LAUSD School Board member Schmerelson goes his own way on Beutner’s handling of strike: ‘I couldn’t keep quiet anymore’

A Los Angeles Unified School District board member representing the West San Fernando Valley criticized Superintendent Austin Beutner’s handling of this week’s massive strike, arguing there is more money to fulfill some of the teachers’ contract demands in what has become the first walkout in the giant school system in 30 years. Board member Scott Schmerelson issued a statement this week pledging his support to teachers on the picket lines. It highlighted the rift on the school board among those...
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With little learning happening inside strike-humbled LAUSD schools, high achievers feel the pressure not to fall behind

Jaimie Lee and Dalia Elrih, juniors at Los Angeles Unified School District’s John Marshall High School, have the same ambitious class schedule: AP Chemistry, AP English, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus and honors U.S. History. The two picketed with striking LAUSD teachers outside the school on Monday and joined a UTLA rally downtown. But in the days since, they’ve veered in different directions absent teachers — one hitting the books at school and the other at home — in an attempt to stay ...
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Educational Play Kit Company Osmo Sold to India’s Edtech Firm Byju’s for $120M

Byju’s, an edtech company based in India that claims a $3.6 billion valuation based on its sales success there, announced it has acquired Palo Alto, CA-based learning-through-play firm Osmo for $120 million.Named after the teacher Byju Raveendran, who founded the company in 2011, Byju’s is making its first acquisition in the United States to advance its goals of expanding globally and adding very young children to its user base. The company, which announced the deal Wednesday, had already made ...
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Hautelinks: WTF Trends of 2019, Is Marie Kondo Feminist?, Meghan Markle V-Day Outfits, & More

Here are our all time favorite blog posts and news stories of the week. Looking for a new read? Check out this winter reading list from the team at Lauren Conrad.I know we've done a ton of trend posts lately, but it's so much fun! These are some more fashion trends to expect in 2019.And here are some even wilder trends (some of which I'm not sure are trends, like the surfer girl one) to be on the lookout for.Not sure if we posted about this already but if not it bears repeating: Game of Thrones...
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In defense of screen time

Siri Fiske Contributor Siri Fiske is founder and head of MYSA School in Bethesda, Md. and Washington, D.C. The Silicon Valley engineers who design our tech gadgets won’t let their kids anywhere near those devices, according to a shocking New York Times profile. These workers are convinced too much time in front of smartphones and iPads is rotting kids’ brains. Technology “is wreaking havoc on our children,” warned one former Facebook employee. These parents nee...
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Did Second Lady Karen Pence Work at a School That Bans LGBT Teachers and Students?

The wife of Vice President Mike Pence resumed her work as an art teacher at the Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia in January 2019.
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Why Business Should Support Employees Who are Caregivers

Shifting demographics are causing more and more workers to serve as caregivers to family and friends—but employers seem hardly to notice the trend. Joseph Fullerand Manjari Raman discuss why companies should help. [Author: by Danielle Kost]
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What's new in Scratch 3.0, a programming language designed for kids

In 2013, the MIT Media Lab started creating a new version of Scratch, a graphical, block-based programming language used by tens of millions of kids to create and share interactive stories, games and animations. We partnered with the Media Lab on this new version of the language—Scratch 3.0—and the Google Blockly team developed the programming language’s graphical coding blocks. OurCS First program, which offers kids in fourth through eighth grades Scratch coding lessons, also created new activi...
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Oxford places ban on donations and research grants from Huawei

Decision on Chinese telecoms firm comes as national security concerns mount in the westThe University of Oxford has placed an indefinite ban on accepting research grants or donations from the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei, which is already facing mounting concerns from several governments about whether it poses a risk to national security.The decision emerged the day after the US prosecutors reportedly opened an investigation into Huawei for alleged theft of trade secrets from American firms. Con...
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Bad Girl Inspiration: Prudence Night (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

