entrepreneurial citizens take the advice all at once, the phenomenon is called ...
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How To Improve Your Family’s Health in 2019

Would you like to effectively reduce the risk of your family getting ill? We all know keeping healthy is important, but it can sometimes be confusing to know the best way to do it. Encouraging your children to adopt healthy habits means you’re setting them up well for the future. Nobody has ever said that raising a family is easy, and when you’re busy with your career and other responsibilities, finding the time to set a good example in the form of a healthy, active lifestyle can be a ...
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Artist Hand-Cuts an Intricate Octopus From a Single Piece of Paper: Discover the Japanese Art of Kirie

At first glance, the octopus in the video above might appear to be breathing. A second look reveals that it isn't actually breathing, nor is it actually an octopus at all, but seemingly just a highly detailed drawing of one. Only upon the third look, if even then, does it become clear that the octopus has been not drawn but intricately cut, and out of a single large sheet of paper at that. The two-dimensional sea creature represents a recent high point in the work of Japanese artist Masa...
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The rise of (societal) resilience tech

If you follow millennials on Twitter (and god help you), then you know that Anne Helen Petersen’s piece this past weekend “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” struck a deep chord for many. It’s longform and detailed, but Petersen’s primary thesis is that my generation has been dumped into one of the worst moments for economic and social mobility in recent memory (global financial crisis, etc.), which has led us to massively over-optimize our lives to try to extract any value we can. B...
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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

Product suggestions and tips to help you build your very own skincare routine and take care of your dry skin. Building your own personal skincare routine can be a difficult task to do on your own. So, I am here to help you. This is the first post in our series on How to Build a Skincare Routine. Over the weeks ahead, I will be addressing different skin types and showing you exactly how to create a routine for your skin. First up is a dry skin routine.In this post I will be providing product rec...
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Emeritus, which develops online courses with universities, raises $40M

The funding streak for educational startups in Asia continues into 2019 after Emeritus, a U.S-Indian company that partners with universities to offer digital courses, landed a $40 million Series C round led by Sequoia India. The deal includes participation from existing investor Bertelsmann India Investments, and it takes Emeritus — founded in 2010 as offline management program company Eruditus — to around $50 million from investors to date. It also follows notable rounds in December for Indi...
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Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments for Living in a Healthy Democracy

Image by J. F. Horrabin, via Wikimedia Commons Bertrand Russell saw the history of civilization as being shaped by an unfortunate oscillation between two opposing evils: tyranny and anarchy, each of which contain the seed of the other. The best course for steering clear of either one, Russell maintained, is liberalism. "The doctrine of liberalism is an attempt to escape from this endless oscillation," writes Russell in A History of Western Philosophy. "The essence of liberalism is an attempt to...
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Despite physician burnout, medical schools are still hard to get into. Why is that?

It’s no secret that physician job dissatisfaction is soaring to unprecedented levels, with over 50 percent of practicing physicians reporting burnout. While many factors have contributed to this epidemic in America over the last 20 years — not least of all electronic medical records that are taking a heavy (and unacceptable) toll on physicians’ time — […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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The Getty Digital Archive Expands to 135,000 Free Images: Download High Resolution Scans of Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs & Much Much More

J. Paul Getty was not a billionaire known for his generosity. But since his death, the Getty Trust and complex of Getty museums in L.A. have carried forth in a more magnanimous spirit, ostensibly adhering to values that transcend their founder: “service, philanthropy, teaching, and access.” A collection first gathered for private investment and consumption (sometimes under a cloud of scandal) has expanded into galleries that millions pass through every year; a Conservation Institute dedicated t...
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Claiming Her Right to Protect the Rights of the Underrepresented

Asha has dreams of becoming a lawyer to help those in her community who need it most. She believes that nothing will stop her, but she’s facing incredible adversity to achieve it. With your help, she will. Read the full article: Claiming Her Right to Protect the Rights of the Underrepresented
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Life as a librarian in the Māori community

Nearly 700,000 New Zealanders are of Māori descent, with most Māori living in the North Island. Hastings is a city on the North Island, and Hastings District Libraries is made up of three libraries –Flaxmere Library, the Havelock North Library and Community Centre, and the Hastings War Memorial Library which was officially opened in 1959 after the original building was destroyed in the 1931 earthquake.Moana Munro is a librarian specializing in Māori services at Hastings Public Libraries in New Z...
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