What could be badder than being a witch? Being a fashionable witch, of course! In the last few months, Netflix's hit series, "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," has become the talk of the internet. It's a "chillingly" dark and dramatic take on "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" that centers around new witch Sabrina Spellman and her attempts to balance her lives as a witch and a human. While Sabrina's quirky style is cute, she's not the fashion queen of this series. To continue on with our Bad Girl I...
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Spilt milk

Photo by Newtown Graffiti on Flickr  Accidents will happen. And occasionally, maybe they should. Accidents are not welcome in most schools. Children are usually told to be more careful and 'not to do it again' when mishaps occur. Yet accidents can often be just as important in our education as learning knowledge and skills. What's more, they probably prepare students for a world of work where mistakes may not necessarily be a bad thing. Reflect for a moment on some of the serendipitous ...
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Bright But Different: How to Best Help Your Child with Learning Differences to Succeed

All children are smart in their own way. Some children, however, have individual learning styles that don’t allow them to succeed with traditional learning methods. These children are not disabled. They’re quite capable of learning everything their peers learn. They just learn in a different way. But children with learning differences are often robbed of their confidence and joy. It can be tremendously difficult for parents to accept that their child may have a learning challenge that int...
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LAUSD teachers strike, Day 4: Talks to resume at City Hall

LOS ANGELES — Negotiations between the union representing striking teachers and the Los Angeles Unified School District will resume Thursday at City Hall. “The Mayor’s Office will facilitate these negotiations,” according to a statement released by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office Wednesday night. United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing the teachers, “will be ready to bargain tomorrow, and our team will work long and hard toward an agreement that benefits our students, members and commun...
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Get ready for the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” … or not

There is, however, a legitimately interesting lunar event coming: a total eclipse.
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A Page of Madness: The Lost, Avant Garde Masterpiece from Early Japanese Cinema (1926)

It’s a sad fact that the vast majority of silent movies in Japan have been lost thanks to human carelessness, earthquakes and the grim efficiency of the United States Air Force. The first films of hugely important figures like Kenji Mizoguchi, Yasujiro Ozu, and Hiroshi Shimizu have simply vanished. So we should consider ourselves fortunate that Teinosuke Kinugasa’s Kuretta Ippei -- a 1926 film known in the States as A Page of Madness -- has somehow managed to survive the vagaries of fate. Kinuga...
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The Resolution that Really Matters at (in)courage

“New year, new you!” “Out with the old, in with the new!” “We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” “What is the one word that will change your life this year?” Both our social media feeds and our brains brim with thoughts this January about new beginnings and deep introspection. Nothing makes us want to examine ourselves, our habits, and our resolutions like the start of a new year. Mentally, it’s not just the first month on a clean calendar; it represe...
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How to Build a Skincare Routine: Oily Skin

The ultimate guide to the best skincare products for oily skin. Photo: Glossier This is the second post in the "How to Build a Skincare Routine" Series. If you have dry skin check out the first article on building a dry skin routine, because this one is for my oily skin girls. (If we haven't covered your skin type yet, keep an eye out because I have two more articles in this series that will be up within the next few weeks.)If you are looking for more clarification on what each product is for ...
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An Animated History of Cheese: 10,000 Years in Under Six Minutes

We can now eat cheese nearly anywhere in the world, and most world cuisines seem to have found — to varying degrees of success — ways of working the stuff into their native dishes. But if cheese has gone and continues to go global, from where did its journey begin? The TED-Ed video above can tell you that and more, having been written by University of Vermont professor of nutrition and food sciences Paul Kindstedt, author of Cheese and Culture: A History of Cheese and its Place in Wester...
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Behold Moebius’ Many Psychedelic Illustrations of Jimi Hendrix

The 1995 release of posthumous Jimi Hendrix compilation Voodoo Soup has divided fans and critics for over two decades now. But whatever its merits, its cover art should hold an honored place in every Hendrix fan’s collection. Drawn by the legendary cult comic artist Moebius from a photograph of Hendrix eating soup in France , it captures the sound Hendrix was moving toward at the end of his life—his head exploding in flames, or mushroom clouds, or pink psychedelic bronchial tubes. The image com...
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